Potential erosion map for Bagmati basin using GRASS

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Potential erosion map for Bagmati basin using GRASS

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Potential erosion map for Bagmati basin using GRASS
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fact the all audition they don't even more figure it to begin with an examination of if thing and in a variety northern mountain countries are force a lot of degradation building so that can figure on the common cold In this paper the features that in want and we want more 1988 they are common that we need you know or you can look at and they get a lot of changes in the origins and created for that matter it much more to to achieve but the bottom you look like a part of our with I'm going to do something on the the and the the Canadian colonies now about the will be make up this and all those who got the right URI right here but how much lower than the taking moment
people a recommendation is the wouldn't be wouldn't have all the time united means that in last year the year in abdomen and that many of you have that but cannot act on child note that the different things in high quality of while located in the form of and what the demand from the nobility was actually we don't have vector but accreting material nearly and let the metric tons greedy approach to making it 1 of the major steps of the whole from all of these plan also so she you wouldn't taking that from that moment on belt of the northern up this right about the here time they of the form in the university and heading for you audit more in this shall I mean you more than 52 L in the but all of them actually means that so the mediation project and hydropower project I In the albeit because all the negative project not getting you and we need a lot of a lot and the amount of money to the removal of writing and from the main channels or the back and local there the power plant getting at what google that audit by the stadium and their debates of the turbine stop coming from and other of the right attitude although we don't have much to divide the data but you will come at the right time getting rid of data that we care about is that meant 0 development of the flight you wouldn't you might for all of the just you wouldn't and vitamin in new problem in the study of the study can he an effective to love after you have seen many of the flight you wouldn't now let me say that we all know also applications to completely application and that new producing a module the wall application you real want and then applying the 4 this is very of the objective of this study to apply them to the idea to ppm of more I'm talking about the event that multiple but that it was applied and the 2nd is to enter the slightly lower than rates in the bottom of the workers and the other 1 is to enter the value of the rate in the different languages because we helpful had landed for the final user rate in the different languages of the time the of international because that is where I want to go into 4 of them now and yeah I you then from the feet and and knock at any permutation of wouldn't and then the more prediction of getting into because we are not there are calculating that demand due to the the issue so if you don't like that you wouldn't from land and then again that the and you from the Latin and don't believe it end of the year you will not go and so on will then our monthly wouldn't or a product that you do it all yeah you wouldn't and a lot of the doctors are going from the different he created at the dual of people in the field and some other European people also they they go somebody said some napkins code modeling and we don't use both by art calculation would be a better at the of the the work about the monkey the finance and the people I knew that allow you to read if you a we have a 25 to and our productivity and look at it so the fight is over and that when we look at it no in the wall the body can be of dividing the by the geographic even and that called the that model OK let me say something about the the we talk about the that would be lifted it and the American Ukraine nuclear contended mm are nearly a tree in the moment of the article the Monterrey and we have 75 nature 75 meters so more than it needed to 75 needed is that you and different from the not to follow indicate that divided the world with them to the qualified you if you do that it was the money out and high moment in she Riley and right and most of all the course and in the mountains and she wondered whether or not you wouldn't like getting data from the mountains and she wanted and that's why the durability local Balkan moment the money can buy only to the each other and about study area the type I think you have a completely flat for the moment you with an oriented it will then follow from that right even the is only a kind of area where we are cracking cavity where the
king the marketing and of the in full only upon the body can right we have a it wouldn't understanding the developed about the detection the portal catchment area of the body of the would be the people of 35 holding the quietly images but from the Gaussian the more you try and it will be the logic and mountain so we have something that we have considered 1 the focus of career so the view that look at the naming under the name is commonly on the 15th and the used for all purposes for the 20 but more . 4 the would be EADS upper believed that he no hitting the Katmandu and portal catchment Idiap would be point you will pardon parliamentarian ended way from the following and it's like a and look at the British in the military I nearly full tolerant London component 500 that is and what precipitation what we have a lot of in the media because of that it would be be important to you all you need to be have acknowledges book was nearly decapitated and the other kind of the very land according to the other that is the money that you read to be that generated from the 20 meter contour interval and all the VBEM we are in the ground that every so it from you can feel that we have the high land along to get them along the boundary and the happened 1 with that they data prepared we 1492 and the highest point of view that many people in agent admitted solving that when we have a high momentum and the Bible and considers that the point where I the look at them we have nearly 100 meters every iteration we have a tool that enables 1 coming from called before the bag but the other 1 he met point of that in reverse to so it would that make a map with the gods and the density granted by the fooled maps in the 4 categories it means politically it's nearly petting . hyperplane double-ended properly then the point 5 but he did and that the people continue to divide but then and 15 . 0 35 . 5 more than plotted it will be the within and I I told you that this side of the world job but 30 100 meters In told by including that the effective the immediately because we have a if you reduce the continued appointment and cognitive behavior would be are you going to talk my portable that there is no in fact that the computer you could look at the beginning and I couldn't believe that light and admitted that the object has 5 now the manual so if you have a lot of point so if has been appointed 57 . 8
per cent of the 4th but blood was actually the land use what maybe 1992 and then even became 1992 lenders that from that don't know a lot of friends and also became the Fourier but that even more what call the penalties part the following are kind of like an influence on all that that he would immortality cut down so we we kind of problem can be of maybe a little then we call that adult they taken from 1982 the man who give that all the that are there for the 1982 and had appointed but and other landed 28 but the good that will lead to that 1 field
indicated in the history of lobbying explained then noting that in the flight activity while we have a mark the mark the deal was that nearly if you have and of the land according to the that the fact that it if I put a double land the room if have but if I put in 2015 but then pretty rule or can be probably all about into so that but it if I put into the room you them all patients found that knowing the northern Italy to multiple political unity and collaborative you wouldn't you wouldn't you wouldn't but many where we only considered the can you wouldn't become part of that and the model that can from the people who came the act of the and because the land use I had a kind of that you wouldn't no and funny is again so the article that view of them but already already did not devote nearly 5 of the complete wouldn't the writing of the and the the it would have been the client that in all the continent that being born out all the water but to only attribute we are that you would have to inference in the lymphatic because there is the the affinity irritability and protect now the verbatim factor
for all the study we consider had a 1 the big because the detected factor we don't have an ideology that perspective will be completed the factor that not 2 and the 1 and then the rainfall-runoff we know we are not computing the we know of what will that intolerant of any of the flower rule and then the land cover story regarding the the models developed empirical model and the of the model with them with and now that of individual they can be optimal that have been used in local model in the form of me book in in the ground well in an experiment to that 1 but there are other models that is that that you got that models that are there we can be acting you wouldn't even based on and all other model backing the day the study would have
used them from the model come with a model that means that I divided into it'll fly lossy creation there was no modeling politically a combination of all quite archaic l M and he be of and thing it is in the 1 with 1 of the 5 factors no on a the portal all them the input vector slide to attribute factor in the dimensional vector he is called management factor and B support obviously the practical fact although the study we concluded that the and 1 because you don't have doctor up so that would affect factor and that's why I did you have of you wouldn't put a few not to actually you know them on the fact that all the 4 factors I create a link B and B we calculated or we took it from the different research or different lab work we had in our we use the formation of the people do now a lot of other during that we use the land because we had that either of these 1 for reuse so are being used and then I want on nearly what we have did values is nearly 800 intended pumping to bearing the date of the fact so we had a lot of people that study began the study validity with the appear view that hippocampal and pick up logic there and have that from and then for different kind of that of flat that we have the of but it will be the key factor for the
forget factor and because you know where will happen and we have the only at the and if you type button going to bind to the more important of the body of the variable
indicating that and so don't worry we had in the early part of the model from the time of the year we can calculate with the formula l and then from formula in the period in the God accelerate the habit to always to calculate the effect of the positronium identity you would be the cheaper than than the of the quantum our article about bigger than that with them up and then calculate the grouping medium and then use be formula 1 1 because this formula all that is involved in I would that on the we have already but it's factor and that and the fact that would be divided by 100 to with that in the structure so in different languages and
effective because don't have to make all the metal plate companies factories estimated 100 similarly the crop management factor the top management factor in you get to pick from the differently book or depend because of different land uses we have all the key factor as even and if you read the book and because we have a lot of work 2 with the highest 1 but the point is when you on
the floor in front so and the according the the area but we for that but we have the flat map that maps and then the land cover maps from the climax we then we classify well from the get go the other side that is before the depends on the theory that that by the effect of the classified effect so we calculate the kidnappers from the Taliban from the medium being used in a factory from the land cover maps we used the people what
the people that I believe had at 1 a very important and really not map you to 181 reimpose love of other involved and then the architect and help with from the fact that all and it can be calculated the
multiplying all these factors if I plot that the factor and the factor I think that recognition will generate week we can make a kind of a simple move it wouldn't that if you want to use you 1 and per hectare per year and that will be considered the original 1 the rule and more it had the 200 height and
more than 100 billion by on the right in the classified that was a great match and ultimately we find that the believe that it wouldn't have got so all the it is computed as the of the fight with them where it wouldn't be bigger than 100 and predictive and present in order taking point but that of the land had greater than 100 thousand words here use the right have you so very you wouldn't be you can the 28 . 4 because of that because the story on that little we have of course the media I familiar we have a little you wouldn't work and made by than would 15 . 2 per cent higher wouldn't it but then and and maybe I them that in going forward and now we can and likelihood that different because wait that the about but in all the different land uses so from the and because before on that article that has a maximum among ordinary that is and that is to modify pointed to important to other foreign phonemes the minimum 1 11 . 5 and the of that I believe that legally we have a lot of them a lot of 18 and you with from the start up because the love we apply a factor more because the radical that the animal movement latest in the granting they fear and a lot of people that are taken from the ending movement from the media the 2nd 1 event now other means we have both are linear and then the water body of the computer from combined 2 but in the end point 1 all the avenues 90 1 . 5 and averaging and from but we don't make clockwise from durable create 15 15 today and more than that political we have a lot of 2010 break OK to 15 if you fight and productive no 15 property the 129 and more than the 100 8 . 5 million people at the more than 30 we have problems with them then you can the diffusion due to recall part of agricultural lands are here i'm because the land has much more you wouldn't wouldn't feel that like the cities and no until we have different thing is it's not limited to politically and that occur at the point about that but ended up but if we are in different you would imply but I want to comment on that agricultural land here and if people more than more than and then it did sample into nearly 25 point out that the so 35 . 5 % of the article that lies on the our review of our on in the future at a we of the really high so from this we can conclude that the and that can be effectively used to prepare but you wouldn't have that of the proper audited management that eventually we will be mapped of course mode in the world but the fact but in part that produces a higher dilution that and then I people to change their cropping patterns unfortunately not doing but we have to overfitting because we have a knowledge of a project to called the bond Waterford management project under that project we are working on I mean in the people to change their agricultural land agricultural practices something like before it you and reported on the height of people but there are probably more than 20 dB bond use other because of the the things that will for industry so you can the people that the we're trying out from the military and you immediately calculated it means that the 2nd part of the of the land so the be came to the other politic immediately and Antonelli the guarantees in this letter from each of the 4 to be converted into the forward no the mechanical cooler than that of because we are in a deadlock on developing countries if you don't talk about it I can I think call nearly 40 thousand years ago already in the country in the according to new dollar and other Magdalena mediated so what I will comment that people they but is but they didn't you cannot have model for development of the 2 views that but if the lightning and along with the in the inner part of the user but expanding the training and getting the support from other people and the graph by tonight kind of the problem and we got we got in the back what the product introduced me the graph you that because the through and finally on the local neighborhood committee and 5 to support me in the conference thank you we would
like to grab with that which kind of cool for that
that integrated wouldn't well all right we could generate we have applied important in the continent after all that important but a we have applied what the Continental and what we use the fact that you only average that involved unity unit ball look at average young beautiful