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GIS GRASS-embedded decision support framework for flood forecasting

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GIS GRASS-embedded decision support framework for flood forecasting
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and I In the graphs and this season's apocryphal framework for a flood forecasting this year piano sound that the universe is done by the Polytechnic of the capital I put in a local
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that had many good people the because of the fact that they cannot after that event on the consequent depicted in the calculation of the more all the time we being the development and that a model of hydrological models we will implement the added benefit of being made from the validation model I can I can tell that the looking at the mall with other options but the data with the ball the use of the natural environment and she the 1st thing that was developed with the idea that we had the idea and the function it combined efficient information with their they showed implanted allusion from by and that network I'm from don't that that laid out on radio and I acknowledge integrated they can lead to that it had a lot cover more than all the people that have had a lot of time for that later on and then give you and then the use of information coming from the yen he about your there was a lot of time and what hydrogen and what the main objective of the course he environment into the order taking the vision of the time In the wake of life that people additional did not and a model that they all that the idea would follow the management of identical logic information all of I think that and we have a lot of who for the government all that information with fight it had employed in the pollution on the health would be applied for hydrogen and educational banking studies of the catalytic effect all kinds of things that you would have the environmental that developed we then you hear and the language and use the language for the management of an area that I have of all the time in a few and I think that is then we have a the commands into the environment on we developed new data command with the last period library on the language I knew that the value of the yuan to it is an account of the environmental under the heading the main manual that then I think that but it is of the future which it and then you of the heat and the heat that is uh divided into the main body they come management the rain and I think I've had a lot of time modeling the amount of man and that to use 1 type you the idea environment but at the time of the study area react and the pollution and the the activities needed due to the catalytic modeling the following analogy defined who the beginning of the but I think I can do that we that had a he had been wanted that the quality both on and and the fall of the energy network I'm finally of me the danger of the you need to handle that had more than the political debate extend hierarchical model is applied to the deterministic rainfall-runoff we can then followed the
type of the application of the idea we gonna use it yeah yeah but there by medication all of modern but the operation of the problematic in the case of debate I'm finally we can you did yeah yeah for the development of the candidate with the ability of model would that find and that in the the number of people and the planet of model we kind of thing automatically there the number of parameters of the cycle images and the OK I can do and then the politically active user we had a unit under the end In this work we we found that the Fed would
argue that they if there is 1 of the slide you look if located at the quality of the bank the thing that you can be this type of thing in the late 18 delta market 5 engage behind was will be all that all that ultimately going guarantees so we don't fight that people in the world intended but it was found that the moon
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can only be obtained at the point of if that they have the a vision for the optical path length for them more not the that they think on on the other hand out hint
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there it is of tension of the capabilities of and that we can't identify them the imitation of family of connecting to a Delta much of the drainage network don't know much encoding of the network of language value of the mean online and the conventional indicators and carry over the but the encoding network we can't according to the game of kind of think about the of that being the case may be that that and that when the out what you can and that what they can do body can have all that we can obtain the number of time and time and then when I mean and mean that idea where we have molded the low the crime violence and then finally we can obtain the whole range of logical relationships and binding at all with their children and to deal with latent heat I'm panicking OK title models that have been the politically and then you have if you have an example of the model Vandal below here that for going in and out of time adaptation of the properties of the channel network even know word and I think a candidate for the kind logic and more than and that 1 of the need that they don't you have an opinion that evaluated a division of labor they are not attributed units by the adaptable and that the if we can include adding latent common all on the budget problems bottom although there are thank in that they had the condition of gold that's right he patented a combination of their demonological then the had without and not model given by in the world I put into the the type of and for the ball that studied making them the annotated on that here but they In addition of the data it had not about the topic of the
patient for the all because involved I think that time because of the edge but that 2nd Edition Volume 1 point about the patient it you deem that
unit had lot about we'll and all that and that and that they the kind of all that kind of that kind in with it because the height of the algorithm is on the left arm will more likely that they mean we obtain the you can come Over the last page here in the
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the idea I'm headed out of before the end of the loan the money on their nomadic device for the edges I know
that and I conclusion that boundary being computational high in the timing the idea and all their development of it has to do with it at the moment of the in the other times it I don't know what you guys are going to break here In the money and they like that I like laughter that then the region as profit-taking in a short period of time we need to tool that but he did take the that we have and the other and the prediction of the particle with the people who would like to date that we had and management of the that in the title of the and when the engine off and and at it'll
level when will it be an international version of truth but there was a little when we when can we get an English version there are no kids in New England back in the bank and then all the way to the bank the effect of maybe in the future I kind of late all among and know now we
go on I am at the moment I improving the new module can be that if the environment had all been thinking because I
want to do that and and oriented to random projections undone by corporations at for 1st my personal
congratulations instead the same things you do and um actually tomorrow we presenting something that is the different about the includes many of the things you do you also then the so here I am but you have to senior and I think 0 yeah we need to talk to China for and and actually you know and without some criticism about the um some and the way you apply the GUI yeah and especially when on the work of other intro so I hope that know not picking picture of me otherwise and that but and that'll work over 18 um is essentially and then then I of word yeah yeah so there's a technique seems was was bombed for uh there is the moment in which you have them all digital maps and you can extracted the G geometry of the of the the next word I can think I can convince you with some papers of home then and then we propose a different approach to which we call the um and the scared the would function which provide into the work of amendment so the ethical but in combination and so we need to derive other questions are I think at this session used close and the thank you for all
the speakers