Experimental mobile wireless GRASS based GIS for handheld computers running GNU/Linux

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Experimental mobile wireless GRASS based GIS for handheld computers running GNU/Linux

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Experimental mobile wireless GRASS based GIS for handheld computers running GNU/Linux
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and we can go to the last presentation of this morning that empirical experiment and mobile wireless that out they the genes for handheld computers and in general
you know the paper user by young triangle each map was made to their and they're about the floor and it is represented by young language
thank you for the purpose of this that
chapter if at the lack letting you know the feature graph called graphical mobile uh let me give you some interaction like to go mobile grapple with any any geographical information 0 enough here that was the dynamical development of communication technologies and in the brain which we continue dimensions of the GII that all and you dimension and mobility it makes much easier if you want to do something for work you can think of you this and what he found that the gun that the candidate right think that the mean are all the because what we are doing in the field we can immediately in real time and in another computer and model being brought to the campaign you grant information-technology and we can call those technologies more what you information technology knowledge that we would be well the only game in characterizing the information technology that is not bad you take the time to digital broadcasting of spatial data then there are actively using wireless communication technology in the past where they be thing about clients will be in number of clients and everyone and control and the and the molality information technology used and went into a knowledge of their eggs in actual collision position the line so what are the main building stone of the application of molecular information technology at the cost of the year and then move out of personal computer laughter gives the meaning of people a lot of powerful PDA and smart phones when we reach our condition of EDA and my of the thing we need to wireless communication technology then the petitioning the template aligned position positions they can be global or local we have GPS and local we can combine position from 1 your and of course the application of a statistical content and the amount of right now it has to go through but could and building homes and I will tell you something more well known mostly used wireless technologies in the confined our technology if they don't use the network in the public and we have the 2nd generation of kids and learning getting there for a lot of maybe some of all the time and and money year we have pick and then how generation which were the H is the energy of errors made by different communicating protocol that after and before we had only 9 point 6 kilobits for communication and also the charging very problematic because I want to make the connection you paid I'm not if you imagine that you go with a GPS and you want to do without field and and it your page if you will pay for the whole data going to be GPS for example brought them payment for the data transfer so now it is quite cheap really GPS and you well and what the will of the generation that here then bring up to being furious maybe some colleague cannot then there are more because yet and they're already generations running and the other technology and what can I think what will be very contr during 2 that's the generation of yeah and it is likely that quality is much faster and the difference here between the GSM networks and so and like a that by the of life and so this is why I think it's going to big conference because of that generation of geothermal need like and you want to government data on them and you want to build a new technology based on you and yet you have to to pay a
lot of money for life and and if you want go a the network with like a by hardware and you can you can go on with his life think it's there'll be some fighting between the 2 of the other things we need to build whole idea idea need for money right the reason the right people are very powerful small for example we we have 4 more years I think 3 8 17 just remember you know that the computers you had 3 years ago I think it looks quite similar we can feel that to make about the read-only memory where the operating in them and about the software can be stored in the forming of at the ground 1 thing I broke the law and several other functions if you want to use it for communication and this some expandability require we have a lot of the binding modules for example here is a GPS violence part of being at the memory that is going to get the need for that but it's more like intuitive I would like so we have are the building known and now what we need to communicating protocol and we need some way operating in the background because most of the year the come with Windows he already and we have in just a while before they are when they're on polymeric and kind of features that unique they give them but it was very small so I think it's very good to have aligned on the handheld because of those 3 things that you can have but must the more expensive you I think it was that people that before like I think are very powerful to handling of the directed and you can change shy picked from a digital diary almost in that respect networks where there is violence that for a couple of alignment but also because flying the time when working this the other and that key thing is that scalability of them and security because if you want to use that show that like papers some of the theory therapies 40 army and so on you need encryption and implementing the data and what is the other undertaking you have 3 operating them and 3 the development environment it important for the software but it is already a thing for the x architecture and heliconia I think the chance of different architecture let me say something more about lining them I think can have a fully capability those with them and you can the here is an example of the game and again the stop it from a different computer it's not done in the political in the quite a bit of fitting memorial of course we can keep it in the family that might impact but indicates that people on the planet however and output it redirected to i think the violent connection you can do look that thing anywhere in the field so you want to come to very difficult computationally you can have it done on another computer and it is that of course you can do it in a lot of that quite powerful well just to by the way not connected to you but not the there is given and the support and they and go on what is the connection if you want to use that term at the oral and public like I don't know but a great deal for for let's say in library you can navigate a person elaborate the complaint with that yeah it and then you can tell him with something that and the tree and the formation phone line and so I think so we can take supported by Compaq and that developers and the they also make it combining environment provided by Cambridge Research Lab it is not very easy to change of waiting for them of something like that that you have in the make it smaller I would be if there no we drive in the middle of the board so it's quite difficult the only thing to happen that airlines so you have to be enough so that
the level of fantastic things developed to 1 and then we will after such an application that is able to flesh and you will the who read-only memory of type and then he did a complicated typing on realignment from your and that the computer and you can have a look at the code to immediately know which is copied the read-only memory that protein which contains the report for while and so would then have been collected all violent that for of course the support for a living and working and all other possible possible networking of all other networking calculate the and you can call it the installation of lying down and reaches you show so do you think that can met all those 2 buildings alone that need for mobile and you information technology and the last thing is that GI so here in the French of the idea that a good idea to have mobile ground and you can see the 1st picture they can just the 1st day we were lucky with compiling it
in the morning here here's a graph shell and then the call so how he did that the duke and library and the function of the graph which just elected the mall more single then because where large and the compiling for I began architecture so mobile granted that the book to show where the vector by the table to query event input type it can be used to measure a function you can use and we are developing can have you been uploaded upwards of 40 getting to know them by external module and it's not the real time and what we need is a real time application that directly in the the data from he did and
it was just show it on the back and I really want to be on a variety the having modules that airport so and thank you about the vector of the if you have some that encode the jet environment and we can remove can change maps and what i'm about itself also it became part each imaginative or come on line but
I will here talk about a little problem about I'll have to be compiled in the down more possibilities and wanted to ability the build a tool chain which is but the combination of tools that you can build on it and they did take machine know machine and then you can use it for combining but it's quite complicated and it takes quite a long time to build such a cross-compiler so we decided that we will use the advantage of having a native compiler available on and which is such that they if laughter it is the made I think the very act show and you can let know the to the got the uh and the data of course you can compile their and download binary and there there is 1 more ability to go on you can build on your or your own compiler and run it on and on I think but it's a quite huge you have to that more of the following and you have to alright we have compiled and all that library that you need for or want to compile your code thinking about maybe what the trial is the use of the if block that is available running
almost 24 out the so here some the problem with it and then as far they they just sort of what the other 1 is on the part of the fact that there is a vector of length and the and that it is a bit too much or too much information that is the 1 after which is a little late you can see black body by and like in light the role of the technical mad money doesn't take very much on the them all and also you can keep them type level of the should be in the
number of how you and political debate In the very much here we have technical again is known to be to be more readable and again we have died and also here graph shall I perform grateful for in with the number of working here and you have lot of all mean some
graphical interface start more readable way using the example of the use of the became a new it looks nice here but in real you did not believe it because wanted that opening the beginning and the end they're covering Matt and you read out that when the opened the beginning you can absolutely unbeatable and that of course the the the the window at the managerial can change the way so I'm using it like that on here I have graph shall taken this and I even only the and on this planet and he is beginning it's possible and for a quite nite but here we are calling
calling for a new because due did hey graphic user interface might be so what are the problems and difficulties that they had a graphic user interface and in book 4 I think it's limited only the patch so it is a problem or if you want to use common life the other limitation place so that is programming graphic interface so we're really need something intelligent and graphic to help us then we have memorized page if you want to have everything there and a very big and you are not able to get a job in hiding has unique value if you think demeral modules and jacket but once you have the right neighbor military that but then you have only 2 blocks you have that would be in that allegedly language here would be collected then you play a memory card you have no space Forteviot so you can also follow you can solve it by wire of course but the then you have a working environment and I think that's not the best way to do well we can solve the problem of data through the use of nite because applied and we can have an avid mountain and had our data our you this is true violence also portability again so that and then there is another problem if you want to use the compactly GPS which is the 1 that the real impact of this is the problem of constructing the it's impossible to predict and there's no way that I'm talking now I think because of the dynamic that you that you need in that because there's something about the problem of use of the and the other problem a lot durability of the the right we need someone to produce the from the stronger wrapper or something
like that because wanted that terrain Atlantic quantity called once you've always wanted both from the ground or either either don't want to know what will happen now let's talk something that they can think about but the most practical applications and they said you can use it for a library you can you didn't that to guy just imagine that you are working somewhere I don't think that you like mountains but let's walking come around the town going back or through the the the and you can have you get the deal and that can know exactly where you are then you are standing in front of them 9 thousand and the whole thing or something like that you want to know what it is you just click on divide and it's going to allow that work it will download of the stream of the multimedia documents will show you the information that we
want to you can use intelligent cut navigation with them but can be that might be the thing that you find very parking you make a point from GPS use and it's directed to a database and you are not home to your car and you already have a nite and will complete innumerable perfect but you can also capture they tend to feel that we had a lot of the proper geology or biology and so on also that it might use for technical infrastructure company like and got company electric power and so on and the here in Trento there of them operated going on at the short name for a while at the Internet and location management architecture which is a project that is the that you to make such an open and let from Toronto with wireless connectivity in several applications for all of all of our gradations of for public what to do next think that graphic user interface for the problem then we need to improve the GPS purport to support multiple crimes the work to be able to the other work of the topic and and so on we need to add some other gene function other functions and I think not the only PDA which to do it we have been marked showing vowels in a keynote speech so we should support and developed for other device here are some important leveling uh I just want to point out the money if you want to start using the alignment of the PDA URI 3 everything written about that and if you want to use that you think mobile graph will 1 the experimental package of course you can eat the page from the domain graph they give you something and you can download the source the binary or if you will have heard in the things out in a PDA you can use the package FIL rejected to inspect each manager and
just kind of graph the evening thank you for your attention if and if
thank you and question In the manager of a it can
that question is the home market the Bangladesh the normal on my kids get by with of think 3 and a complaint about the viking knowledge about 5 caustic about and the right right money right of how IDI unit you the pride of the and it is about to jump to the fact that it would have be really going in that and this is about 1000 there if you get this then you need GPS it is about 300 Jeep alignment 39
well and then you need them jacket it's about the here were the primary and the money that much more planet about 400 away and if you want violence got it thinking 121 and that is altogether you read out there in something that is in the final so we it's know the solution of foreign private use I think all student use that we were shown with the cheaper PDA and the like he played the piano at the solution for a company that have really in that of field work and maybe it need to be the date
that I mean I portable phone alone alright and solution quality therapy that need the data reporting in it that and I just want to point out that there is a similar kind of application because of the median and the
sharing of the GPS and it has GPS support of I mean you should take a look into the code so that they don't need to read the code again
and another that can you believe you can have but of the I think the political expression of again and then it comes to dealing in control well I think it may be that both of them because the the the compactly supported so
I think you just have a look at Internet thing like defined by quality the now really many many extensions and that is typical for that you get a port that they have their own might applications who do have to look them from them and implement but now there was not no time to finish it it was just finished and then like that experimental it but instead of using
the DEA didn't do think about the such computers like half the which are designed to the for future work they are very robust and so you if you don't
need to be aware of the having damaged those to and that would deprive MIT Press I don't know why I made the family here about it like so maybe value of there mn these were computed built in the UK and they are designed for children I working hot conditions again try but at the time we
have this because it was available And quite acceptable to be what about how to go the other thing that the the limitation of the this that they not designed for field work in the bag they are designed to be used in mobile away but they are not designed to be used rain now and then you have a
condition OK thank you to all we'll meet again at the uh how about 14 years so