The new GRASS 5.1 vector architecture

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The new GRASS 5.1 vector architecture
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the thinking of we proceed now to the 2nd talking and markerless we're talking about an exciting development of graph the probability that there'd be mathematical so keeping the
excitement for them and so this is a very important for contemporary and the how close are to to get to the advancement materials you know that vector word vectors breeding week about 2 begat development but now another talk
about the you will read this development on the graph you're graph that don't agree and also the a vector
elaborating completed which would use the term vector architecture because at the library of the fact that that we can the income meaning outline of presentation I'm talking about the background and limitations of the current graph vector architecture of the ground floor architecture also used in In the recent release of graph five-year-old told not to confuse the number but for something in graph 5 0 it using the word vector architecture and this talk will review what has changed for the graph 5 1 the architecture we distinguish between geometry and or tribute model then I will quickly talk about the directed graph library in your library which have been developed and some of but to start with some limitations to make the new implementation more fighting I that repeat what you I didn't already known as the model Digital and that the victim and the geological map of the problem of the next likely to win nowhere to be met with some indication that means that we have no support for 3 D data begin not for any future area line the window at home formants and so on because problem is that we cannot store might occur you the that from importing 5 to which come along with a lot of database like shape like you hear a little file and we already have the problem of what to do with all of these do make my difficulty with the American that program could be followed in a limited way by productivity tool relational debate database management to them here we have again the indication that but is not completely implemented in graph 5 year it's connection value implemented on module level but not from the library then maybe not unusual for everybody but and the future what about portability if you change your heart Where from 32 bits to tools bound the default across the for example maybe the next generation of machines to but then you will find here the problem that the data are not portable finally a love finally at the heart the spatial indexing they're not they should available between it different methods to extend spectral data quickly and finally no picked on network analysis implemented we know that our course who we are grain and so on but on the recommended that something like that of the next slide we now introduce the new vector architecture that it is currently implemented in the graph 1 they're looking all from the module level into the vector library it is stated in the protection where the geometry library and then compute library and I want to concentrate on the on the vector library which is dealing with the geometry it will support whatever only 1 home in their native format it from the similar up to the old approach but it is like in that I will explain later you will direct shaped by Pullman it means it shape I will not have any longer to be important with something I'd be in shape but they can be read directly in all so you put the fight of the fight and where is H. it can only be applied to some of position into the network of 5 of them and then you refer to this file and you can directly query the metadata them so on during the project led by acatech means in the the light this is not implemented but intended to do they support all g up all the irony the library developed by a friend while modem the importation of libraries and conforming to the Open GIS ification with opened yet and that each of the education of it is included in the G. . library so if fuel the dominant you guys a catch you have already the OGI include the sort the then being what would you done it for rapid sodium productivity and finally and in developed both out some more detail the native format starting again from their native format mean that we've drawn the data usually in 5 we can build a graph location and the data are not containing have reorganize now we don't break the data into several directories but with 1 vector directory and then for each In own directory so that we get a lot of the other structural model and that they had a 5 containing general information the vector geometry prior which contains information about they should mentioned of the line type normal attached at the categories and all the coordinates of the vector of that if you know the geometry is stored here finally that the topology 5 got the supporting topology and this must be stored somehow which contains the information about monitoring boxes that and finally there that they should indeed 5 and I was mentioning that shape I can be right directly being we got the fight began in the ratification and we can then with the vector library I the the guts model I was mentioning that the desired implementation of all dr OGI support a lot of different formats that performance can directly read out in full binary coverage for example EEG and formative years and so on and met in full GMM and it was sort quite some problems for the future so we don't have to reinvent the wheel and write support for every format but we the idea we use the 15 the library and then we connected into the graph that is 1 problem is that all audio written people in the graph it's written in the we need a break of action but he died it was already done the cost function mean but he died that G . bridge which allows us to use in the G. died people that functions with an argue that our theory within graph people the thinking we need all day off so that we can directly from the would you like to support apologies of GIS system so this is another option to store the geometry through OGI if implemented we can put all geometry and topology I table and this is what you get is an extension to operate you the the well-known database them up here is that tension to store geometry with impulse when you then already mentioned what crops had been developed by you need to buy food and culture and that he did and then eventually and so developed a direct connection between the spectral geometry library and what the idea including that of from the system dead so it is not what people already possible that is still the geometry and what he barrier the computer complicated achieved building in there's no 1 way solution they where it somewhat organized tool to allow for different possibilities of data storage I want 1 something about what yeah
yeah the organization book you like that you that you have all 1 the the geometry like following line boundary and then create 1 role in the table for each bring important into 1 role and that of whatever a the balance to old information well this what the geometry library I should mention that's because the shape I have the non-topological performance in all of the other of not provide topology that topology of beauty and so the topology thought to solve the problem because we of course remain during the topological distance so we need some sort of topology and after linking shaped by for example into the database that you will run into the module he didn't know what the did along with the support and this is getting topology called OK then we library it is called the BMI library database management in the paper it was already present in raw for but it was not fully integrated in the update and so on a DBM my library the private several database driver on the cooperator red beginning here when using it as a mean it is not at present an idea and of course it should be implemented by somebody and it will allow to draw the tribute into the record in but if someone wants to call the vector geometry into Interpol GIS with what obvious that he or she thought going there in this hands but they don't have to be developed and implemented and where the 2nd driver holding the key driver earned and just cannot be acronym in open database connection something like this turn what here of the leading supporter who don't data are involved right mean it is not implemented yet but can already called for all the the good audio and video involved with other option is to use my theory that the that to use oracle and so on and so on the Oracle supporting several the for database so that began quite complex to be and where the debate private debate you it they 5 of which allows to use the the GB at 5 but if you look at the of where here the 5 storage then the RGB image data storage and again find oriented storage and indeed the it of course thing if you don't want to connect and then the database that you will use maybe the debate over drive and you put all the data information into such a 5 the thing and summary for architecture that the module on knowledge that thing everything to a common layout mean for them what you would it is irrelevant which of them you are internally you would it's up to you the model can be written in 1 way and they extend through the library of the connected to which provide it is a it can be 5 what the implementation of the various collect all modules all the data and topic the but can't geometry and became more about geometry with support topology but including the topological model which shared boundaries and you know already from the old system and that means that all filtering got but the topology during the beating the topology the area of all on the boundary line with red nose ring what then you finally it concluded that area within the topological information they're not really new about the more obvious than earlier where life naught but also now that can create the temperature carrying the information if we look here the online country who know and maybe several and 1 part here is called the command image the set off the ground on the in the optical area where the boundary edges we have virtually no 1 and then we additionally that entry the Montgomery the victory geometry teacher about 2 D and 3 D storage media extensions I would say mentioned the native format it and then the 4th version of the prior data storage which we already have extended mean for example the dimension of the the value and we can start category then if knew that category number of thought with the geometry data but that was the separated you know there will be directory and we had actually do directory and category directory and all the out of the merge no on the right figure you can see the the 15 so it's not possible and you can store and you can see here the different all about connecting different elevations for example became support is a bit limited but at least then it is initially implement and you would that they should data later on I read the paper some more work on that of time that some what about the actually model but they don't you have map containing 3 old and 1 or the piano the usual modeling is that you have and this time into a table it a number now president and the number is referring to the table which would be you and their role in the table is indicated by the category number and here you can go 1 or many of so this role for example we should might you going to the goal and here would be several common would maybe be naming alignment and whatever because all the connected it no need but you cannot the table 2 a knowledge maybe you can go on and that fiction and you want to for information about like other low beat or whatever and then you have refused you to which refer to a table to a 2nd table and the rule is indicated by the category that a look at the implementation of practical knowledge right if you are not using the new crafted them we have a dinner table In this paper is carrying the geometry information and also the heated up to be a huge number is different to the native format what I was mentioning earlier but not with separated able that category is separated from the geometry cable and that done by the year the value and then you do with the category number into when it began to which I indicated yet everyone in every
it allows some flexibility in the preparation in if you want to use the posterior chemical graph than that because now you can create a joint use for geometry and you a lots for more flexibility and it may be interesting if the client is not a good tool and several tables then that then you can put it on on that and the line at you with your data structure but now I want to discuss the new library which is supported by the grant project was developed by the Tibetan economy the directed graph library which is now implemented and then support vector network analysis and this is something really new photograph which hadn't been present there currently available to show that are population you know all the way you do that when on the road map of the fish in all the but to click using the model the back of the 1 knowledge into their comments the people in the 2nd note here and it will actually for example from the line length the shortest cut out between the 2 not following the vector another option you can read that produce from the data fall from a database table that means you can apply kind to every vector sum for and that the dual of the credit for which is allowed to and from that the shortest path calculated with which may be altered the different from the of our according to line that the more extension of the library for example the traveling statement of the program is under development and knowledge other graph problems current state Medicaid managed in copy and out of the the average thinking on knowledge caught in a vector this is from 1 point to another but maybe you want to we did have a point in the network so we have to use the different method verify the new implementation we have done some benchmarking we using a vector met with In creating number all the time according to and we were building topology that what the benchmark for the topology we were using the supporting gratified real and the breeding graph 1 of focal point the American current topology is required even if it and you need topology violence and at the time looking at 10 thousand spectral line we need not mean in but I 0 it is and what it means is the and 1 minute on graph I 1 it becomes even more interesting if we use 100 50 thousand lines we need 35 meaning on graph but only at parties that 0 sorry I and I was in the middle 1 2nd only and we need only 47 seconds In contrast to 53 meaning so that they found in maintenance of the each of the of the and there are 2 regions to major reasons for the great improvement in rough idea when I mentioned earlier category of separated from the geometry of the file and the the half might out of got quite wondered what in 1 so that all the look up is not necessary anymore it all along each vector the 2nd is that in graph Europol building topology always node had to be checked now in graph like 1 they should indicate he was based indexing thing which is based on our and in the end improves the look up on the grid you would the look time the many reasons for this the speed improvement molecule content or maybe the global shoreline data idea HHS which is pretty big I think 1 of 50 megabytes the the top so now I think you can really enjoyed it and don't have to wait 2 days to will be the form of the done applications have been updated the the vector import export of what must be at the end and aim to support the dimension the data what developed under the support and and and and all of that and the Baltic tended to have a dimension to visualize in that in the uh the opening line if you're telling me remember that from directly another image later on in your model have been developed the back to support the shortest path In backbone network the category them which allows for attaching deleting and report back category it was somewhat in uh in the support that it's not that operated the king and the fact that the the by of the Act which was not working very well so this is not that they yet but it's already better and so the the conductor would tool on the autograph vector data toward a new form but can run build a graph like 1 on all witchcraft locations you will that the convex and converted indicating that the data new format this is possible because the directory of corrected for you cannot for but conclusions they took up implementation of the the Knight out here it is very new and so so that the end of that knowledge capable of being vector polygon some feature we will need in and the but in 1 and 2 will populate all of its coordinates for the about that you know the not be done the Museum of water coordinate and it is not that tree 80 per cent of the library of regret now of course both of the Decalogue had to be updated and that we need more support for for that we need people who want to join them and 1 tool the work on the basement we have implemented and the directory a directed graph library the variable which is still under development at available and to invite people to work on new vector programming is that all functionality of public now by 1 all vector something function with being programs structure now which is the somewhat condition but it's really been comparing to the old approach good job and provide you with the men of they get all type functionality should be be moved to the vector that we may keep hands and so on but uh we add some improvement we can use we can't support my data what 5 and so on and we use the database management system which is already done and we use we just make the type of McDonald's then that because of what it required program already that algae off the quality of the diet and the the book product all the attribute management the you be applied on the sun in that in a minute and then it can be made the default private home that mean even without candidate data they think do it will be positive and and tools and the might related directly and we remote found we model thing editing it do maybe it's related to the other than and what I already mentioned that we need some more development tools do all and for your attention and how and so and the and then anticipated that really exciting things to be done with the new architecture so it could be that and questions I how all modules that got
very tricky question that he turned his attention which kind of they can but they can I create I you create kings and the treatment of would all every point only to that quadrant contribute to we'll act why or I mean the from Haiti that 2 modules already to announce the
afterward in the white that you did not and you very Institute temperament and then the great need if you like that I'm looking at the bottom of the you know the the the
point most of and I also agree it that yeah I can
tell you no I'm wondering if for an action
line going in the bag I can and in a lot of
that initiative to be and you can't go a different that value I can link it to him and actually in that sense because the problem we and all the other that that yeah his age that there are non fully 3 D the sense that being that and actually value I icons find as an out of the way out to be a table to the plane x and y location and make him humankind and again I can have basically a cloud of points and each of these points I can link much it keep and I have some questions related to the shape prior I mean that it is possible to directly shape it and also possible to move to direct the right shape prior early implementation of the read-only only driver and this is not a question that the shape of included maybe 1 engine I'm not sure it will be altered the later in the future if we have the OGI implementation down if you make it for example over read write private because all the are found along the standalone comes along with the 2 old G too old young and the program to convert between various walmart like from to men all from the view of the world to shape or something like this and only the article of the writing they don't want the chance that the implemented in run I consider it to be more a question of time and so on and off the and road if it is and the 1st there is a direct both committed to worry shape prior is there a topic for measure and I measure
attributes of shape file it that type of shit
out or multipaction shape out of the reach of condition at the beginning and ending the annual pay for that because it is good for example
measure however are very important for the network and I agree because the but in what the reason the attending the regret to of become a leader who gets from 3 D of course offered the pre shape fight with dimension of we need all 10 data otherwise we cannot do that and I think that 3 D shape I already at the end of the day out OK that no legal which on the so if anyone can provide up to date on the context think of in if you green the I
questions and OK this is on the world of open all 3 of the project manager they are not considered to be the man of the project you know I think when it is ready and the question have we said the Pentagon on how many people but the more people participate earlier and I can you know timelines the following so called greedy metadata original this may be a good 1 would think that you will have to mention that you know we have been talking about 5 year or the year old able all we can conclude his work David 5 euro in them even even-numbered year on that would be even more I mean and what on unstable so the next version will be applied to so if you ever be applied to wonder whether it is stable and you can actually use of course the experience through that I invited to try experience only to try by 5 1 2 favorite we don't complain if everything goes wrong it is possible so we are using the quality of the work of if you like what yeah yeah the that how and do you want to know what they're writing had I find that act all the quality of life in Europe who are not going right all of these connections the 0 that the that the logarithm available and if you don't me that you will find that you eat it at each of them individually did not deducted application and move around everyone individuals so if you want to maybe I don't know to find that I come when and weather and then you can do that would warrant and