Reference frames: definition and management

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Reference frames: definition and management
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thank you that thank you well now then I moved to the next the
presentation and by the I mean welcome to will look at the the type of the development of training for the future and
management the they didn't get and then what about internet
a very read the Bible that talk about the different way in the and and management the dimension a when they're no when that the apple cake it is really and where we have use that information on the and and the only that we have to do you know what when mentioned that we have and what kind of data a you were and and you know I and that you know what is happening in the given data but I would like to point out that related to the nature of the then of and and he went in the current frame and all that invasion and then How can we help you got related to our proposals when but there were there is no way back in the class the in it also and in the 3rd column so long from of the following we have only thing we have educational with data from the and the we have we we we have to look at the time don't that Americans or because of the way visual although the interview data and we have to the the animation a coordinate it didn't really that be there and you you know the 1 that thing that want to be like this and that is the point of having you are not making I I want to point out the only thing that the the value of being Internet that and I'm going to make it available and the people who do not belong 1 in India without that kind of nature OK Don so on the our and I as on the Net we are not in the so on and so we we cannot be evaluated by a back in the and it attracted that that that to do the this show that was the 1 all the view of a point that from 1 manufacturer of the ending of the film and that the following but then lady In the label on the quality of the although use the only point is that being model and bond as then then we have to so that you know that the that point to the need for a lot love yielded accompanied by FIL and you to be all but we know about him with way the language frame and only material we can make the area times why these what a demoralized the right and particularly of different will I don't think that I would like to rule you would frame and all of the of the universe and the people in the building of the we have a lot of pain and there can be additional because of the individuals but we need that if we have to make and then we'll be network or and or period of time and all the individual and then we have to little we we we we we we define it up and that way iteratively laughter we had a lot of metadata and so we have a lot of work if we think that the thing that a lot of people that any and but not the by at the time we have the that he had been you that you are a part and the it or you will that the of time and they implement a lot of energy get the not that we have that the effect network on the world of all you will be at the time and we have determined that the way that we will not get the more you have the time of year and 9 right on the body apparently not the volume we we need that the the the the the idea of the movement In the event of a that's going on what but not and we have do operation not all of the features a what means that the debtor generally we we used the and and and and what land in all of the so they as you know it would be in the idea is that we need to know the initial father the unit the world a lot of and we the and then we 1 of ultimately many men we use that that have a lot of variation we that need dimension on and not do that on the own they on bank building the knowledge that we update that unintelligible that the amount but and the it was on in will be that kind of thing nation from in the moment is only in Internet the donations the I don't want any of them and that's what you need behind that being the that will be in meters per unit their northern the but value have a lot was of the line and the nature of the following the land and the land owned and so and it they
had the around that it think particularly at a younger man had formation and the all back on the on the move on to the the point out this information out of the table on the on the on the but yeah sure the I don't want to know the the will now that we have that is about the medical major that organization rules not an understanding of the impact on on the you will not let you so began we can then we can go you can have you know for the value of I that is a very only yeah and the moment we have to of illuminated differently because the United States at the beginning I believe in red the many different data types we have to the equal however the obviously and then in the the problem 1 many the rules of law during the time of the image in the automated data entry the or even and knowledge that data or you can use the remind 1 whom was the information that your what you would want all that the it was in the mean of the population on your on your during data as don't relation it is not that it is not very long he later in the course the right through the media not only in the last in Europe earth that and even the men in this unique the the land on that would be that we
have of that we read means but and there is little information that is going to go away because of complete the whole nation in the genome that what was the main actor information data and maintenance of the Mission that right of all the time that then the information but then the information that comes from what you have a violent we short read that have a some so and not lead you on that date back and and all but we have to go out and we have to do about not something and that it made the and really want In the following admitted that make and you look at I mean on the eve of the the populating and the title of the but in the end of the you that you may have you done that some the on of recommendation a union that you're not in India and yeah I know the meaning of their own creation going and relations University in line with the market not we have to add the family uh and a lot of a lot of the time in it's not the 1 of your that it was formation parameters of the you're going to show that that would be more than 1 meter that the she but only the for all them the you should not she was an invention and all that In a only the anatomy obviously without the without the and why people didn't that the theory of mind is not negligible of the among the many of the problems that getting people through a local reference frame or all the lead not the phonological and local and moving out of local and here there are some of the money was used when I was on the correlated with the needed that each white and then that we were not only 1 in the and generally you know that the light of the fact that we have to but we don't when we we want to match up and they can be in I had of the the and that the lot people of the a lot was named while momentum problem will it's like that you that head a major opportunity of anything about nature along with the other the other side the not the nature yeah we denied information you're implies of the
underlined and that of the middle out from the Sun you but it actually you are not getting involved in to have agent underlying knowledge that is not is not approximation the only thing that you need to be of you got and he you had not been there yet but I am not going to be the major and so that something about the from the knowledge that the coordinates and that who not only take 1 on the technological and in the end all and be OK and yet the the long view of who you are so the what you have is you the inherent in all kinds other I don't have the time when they will work but when because of that because have lot oriented it's going to end up with other not and you need to have a unique I don't know the what knowledge what they did not have the knowledge that there is no proper nucleation not even religion in the in the world according to and that that would the people are not for a the problem work on the behalf the political mediation you have all the people in the fall of the land and which would mean that the patient who that I mean you as a block of that you know that he was in the way that we think that the only way we know that the patient because there a common model that that you you that that's what there right on the you know you and we will be more less than the the the ball out for a lot of them on the not yet implemented that would that if you need not immunize people not on the list and I live in all the wrong 1 you know the way that the through the 1 meter or better for me not yet implemented because it is the common not only did not rely on any of our people living in time that that it is it is talk already however solely on that but I think we have helped you understand what is because the that I find this the name longer than you would we want to remember that the morning to the meaning that the mid data the meaning of the when we can many of you who entered the game the we have on the on the data let don't now they even believe a number of daily and that that is that because of that we have to do with that we have being told that during the event and we have a lot of work to Indonesian and very very people and the size that we have there we use the fact that you know I mean you know if have lots of nature of the role of only that we know very well being that the in the bathroom moment for that's not and the document would you say that the idea of a people we wouldn't be applied on the unit and the 2nd thing that they are not to mention that we use you you call that identical identical under the only an enterprise you got the goal of the and then I think
that that the dual of major another definition of a couple of the beginning of the lecture and that in that way we vary and the proc become better known as what about the information who are on the and they are being prepared in book region not information not only will the in only believe that any knowledge not human and reaction in so on what is the right way deal with that in the they need them I'm going to have and different name although the we can use you added who who what of that in the all that are not the only that mechanism that there is need of of the of the guarantee like in the figure show that European back laughter in the in the In 1988 Vania moment for the value of the morally I don't know who you are and what is needed for moving you know not all both at having been being 18 API and the is you but what we found that
98 84 but the young and we know the thin line and indeed we do that we need to think of what happened in the middle of what we mean by all the way and the practical baptized then we will talk about the in of that atom a lot of collecting data because of the nature of the the interest rate is all about we'll see I think that you can use the and you know about that we with the world of the nature of what we know what we're going in the development of the nation and and the did you know you and not about anything they want intuitive we need that of will make human and we do not make use of it in the area of the to knowledge of linear and head of the information that we have to look at where than