How GRASS' development reflects Free Software history and what to expect next

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: How GRASS' development reflects Free Software history and what to expect next

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How GRASS' development reflects Free Software history and what to expect next
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and so we can move to the next presentation only year than other writers from Germany he range of
drop the you managing director in on all into about you on
the on the out of the company which is where they are running the PDF of a program and they are also running the BGI webpages you all www will be GIS or but then the German coordinate all the Republic where foundation you all so you quite involved in that way in the German graph foundation it we talk about how graph development project we thought we had to read and what the expect thank you I have a new microphones great the that allows me to walk and talk which is good but there with morning everybody like that you and
I want you to hear me more the next 20 minutes I want you talk about different things about what we operators that are that it and on for the we it little bit of we being the world all of them finally if you will before you because my colleagues young about not you about so that there is so much we talked about here for geographic information prose that thing and in the conference problem the only comment and graphs and another which are and probably people they're in there somewhere you down there's a lot more order talk about all that we need to have some conclusions that have tried to draw them to the unintelligible you load torque and I hope we have time for questions and and I don't have to get to think our current grant-maintained a that he finally managed to get the word they believe of graph of didn't
say that all the 3 years that he's working on that I'm very proud that finally OK that that you are that we've got 4 I really have to talk a little bit of what the about which is and I think that the maybe some more introductory talk with conference call would help the mini conference where about after about of work and and many people all the 5 years and good to know about the foundations to decide whether you want to on call more we thought were stopped all over you that most of you will know I never show you very definition before we've
got the which I think is a very good definition and then around for almost 15 years I think the but about the cabinet behind we operate planes we suffered through for we know that laughter at Grand but you can call we got the that would be the freedom to run the program this includes running it for any purpose and FIL the that then you can alter run that you will wouldn't know pressure to upgrade or to stop using it for something you can describe only 1 and you need to have the freedom to study how would work very important for me to go from 1 of the important that and then you have worked about before on that wanted it change even with political and we wanna adapted to and that freedom you have to stop there and then we will always have to have the freedom to to the user and so it yeah but we don't really get with a view the alternate readings that if we improve the program we can lead group that improvement the help the public to help all their and so on of you can we read that up again that a couple of if we got the foundation
has been talking about the almost 15 years like that that even brought on English wire recovery from Europe and with you they don't want to grab 1 the region in there yeah where'd all came from someone Richard diamonds and the notice that the freedom of thought that was taken away all but the would the Virgin laptop microphones that he 3rd due to contract want to preserve freedom for him and for and did you there was not to make something technologically and variance of the period of the year you want to exchange to prove that culture that change knowledge that we will use you on when you want to find work at the MIT and a programmer and you will a good program and quit there because you would think that kind of thing that you cannot do going to take it on program work the way and like a duck and he didn't want knocked out there tonight story of which I don't know whether it's true that you felt that you have to maintain a printer printed in print something you knew where the hell was company could take that and you want to take that so you have a person you know that the person at the core coding the unit and you want to take that everybody and the person that know the company the big need to if you want to let you that that's not 1 of the there is a lot of people in the kind familiar from that book on the and that's what 1 of the great from the people and you have is that actually his idea of of of there always foreshadowed the the doctors go the cultural technique not locked up to someone had a special everybody in the pub modern society of content will call knowledge by the at 2 add that to the doctor and have you been the life so it's about control about the media about in a democracy if we have a huge technology on we have to worry it you can't have them at a single will work the idea that you had with a much bigger and political and from a closer look at that but in practice will just as part of all of the 1 of the things like and and it's not really good but it's not work in the the following well you will not make which is 1 of the joke defined to make recruitment and not unique mean you will not early the didn't like the a trademark issue make you there are many many trade mark them they thought that you and if we have not about way back then we would never gotten we would have about by the way to because the notes the problem with that and all of them the all legal that could like the end of in 2001 we in Europe that sister organization free deformation Europe world where I'm of course member and we tried to each people but the reason for is really a lot popped up and when the last part of the group that was completed in the kernel but all the other parts which are very aware of the were made beginning in 94 like the the the the the the the next part and it's good now that we have a key moment of the OK if you think about all that but we can make roughly 3 take this the the that's what I like do have a very small people just tried to draw similarities between the control group the beginning of the introductory sentence which are clearly you when he got to talk I think the president of the Foundation Europe and at the beginning you refine to bind to share their knowledge of normal where I come from multiple machine year I get you to publish than everybody else prove that will you got it back again group that the Irish we look at the different actors who look at the decoder from the beginning that would that leads wrong that but I think it was 1959 when i the and then had antitrust is already like my group of having an antique it now they were awarded to on all of and that would have all the beginning and that they move apart on the topic of the reported in that only because they had let's look at the there are many and yet globalization of markets that's what we all right and and mechanisms number in the Book of the graph the institution turn to commercial off-the-shelf software which read that called very appropriate it now the mayor of New Millennium Goal we no information content not up to and we will look at that world of hard work on the important now because the to really get people who make up the cultural unit for not just working program on according to the topic really are growing right now but become markets that that is the way we recovered converted of you are going on in the world you'd think but in a very how can we think about this release in the rat this it not the role of the press the we have to grapple with multiple that that the United you think of 1 of the more in the unintelligible of all they the government has been it's important to that that have in the that is in line because people in the in middle of the quality of the but they have the time referred to write 1 and you have to buy a you can probability you can create something to better than they do of the poor and the right the area of the that the meaning of the implementation and they were written that will enable more or you are within the hour and will only grow general and the meaning that you can you could buy the book that I think I think my mother we will not if you have right rules that were independently there will you that birth of I'm not too worried popular at all this years it was I don't know and that and the other this and that gives you a bit of a problem with all the time so and beauty and you when you get acknowledged because they have a lot of clean data and we've got the wearable and we have a hard time doing that in Europe getting that in Europe and I think the market that work out with you on that that mean geographic data would be very important for us to the that have you OK then came that's what happened in the army supporting graph on it is unclear to me by about that there might be you all the the of the unit to them but from somebody else could live with right by
the not there was what happened there actually what is and here like the 1 unit of meaning you could think of the mean and and the little that none of the happens right there of him and the number that you that only I used a lot OK what you do you want to be where the by utility including the light water relating to hold the doctor would you like well that you have in the problem with the of region and that I want hold something the other way around the new GPL coding something the and their comfort that and everybody knew that if they you always need needed in the in the in the and from political why would that be the more I'm sure people don't OK yeah I don't hear that I'm I'm at the same level that I'm now speaking of somebody had in get OK that would have provided really care if you look at it but you might claim that you capture area whatever no 1 can be thought of as you know we think we know what the most of even hinting at work depends on readers and so here are 2 primary current sample of the year and there are only 2 a needed to get the and is and we will get a particle can get that would open and and look at that the part the engine and I love if you do OK if you can't tell anybody would give this this and we now have a model of the building model on of time and money already about that OK because he thought you we got problem and and that and for general when we talk about the other 1 MIT so quiet does not only the small microphone you he the so the user base of farm granted growing and if we have the 3 of them and that of the appearing at getting mainstream but that's not my phone conference in the 2nd time and the microphone arms and that means everybody to force to that all so everybody in the world around them this is not from before it graph and this means we can all communicating the that's good for granted because it and down here and getting mainstream 1 thing is that In changing maintainers throughout the word after the we the project is pretty normal and happened at all on a regular basis and at the beginning of familiarity and up and down the of the symbol and then train the and they left the project around Dr. tribal don't make them and they don't particularly response you know what's going to happen with the but after a couple of other people at all I the . through throughout yeah brought again the 1st change of many of the will and ran because it seems that the 1st changes maintainers from the OWL to an international community and to I agree most prominently with the 5 period on have happened that that will become times even reader can find the change In the good value because that cropped up in so in the long so then we have coming out of it and that will come along and there's a lot of money from pages talker and wanted to make money to find the we also want to make money on and the way we can use the software and you have read the the of of the can we stop the intermediate and talk about this look at a very very brief because the time and forward idea what you can find 3 J at but there are many many proper entry about 100 35 I think they're 0 1 . 3 9 something you might know download here observer posterior and project and of course graph that according the world includes OK and then they're very powerful Unix modular from to make man both but they can be used to do pretty good motivation for something and they're worth looking into is that in the view of this 1 and the the bike at the the very interesting package and put them in that case because of In finally our men and their direct interface which is good but there's also the people educated decay face and I think it comes with free treat data that at not many attributes of those who would be part of world that and the algorithm is pretty good you can what growing in the ticket interface like their their their their there and then you you you can and will traffic light and you got wrote by thinking so on but he did very nice the price is I take you and they are not the would you give rise to right they not but the way that can have a map of the of and then you have from yeah we you have to know the vision or interactive video all the method that is not so and as to what degree project to make a cross platform on Europe that you're couple and there are other areas OK let me draw wanted something on we can expect that the grab coupled with global free up and the there will be further lowered right you know that infrastructure poultry sup what is for I don't know the name and might change again and there's nothing to be afraid of we and and on the development of the of the more and more and more widely than needed it all together and also means after all talking and the the different models come together and a united then there is on the community that the commercial use of the world the community has to make sure we can make their own OK at the top of the coupling with the other we got the component like the 1 world but most working in in that but you can talk without reading the question to close and researchers users so of so the providers or even a little more commercial than half the believe that we
use and I hope like that here trade In some ways in my talk I what freedom can be the time Red I think that In the following presentation according to the people where development model and all of the column on and
also point to other 3 that product which we will look at it the agent to see how much of it would be more than 100 by other questions where 99 my question would be the ridiculous that and I and and just discovering them on the capacity and the freedom of the press correct my question in what do you mean but with commercial use the
cross and it may turn on the light and we have to rely on that no commercial you can be done of the correct and you said that commercial activity and added being a growing and growing I understand that that we can't use the software to defend the and that it is centered on what but in that but it belongs to some the graph of the simulation and now and not being and so 1 and then the red and cannot be good and prevent you from and I'm working on some of innovation that want to develop their G. I. S. M. and sometimes I can get them to yield on that you know we have to the that the people around on if we don't need all that that commercial
activities it is 1 of the regions you get I have with we laughter the 2nd question in the survey of talks about the book forbidding commercial activity what do they mean by commercial activities and well you can do the commercial activity that could hold up source that it gives away the freedom but you can't sell tell service around that you can use to read out in the on and and you can't can also be implemented at the client for on commercial you send but I think when people I talk about commercial use they think they can do it for money or if thumbprint commercial done for money and they also think it has a certain quality because it's done by professionals for money and we suffered can commercial at but it does not need to be detected immediately after that you can take it and use commercially you just have to make sure you apply to the like that and of course the GPL'd of not forbid commercial use it for the proprietary you and that is allow you to make personal modifications and do not distribute them if you have a company you can take no GPL software implemented degree of solutions for of the results of that solution and then you can also make that some private changes that you do not need to distribute to a certain extent some so we have commercial usage is the knowledge and just that some people confuse commercial top of proprietary software but there are some companies around I know quite a mess and some of them that make commercial use of free after 4 years for 10 years and or even more years so yes there is a way to make money on free software and then the flow something we all like to be on we want to have been the respect of freedom yet but we also want them to you to do all work so but if we can but the money and the dual would be great if they can make a profit on that but problem may be that the confusion on I'm I'm always bring that up I don't want to model light that that we got to keep the commercial yes it can be commercial on agenda cannot be proprietary and there's some enlightened which even allow you to take the source code and then put it into proprietary project the complete proper light and that the new GPL about the only free software like if you're the only 1 which very strongly protect the freedom
and would I would like to add them start the demo University of restructuring the lady I can cross the remote sensing package from union accompanying they have in common is a commercial product usually because the money and it came when it comes to the G . interface energy upon that extremely ularity committed like in the 2nd with 2nd page of their fly advanced 0 and by by the weight of the country GDA out of all of and I chewed up about that but would you won't and in the information package there was no mention of free software and a license now what I wonder about is that option and a nightmare option again that some company would direct some kind of different greedy over graphs and fellow and some graph or whatever without actually mentioning the overground comes from again some if abide by individual GPL that growth from which they have to mention and if they don't they violate the light from that that means we would have the ability to extract and court and make them stop there and this is quite important that we have the 3 laughter foundation and the you the German grant you the group that we have some institution the greater the able to introduce new and if it is necessary but for that means you you tell them hey the that the light on please what like of that because and most of them here the image on their public image and that's what they do but otherwise there can be a complicated question at time you should not all violating you really have to carefully approach the part 2 tell you in a
couple of minutes yeah British or on the internet
usage of printers on I wanted to add people it is possible to
act on it very beautiful free software and interact in different projects but is it possible that some project you are growing and you build a big thing some project get probability so I blocked the source code and develop so I am not sure but is what dialog over and again it did In the field of source code if the possibility that this happened and then you stay take and make it somehow you
implemented it depends good begin with the general public life on try to accept executive and free laughter in that case you can use other light which are less and protecting and of course the light and the human or when you them like the x realize that somebody is a lot to take it and make a proprietary the US and also defined and you can also always the right to the like and again as long as he don't compete he felt that right which is more possible new activities here and the 2nd thing the question about topic the different ones that was proprietary in the beginning and they try to make it free and they had a problem with that so yeah there open OpenOffice now which of the 3 laughter some gap along of started and and they're going in that direction so there some difficulty freeing provided source code but it doesn't work the other way round so so and if you use the protecting life and and and if you have an institution which you and that light and annual pretty but of course we have to watch the whole the can that you free and get from taken away by legal measures I can tell you from the dimension in Italy like that all that you have to brands that thing it it because you distribute software you have to register from when I want take care of you think that if you really what do we think they could not develop the PDU reflecting until you know if I wanted to and then there is the issue of proper patterns which is completely different named enlightening and they might back that that you use your mind you provide on because somebody else but broader pattern playing with brought that all all ideas for 1 we we have to defend all freedom and their level that from it's not working alone you have to watch it but if you wanted to you can defend their several means that you can use to defend your freedom regarding your software that he but also regarding the median in general the you have developer or you many manner but this talk no 1 really move to the next talk to the final properties section