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Load-balancing multi-LCD light field display


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Title Load-balancing multi-LCD light field display
Title of Series Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference (SD&A 2015)
Part Number 7
Number of Parts 17
Author Cao, Xuan
Geng, Zheng
Zhang, Mei
Zhang, Xiao
License CC Attribution - NoDerivatives 2.0 UK: England & Wales:
You are free to use, copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/21821
Publisher IS&T Electronic Imaging (EI) Symposium
Release Date 2015
Language English

Content Metadata

Subject Area Information technology
Abstract We propose a load-balancing multi-LCD light field display technology. The multiple LCD panels operate as a spatial light modulator. Each light ray is the combination of pixels located in multiple LCD panels. The challenging problem is how to decompose the light field into limited layer images and display the light field compressively. Each pixel, as a controllable unit, is in spatial-multiplexing which means one pixel needs to be responsible to modulate multiple target light rays at the same time. We analyze the load imposed on each pixel by casting the light field decomposition as an over-determined equation problem. We found each pixel works in the state of overload and single pixel couldn’t give consideration to all target light rays. In order to reduce the load on pixels and improve display fidelity, we develop a multi-layer and multi-zone joint optimization strategy. The target light field is divided into multiple subzones and each subzone is displayed by multiple LCD panels combining with a dynamic directional backlight. By resolving the target light field, our display system further explores the multi-LCD’s capability of displaying light field and higher quality of light field display is achieved. We test our load-balancing decomposition algorithm based on different scene. The parallax, occlusion and blur of out-of-focus are restored successfully. And a three-layer prototype is constructed to demonstrate that correct light field is displayed in indoor lighting environment. © (2015) COPYRIGHT Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE).
Keywords The IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging

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