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Geographical distributed system using Grid

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that is at the next presentation on the other side is up there in the book because but they're not that good presentation In that presentation around you that attended the
within the the community agreed to this and that's the name of your theory that but the occupied by the corn correct thank you everybody body OK on my the condition is about the new paradigm onto are making the public a little bit of have conducted a at improving in their the and the blue and the performance and I want to report the new paradigm came longer the right wouldn't right here I think that right by if the title good and need but all the world is governed by our team and make all the court of the depend the content of of the presentation but you have to talk about all downwind more up rolling performance and 1 if the New paradigm where the most of optimistic have improved in performance and the next is the great and the work that we been tool but the plot the new either in comparison and Christian all carry it is a book army when the thing right Madam of being more properly that couldn't hope that there use of that our ideas about a and they need to all down I right by using them putting power of there are all all of the data that the them no OK but now come they did not get them until now they can looked at the use of that and have the old down that he would never have thought Uniondale farmers but because we will use that and write down that's what to I doubt that people that is the major problem and short example of that problem this is the map of Thailand reviews can OK if the the mall above the 1 tool pattern book at the fact in the you think that the number he did that should have that order that is on the right it doesn't need to know all the what and what the form and not have a back but rather than those provided here we need to her all that all yield of color that independent of the bottom of right on that he that the province the people that are that is why we need to have good about that that we use the property I had a number of we need to have some of the modern that doesn't have anything to the water level and what have you in the world I'm not any but there have been been but we need to temper that that would have been to the will because the end of the world that you what is the really quite many in inappropriate and that the proposed program and the 2nd problem is why we don't have to read the talk to each other comedy we will use them power of the thing that and I think it's not enough fall that I the world on maybe 100 know what that would have enough I we need to get rid our that why what you heard on and if you kinda have are independent divisions but if did not work on the then we called it 1 we need to talk about the part in the forward on it it in order that the water level and what have been buy on if you then the requirement all the water level and what is the true data coming in not part of Thailand and it appears to be required in into an environment the problem of the standard equal to into and then created in 1 In and in 1 put it in the bank had been the park in the program and then the water level and what are the to into on the entered in the 100 and the now into 200 have adapted to talk the part in forward if people have about things and then the water level and what have the 2 it's 1 and now it's 1 of those have that to book at the In protein it done need the center of the world the word now if the need and the there other than that that they need to have for the people that it that the number of the are at the end of the world of of what and if have read talk to each other on the there already the need then took over of and and you for attending that meet the new problem but how to interconnect the we have the Treaty programs medical problems and that them and so on this the great technology tools all this problem because there is another great technology I did I the comedy power why we use the electric power when you on the right is the new feature will do but are elliptic if you're going if ring you don't need to know land accompanying come from let who would generate that that I didn't need to know the right we don't want to know where the computing power on them that body part out allocated rural by did the job you get the come I need to book have about in the not have a high land and the people provided find committed to to do that for you how many of annotations tried to how to do that I took a major on the right of the column call back than it to maybe you he has got back it's really difficult to do the Monday about bomb and when the language by the data we use but it has gone because we go on but the Dow by only 1 anchored by is that only
the Kaliningrad . net is might depend on but language you can do it men like that but it that only the call by the public who want it might be possible M and the language but you have to use very how to use you this led to let because the weather Due the egg and hour all publication and again that is have bonded and then and I and eventually and those are very important used it in now is that that paper by if in both fall computer although them to understanding where you OK and you fall back on how to with the world and of that we need to know what the the web application will be false the Web advocate any different than the width w the revocation is given on the web browser like the feature I short believed you have that power will where by and you want to create a travel patterns fall you a couple of here that you should do you should map with by right hand copied the information and had it up the imperative to your that 5 but the impact of imperfect and click the bombing following you I've covered by period in they had a child for your customers the but the back at web applications 5 if you do something I did but the Copley perhaps it should be the competent up not thank you I but that the the the problem of the web and get idea on the but advocated by preventing the hit him and them and that then information in the hit him out because they have the amount that Our put the tape would the picture here could take in the bottom and if people here idea the boy didn't it but want the common didn't understand the information has where will be here that advocated by of the United States believe in of about it's basically communicate and but only if you have an to communicate between economy but if you we but we don't go into detail of the out and our we use that he and the rigidity that and FIL comedy here in you want to work in that period on and do it out probability can provide Paolo map for your customers because is connected that OK by the power but real now you can provide a better way to go to a vote and 0 do you have the little because when you look at the way would have let who Powell with by it will end up automatically then but by the program the advent of your customer to do their work and the bill will then that hold here there and put them where they're that here there were and here there would many can read the best way to go toward 0 equitable hero and back to the power the world and you are at the lower body habitat already had been made to court water already it can that have right all of which the board on beautiful for helped to put link then the copper due to it is comedy and undergo interaction on but because to the great and let w we can do to to father the that the bigger the told that we creating my the data the natural thought needed to talk to and the amount and if you connect that back from the different and can be displayed a map for you in the they have right and United if the leader of the video earlier when the great on the area when you click on it you know what if you about about our bonding different had maybe 2 that I not containing the 1 the world right it may be contained in the not accommodation become the and the and you come by the content to the female OK and people then the at all contribute in here but not not not already active you and and the and I operate in it pretty and generated the map for the players in here because and he met in our that the variance something about the future I In the application of the tool we can indeed do that all the our following here he did that I did by all be died of the I and they back so that there will you don't need to know all the way to make it this the would that you that you want to think about book programming on the pick up on the beginning of the lecture that there will for you and In the is under there were there it's going maybe they don't have the money to too complicated and in Europe are interesting you can contact me I OK the latter 2 it never the there is I gradient pardon what did you do that here I figured remember of the front OK think you should have that you should know what the role of the data that I use you know although the full the but it in 1 and that the candidate into and that the that that that that is that it 1 to and we literally per why you to create that for all and radio but many
of the things that they have abided story and that click on it and click on the link and click on the think again and it really in the output an important why did the output from this and what do you think would bonded and you really need all you can contrary to try it out would is more than 10 fold the and if the output is our Lord and then go to an out of those something like that and when you company therefore all you can wanted to this story is not not only that far not only part of the it and if all the for many many high out many the project it is but 1 part of the speed politics of if somebody interesting in this program and understood 1 to the rather out on older people that need to the obvious to complete it in that year you but you can contact me at the bank at his the that indicate that a lot of the here many my nickname I and you can make a doll OK and the that it high if we add the PPP that make it but I both you and your community and if the the
paragraph OK thank you I The
OK we combine combining go OK and I would like to have few if the recent war yeah open part 2 OK because of the question people think you who and then he can and have a good thing
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Titel Geographical distributed system using Grid
Serientitel Open source GIS - GRASS user conference 2002
Anzahl der Teile 45
Autor Panatkool, Apirak
Laoveerakul, Sitthichai
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - keine Bearbeitung 3.0 Deutschland:
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DOI 10.5446/21782
Herausgeber University of Trento
Erscheinungsjahr 2002
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik

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