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GRASS on the Web
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and you can with the last name of the book of course for today and ask you have to come here the company but you the you mean and you indicated thinking mean on in the entity the because of the 15 years and only about what kind of and I think it would be and and the you have to think of it as a lot of the that
the and thank you and I would like you to think that In the back and a that's life when I was made in I will you that you have and how many you not eliminating think of the view on they have and the majority of the common techniques and from that point with unit composed of active th he request with crime and we show you of the content of the during the day just application with grant and the world last point would be viewed and discussion of the above presentation of the state of the art the web mapping whether that gene is yeah the injectivity between the user and to do that and the online regret of from real-time computed that your daughter and I can't believe the generation of current cartographic so it the information of from whole point of yeah but mappings and function of updating of the plant and from the point of security and uh conjugation of the use of blue that is the impact of problem but could be restored I will show it and you can't have redundant in the that thing is on the collection of you that on on because you want to the good question I would follow them and I want to include the database to find the what mapping technique on their own Freeman that free content actually you can at such that made him can be performed by that economic and animated map content so and we have a look back to the mid nineties them on the internet there were only few work hard available to date you have to of power than what type and these are not and development on the left of yeah the most optimal about mapping picking from what mapping applications parliament had to but who online room that required but only yet of
gift that here that on find that generated on the product of and I would come up to the the object we want to create a format that that it he he is commonly mentioned a request injective grade from having that broader coverage and so on the question is the attitude of development tools for real-time that calculation of the central questions and to which extent the graph data to support a web interface in and on the right
to come products could contain kick in that of in the alignment of the question that don't on graphical interface of application and how important for a class of guilt geocoded out of the room brought so on yeah unleashed issues of refinement communication between the Government and partially by come programming interface for each year right and we need some interface script that control the web user interface on the internet interface could be some written in any language in program programming language the 2 content minconf which I can think of that have applied and declined product that have applied and only if the was chosen on use of the application of that passion dynamic from html on the client had tragic he aware or to prevent and you the job applicants so
I come up to the first one the plot of the project to introduce Java applet on the function that the work has shown that on but work of the formula request has shifted from the father the use computer that could be an advantage that kind of advantage come up later to point on with this method and automatic Donald from them
probability just that of the key to the client I had unprecedented here the graphic that shows functions that the decline of and it's very request to the and and the hidden points all I didn't show you the I wanted to show you that the compliance by the configuration of it that the impact of important so and quickly and that he might get all the important point of only the father has the request and information to the huge GI grew up this TGI groups of creep of the regression and put it back to the also I find the there we want to and back to the client the there I will show that the combination of what the gratification so it would would be more clearly I the end of the 2nd point that the client can use his broad interface move visualize among the top you request so of there are a award from putting up his and wanted to go further by the concept and conversion to client hired on contract and 1 interesting point and and for the time we have applied at some point that the advantage is that implementation part of the client computer as don't have to have In high capacity of local property is not because of the regret that we did on the from the feathers on yeah the advantage of the and from the client had complex new client content and yet you need a high capacity on on on your computer because of the Java applet are sent to the I use the computer and created that directly so I think it would be a disadvantage because of yeah OK I added a disadvantage in the next point of protecting of large and complex that on high-capacity don't and 1 of the advantages of the concept is that there is no what right hand after theory because the doctor are directly created on the 1st of and the on the client side of the necessary to extract the option of complex hello I'm the at that point to the trick of client emissions were implemented on the other side it but let's implemented on the of current height for moving that is the problem of computing the ability of some of the versions from that point is on the right not to kill them because not enough traded on the problem so on it is a disadvantage for them yeah so the parents because of you already have perhaps another location on computer and you get summary of income and then it he would go on Java applet which affect computer what do not point in the the evidence dynamic generation of diverse graphic common talk to them and on the client side from dependent on Java library so there are 2 from the advantages of the of the fight version and the client to have a request have a dependent on then persecuted Internet traffic on top of a problem on the other side of the inequality that because of the highly dependent on the I that to depend have adopted and you want to to get from the mother back to your computer but on the client side you don't have done albeit at the bottom of the document did not directly traded on the on the user computer on the use of the client computer complexity is among the habitat unimportant for the request and on the client side for about half the and put pressure for so all we use to move the case a father and his property the PHP on on protocol script and which has the advantage that it is the comparing the particles are you the the language quick on and In fact recognized on highly frequented haven't on the cut point of room in the portability is a given farming operations some and rooms what the lottery for the development of part of graphical user interfaces it article interconnected relational . part of that the that laughter advantage of the concept of the disadvantages of the other common law not with interactivity I'm of computationally intense but GIS applications so the common collusion in direct from hybrid content of between the creator of the father client the have private and declined to edit content which you minimize the use of client we talked and optimize optimize in time and this the period on I the conclusion is the client finds that in G is bad but rather the moved from point that values that some of you know which are really fun and yelled in some applications on what fail in the Internet on the other side strategy and that's not what applications from my current professionals from importation of more than and from any time a high number of hue that so that not content i've chosen for the demonstration of my GIS implication yeah under compromise of all the content of that conflict is a
platform-independent well before relying on some even use of the of the use of open teach the IP protocol that I'm make possible the content of the left on we have to because you know where the period across the UK accumulation and the last point of the application now and only thanks to point of the use of take the commands of crime that was quite an did you find on the prior and final requirements a proper managers management of control and Uncle concurrent request because there are for example and you which I mean starting time a request and on the management of of this has to be done on another problem the computing time because if you to request you will normally you want to have a quick on and and you want to make a move and I'll show you that only a quick way of adoption of topic which appears at the request of the inclination of of that we technical mated with grant it could be take much more time core of calculation take the time to print out the the doctor automatic at times so Tulum command and at the hour produced by the PHP integrated does the graph command had and in the 2nd point the UNIX command had of when mm across then we have to p temporary height fond of of have to match the capacity and complexity of the compiled and at lot of the taking faith is based on on the metaphor of calculated and then hand by you made to the you of that the correct to overcome the time problem because can't wait on time of you have perhaps from interruption of the connection internet connection and um but what the the solution to arms the overall and perhaps this problem the and command of all to think of the UNIX command and group the 2nd point is 1 of the defining the features execution of across them in a dominant program which prominent you right background and some would apply to requests and only at the a compared to mover you the title but not analyzing the quality content and that makes it you check of different components and part of the peer communication director with that of effect that applying the yield and and as the head of the region of economic of the hello In the park and not pointed out that it during the component of the George content and other the use of that word breaking on I'm on the top of the hill and what the consequences of learners yeah the open and avoid the application and the inter-user predictions have come how we are the other problem is words of the and apparent know you can't use the of account 1 and PhD credential rule that apart from the back of the truck this problem all we need to a you got room and hampered by integration time well on this solution that's what that means that permitted privileges given up to all of you that and then I the protection of application by taking you can always include that of a continent of correct information is on given by this and secondly on the check of the main on and oxygen in the done because from I and don't keep up the good for example and make it command like and I don't know if they had come and then the unit commander removed and so the consequence is that all right on the which are depends on the term and to protect against them the government has to be unprepared for no the company of the representation of a graph is web mapping was on the moduli have . com mon that module which degrade on innovation within the shadow and I think there are 2 ways to do it and that module on based on the composition have already on haven't had yet to put in a digital native innovation then of you have to do with the fact that you realize from the request of a legitimate by and the PHP code proclamation of the code on the other hand in taken that under the condition of the graph commands out from market of for the output in PostScript and he has not and I'm in the last point the proclamation of PHP crops so that is the request from and you have to put in the debate Umeå at Trent and if you put the UK but you you get for a company that provides all of sentiment that would the company that 1st original and the across and he carried um and environment and I put the the date of all right I have chosen 1 data put put the the content of the map on I got the output about this community and image and on and on and on about that we're are not interested in this case because they only wanted to have the original on output product of a map which was calculated on bike ride With the amount of operators of on the yeah on the request
on on poem program and PhD the discussion of how we communicate again I'm glad that we should have the what and how they feel on because there is a path immediate conversion between them quite quick and direct base cation and you could adopt all graph based on reachable by distance points from a job in the future may confuse black and white to requests from should not by means of when talk to you on that could be that the future and room and the 2nd point of the complaint applications demonstrate the flexibility of crime and teach root and in yeah so we have to do some of her of the people with other car giant applications because of yeah depend on large Dr. Head and we do not have a much more personal interesting applications on the Web yet the left that thing and limited to acquire by giving and the inability of freedom of sold out that a little bit part the problem for for the testing thank you for listening what if and it would be thank thank you for presentation at
beginning you didn't know it then I'll be there for OK
England at the end of it did at about security concerns and then the I have to tell you that going to college and I will individual that I wrote PG with you think that the university before I like by the end of it wasn't able tool to use it but because of the way in which the and of them and computers is that the they don't know it that's the plant I know many people even in the case from the the situation is that that they that they the I think it's and you're happy and you can use such a evolution in button I'm indifferent to that and wouldn't it be possible to you and then you can have the effect on that of the that kind of and that would that be an time that you OK but you would think that net there you perhaps you know there new generation all Internet relative to the plot Victor upon the cumulative picked up on that but
that's is another very I have to admit I didn't think
over the problem because this is the authentication and I couldn't even handling error on they it and try to answer that question bone any program you as the web servers you have security concerns so no matter how you design any program you learn that
the user can make over the internet begin paramaters 2 will have to be made and the security in mind and graph has not been made with security in mind so once you have a graph application running you have to be careful that those with the permission of of the grant application and it cannot do any damage because of what he protected a plot of security in the occasion to go on but no matter how you going do and in that will be careful to let you run anything on him with them because any program might be damaging the mother Letter of the year technical architecture the principal problem but will look OK the the comment was that
the mean but when we we we ever had that those married be the post outside the regarded probable the and web services so maybe we can also see that indeed there and without the express this area and thank you and I think that will prevent acute you would be but the SGP has been political and sometimes you here's the applications which make up for the shake we're at this right and what you will have to be clear about you can use the Internet in the in the training which is then we really you know the where the request and the light that we implement property and the curricula with applications where who was always going to be the key which she heard generated by the server and check that each time but happens and generally conditions OK let
me think again of the speaker told you that station for today and then from there then they can measure comedy and see you tomorrow at 9 o clock for the next day I would make the