Activities of GRASS in Thailand

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Activities of GRASS in Thailand
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a month or so with from the initial calling in computer technology and In bank or the form the GUI and they should be the patient database fiction we talk about the impact so how do you yeah on good morning
38 and sentiment so many complex and I'm being a will colony pick 1 nationality tonic and committed technologies and their impact on today I would like to talk about the activity of God yeah but important in working time we use the the out our country and so think that I would like to move apart the technology and they picked me have many better capability of ground OK but that is 1 of the with the the part of program country I would like to and so you don't integrate that in then we need to redefine the 58 to them in in the year a year before operating at a crater have occasionally and I one-fifth at the end because it's all about the me imagine that the professor invent them man but here Earth and vitamin a human politically later
on indeed we have a like to agrarian through can the program but you did if there is a Department that will occur and had to be paid
I will focus on directed graphs and they it um is some example work at magnetic you got through the the area in the northern part of time and you founded in in my building on the right I think you can but if the doctor a
model in which I didn't invent what this money got input great the reality the title conflict graph and political the adding to to
use the feature graph so that they can some this subpart crash the organize the training in time that you can be and you the time there can be configured them in in this book and there and the number 3 is the
organizing committee we invite him to die giant died that too pertaining to gain the people in and in fact if if I mean we have the area we are integrating an overnight time this idea to we have retraining cause the time and sample training room furthermore money make it happen I take the without that there look he yeah you mean no language extension did that in a real and bed on where had but in the end and it can cure the the light in the entire language it is there that off include reality located there the 2nd good they take care yeah that budgeted didn't technologies the the entity on the the graphical model what about if the cable at the graphic the atomic number work him and if did not impart a apparent and then at the peak before this not on the Internet Explorer it is the true back and the children there yet you can you can the story the Canadian of Math the is have you LU it can you can get building the map
on the internet by using it that is that it makes relation this is the Bangkok visited them you can't you can cure yeah their data from what what again if and in Bangkok the current date and the date of bonding what again you can read it the name of data and Cambridge good in it good gradient the coordinated the rainfall what they all right on the idea that you can this is going to update the data upon the what it gives every 15 minutes and the family you can't you know the data on this technique but map coordinated 1 it is done being the quality this is the path the path of bomb in in the deep in the past 50 years and you only under the bed you can you can click that the I contiguity and the intended it if you create bomb found in that it you can be the enemy
cannot be and the Montgomery the damage he also in a table format OK that but it had the who they're not dead cool coordinated
at an organize and we're eventually ability you'd think God in the in the perhaps the overnight training but the people will come to Trent it up because they cannot be did they get plan and but cannot bad good good politic because I didn't get up the in the of the of God is the big problem solved by people FIL the right tools I have quoted a what a patent and an arranged and of the molecule of training so the review the didn't and if we can be the that big would like to increment of course given the amount was educated at well the without being the management of their about now and the single put the I gave you indeed indeed OK can in the tutorial presentation
was that other question I'm not dynamic and I would
like to ask you to elevated a little bit about both the making project that they fled whether they are getting real-time data part of the head and from where they are getting the date that you
can probably to the on that continent have not that
input the they did I begin at the the
outcome that bank the put brought beginning that off in and equally at the end of data that goal but the authority of during that time on and
equality in admit them make it but you over what he called in Thailand the this at the data on it with the given by divided by by density of the 2 of them and the can there that people if you can read
data and didn't pi the pilot phase but they did it them mutiliated map that it didn't about Bangkok that have been taken did you do that can you read the information of statement by if you can't it talk about you can it the securing them in the period this data from Britain and did they all they all and area under their and you can click on to yeah there actually a lot that are you planning to involve the that you were writing that you are interested to implement geometric support and so on into connected to I intending to all we use that would be using the new rules of vector architecture which but already available but what finished at available the finality the remember the mallet separated the graph but in connect with God but this the data that got half of and new like educated that's really interesting that the indicator that we would really like to to use that that he that was came out more due in that the and natural for now the in but the beginning coming from the
international space for a continent right ecology of the United Nations and the appreciate what you want to know that that caught doing we are conducting some thinking for developing countries and in the beginning we got to our activities using the commercial software things that we have money and that's going to be working people coming from developing countries for the use of these 2 software but the the feedback was the negative things people coming back home they can't there by the software than they tend to do the walks so we change the detection and we call that the together with the University of this kind of thinking supporting the such beauty seems the 1 year work people reporting we show them the opening the sausage and specially in the the use of graphs and what and saying is that we found no the other difficulties since people on don't have the the same connections and being connected to load the software to look at the data so what I'm asking is that the In a order advise you the it is possible to work to make wouldn't allow the CD-ROM or something to the tools and the tools whose center of skin color the color pink or there's some thank you thank you each
pro-Iraqi can can you you which project
picture that use forum implementation that he can hear of this you need divinity picked out there the a lot of infrared that for the land
application you the end user client of our lives and the kind of and the at Dallas great of can go at the end so that I could be about that you then Curie included GII people on the page with added together with other purely the data from both great properties and generated in the and compared it send it to the client the client decomposition we at that and generated graph a
thank you but things in that it will be no further questions
we can of course the discussion I would like to deal with issue and we will have a short break now note that that I will people begin to pay that by the end of the tunnel could not count we could not hear that the talk of the session that's why I you more tools 1 so now we will the break 11 I think and then we will mean it again for for the next thing you need very many burying their dead they really go party and a day in man and the Congress had been figured I have you can find the leader of the party blank node