GIS-based habitat potentiality model: In search of natural hotspots

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GIS-based habitat potentiality model: In search of natural hotspots
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I think it's bad right both 5 and that's where the regular statement of the problem and then and at hour that can be the name of environmental modelling and but without will not be I would like to invite you man and the man who will be the that Rama University of about thinking that they then you need the paper about the I and they may be that what they believe the models and they the I would have like will have about the character of the how that but and it is then paper on on having the best you can model we have been working on for about happen you know and I had an unfortunate incident the the mathematical where was very much of the material and working on this summer so this will be a light
like of the paper which was supposed to be 1st of all the all right to define the problem that I it's and background information on on legislation and the ecological impact and then we have talk about the method of in and
of course some preliminary results understand so my it is that by relying on but in reality at about 1 million you will that most populated countries and regions in it runs over a working municipalities and and John Holland under the joint European education project for for education on what they management and resource and I've been trying to 87 means that what automatic they they on data that I've been working on that but my projects like with with a course an idea that came from that you have to get and what where our nature conservation but rules of 108 not which are important we get a picture the then and we have a nice life important having of which by but potentially then themselves in coming in and then I usually in an article on the region or or very rarely look 5 regions of had the right actually the 1st 3 on a couple of reasons 1 because all of them have at some point in the grid in other and they're like needed to individualized from each other this way I can gives colleges and with some reliable and actually get from but could result and then of course the resources data which was also discussed it was very hard to get the data find the injured it should be but the habitat known as while they were reading what what would written broadly introduced species which I call kind of Euro Euro Continental there are only 2 and it is very common part of the because of them is the duty all which are the that wasn't of their working and so on which cannot wrong at higher levels but not on these have
a very important because the poor themselves however life 1 of the when the 2nd half of it that is in the woods the there are also rather than as you can see from on the pictures there composed no groups but they get of small area sure individuals can you can look at them while you're on the or but I once you to try remote sensing remote sensing and area there are other notice because there is a higher kind of but over land the other Argentine but without using other other data not only is it by hand but and the last 1 it on all the words which have very our that is growing use it period that report warned that the walls which are randomly under you probably do not hold in all or countries which are the result of the i-th so the that actually but did
find love and do not political map but what actually
a good component of about they don't really they are there location which which involves all the critical it equal and geomorphological and so on right which can be but in many ways and that the vegetation which is dependent on the location and there is a degree of natural I don't know right currently believe but implies how they told people actually it was new areas for some reason this last month in black but these criteria rather you separated using biological illegal chemical your formal logical features and those are the ones which what what I had was to build a simple models using on data that I received from participating organizations 1st this model because of areas where it was human life as possible the the literature there is another important criteria and then this minimum area which is actually quite large the this it is not the data quality would tell you that very hard to get but data especially for free on on areas anywhere in England show all limiting factor in a and then this I I all of that is the criteria which need to be and the comes some of them yeah which which of the 2 what many the area I would show up in as a result of well original data which I really was was actually right optimal remote sensing images which were about right an elevation laws but they of that ontology and then something related other reduced which will look for the humanities impact on on the natural and then I got from satellite and aerial images that the of derived other use including digital elevation models automatic control which will be used as and big Data but model and so called don't but you impact the original and the colonies would which show what type we know that we're going to from a different sort types and then drawing on the digital elevation models it and then we would actually have user but long and as the overall
result and it was development of officiating model a model and very very communicated more the the punching functions which are used for our is old old and reliable overlaying when materials was operations automated and so on not and as I
told you that I was what data and resolve this was not right that taking a small which which is not the number or actually carried by book from these results but
not unintelligible on show some building it so on on right side there's some of original data which from received from the participating organizations and although I have been mapped out I watch of human that on the other side there the orange and red light indicates the location of of this older woman out just looking at the vegetation and the resentment there seems to be no no wonder when you compared a poverty of the original that already found correlations rule so that the global location of the actual I think that because of unintelligible but supposed to be while action on need a correlation of FIL but well however gelatin geological map shows volcanic rock or actually that lie within that in the bedrock regions 1 the that is growing in that this is what and actually there was a picture the mineral which is you the United on it was the 2nd to show that these regions were but the have is actually located minerals have the the change from the surrounding areas but in and the maintenance of that rather small order
would the but you more that is all around the world the region and yellow area shows the spot which actually at the almost all to the potential but if I was involved with which but the green area in the north there is no longer book unintelligible a miracle but akin to
get the the about the topology of the area there is empirical boundary was other needed the growth of
of the the also the well in the in that it was actually better OK going right across the the study area on the other side this work at the stores that they are very similar to what I had for some reason that but added that it had formed
and while the nation's thank but it's a rather large and the selection of of specific having that was on the very long on the data quality and available our the ability of interesting model at this point doesn't look but the results are very the characters so in the coming years of probably to take model the data which have been importance of but it's very accurate gene is and that's probably 1 of the qualities of this is large actually the technology and then you can see by the data from the different organizations which of collected the data very different ways so and would have got early today that there should be more emphasis on data collecting so actually analysis of the data better results the functions
short what if I if I I'm more when and so on and on of mining
scuttle Donald in my question regarding the the
acquisition of data more kind of metadata would you prefer to have associated with the data set that you have if you prefer all of these should be nominated for that but also from the there many of the coverage is actually the position information on what kind of procedures had been done before 0 good not only very fine there is by now actually what he that had a lot of problems the lack of it and that I think it was agreed
that you've done but you will that that that in spite of that good model yet of of now and the only thing but Christian you know about them come upon because European communicating and there is but upon have the time to do what to include the internet connection between them that having had because it has been shown and the the I predicted for the test on the I really because of the amount of the fact that I put it in the vertical think that rather than the that that and the reason that change at the very end of the Quixote Chandra so my question is that have you any idea how how tools make uh the growth of the internet connects that interconnects between them
being you know having I think the problem is that but in these regions so inhabited very hard actually having these natural out of the habit on I don't believe and the gasses and that will