An archaeological web GIS application based on Mapserver and PostGIS

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An archaeological web GIS application based on Mapserver and PostGIS
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Annex within the challenge is that that information baby Diego 19 and and can logic and led you could be k humane them on the that and poverty at bother Jim it was 1 the 1 thing that you
can be found and you know that and I had a call interlocking level of the of the week including the United and can that all the time and the implementation of all the major political information here then I thought I would do you would is working at the like that with that you will not you not only by the region anomaly of a lot of comedy particles in the air that which choose an area and creature about the economic so far
from the center you guys that it only those and range of fields of wheat and ontological area and the common what do we have a lot of facts and modeling and there are better than feature of the and predominately your the goal of the of these will help you I needed to worry about to be the and computer these 2 let for the technology get a logical features of the and for the leading democrat in geographical and although we want to to promote the protection of the back end data that we depend on 1 hand them in by the
application in the way we want to each other and then and there are few within you that we very and you're thinking about the time and I like archeology of about anything at all of not the kind of input to it and not there we have also been need and tools we cannot get me that everybody on value using adaptive conditions that but because of the people are the peak of the and ontological features we show and them there and beyond that adequate indication in the territory the with being so we decided to go to realize
went yeah yeah that named ontological yeah yeah exploited by where and which had surgery accompanied by the end of the people that by the agreed number of the universe the island and the and when the problem to be there have been defined that we could do the fact work and the the foot that there would be the choice of the of the of new and yeah yeah ended knowledge of the territory to study we analyze the was not that in the acquired added that that we should the logic that the 2 at all so you need the bottom topic of the ontological group of whom after that we could go to divine in back of end the you're going shown on the that of the region the detonation the following fare that uh would be about the implementation in the validation of not about things and it will we could um nor the but is not and implementing software after we we need a common thing that has about the performance of the world yeah yeah and improve the software implementation and adaptable to single variation after a lot of studies notationally being on the image and identity and we can be can be should be that but by the end of the fight of everything that you can the about and the people the object and the fulfillment of the in the of the particle that dramatic among In the talk quiet the digitized did that and they came from and you get a survey on the political future and the amount of and under different information that area which came from and ontological view which is not important so for archaeological information identical that we can take that information and they're systematic inspection in people under logical features predicted by the ontological Cuomo is that the whole we use the product of fighting the shape file and nothing but I can find the peace and use them and the father of the people that the ball the sequent labeled the partially enabled by popular yeah the and that would be identified that we got a hallmark of the 95 the uh being prepared agreed that a lot of different variations and all compared to 1 of previous and so on they would yeah yeah this is from the 2 3 indispensable and an element of the j-th changing technologies that we not have that implemented that idea in that governing is not that invalid reaching that directly with the with them and they would have analogy the passion and reach a connected-digit yet and you know we that about and will you can end up on it but again did yeah and you injury extensions of their them and uh and then to the out of the he was valid not you have J on that and also to out element other programs that we share and that the functionality to the these programs and relation and that community and the benefit of the sequence and that was the idea that we chose spatially enabled the table of the ball and you do not have adequate immediately To this day in the main not graduate and note that the application that following the tool in the fight by another 5 and by found in the 5 invite is the eye problems final 2 them in the only information about epigraphic but on the depth of the optical objects that are loaded into education and the viewing that are created and that also that beginning in Europe in applying but the light and find the enlisted inference what do they call it the the information that I programming with them in their own languages any can with that and besides the and they might have and getting back to read about them in the that you would In the fight of the HTML web pages that are provided with a lot of money and other thing that we reach that you with that can then be taken with the program which and affected them with the information stored in them that my wife and there are of and I would say about the new information included and knowledge about the connection between the federal involved in the beginning that the mother that can about it who didn't bother with that of the ontology by about a year yeah In fact the of what you get that used to provide the the involved in the people we the geometry what doing and use that as a budget yet that provided people of all that we geometry called you need to add to 1 of the coordinate is the object because of the table this is the way each to each because the ever and that the dimensionality dimensionality coordinate is the goal of the indigent accordingly so it was sufficient to do is to provide that the other people with geometry column and not we have to program did not have that what American enough of the connection it was yeah yeah that and in particular we have to program people jail for connection but I that the ball that people below but in the the end that that that that handled but then again at here connection of the of the yen and you can do all and did not that they lack the from all the other 2 and from months Toolbox yeah and do not have of that which can made that many within data coordinate is still the indigent column of the table you have on users located inside the concluding that had died the which contains the 2 dramatic call leaving the archaeological map that and if you know the other about connected the idea the that the events that have been provided with the j-th functionality that and the other that there work
during the internet site that had been so it's all a lot of fun top of Beijing like that of but the training data and I think you will like alignment Pay and also there are a lot of features that have ontological futures about genetic then but we know that about dramatic amount to describe data that the peak subject territory of the and you will be in uh um common cannot group of men that they came from the you know the other type of sentiment entity within the relationship between the ontological area we that all the territory of the class the ecological map of over mokume given information about this survey and the provisioning of that article features to that analyze the ecological features using the gradient toward the end product indicated presentation of the archaeological area but they wouldn't use that and I do a lot of math but you know that about kinetic model that we have defined the thing to optimize the amount the it equal not environment and not but the people not economic activity is not end of a word and mainly it's not but the logical map of Oppidum than we ever get what could be the kid who you get logical feature that by phantom I think viewing and I call the logical topology by period but efficient degree in by positioning and we have also the possibility to bad relationship offer you the ontological features we that they're and 33 in which they are located that using that and picked up a paradigmatic much if I should implemented you thought they would GAS that have been nice function and that object malfunction with the functions in applied incomplete function the next day you know that the light we can see um some examples of the the think of them and yeah yeah the and thought about that at the moment we have on the daytime and shown on the pages not entirely on but not that to use the word j yet that is not to speak on the particularly in the angle on data in colliding pages and there group bottom up to be lowered it can be 5 which is and in the between the Web Jerry at the and the you that we have not the training data we that it would not function you that that light being the blood the job they were at on the object intimately tied to and a couple that can and like character it's not a legend of the about the financial father functions cannot do to law that they have to be in To select that may have to be loaded that was example an environment that belong the and logical than feature as viewed by people and you and looking at the overlay of and on them up about partial provided for with the idea that I want fashion do meaning the demand financial and there but if I you and the region really simple but the other media we have 2 different topologies they're all the queries that the input created and multiple created the simple query because they're not the created the feature to be created we have the knowledge about the MPEG week the old got the peak of the creator of the feature In end we have depiction of the ecological future around the world and and the funding to other pages like teacher other model would be we are at peak detection In we check we mark the collective financial if he be created the afternoon individual and that we do that we do that and that we can now probability conditions to be to the the and that the from the From argue that the that there died out the fact that and there are a total to bother doing it can do much better to be lied and you view that not that we all the embedded not of the query and they and staying on them up in the in the equity In conclusion we can say that they J. yeah that that life that you value that plane the end of the follow you would then we show that out on the net underwear that ontologies which can you that you had yeah for and improve the study about the ontological features and the talking the party was well you would like an eigenstate also actually coming out and future problem the we think that there were J and the data the data and we have arrangement of the ontological and environment and not we can you completed you get a big campaign on archaeological features with the bad uh the that quality you wouldn't make that and we can didn't and publication of data where Juliet Italy and Internet bought the father and of the identification of the I finished the right and I think you can regard that whom but I don't think they did not abrogating during at the end of the know what I want from my future presentation body like in line how much is being done a little bit but I think it going up you can do following experiments the thing that you about the way they want at the moment at the
moment there will be a lot the people that their body should on the not that we have a value that would be tool to publish in their honor whether the problems of optical all the all the bits laughter and more often than not aware that if you can if you can get a message children if it is possible
through the graph web page to the user but know true and the last word but 2 of them and short question I've seen your presentation and the other 1 normally watch what they want to concede that you can you can query the database we could have a classical way I mean you put questions and the field you you will you use that would it would operators in on the field of database it's possible to do the opposite uh I mean quitting the use it may be the intersection of the difference in a wooden operator and then have answer I mean that the boundary crossing the road and including all the information connected to the field and the data and the information as a result of the 1 and the that and uh they that provide energy that function not there and at the bottom of the programmer the thing is he OK it's not but I would think thinking


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