Managing and processing LIDAR data within GRASS

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Managing and processing LIDAR data within GRASS
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ladies and gentlemen and at the then Gentlemanlike committing to there's a combination of the morning there the title of the stationary that neither better prosaic finger and new solution for GPS and mobile computing with land that both speech here so I asked to me to this because the state we 18 means for the presentation so time for the discussion of this says different here you if you allow poor two-minute breaking appropriate model 1 wants to make a proposal for the next crop you the meeting the international you the making an AB can just
because some thoughts about that it may be 1 the but if you want to make a of the broadening the admitting that out your day meeting me here so income that in the bud community that you edit them notification may be entirely fill if you can give me some feedback then again that because of talking to people and the ending of because of the gardens that any other a height that you prefer so I think we should think about the In during this meeting than thank you thank you OK that's the the that the pair here many aging and prostate light data we being around it is prone money and going above and the MediaMap cannot we set along the and then we say that the speaker that led to the terms even you get a volunteer community use and made up of the the other than that measure that you have between the program and the ground the global positioning system to give them and natural variations system tend get it to you the main advantage of this knowledge in that can produce high-quality digital elevation models both in solution and that you think that future you know that there's a lot of you may have heard of education is because need the ground almost because they can command of objects badly computer is that that would be mentioned in the so the probability that at least part of it being the ground inquiries the project was developed in independently belief that the international projects and project funded by the most the goal of the topic you put a chemical structure action you the tools that you can cannot from each of the nature of the poem and cannot produce the model but not the other during so we need a few of the operation the properties that would contribute to that we can then the quality of the that is it is believed in by comparison we have know the quantity and generation and that a lot of the people the development it is based on the idea that an object may be found like an
outlier with that dude that surrounding region the bottom of the doing the summary will be that but the mother we use the rights of respect to collaborate with the many square approach we also use the market information
from the fact that the education began with moderate like family by function each week and we firmly believe and we can use in the beginning of the comic you have complicated the analysis of we can use it at the end of the this move before the land use it to point out the 1 object find that there had been a around for most of the label for determining the structure that the kind phenomena at double and that is not the place so the government policy on inside the thought of the function the corresponding parameter it may not be on the so we need that conditioned to this it may be that the by talking some type of regularity to the that from the pneumatic let me remind you that the identical that then the parameters of the fraction of normal et al through them are there things that we needed to point that they wanted to the Americans and the development of course that energy detection period there are many things that I find 1 inside side of the privilege to correction of the year award the kitchen and the generation of the digital terrain model mentioned that the detection was the Government Information indicate that there are judged on and enactment of the animals models of what is name of that that that sample maybe even longer than an approach for you but you look at the the reduce and yet at the moment that gives you the edge into other we used another approach and that computer or some of the people between the original and that that and that Copernicus the use of force so that gravity formation but only to find some candidate on to be and there is here at the end of the year old with negative just before the original and posted it on the agenda if you use his information together we can accurately locate the yeah even with the giant and were founded in the way that we can the class the 1st contain the arms belonging to our 2 and I don't know we gradient that the 2 classes of problems over there that the new point with the positive or negative on the the point we need to be aware of point of view just before the that the 1 to the edge of who even more across than edge detection we also use the models of the neighboring points in the ground is because the university and I I know the point that you any of the following by applying the semantic going to the doctor pitching on you can put it on and on the right you and that that that and individuals that have been the acquired do you think that the education and this is not the thing that OK to the entire object inside the previous affected Due to the preparation and we are going to they're connected at all and I want to find we compute and the comics the that find the smaller the polygon that content the point of view the and or so we can compute the mean adaptation of the as because you have already pointed out in the public schools English by an object on the on the point of which is the variation the idea indigenous literature during this period we also classified and other parts of the the find out you the that on the right there and we show an example where lot of algorithm and you wonder about you because the read between the lines that connect judge on and that you can see the light that single object and is introduced and edition note that the correct there we compare each function efficiently and answer in the theory that is do units the usually of the government and the approach of but is the 1st approximation of the digital terrain model is sufficient to compute the the considering only the down on because they're each point of the the fact that the reference to and if it's pointed to by as object you can get to the the of the correct people at the and if you agree on Gram-positive pointed properties of 2 currently devil the previous happened it's for you get
format affecting the light of model at this time according to relation you have or because because the length application of all the people that were at the core of the approach medical model for the detection every 1 of and originally and and that's correction the yeah you know that often we ought and that's the thing that Parliament very little at least if we consider a large amount of but can belong to that of the music of the founder of the container 20 million on and the problem is the it more than 1 point according to that on the last 1 is but we have adopted the Convention on the what the word and but at another feature that if more than 1 bond according to the fact that only to that the the the the the new map and the meaning of computed the mean and document features with this and the sample this taken from there you know that that that that that the you gonna then to get on with show the
original out that as infection is not the gendering and the correction the point that the point that I as an object of the following the applying effective object but that the double bond so we can the legislation they like the important part is that we have about that we found that the person that is you know the password agreement reached the ground that improve education the originated from the model and the corresponding digit the another other than what American because we're going to right if he on the left and the it will and and who did that the detection which would have been written the here and it is shown that under article the future preventing the the original data that than and the corresponding to different the by way that the quality of the developed at the time it is planned comparison with the program of being but anyway I remind you but effective on 1 we can do that by varying that you got from the from and therefore the I accelerated you the more you have the engineer show me what I want you to and the comparability so that only we can see that we have an idea the new analyzing the data and you can see that things that I do that there are no comparable or even before of the limits of topographic they stamp on the on the of the world that or order the that I have object that and remain so if we consider only the comparable quality we considered area here of the DPM evident mean-square of on the infantrymen and thank you very much and redundantly into the variance and we can see that the development of the on the basis internet the thing we compare with what we know about the material because you were not aware of the program to reach and you that you know you know not very the American invasion of partial agreement between all then I'd technologies and the government amount but in inside the you where there are now at the end of the evening course that people who shine the couple gravity to aid in revealing younger relation so we can conclude that like technology to thing and the high-quality digital terrain model initially in a you but I wouldn't protection the tho and you better choose any question but I want to say that this that everybody I think work because they think that the light that date that I probably the most exciting thing that it happening now in the end have made and a great of the new module of the plot a problem in the light of they plane graph from I put question would be whether the module are ready to be a really with documentation and and everything that beyond the bed and my 2nd grade and all of the and that bloody we appreciate I died a pipe really good look at them at the end of the deeper example of being animated by the type of event there are models of reading so that the company and they can question of whether it had to look at those they tend to be and it that you read the use of some features of the school of the Fiji of which duration museum but during the development phase we use only the two-dimensional image because going used them to look directly in their classification of the view but