Land use change maps in a developing country. Application of GRASS GIS in Caia district

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Land use change maps in a developing country. Application of GRASS GIS in Caia district

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Land use change maps in a developing country. Application of GRASS GIS in Caia district
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and when of kind of Battle of his that and you can do
that in a developing country application of that you in the of the good afternoon this work of
course and the land use change mapping and development country application of graph in that kind of thing um but there's something about the that the program and the more more than the this is is that part of the cooperation program in year 2000 and that operation between the province of trento and 1 of the united there an office of the United Nations and the the problem of supply that and of carrier now is growing there probably more than because I am a group of association with the participation of the engineer without and this group which is the work on the development of the patient participation have and will developments in the speech of that this work is the divided into the 1st there I was in into these big there for an investigation and then that the collection and I did have a right to analyze and the Landers's analyze up there when I come back to the university I I do and and data integration and there are some properties of us is enabled development that the means of appropriated technology and Mozambique is making themselves part of Africa on the east coast that and that mean life expectancy is 35 years we can see from the PMA data that the population is very young and the other is that tropical there and there are 2 seasons on right season from to October and wet season from November to April and the kind of these is in their knowledge of the support of province in the central Mozambique population is about 160 thousand persons and the 8 people sample the person leaves in near them these universe so and some important you to the addendum that could debated land that is about 10 per cent of the total surface of these things these were kept in this work are for aims at 1st then suddenly they make a major elaboration for transfer of technology for air landscape management and planning about the way ways that for the improvement of the waste management techniques and about what this right for adoption of what the rules is and that West protection from potential pollution about the superficial what we we the 1 that we of the interaction between the Camorra about them in there and all of the these in the not the not of the this figure and that then there's even for for defense from floating around the for of protein improvement about this that the main aim age that's like a major operation we we use that that and then GPS endowment for them survived and would like to major of plants that and with the solution of the at and a ghost them I would like to 2 major got there will tell you this week 1 of the was 99 and 1 of the main 2001 and then I the elaboration of a we do we need that supervised classification integrated with the point of being it from the virus survive and was studied different than combination the terminate the land use to use category and here it is possible to see the market they need from their combination of 1 . 7 so that 1 is that usable blue then for the band of near infrared and 7 then the mean infrared and in particular that we can see that there that date that of the default that would give it plan of being from the elaboration I uh um this was in our with that that that thing and from their organization and the kind of these because the conditions stated there it would create a planet 58 thousand that at that and then from the Liberation you may know about 44 thousand that act and so we can see that their their houses and the that's our older than me and it would be great if land and that is what we we see in what they see in that when I was in the beast
there there is no would give it a try and far away from that of the village some we by which we make 1 before and 1 of them the protein of the March 2001 and so on we can see that some of landscape change for example here that they've equation you there some of the mind of the book for all of the population of my ability and then after years of equation and of equation of either the led we in the accuracy went expansion of the of failure time about 30 per cent and the and another the landscape change it is their interact interruption of this that lead to to depending on the I do some interview with the population to know that there that characterize the air out the role and then will to mark the points all the border of the proving it and so I I'd be dead this read it is only this protein with so many of them
to be very very often and the the very very very handy and they're even found and graph is also being used as a tool for for location of the uh the well into that and then for concluded with Brad had creation for recognition of the dimension of the technicians section for rule rule rate
and we use the the point of being at the from the uh from the GPS and the planet consideration about the satellite making and then there's the resolution of photographs of them the major plant that 7 with the document that is another great who would attract to characterize them the different category of their subsistence agriculture agriculture because there are small fields and and some and that is the solution is to real the that period of taking major in these areas that is made because there is yes what is possible to see did that difference from the article which agricultural land forest and the other were like in the lexical tree or something like that n and the meaning and in fact the out there that the reduced people for their justification our object even longer than is to transfer the technology and knowledge to propose that the independence of the Mozambican institution and organizations for did did that up meant all of this kind of work In this work the future development of the short there are that we hope you will to work together with the Baylor University people that the technology and to warm who make together and elaboration of all that because the major and we've got a higher resolution of 1 meter and a rule as have follows so would be for a clicker question to and who provide the may we fact iris solutions will allow the whole period is and then I will give used backing the activation of 1 material at the station idea and the back of his methodological stations can be integrated with the uh and um did that so that they felt the landscape where use man so a plan that we can see see that the graph that is as a whole would be expected to carry out the the the the different underlying in this work and that is free and there would be no no for this university and so my organization that that use this software
and this future version and the if and the the low and 1st of
all I would just like to add that information so we are already aware of part of novel approaches because the acquisition of new data from other people for a part of modern just acquiring new that 70 and data it is here in the literature that hitting it has already been completed but I would like to present the kind gesture it included and that much significantly reduces the amount of money you have to spend an apartment that interim architecture really questions and that its clause coverage of the problem and he looked into your diet already the way in the end yeah and and the that I think about the use of take major is April and May and in the field of art that is when and so there is a need view that have a lot of of cloud and and the these are is not there and I will win the and so if anything like an interesting idea for more than that light and so when we have to buy the made under the sun light on the higher that not everybody and so from for example when we buy this image from the pre and my air people that the only 1 needs that wasn't but I think I so you're working in the development can pre-whitening here from 3 . more my did you take part all the generated of land for and entropy and his did you all haven't can implement you declare analyzes within you take action part our power which are friends your working in a development countries and I think it's an attractive had questions about the price of popular and from then thank you i di is right here will know that he did this is and the the data is not free we have a
bit of institution than called them about and that's not end of of cattle that where we can
get the digital data but in reality
normally would by these data members would help this the
very which the for and the number of what was like but of
the didn't think about the you're applying visual interpretation and that of digital quantification the Christian because went up to the 7 has also ungrammatical general which is 15 meters were originally written into the resolution and when combined with but origin of it going required it can you can provide the required good in a images for visual interpretation which is sometimes a better when compared to the digital quantification and 2nd question is if you really think that you would of money for bike 1 of the which are and are usually not applied on a large area
and the would 1 and in the end of the month the the will have machine this that was the choice so and about the the 2nd question already note that there the cost of the majors very expensive but they're DP is a EPFL EU we want to walk but to show but it is to know all the we have the possibility to buy bite have in the the major because is that bad there in that elaboration we we know that the there we want to all we look at when you state when we obtained fond of and we don't know where we look but we we when we obtain this point we want to through to work with them because you made because there that the and for most of the research area the point they would like to mention that at that they did not agree at the very bare handed island in independent of the data 1 thing and I think the American download pages link subpart including yet he he does and again you want to know that that that can handle that vivid enough I am not sure of and 38 if you want to have led this situation that has the goal of the company is embedded in the um I couldn't be more than anything that you don't need to know the identity and null live area and the example j added to the day that you are going to seek knowledge of the whole thing so medium adoption and then there's the problem with Mozambique commodification that you remain very difficult to to know where is that there was not because your old so rather that there are no are you and and the indicator and the and the in you did light energy really will to report to the latter because of their where you have to pay for in this case and then I think that the at that you can import in graph but I I think that you can hide edited of exactly but I I I know that can you can but we didn't do because we have the but if you allow
and I didn't understand if you if you let it work for know or not just to only it isn't that what they found dollar sign all that but you got them but they could on hopeful about the status of implementation of the land 7 images in you thought about walmart are not supported by G . this working properly with geocoding of DM is also supported nobody died after if 1 be of geocoded of data of supported it but we're going to get in it would take the data and so this should be available within 2 weeks of or I think nearly everything that no
biology freedom is and I have a comment on the availability of plants that data because of I'm not sure but most of and that they should be in the public domain so the question of how you get your hands on at once you have it and you got the right way it is in the public domain you can copy it to that make the from the freedom and but the problem is to get your hands on and them if you act like sometimes a library in the US some data and the interest will make a copy for you because they do have a lot of the data I so plenty of that could be the in the unep Milwaukee with due data and all public domain tho it got run the because I have a land that having Fiji would show you which I believe in the public domain I can copy that and around yeah you have data if is produce in public domain if you get your hands from the US government directly on that and is land that 1 to we certainly in the public domain and then there was land images which we're not in the public domain provide some real and I think that the party hockey is in the public domain so question we can get the data
in the public domain data what would happen developing
countries that the this is my and and then there's a very again I
don't know if my English the big good but that I mean invited because he prevent something about like they can be about of violent when I come from and now I believe that the graph and come the profile and a kind of thank you very much the pinball I've been doing here which respective be very confident that I but that all the of and