Low cost PDA/Gps based field logging solution for GRASS data.

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Low cost PDA/Gps based field logging solution for GRASS data.
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which the next paper used by the other founder of the
charity into our community he is entitled their local GPS they the the the the logging solution for graph data and it is presented by the sound of the j yes so we don't
think that some of the daily I'm just finishing my 1st the of the meaning in structural geology at the University of the real data and the community mining Supervised of preventive these work about local DAG at the Battle of being sees them forward that the logging of graphs I the main aim of these working the need of quick data-logging feed them to facilitate and in this case a devil not the system for structural geology survey and the the feature of the system of
these project was to use common and divide the together with IOM devices so the the the mean the GPS PDA where GPS the global grid position in the them receiver and PDA stands for but from the that the deposition of data from the receiver of the GPS receiver associated to measurements taken in the beginning in the field and so the position data beginning to feel the transcribed into the there the same I specific applications but he and other systems if you will try and the net with search engine you you you can find them the received them and I these 2 systems and the and o the meant having common that muscles go the edible and the there after all of them runs on all
PDAB values for example again the the workers them what runs on I and or optical computers and then the support and like and its commercial generally commercial if the price is unknown you have to come back to this them that's not the only so which is free software languages result because school like and identity and all user community to to study improve the sort of and we all know only with free software and you get that could be guaranteed to remain free in future sharing knowledge is 1 of the main that of thing the the community and so the knowledge always that to institution and you use them and that that fully featured an up-to-date gold and so you can access the she's and to get the such work so there the project we call the PDF where stand for on computer a device then data for graph and or geological and then for badly and or surveys that was that because of their their defeat and what that will not directly for structural geology survey but as you'll and you will see it would be an even each can be easily customized for other applications so surveillance carry the PDA GPS the than in the field and the log punctual data back from the field that they from that and from PDA into a graph applications by our PGs import so the atom with the feedback loop it means that it possibility that he then catalog running of running the so what about the punishing machine we would see in and that they need and any GPS receiver capable and NMDA output is to point out that key features of the project because we choose of although there but because the pieces of the trial on on a wide range of PDA feed them and we choose memory and and the baby because the the the founder of the recognizer and the founder of and a lot of divide the aid of lower and then I end users and then you standard protocols on the softer side we got that the a PDA trap that the process and the PDS Street um gave that the gets main implication PDB good run on the side important keeping at it was written by the developing here them in also completely they don't that people the free to download but he them and then discovered by a dead end and be nearly enough to point you all that stuff that that will not development keep by that link because the project was developed there we go on the bottom line of portable device but it was just because the people the 1 edible at the moment and then we used vitamin 1 . 5 and PTT and PTT modules to embark bottom on adapting to breast so what about you programming platform for 4 was modified it here language and on the other machine that interpreted code cross-compiler cup that called on the life and the the subset of job language but the people that will buy want threat that they have not the with them not related and in the and that they had not connection with the funding for system so while they used under GPL and then each created all you can get more info you if you can see that that you are and the way they are be data you Ireland and a paper on the on the proceedings and if you you can feel that support the platform or when you get bottom line when the if you if you want to shut down that the instrument calculators and was like that running on a Linux last yeah what is needed there you got uniform resource location of that on the practical side the we choose the enemy a whole 1 8 3 Russian she probable because if the that of all greater than the 1st review them in 1983 and it is considered that almost by factories and and navigational divide it by the probable for interfacing into thinking that we get on the right it is based on a parallel interface I I I she tree to support it it works on the basis of sender-receiver the so that the same line we can we can have 1 channel and several receiver because these things that I have some in the Federal Standard here go to the not the code and they are paid the true but my humor of length and they stop the leader of the dollar sign and they and with carriage recommend line feed time of and that field of continuity so that he had people look and they have been but due to let show out interpret the when you we played with the PGA whatever or if you want the lot publications reading and NDA so that the the defendant it stop with that the dollar sign and finish with current directly in the line the line that we got from the 1st thing they might say being and in this case we got GP that stands for GPS device and then we got an important medium that the the type of the sentence even when device we got a lot of useful information that I'm not usually not available on the display of the device in this case uh we got the recommended minimum navigation information that got that the the the medically depletion Dr. block the NMDA tendency stars federal and different
and Wernicke's and although usable information even on low-end devices then we got there and the comma separated the field the use the the the the the time this thing on the green witch Mary in time if they do something GPS device a stands for all these OK not stands for warning look like satellite I'm not the 1 something similar and we got latitude of the former being the degree degree really mean or document that vectors they find out the latitude so we got longitudinal line of the longitude this speed and environment in the truck so that the big and then we got the magnetic variation that for geologists it's quite important because we can get the measurement and then consider the magnetic variation and what are middle men and then we get the check them at the end of a sentence another thing it was quite shocked to find out about that very important and the man of the biological importance for importing that . doc site like that into broadly to interpret that from the garden and the that and enemy I was working out so I discovered that for Dominique track you that there are a lot of the project coordinator coordinates that are reflected that we get the 84 them but watch out that the beyond doubt receivers also some models of the thread I'm going to we got on NMDA stream born in a reflection to user defined inside of parameters like AI and community are active then then you might not be an added a cycles shape if you had by defined by user anyway that we the particle and patterns that indicate what they can be used father at the viking uh the that evening because the idea that the meeting 1 1 but the day-to-day I'm at back on that we got the PDA device with a PDF applications the PDA in the thing the Parliament divide but they it can be any any divide supporting war here we got well that we have the machine that he needed to who run Pediatr applications then we got the realize that it may be for communication between GPS and the PDA and the new model and after that we needed to his reach red receive and transmit them to and then on the right and the GPS receiver capable an MEA output the rating knowledge that they are almost all the device of common and we got the graphical user interface of the application that is very simple we got elected number other side we are in measuring and then on the bottom of the screen we got the about popularly not edible category and then he gave it felt it these all repair that the structural geology survey so in this case we got feature and then the top of it indicated the dating of the layer but as you used to the thing the data decidedly if defined for February and then it would be used and we got the that the direction and indeed that on numerical record and then at the end of that record but the the comment on the right but we got the GPS blocked of money that with open collocation toward the GPS device in that position data and the in the lower part of the screen that navigational never got to and the role of the so that finally Kimball interface but it short and Aaron it can be it can be quite useful to to together they got in the field but that from the field the yet worth the top for that the by the gene pool because got the the the workstation regret yeah PDA communications software and the pDx roughly import utility and that would prompt my Caroline information the it but in that in the drafted by the tried because we we have haven't done dialogs they into from PDA and could be and In this indicating paper we have made the we I don't lean tools that the that that free package receptor packages for bound by but there are if people and packages for every PT-AT them but within the graph environment the final scrape PDB to write that type combat PDA that the and imported into current location and finally Baker so we it's a very common with the name of the that we we just don't know and the name of the type of data and then had a very constant to grasp both a reality began school timeline at that Google's and by the imports create our edible and the depends of the piano that that the you out on we and help you can read about anyway in trying to do who right then during discussion to right there so Goldman implement reading different enemy independencies at the moment that the only additional data and that will it it will be very important to to read that were the information and the it would be interesting to bed them on different PDA GPS combination and then we get into a infrared adapted from that quite popular in for a possible graphs and I back and PDF combined survey with 1 I park and different that is the use of broad library price to provide that data in any projection refined but we the it would be also useful to import the doctor are they going to graph yeah and also user we need it would be possible to make at that the mediation program because the mind the field and the ballpark different users from structure geology surveys and you was in the infant it if thank you and the founder of any
questions that I would like to know if you plan to other than that on the PDA other the mapping interference in well the problem well beyond can in
mind that it was died of the graph and being that a lot of more snow and the so I thought the in the water in finding a the developing environment that would call them the maximum number of devices and the thing but people did you that they it it does to be edible on when the right so for example cheaper 1 it was just because if it it may that of all the them even students a group for example I cut the thing is not to be but expensive work you but we the on for example if you can and they start to without having to deal with it in them but is that of Hungary and would like to know the pump that can
run for many years and the small and cheap along chemical found in workshops already Beckett 1 megabyte about machine to made about mission come to all of them are called what is the smallest country program configurations and what palm where the minimum to run your applications if then being that the donor Our
created in in and then the omega I'm sure all a in the and anyway we will buy it it's there stable and it was so from although older binding and doesn't live here and I think more than 290 a lot of problems yeah my
name is community on uh how how long can you walk on the in the with the the candy over battery problems because of of the 3 of consistent over a serial line I am and that it is not true and without changing
batteries and I said the structure and I have some points for and then and
I am not that that there would be a lot of people who it so final and open and close FIL so that I my name is that so that 1 the province for example for a day date but that was my by correlating about and


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