2D/3D GRASS modules use and development for atmospheric modeling

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2D/3D GRASS modules use and development for atmospheric modeling
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we want to be In the next paper from the same the research group is represented by a of philosophy title is 2 D 3D cross modules use and development for atmospheric modelling but the how it
at good afternoon everybody and
I and at the end of it and I
what so that's 5 and a set of new models and the source code of of a new model treaties prostitutes model act is available His work being developed to to understand how this model work and to understand the futurist and capabilities often very unnatural data is 2 dimensional and most of the GATA mentioned such information using bi-dimensional maps which are only displayed out to the object is intriguing laughter that on model the user is allowed it to manage and working with real multidimensional data using this model it can be possible to modeling phenomenon which describe a tree and models which describe to be phenomena involving the landscape many of these phenomena that closely dependent on the landscape and ground future which are automatically information managed and used by classical jury yet application In this work at very simple and much much can model to depict again at the behavioral we most of the local mean have been developed the work of have been carried out in 2 different environments a 1 and a formulation of Wayne and there it through balance that a ground-level view studied 1 a new model of GG laughter models have been implemented in graph tool parameter to implemented in graph i j g model and also all the information regarding their landscape as they vegetation color and their In the end and so addition angle are used to obtain and use the classical to the rest common like at the time of at and so on the verification of their model have been made to an idea that came and then justification on the reallocation of being also provided so to because of war just about today models available in the graph right you can import and export data in ASCII format and also in view of the parliament with you have already seen some of these using striking you can of course ever see the algebra which actually mapped out which is our really stronger and powerful common you can have some interpolation using as was I Q w which is and that weighted and added the which is article applying nation and you cannot create can be the life of your data using actually make a DSPs which is the final that extrapolate from there volume it soft-paste which are displayed using actually showed yet the of and of course the output investors and 4 of this idea is supported by a set of 3 and some general comments are also available to manage their 2 D dimensional region the solution of the magic and so on and you are you have to do with the dimensionality general compared to classical to d-dimensional them directly organization of graph G money that the elements presented at 1 activity for every map and society they're actually you have filed a binary file this the cell header and so on as you well uh use in to pay toward the end of the have nothing to tell again about the the you developed by the glucose that you can include demand keeps through end India corresponding values open and important gradient of temperature of course In the underwriter you ever have profile of the wind velocity
and you can see their values are between 0 and 3 . 2 8 of 4 meters per 2nd again the can't formulation for the mean velocity that showed that the velocity dependence on their sensible data flow underground level and the value of and coordinated given the geometry of this system is coming into use of brain 11 and that's what have is parallel to the
slope while ordinate axis and usable children out to the slope of and you can see the red ones so we needed to produce a map of where each
cell is assigned a value only and coordinates and how can we do that it in our future of the segment this segmented which connect a point in the volume painted a survey disagreement is the shortest that connect to the surface as you can see the Indians it is a simple picture so that using these future we can produce a map of where each assigning coordinated these along the direction Armitage surveys and as you have that and I'll see them and we velocity depends also on the value of their sensibility on the ground level and not a mapping that cell is assigned a value on the and for the for the point on on the what you need to start in value of the sensible to the point and which is the point the normal direction from defined on the ground survey so the model what does it mean do he started there you can tell which is closer to the grant entity elements and correct this this done using slope and aspect information of the close the and self there and which is equal to 0 the and the standard depends for abided depends on the coordinates of the point 8 and the point at the end the slope and aspect value evaluated in the point of the other than all the models stores the coordinated error and the room and going of the day it closes the which will be coded founded at coordinates so but you can see in the picture for the mapper i j k you get to work body and coordinates or the value of this magnitude to you must treat J which is represented on the surface and the cable to ground coordinates and the ground grounded that coordinates in the I plan to here a grounded coordinate useful to we this bond that for the searching of the shortest the from the DPM provided that you should have a lot every 1 of the DPM to located the shorter than the while using their coordinated and there sorry the grounded that coordinate thank you you cannot noted that for the have the idea of the for this right and which is I say k + 1 what what I you can execute this so only around the ground at coordinate i can actually J so the model is evaluated using them on the from the beauty and value which followed inside a window entering the noncoordinated address grounded at coordinates and improving really their velocity of a data model executions it is the output of the model and you can see what Parliament you have to introduce there you go out to the name of the DPM the name of the architect and Lopez and to that the back to go to a solution of the level of the volume and the name of the output ASCII files which by default completely and coordinate value if you ever want not store gives information on map parameter to the fact that map is the name of a to year after from which the model without really the the value plus sign to the development the underground the coordinates again at the speed of the particle that you can use to that the dimension of the the future with that we come to the DPM and again the image of the volume of bottom and top value other obtaining you didn't know where they no and valuable all values of 2 D and then using the practical solution you get the number of levels that we the outline the volume with the decay of the you look and add them some level over the bottom so you cannot have have a volume greater than in they on few the DPM and depending on the configuration of the DPM sorry for the picture that configuration was not possible to define the depending on the election the a lot people what the environment you what so tree possibility of being
developed the 1st 1 of the things empty so you really can you some interpolation model to get the value the 1 is to find the clothes and began and then the distance from the cell and corrected using an aspect and no prior information about that that the solution is to get only the shorter the time and without correctly and that I'm sorry you can not be governing body there don't have at and by yeah in
the output of the model at the show the have as you can hear you have at obtain about using the and a lot of this so where so if a and this time the point on the volume with the same and coordinate using and he showed you the end you can play 1 or more
than 1 uses the other that you have a have the possibility to choose what you want to display and character of the native on a more
complex GTM the the 2 outer most shell at the number of interactions cannot be defined got and this is the data on again the
evidence showed that you have you can be some of these sort thing you can these guys and again from another point of view provide I'm not a good feeling when applying for work not what was defined to define the norm of
the action In fact you have a good shape of the is surface some improvement so the fact that made of on the camera with 25 million that the model the and works in that mind an acute not a long time but when you try to be likely to my computer the conditions but what I want to say is that at the beginning and not time dependent big that coordinates can you need the committee evaluated with the 1st model around so right you have to run again the model it could be a common interest paid a model want to locate the grammar that coordinates and to store them and want to produce the and according to the map and operation including that of the 1 Starting from existing B-dimensional after and is we're in the grades and the velocity of the model I have to think again no in currently in the model the modern there are leaving the work on the geographical units and the solution from the editor of the GTM and not on the coolant region and the use of course limitation that should be removed a lot the education there are we have use the somber connected backed by on the 1995 9 being on the part of the volume that you look in Austria and
look at the other outline of the GTM and file of the I the velocity he is the realization of the potential temperature as you have shown that of you have seen before and using that despite to get the cross-section and began to show that you have to rely the use of the and you can see it not very well and in the founder of the body that the condition people why going through the slope the user surveys are modified by the President of of and this is the situation when the software is
called on the finally and again the cross-section and the temperature is in kelvin so the idea application of made on now part of the will violate and of the objects of gender anybody could not too long have been started and that you you can see that you have to and you can matter
obtained using em up at the time and market to describe the data use set of facts about a real and again using the supplied the you get they want to 5 and so on and so the other day velocity of this slope and value as you can see again part between the . 6 meters per 2nd the 2nd type is that this same value we were expecting and again you show the other path you can see I have a lot of to digest in green color and so are you know right away and again profound export market in the trade union laughter In Tribunal former that's 1 potential at the operator and again you can see this is body well the conditional above and yet but out the cell fates are changing because union model the people that in
interest in the layers of the atmosphere Mr.
Milton if you in your model you
calculate the solar radiation you calculate only the direct uh component of fluoridation or more or the components but some additional is you mentioned also in the beginning a vision for solar edition that we won't have used the adults but which words in the old 1 on 1 OK we we have used old 1 and then we have to believe that the output of adult son using all the formulation to get only the being used and radiation and reflected and absorbed into the company and the new rational adults and was not aware that was not available when you don't you but
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