GRASS users conference 2002 - Opening

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GRASS users conference 2002 - Opening
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so this is this is this is the time I
think it's time to open this symposium ladies and gentlemen Japanese and their friends it's really a great pleasure for me to open open source free software that you the conference maintaining that the patterns and I am
the organizer of the symposium so that the out of that barely and the market only and I'm glad to welcome all of you here in yeah we knew there are for so that the building the chief of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the our cooperate in the organization of the symposium but for building all for of then to the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of our university professor among the many who cannot be here this morning before giving the microphone so the pressure the I have to watch that very few well your present here meaning that you you mean your your intention and our intention he our knowledge and to increment power co-operative war for the Advancement of Science and for the development of techniques we can't forget that today's September 11 In the the 1st anniversary of the tragedy of New York and compared that our willingness who work together and to cooperate for the advancement of science and to share our knowledge it
is a small but significant contributions also to the construction of 2 people wars
therefore all thank you for being here and let's again no
adaptive morning and I'm going to be here and there was a rescue the support of the Department of the Environment Engineering this conference and the the let you know that we have a margin criterion that the top of the conference we live with this and and the we learn from each other probably about an hour north researchers a I'm not a mathematical theory not in EGA system about the potential use of because the majority and my research is of course related to there the interaction between a the will deliver the knowledge
that cycle and and the and environment I think
that the advantage in the In the field of J and this guy would be with the protocol for everybody this is thing but for people working in environment as we do in our now about so the I don't want to all too match and I think that what is most important in the real the work and and let the participants who showed that there
which you brief conference end up when they In plankton they all the real have time to the Banco he's not here and there also be the the the count because we are here In the Dolomite region which is very very when I hope I think people people I mean from mobile 0 and we should be enough that they and the like young
in the linear what was the conference in the
morning and the in the in in the language mask of people working even in the middle of the course you will you with the or not people would well of what that they had been people on you and that means the information you need you need to people all and finally we have yet to meet the real for you in the data on the and we would like to thank all people when the popular it additionally organized on the and I was going to be and the development of the and very meaning that only 1 in the the family company being and the Department of Environmental and Human Engineering and provided financial
independence of war and within the center for hydrogen you hydrological that then mountain areas that it provided financial support and the look part of you right out of the conference that idea in junior inference in view Engineers Without Borders that have that in their
administrative and organizational and then we would also like to thank the sponsor in especially in
that that you need and last agency in both panels in which make possible to through the participation of to leave uh from Nepal and and that our own department which made possible by the addition of from Colombia being a molecular and and that there has been a lot of interest in the meeting agreed with each so we hope that the end you will have a 19 year and you return to your home and with this being the man standing and the wheels of many something called and review under the Congress and that we have to have have


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