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Modeling of evaporation processes over tilted slopes by means of 3D GRASS raster

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was not the owner of the new session now we're now on the final day when on the final afternoon of the the conference this 1st paper will be presented by a robot that area and on modeling of the operation processes over tilted float by means of treaty research the on on my good afternoon so the purpose of the present work the creation of the tool able to simplify the analysis of complex atmospheric phenomena particular way the phenomena the token about other phenomena in low out the and the phenomena comprehend local wind and operation property and properties have prompted the high-dimensional correctly station on the other side the goal of the strong interaction with local of boundary condition so without we have developed to you the would take the support to implement the model and the guide . 5 the boundary condition of the model are often represented by variable distributed in the territory and so we had to create catered and elaborated in a boundary condition using territory amount a variant of the dimension of perturbation of the motion a year have been in can the phenomena are characterized by right from dimensional evolution we use the two-dimensional undergrad at the bottom of that and exported through the about we try to be realized that the matter but the most important energy balance that can provide the phenomena it's about that that will call on the side here the fella that region of the the into a shout actually we the fact that the class that out and the flat and the ground he lacked the for experiment a due to their education has been neglected in the patient so introduce an important meterological parameters which is the balance operation which is the ratio between the and it will be flat and that the flood the old will be the ground the plot of the at the peak at apart
from that so the addition the features of the paper so it is a ballet and locally in our part of the low atmospheric phenomena and in this work we but the critique that Apple so when that out the window that generate in the in the morning when the sun begin to he died the controlling equation it of the look of the lower part of the phenomena and especially medical move in the patient associated with the equator of energy and water with the confirmation in 1942 prompted obtained solution introducing him to find about and the taking to the public is boundary condition what we did that is used to expand the solution who worked there and to take into account and even more the implant and operation properties and the the new solution you boundary conditions from pollution people the that the idea of a perfect out and you have thermodynamic valuable the potential temperature because the stationary motion and the geometric configuration you go with information out and under the potential temperature increase in which case under these conditions the code of motion at the back of court due to their different the activity of this nation that contain the true governing equation of the phenomena were and integration depends on the norm of the fight so random obtained that 2 expressions for developed for the velocity and for that a we have for the potential temperature anomaly he did boundary condition that Brandon boat but there will also be on the side and in the other commissioners use which is usually imposed if the value of the which is the value of that a potential nominee on the side and then if we can impose the value of that and what he did to the condition on the side the standard brand solution taking a much higher of the perfect out and introducing a new hemodynamic valuable but the potential temperature which contains a day but the peak might the q that it can be there are there any part unlike those that and and that brought it to Running a creation of different because a in the equation are valid even in problem and their and the valuable it could a potential temperature the we can obtain 2 new expression for the velocity and nominal group of potential temperature and then we have to impose to new boundary condition to obtain the 2 integration constant and impose their conservation of the lactate and the conservation of multipliers associated with that and bullion out of our reach a value so much of what can and cannot be are very difficult to to be model we in this case we use about homework which is uh in which is in function of the fact that the model of the plant so usually the profit is modeled by introducing 2 with an during that 1 between the it sort of cavities and the corporate plan and develop them
before but due to the plant and the 2nd area Dynamic Random and between them then the plate and but under conditions on an equal to the area that represent the average of the between canopy and that the helium both energy balance and the much of the information and obtain true integrating content the greatest Bayesian modeling the phenomena in lot of the function of the normal vector to the FIL implemented model in that it is necessary to that of a product the represented by the pop the norm of starting from the digital data model and value the model for each cell of the volume so we implemented our homework in actually not much that for each cell identified the the himself that would know much about this to the current element semantic considerations for made to recalculate the value of the normal mode of Starting from the center of the atmospheric according to the definition of normal this will not be memorized the meaning that it another form applying value without normal mode can be sign the Temple of singularity point so we obtain an output of the gene that containing the model of the norm of the slope you need them you can't application but that local where we can see that the the of the norm of the world and synthetic released are made and that the that the end of the section of the thing replace it and that the results indicate that by relational but computers that can be people and if you forcefully so there lot of the model they're using a potentially the model error not but they data radiation from the variation we the flux the other is the other at the he said he said the other reflecting obtained using adult map algebra so we obtain met off latin for example you can the map but not in the blood and then with the flux the dark because of are due to the fact that the patient is valid until the slope angle you Manager of the year so when there low is equal to the rotational solution and we can came of from a we have applied this model Due to situations where the case of an era value which is the local comfort inclination and apply them to model the structure of the mean we use the velocity and get the potential temperature provide the fact that the the variation of company now we have the before performed by a problem profile along the normal direction and section of the baby is alive in the face of the but for example enlighten the profile we can see that unhcr evening all offer a new marker of the plant a means that even the anomaly optical potential temperature increase it is the shape of the the the fate of the potential temperature out thing about those obtained from that and in 1949 and unimportant article addiction so from the from the shape of the of the it is something that we can see the effect on the mix of union thought when the velocity is bigger than but for example on that day the figure on the right that makes that player of the painting and the rule of law when the year it is not the way it is lower than that of their in unimportant a and what think is that people the happiest for n equal to area of the consequence of both memory condition these the people below the of course and if in accordance with the experiment with the experimental it the we applied the model even case variable ballet and particularly it begins to flow local in them not on the other hand and applied to the model for each you need indicate to the structure of so when so here in this application we can aspect of the parenchyma quality and of the politicians on there and the shape of this group of potential temperature section so a until the slope of the template regular they as the difference between their 8 that the ego Valley indicate theory about what when they left slope inclination and moral conidiation the amplified then only back and create this bubble where then the variation in the gradient of the potential temperature is there big so we use the fact that find the development of a problem and it is very important but there are going to have a three-dimensional map and we also and realize that the power that that the high-dimensional algebra at the top mark is very powerful and also to make to make them very useful application a the model relations have found the prime pollution tomorrow at much but that to take into account an account of modified it from and the new boundary conditions made a appeal of the velocity and in the case of evaluate there hello to act as the fact that sensitivity to parameter variations because real value and indicate that the value of b could the debt backed up the Peregrine apology and the apology on the solution so the model can be made available potential temperature and the last thing but we development could fill the gap between traditional atmospheric models and invalid measurement knew about could follow the standard the rotation with the Hidden Markov profile the time convolution could be introduced and we could introduce neglected at the lactose tolerance term in the energy balance their common practice in could be made more automatic and even evidently did we could optimize the model output for single the
thank you thank you very much questions the next paper is
also concerned with something quite similar so that it may be that the joint discussion of 2 but also I not sure that it to the probability that the candidate they had mediation the uh and they can get out that later something in the energy to omega ground then at the end implicated only he could lead to the the 18 then and current head the world of learned so
and actually I think he used uh and they remain temperature and and the boundary condition is not modelling here and very deeply then this will face temperature but and so in your question is and is correctly perfect life can detect the and and that must be a temperature and not this what they think however the the the the the local temperature and not not brightness temperature so you have the ability to transform into the good things but the connection you can put
connection again of the question if so the end of the question and
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Titel Modeling of evaporation processes over tilted slopes by means of 3D GRASS raster
Serientitel Open source GIS - GRASS user conference 2002
Anzahl der Teile 45
Autor Rea, Roberto
Ciolli, Marco
Zatelli, Paolo
Zardi, Dino
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - keine Bearbeitung 3.0 Deutschland:
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DOI 10.5446/21769
Herausgeber University of Trento
Erscheinungsjahr 2002
Sprache Englisch

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