A spatial decision support system for radar meteorologic data in South Africa

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A spatial decision support system for radar meteorologic data in South Africa
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and so all on the is preventing it after that he knows supposed to
them for their meteorology that the
enthalpy Africa and other fully everywhere microphone working OK of it or that now I would like to prevent today some topics from my dissertation regarding best decision support systems already metrology data and of Africa is quite a long title and you have some implications for some cradle to that but it is point have another government going to provide any nifty three-dimensional animation that kind of stuff is actually more study of knowledge extraction and knowledge engineering but anyway 1st of all why the German
from work for speaking about South Africa is to give you a little bit of motivation of what brought into the topic I thought about working for and so the ocean government study in 1998 which was brought into and in the process of that giving the rain gage data I and my my colleagues we realized that despite the fact that the day images images of all African Journal of the 1 used to be there on the screen most parts of the source of the Africa remain major logically speaking Tara incognita there's some surface collected variable value that some data then you really tried to establish a database from that worried through 1 will realize the limitations of the so for that reason and it is quite significant that the topic and the other has been recording right image logic data since 1994 In an ever-growing networks the topic is that rather small green nation on the very bottom of Africa and in the moment that both in the neighboring states of Mozambique and Botswana both in the process of establishing greater metrology network on their own but as far as I know at this point they are not operational maybe next year in comparison to classic rain gage data from right there Mitchell logic data can provide a means of quantitative information which is unmatched the membrane gage data and Iraq moral and wouldn't think can also and the much training at the end of the inca with other and range the red metrology data is more a remote sensing a test system and we get wanted quantitative data from that like rainfall information has to be derived in the 2nd step from the data actually recorded the the rate of product you can actually get involved Africa there are elaborated stations these are the yellow oracle which overlap in green and violet from some major calling data up to an altitude of 18 kilometers and once that kilometer grids and while the online they're called that seven-day 24 all the data and this week from all the national data is merged and marginal Bethlehem by the rate of growth of the of the combined with called matches which merchant National over the products from them they do that every 5 minutes and put that partially online for processing the using uh Mitchell suffered both of you all have to be right metrology business that knows her name called title that's quite important because it's not only used by topic itself but also by the use of US American but the service that that issue that I think commercially operating companies in France and Mexican maybe some other nations as well that that the mean from the data were recorded information about the so called the product immediately which a logic error rate in
logic data from that entities and so on well Mitchell object at the bottom of of a lot of our earth model provision and going this product archive archive does not mean a database that means that the on which the Commission that he there and the metamorphic and data which is the direct information from the that but online and some an approximation how that information looks like that's what you see in the lower right and that the greenish imagery there from advantage from the point of
view that such a data archive even theorem is really a treasure optical again in the north and the bearing the neighboring nations there's nothing which can be compared to that of unmatched but would be very nice if that would be expected that are covered by means of a database of edX from them access to all the information would be welcome very welcome and if could have some common for those who are not great majority Jorephus geologists and understand the comedy would also be very local and sure more and better rate please please please and that happened yesterday but on the other hand I'm talking about what Africa and collect the fundamental problem at the top the
top of hinted that we not responsible for the and that
because the the the the thing which is more that inappropriate holding in places where the the involvement of slots we have encountered in Central Europe summer so you can imagine that a similar catastrophe give them that people people who live in check that's what you want because of that the disaster management agency the thing in natural hazards in general down there it will become rainbow nation for some reason about them ponder whether apart from we get a drought floods and fires another thing is that the damage which is which affect the population it's not that and some of the personal I'm talking about the rate at which a logic community or to leave the country for some reason the other thing is that that that that that actually effects of young scientists in universities and we don't want to see so many people graduating there to John Mitchell logic and what the approaches that would be appropriate nothing pressure of hypoxic problem the government and money also many important issues and the right image relative to the not to be being doing that kind of like but the important so basically that means that a majority an expansive high-pressure product infrastructure that take up a lot of money on is that a luxury can a developing nation to call of actually I believe the of the farther than sodium calling from the benefits of the think of well because it's not just the luxury of research than it was also a servant from people it already in the service to the higher but we're working on making it better service and providing more added again for scientists at date of last year the better it interesting from taxpayers point of view that not upon that all data are the data all now and actually that also what you can get from a degraded data it's not all costing information now casting it only gives you an idea of the weather a lot but the class began in very educated guess actually of what will happen in the next 20 minutes but that's very partial information like it only important now intended time so that means that the content available and that information about the quality has been made available as fast as possible to the public in 2 and we have to ensure that reach them and I also want to make sure the people understand what metrology trying to tell them so that is in fact influenced by the 3 factors of culture education language on the say a word about language of Africa has 11 national languages that is a bit of a problem the problem not the questions which are hard to reach the public again as the sum of the data is recorded 24 hours a day and then it's not possible to have a writing the geologist on duty for the whole time calling the rate of infections whenever approaches so when it comes to wanted to public electronically several means for them now if we if we divide the nation of synthetic got into regions of heavy heavy urban settlement but most of the population lives the transport corridor connecting the urban centers in the rural countryside boondocks around the table means how to reach people we look at the problem stuff on the top row that Internet expected not really you pick it is in Europe or North America but it is there some people can be reached by e-mail or web based patient decision support system the cell phone coverage can fundamentalist messages warning then went on and on and ensure that more hierarchical finds to approach them and that's why that a lot I'm going to be very brief on that but basically that means that digital radio which is a totally new concept for all of Africa for education and that can be in a nutshell be understood as a 1 way digital broadcast streams to that 1 way which also explained that the decisions of support of the general will show a few slides for over is pretty much like a poor man's version support because 1 way but it's not really need would be surprised 1 of the participants come up with something much more elaborate the remaining out of the meeting here but the only for the national road system the internet definitely out of the window similarity to get people in the car but we can still use in the region by local and that like coverage can cover the whole nation so that works as well when rural country but now I had hoped to show you a map actually of telephone coverage of self-efficacy but unfortunately when you come to look at them the web pages of provided cell phone service according to them at all of the nation is covered if you are in the summer Desert it's a totally different ball game and coupled to to look it up so you just have to take my word for that helpful reception that lead to better optional but it it is in such a situation cannot fall back on satellite our better legislation supported by they're not very regular majority the birth of a graph and on graph was introduced to match his in 1999 and part of the study and division retaking because of that crap such a kind thing it well because of the reversible was looking for GA which was which is run on Linux system would become the dominant and the particle the answer to that is that point of time in the light of cross and then
I worked greater than currently there to verify of the trend toward involved but we look at a couple of media and also at the university in the Johannesburg area graph and the knowledge about spreading them there's well modification deal with in 3 stages of the project comparable to develop them know how to prove that right than think rather then automatic interpretation of right of the knowledge of writing a geologist what what the data actually stands for what is means to us and because of that knowledge to create value in and domestic product and to distribute them the following level from concentrate on the special the decision support system and not get messages to keep your on bedroom the duration of from pneumatic content from where the data is actually not a simple and complex predicates appears to be a remote sensing data product just like nature of that data or land that images but that's not actually the case where and later in day get into somebody's a non-specialist and 1 sees these people do with that it gets tricky the 1st of all it has to be made sure that the data is actually validated not just seeing clutter then i'll talk a that because the amount structure can put in station right that information changes in the in the from by the distance from the recording generating has to be directed actually information customer we are interested in the car much rain that actually this several variables generally creation for that and of the very delicate thing tool come here to come up with an appropriate accommodation and the appropriate amount of time then we show the information by the at the ClA which are recorded whether they're connected 24 of looking at water so no 1 and then the classification of the constructible how bad is it and for from customers but what does that mean for the customer like worries the customer and what I need novel just game of them topic like how that was tackled Holland interpret the interpretation segment was put into graph from the project started with an expert systems child to look at all of which was developed at my university in Germany the free very nice toolbars sophisticated but infection the moment only available in german which what's really big boat bottleneck for the special of that because and I are going to factoring in so there will be a very nice English versions of the didn't have it on hand to work with them after that I the project was going give are infer from the inference engine which is part of the graph on growth unfortunately it only runs on integer values and random the conditional of knowledge in the system is challenging to to the collateral you and then some the project was rediscovered which was started by about 10 years ago and includes system but there tools for coach project which can be used to bridge the between class and prior on KTH kids in Pearl and and prostate which is basically a set of libraries which I believe is an invariant embryonic state between the Office them but it certainly is this page and I will show you what comes out of it maybe it will merge our component we don't know yet appear now to give you an idea to the whole the whole process of data data processing is done at me give you this image here he received a world the across world in green and the static HTML which comes out of the blue because of the 10 can strange greater data then storm-sail which yeah strong which a lot of sense of the word are derived extracted but there probably only know yes data strong echo we don't know what they but it actually stands for this information is preferred by an expert system based on include slash last cross-scale using so-called knowledge base which contains rules rules of thumb of metrology and that's assume that I'm OK if you go to a doctor the you tell the doctor the symptoms of the disease and inductive will give you a diagnosis which could be you had measles yet and over you just got a cold or something like that the diagnoses that these tiny little scrolls up there which are color coded knowledge is assumed that some our storms cells were diagnosed orange and yellow it be merged that information with a little bit of of a special conference like a road network land that they whatever is available or whatever interest interesting for potential future we can use the HTML driver to create an interactive HTML that that that that the flexible over there which is still no magic again and just the only about Cheap Trick noted that he had this is just what can be done across every day of the holiday and basically this is that to maps them up and dynamic low-paid PHP no JavaScript triggers that come from all the knowledge diagnoses with that on the left and right there are corresponding HTML maps of nature it HTML pages In other words over and depending on how the storm of move in the HTML mapped on the current continuously updated on their link to the appropriate phonetic pages regarding the security of storm herder effective at the data and so on and that's what again
can link to further content management systems regarding meteorology agriculture disaster management whatever that totally dependent because I'm really is a meta level and knowledge the just you just have a look at how such a system actually can be implemented can look like so that could be such a system OK the pressure that have had data told you that home don't take it with feared that the principle from 1 of service would in the area of the orange Free of free state province of of of the case this is a little bit of this is due to solve the bottom the black line in the lower right we see a couple of color coded from sales which vary from blue to yellow to green and that means that not and you just have to take my word for that you can see that the the the the clicker sensitive area and depending on what you used elected you get the information which is depicted on that the 2nd frame from the top on the right hand side that somebody just clicked on something which is classified as the volume of ship that the classification problem according to some classification rule dropped by the local for that and for that kind of information it comes from the perspective of and just artificial intelligence guide so I had to take a vertical that basically if 1 is interested in like what that actually stand for all of the equal you can use the link below the level below we can volume and apparently somebody clicked on we so you get a little bit of information about the greater and greater reflectivity and their friend on there but this is just a prototype but this concept can be extended again toward agricultural or whatever customer like person might be then the whole approach come to provide a better service for for the for the customer officials paying customers be also very well and the environment the good thing that 1 they have to avoid liability problems that can be taken and that the real maybe some you are aware of that that that involves the and new year 2001 2 thousand 2 was probably geology the reader Janeiro who um get out a storm warning and people should go to the beach to watch the fireworks because the information that turned out to be difficult to the fireworks and many people were very unhappy because that bad evil meteorologists from helpful told them the to go there to guide I don't want it to him but I did get even integer I would be very surprised if you look at the still be doing this job so basically we can but it but it can be done and we can support the because good quality information and give them also the context how to interpret that information so they can make them so they come to the conclusion we cannot tell them what to do and in the whole content after they had their own magic is not a tool make up for that and automate the really interesting thing is challenging challenge is to create a good rule and a good artificial intelligence systems to store the rule to store expert knowledge and bring that to the people because as 1 of the bigger right of the late 20th century the readability all the people of different images should some question that question was that sort of
gesture that in he said that I think you're thinking of all the terms again it the running of African the conventional and then what that were the but different people at the time if you have enabled them that here the can content of the class because of who the are open the for and that they all of the plane of the work that went on for 2 years and you can because you know that when you read the rules that computing the look right you know they go the accounting for of people you and you do you will tend to to be different distribution that occasion can be obtained from the work cooperation yeah but it's not about that that that would be a commercial segments that are not recovered because that's the infected program because they are the same and doing the things that make a make the nite before the that is that the you can but you are in very interested in environment even in the program and mentioned to here then the number and the to
love the used to establish that the meaning that we kind of embedded the and the could do we do meaning that they will
to way that we the playing run the thing which is attributed to the
dreaded information with it what I do know is that they were they at least that's what the state of the art in the spring they were
working on the on on the job for Linux machine because the moment pretty much of it the other option would be who which we take the money from a laptop or whatever kind of computer hardware and instead use only voice channels that gravitational them online at again on the digital radio channel at the moment it is not metaphor that the question you from that you know the ladies and the there run iterative we have considered in the detection and that's and that's a very useful because total correctly we can look at the speaker but the thing is you want to send information and can be a book in view of both natural and they need to would be like you can look at very and the light what you to put it in a way that I would like to talk about that later on other developments relating who are you


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