Lecture 13: Reactions, Synthesis, & Alkynes

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Lecture 13: Reactions, Synthesis, & Alkynes
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This is the second quarter of the organic chemistry series. Topics covered include: Fundamental concepts relating to carbon compounds with emphasis on structural theory and the nature of chemical bonding, stereochemistry, reaction mechanisms, and spectroscopic, physical, and chemical properties of the principal classes of carbon compounds. Index of Topics 01:12 - Addition of Borane: Hydroboration/Oxidation 08:52 - Stereoselectivity in Hydroboration Reactions 14:27 - Reactions and Synthesis 32:29 - Alkynes: Introduction 39:29 - Nomenclature 45:08 - Acidity of 1-Alkynes
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Our according to finish up Chapter 10 for dinner starred on Chapter 11 I opened up sapling for Chapter 10 inundated due on Monday rather than the weekend because the last 10 problems are synthesis problems were you are given a reactant and product and you have to come up with ways to synthesize and this is a very difficult so I want to to be to chance to get some help on most if you need so due dates on Monday while we're now living in several chapters that our fast chapters Chapter 11 is a fast chapter Chapter 12 was passed chapter Chapter 15 of the past chapter Chapter 17 is the fact so it we have a sapling for every chapter this is the point quarter really get behind so please make sure you are up to date ,comma on after this weekend were also starting to accumulate a plunger reagents and we will continue doing that for the rest of the border so I we're going talk about cataloging reactions after we finish Chapter 10 our rights let's finish up Chapter 10 Celestin you talking about Tiger operation it and what we saw was that it is a edition in its entirety ,comma cost when we do the oxidation it is 100 per cent retention of configuration I told you that you don't need to know the medicine in the medical and that our criteria but you don't need another mechanism for oxidation and you can come in if you're curious about coming in and asking the office hours earlier somebody that asked me this morning but I can certainly show you but it's not something that you need to memorize for any month since so hunters are attention configuration so what that means is that where the border is the border the hired in the months since both keyboard on both boron on the below on the less substantive side the hydrogen on the most substituted side and then when we oxidizing and put it on hydroxyl exactly where the Warriors so that's what I mean by retention configuration so goes exactly where and I that's the overall reaction I wanna talk about just selecting the next so well um we know that the bulky boron goes on the least substitute inside the hydrogen goes on the most substituted side and so if we had something wary have completely different substitution on each side of the aisle keen so right like this for example the carbon on the left has to Mattel's the carbon the right has won battle that we have that we get what we call good regional selective release of here's the incoming groups again ,comma hydrogen on most substituted size why is this hydrogen and most substitute because this is an entire work on reactors with opposite of HBO so should be going on the opposite side you respect by Geronimo substituted side told the boron better looking to remember it all the more on on the substituted side look at the numbers do we get all at sea we get 98 per cent and we get to only 2 per cent of the opposite rejoice so definitely good selectively on the test I will ask you for the major product it's very clear that the first one in Timor ,comma product is the major product when we have something that's approximately symmetrically dice substituted what I mean by is that is that both sides are not identical but each side of the aisle Keane has 1 of our group so what that would be this 1 right here and scroll down here so each side of the shocking has 1 aka but this architecture little bit more quality but it still does 1 art groups of what of selectively do we get it we use BH 3 so sides model substituted but this 1 happens to be a little bit more walking do we get good Regional selective body under those conditions and it turns out major circle the incoming groups here not relations Jerry chemistry on this 1 because we're focusing on Regio chemistry here 57 % where the bulky bond is on the U.S. Boelke side I I would say I would say and 43 per cent here so I would call this more selective and so 1 of the things that you can do to help the selectively the immensely is to bulk up to the board if you bowl up the Borland then it's even more bulky and it's going to be even more likely to go on the last bulky side at a summer music with the
region that we're going to talk about using fiscal 9 BBN and there's a simplified symbol in case we want to draw because that's a little bit difficult to draw a simplified symbol for this is kind of like this having gone about ham makers swinging from the boron just to make it a little easier to draw this would be the simplified symbol for 90 alright so advantages of using 9 reasonably stable be 286 reacts violently there is aghast and so this is a little bit more stable to work with and the bulking This is that high selective the I'm also known as Sons geometry VH agreed when we usually use age 388 shall we ultimately have 3 hydroxyl use 3 we use a 3 hour equivalents of the Keenan 1 of Coleman of the beach this only has 1 hydride so we use a one-to-one ratio here it's a little bit different story geometry if you're actually doing this in the lab and so let's look at that same example we did on the previous page and see what kind of selective that activity we get with 90 so I'm hearing it understandable draw this right here the same idea that will use the simplified version of the Liberian so the error comes from the pipe onto the boron and then the 2nd error comes from the boron hydrogen bonkers remember the hydrogen is transferred as a hydride and with its pair of electrons and then what you get so here's our Boelke boron here will destroy us sling here there's a bulkier awards and the sort selectively goes from from what was at 57 per cent 99 . 8 % 1st and . to so this is great selectivity now so too much better relations it's more stable less likely to react with air and it gives you much better selected the RIO segments there is like to be in moderation reactions and so let's so talk about will do my BBN again so when we draw this year here comes from the 5 onto the boron and 2nd error comes from the boron hydrogen bond and this is draw this out clean a little wedges the front so this from pledge be heading work with me it would be perpendicular to your page and we have this we have the hydrogen here and we have hydrogen here on the top that's another matter will destroy any there and we have our board were they get past National writers everything we're working with is a car here and then in the 2nd step we get some oxidation With retention of configuration so draw the product after observations remember when oxidized its retention of configurations of the hydroxyl goes exactly where the foreigners we don't flip anything else which anything person away each year Boston insurer the other possible on productivity debt would be inside edition and we really we get here we get 98 per cent see addition since plus in Timor chronicle additions so the user reviews are very good reactions very reliable read selective in stereo selected and its entire edition of water so this complements our hydration methods that we talked about earlier in the chapter that gives you work on additions sometimes we won't work on sometimes we want Inter-American Court of just remember that when you do that mark on accommodation and you're making ,comma cat I know that you're going to get rationalization you're also that it rearrangements so I'm not shown on the next page so at the same time we have the same amount Keane and we're just going to do my operation on the right or our work hydration on the left so extraordinary right operations products Inter-American across no rearrangements no arrearages has were harming any cover can I answer so we don't have to worry about rearranges what happens if we do hydration well we're going to go through a car Academy intermediate we will make a secondary copper as are intermediate we know that we need to watch out for secondary Carver Collins because they can rearrange and if they can rearrange the well and so what you end up getting it is the 1 to our fuel shipped here Her 1 2 hydrogen but in our closer you get that I skipped a little step here so due to aerospace skip this step because we certainly waters probate of that see the difference in the product that you get with got actually rearrange product here don't have to worry about the arrangement with I'd operation just so just something to think about so this 1 here is some work on accommodation and Ireland when abbreviate that car Academy intermediate therefore rearrangements are possible firing questions on hydration or hide operation innovative so now ready to move on to talk to start talking about synthesis of synthesis probably the most difficult part of this class it's thinking in a way that
you haven't really had a whole lot of practice thinking so it's the 1st step really is predicting products so if you go to you when you learned in reactions you go to the end of the chapter and the 1st parts of our problems here predict the products some people never make it past those problems you always want to make it to the part where you have synthesis is usually titles synthesis and what it does is it has mixed up reactions from the chapter and it has a mix of reactions from previous chapters so if you only have time to to do you only have time to do saplings and this summer in the chapter problems jumped right to the synthesis problems from here on out those are really the most important preparations for Lady and it's really important that you give it some thought before you look to answer because what some people do is they go to the end of the chapter they go to the synthesis and look at the problem and they say I don't have solved that they look at the entrance and all I get it now I know how to do it not on the testing of all is never done it before it's like I'm gonna teach you how to play tennis and you just watched videos I would tell you that a formalist in appearing on demonstrate the form and now you go play tennis and you do well you build a case so that's the same idea so I know that I know that answers for saddling out there I know that your answers for all the problems in your book out there but if you if you relied on those 2 heavily not going to do well in this class promises and guarantee you that case just something to think about so here's an example here are so predicting a product's 1st now we millinery reagent we come up we have this compound and we have to make this a compound on on on the I'm on the right here so it is outgoing Wannamaker 1 to divert problem so we have we talked about ways to make a 1 to diver along on we did this chapter I using roaming so were a user is on something that's very helpful it's called retro synthesis and this is a retro synthetic error and it means can be made from so we have a lot of different eras in this class this is a can be made from and it is a retro synthetic I never make you do retro synthesis but it's just a tool for you to have sometimes when you look at a problem like this you're going to be able to see the answer right away and you don't have to work backwards from the product of but if you don't see something right away it's a tool for you you work backwards from the product and you look for common functional groups and their orientation in the molecule and think about if you know always ways to make that so definitely we talked about a way to make it 8 straight on someone to die Rommel compound in this chapter and how we would make that is from and keen if we have the Alpena and bromine we can make that that's all we need right and we always keep back and now we go back and we keep looking at our starting material every time we take this apartment go back and look do we have a long way to go from here to here dehydration light I think we could do dehydration we can go from here to here and so far that's is the way to do this is just it's it's a waste not the only way but if we have our alcohol so we keep we want keep going back to the alcohol we want everyone eventually start with that company H 2 SO for concentrated would what we used to favor and high dehydration right and heat all right so that the retro synthesis on the on the midterms and on the final I Kuwaitis synthesis in the forward direction because it's really difficult to great somebody's thought process if you're looking in the margins and trying to see what the daily it's very difficult to great so I grade in the forward direction but this is just a tool for you so let's right up the synthesis here In the forward direction we start with the alcohol so I have 2 types of synthesis problems but 1 like I'm just going show you right now where we have open-ended show me the products from every step OK that's 1 type H 2 SO for concentrated and we want to favor elimination and we use concentrated sulfuric acid to favor elimination and then we add bromine now all of the reactions were reviews bromine in addition to Elkins they'd had a solvent if disarmament is not critical you don't have to show up for like for my class so for me just the 2 is enough that's enough for me to know that you know what you're doing but if you were making a promo hydrant that water becomes part of the party got show the water but if it's not if it's just another solvent then you don't need a shot so this is what I would call an open-ended synthesis that I do have some of these if you don't see 1 of these on the mid-term to you will see when on the final might look like this I also have and I also have some where I just have to reagent the reactant here know I have a box with an airliner and he fill in the regions so In addition in the instructions on the youngest 1st midterm where everybody got confused it was for this type of problem and I said for reagents if more than 1 step is required number individuals that that's what I was talking about this type of problem and when I 1st wrote the midterm if I had 1 of these in there and they took it out forgot to take that warring so my tester's all has always turn out to long and I have to take problems and so on why do time myself to make sure they're not giving you justice to long so that if it's this time you write H 2 SO for concentrating and he and then that step to the are too a lot of you leave the numbers out and the numbers if you leave the numbers out you're really going to miss all the points or some of the points it's use it depends on how bad a mistake usually you miss all the places the numbers are the cradle of critical so let's label that so you when you come back and look at this number each
step if more than 1 step this requirement acquired awaited number each step for cases where you get yourself into trouble on a problem like this this is where you get yourself in trouble you look at this problem on the test and you can be like OK I don't think this eyedrops sold and I knew I converted into a bromine fearing and then you're like Oh crap comedies of bromine on him OK that's where you get into trouble so we want to start training in brain to look at these groups and say all I want to die from all where the Romans trans lying ahead and make that he's thinking backwards from the product line ahead of me OK so this this next 1 on the next page is very similar the more likely you throw you off the reason it's more likely to throw you off because you see all article hydroxyl on their colony to do as bromine on there and I would say probably 60 per cent and you were right .period revered and you get 0 credit why is this not worth it doesn't put a bromine doesn't replace a hydrogen with the brawling is that we don't know way to his place of hydrogen with a brawling here so we don't know where to do that so wanna look here we wanna say while I recognize that functional group I've got a hydroxyl right next to bromine and the trains to each other that several more hybrid I knew how to make a promo Hyder face so that's what barriers and you want used to looking for those misses a formal Hydra so retro synthetically I can make a Brummel hydrants strong so again this is the can be made from hero and all easy out umpteenth and I bromine instead of with an solvent I would use bromine and water and that's going to be able hide and then each time I take this apartment going back to my starting material and say OK make that yet yes you can refer dehydration so this is really no harder than the last 1 so the synthesis is almost the same as previously offices so gorgeous just just taking apart Richardson that it was so let's write out the synthesis and the 4 direction then again might the open-ended worry story tell you I want the reacted I want the products for a single reaction each step you get a product or it might just be 1 of the ones where you feel it in the box so we start with the alcohol again so again retro synthetically we make this from the alcohol we do dehydration show H 2 SO for concentrate far-right soul now going in a direction we start with the alcohol H 2 SO for concentrated those are the conditions for dehydration and heat we make our team and then we do bromine water so entire Titian so get that 10 inches questions so far and synthesis problems so there's tender last 10 problems and Chapter General Services problems some of them are more than an hour step these are 2 steps but some of them were more 1 of 5 steps 1 of his 4 so we're making the leap from 2 steps to more than 2 steps Let's do 1 more right so this is another 1 that's going to throw you off see alcoholic you're only looking in the forward direction you think of planning make apart said so I'm just did to help make this and then I'm just going to know and backside tactic of a hydride I can work the cases of people what is right and age and he has other workers who fear kick off a hydride is leaving so that's where the tool of gradual synthetic analysis is going to help you but I do know that I can make it in a pop side from abroad will heighten might not remember that there might be off your radar we learned that make from more hydrants in this chapter but when we were in Chapter 19 we saw how to make a topside right when learn different in Chapter 12 if you like better but this is the only way we know so far but I can make that if I have a promo hydrogen and I just showed how to do that In the previous 1 if I have a promo Heidrun then I can if I use any H the right to due process it's going to do backside attack kick off the World Wide Right you without reaction the case you going to look for that Chapter 9 of cases man I know to make the Broomall hydrogen bomb I just did that last problem I can make out from this and bromine and water and then I certainly can make that from my starting out the hall so we just added an additional step here so it's a lot harder sturdy alcohol each to SO FAR were concentrated and he goes that's what's going to favor elimination so let's write out the synthesis in the forward direction start with my dehydration peaks 2 out of 4 concentrated in feet we get a L keen no bromine water to H 2 0 so if you can recognize the CZ the place none of these functional groups in this molecule others it's going to help you what it's going to help you immensely with synthesis and then you just do any age and you've got your product and you can just near all the way to that product that's what going again after the city hydride steps questions anybody so let me just give you a little little little input on the last 10 chapters of the last 10 problems in Chapter 10 and saplings there too tight OK you have to start with an alcohol you do it dehydration beginning on Keenan than you do sigh Chapter 10 reaction that's that that's what we just did although it is more of what if you start with an help kill him alive in judo dehydration No you do so those are the problems you start with and if start with an alcoholic medium Doerr dehydration Jamaican out keen and then you do a Chapter 10 reaction if you start with an alkyl lying you do it elimination and then you go Chapter 10 problem that's the that's exactly what it is and you will definitely see those on its to you will definitely see those on the final alright that's Chapter 10 Any questions on Chapter 10 OK the wouldn't say that they'll take a 2nd nobody down here I want to show you something here you guys
like Google Chrome better so that's why you far-right so under
practices should be sample flashcards we want start cataloging a reactions but they're not here all day and all of that I would show you 1 Monday Casey we reactions so you want start right select OK I'll have another 1 so you have an alcohol going to and kill lion underneath it ways to do that so you get used to the transformation seeing the transformations not not the reacted poster regions and predicting the product which is the overall transformations that we wanted to I will add those this week and you can take a look at some sample once you're in and out of it would be good to go riots minister Chapter 11 about that
very short chapter they thinking chapter if you
don't Chapter 10 11 is a breeze If You don't Know Jack 10 mind no Chapter 10 11 will be reduced and honestly .period after far-right something that outlines what do we know so far what we do all we gotta go back and do our tools 1 of the bodies for an outline 180 right 180 degrees in 1 year this particular kind has a name a combination that's very very common that you need to know it's going to throw you off the nation's gonna throw you off but the common name for this 1 and I need you know this because I might talk about on test use it is settling and so that throws you off because you see the inning-ending anything tho it's Al-Qaeda it's not it's a settling it's the simplest alkaline I don't know why they needed that but you've heard of acetylene torches and we're not going to come and change the name now the it's accepted name for people who don't know chemistry that's not gonna throw them off at all so on let's talk a little bit about the structure I'm in a dry and I'm going to drive the all of your rules that overlap to make a settling so we know that Cardenas sp here's and as the orbital and to make the carbon-carbon bond I have enhanced the orbital here also and I have another sp orbital Cimmino against the Orioles linear relationship so here's the other sp this carbon and then to make acetylene overlapping with and ask for hydrogen right as an ass or there's a conservative and that's the that's hydrogen so hydrogen gas or also to make this signal bond here bits of overlap of an as upon carbon and in essence on hydrogen and to make this signal bond right here in the middle In the middle of the signal bond is we have a signal bond overlap of bit as the unpardonable often as cards and then the incident 1 on the right is exactly the same as the 1 on the left then we have to hide bombs right so let's change colors here so on wasn't drawn in the x-axis let's do the Y axis for 1 of the wants to be the Y there really far away from each other and in real life these would be close enough to overlap but is it gets a little tricky drawing is when they're so close that they overlap so sobering overlap on the topic overlap on the bottom and that is the pipe on gets 1 high bond In the end we have here this 1 wonder drugs and the axis right so it's that come be right here it would be really in real life it would be heading down into your page heading up above the pages just a little hard to drop so that's a key orbital To make the 2nd fire to buy bonds once a good 1 for the carbon preventable water and sewer turns out as we learned from when we did on stereo when it will when we needed spectroscopy we learned that for carbon-carbon triple 1 we don't have just overlaps with these fewer rules to make that Taiwan and that overlap there we actually have overlapped all the way around so this is the way the electron circulate so those funerals are also factored the all they all overlap in we saw consequences of that union right number that so let me draw this looks like draw the carbon-carbon signal occupies this area right here and we have hydrogen here so that's the sigma bond for that carbon hydrogen bonds this is the area where we have overlapped for the sake of bond in this carbon hydrogen bond and the and in the funerals are overlapping all the way around so let me draw that in bread it's kind of like that too so for her to draw here sometimes they do well sometimes they don't hold a series of of like that Ryan doesn't look so what were talking about is overlap all around like this it's going like this so this is your arm is my arm is the access they hear it's written it's wrapping around because that's the way the electrons so you really is that it doesn't have a direction here so we have 2 pipe bombs a cylinder high density but 5 electron density and so if you remember back to last quarter of this hydrogen on internal outline was in the shielding :colon remember that so that that was 1 of the consequences of that so that's the structure looks like that's where electron density is completely surrounding that signal bond funds and terminology here we have a terminal opined that means that we have the outline on the end so something like this there would be a terminal kind internal outlined its not only until the middle somewhere it's as simple as that so that an internal organs a term like right hand and something else you may remember from last quarter or maybe not so is that the ah hydrogen on a terminal kinds that this Proton is city not supersede but acidic enough that we can remove it and make new of carbon-carbon bonds and reinterpret that just a 2nd very
briefly nomenclature so I may have an outline for you the name on the tests so we're Indiana very similar to our teens hopefully people have already seen the Albertine podcasts and select since symbol of lines remain much like please accept the ending is change from being to find life and never the chain constantly and also to the dribbled once institutions are named as they are announcing I don't go crazy with naming fight would have something simple like this are as we want the longest continuous chain that contains the out applying for a number in the direction to give the Alpine the lowest number 1 2 3 4 5 6 so what our substituent source of Tudjman's 3 Broomall 5 Rafael so we have 3 grown understand catalog everything here that we have revolved 5 Mathilde you also need to give a number 4 where they all kinds starts in the Alpine starts carbon 1 and in the carbon too so it is 6 carbons it is 1 heck sorry so instead of 18 it's 6 carbons be hexane we dropped a union with final steps and then we alphabetized lists some the Romo comes 1st 3 Romo 5 1 excellent so if you wanted to limit the problems in the back of the chapter NEC and there's usually like a couple at the rear of war nomenclature questions and they give you a 20 different things in question you have to do all that if you know if you can rewrite the role than you now can move on to more important things which is more important things being reactivity yes HP before I know this is that this is the parent that's the period so that always goes on and the question or questions OK priorities thing here we gained a priority and I'm not gonna were on I am not going to make a big deal about words but if you haven't seen you have at a compound and has hydroxyl is now keen Dale Klein hardly which is going to be the parents all I'd always takes priority over team which takes priority over all kind like attest to 1 that no it's not very important for you to know that there is a priority and so for example owing to its numbering priority the parents here is still but the outlying while it's also the alcohol to write so on the hydroxyl gets the numbering priorities so this would be something harder than I would ask you on the test but just in case you see it let's number because if we number in the direction of the alkaline getting the lowest number it would be wrong the alcohol gets the lower numbers this is 1 2 3 4 5 so this would be 2 months 3 parents time 2 3 metal 3 310 time to also the 3 tells you that the out that the on kind starts a carbon number 3 and the number when the 2 all means that the alcoholism the 2 positions notice I dropped the year turpentine that's harder than I would give you but that I just basically covers everything as far as concerned box so there's 1 group Bond continued ,comma veritable bonnets using :colon nomenclature and that's the Papa Joe group Energis has such a nice sound to it right this is bumper Papa alcohol frontier friends are in chemistry elements of the 1st of all the while we really know what you're talking about the case and this is similar to which but which tied with Senator Al except in national you have a CH 2 bonded to announce keen here you have a siege to bonded to an hour .period it's very similar on this would be the four-part Joel and the Cyanogen's would be put parts hydrogen so I really am very much like ally we have Alec carbons pro-pot Papa Joe carbons we have Alec and hydrogen and these would be hydrogen my rights very exciting let's go back to a city this is chapter to this is completely 100 per cent review for you doesn't make you happy 8 1 all-time external rises significantly more exotic than the corresponding Al-Qaeda rocking we talked about why I don't expect you to remember that song that remind you which I not of these 3 hydrogen why is settling so much receiving nothing while its 25 year for the UK this 1 is 44 we're not talking real estate here but not anymore this is at best an outline is not 25 times more acidic than an Al Qaeda Alpena is tender the 20 feet tall more acidic remember this is a lot so it's 10 of the 20 5th time source so why is it so much more cynical if you remember why we got a look at the Concordia base who got 1 more minute the set units but the conjugate bases long hair the and ask for your moral rights member hybridization effects here we have a long career in then on-screen 2 more and then we have here we have a long period In sp 3 so if we have a long learning as he asked the orbital it that the arms much as opposed to the nucleus and I I promise to Starbright told so I will finish the on Monday and both have a great weekend