Egyptian Social Media Stories

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Egyptian Social Media Stories
Revolting in the time of New Media
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Over 18 days of protests in Egypt, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and many social networks were loaded with content about the country, even with the shut off of the internet. How the new mediums can help in mobilizing millions of people, connect them and document their action?
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for a An and Bn a really going to a really right as hello
thanks a lot for you for coming and then paying interested in hearing about Egyptian revolution but thanks a lot you and you might use some
notions yesterday in the 2 systems by Julian and I I'm and still yesterday when when I met Marcus was 1 of the organizers had what you want me to stick to a specific role when I made my presentation something he said in a very welcoming attitude now has stage do whatever think should be done on the interviews this they and you performances and singing in a state of the presentation of that
is thinking of doing of going down some how creative and channel and unlike most of the oxygen they have attended and I guess most of you have attended this you have we have
argued that question in the end of the session but this time I'm not going to take any questions in
the end of sufficient but I'm going to take it in the beginning if you believe in hand have any questions and don't get to the microphone and but please do to read 1st I would like to add how many of you can access the Twitter account here environment was number and the
internet is working the wireless is working with a yes
no now bank and you then you you're not looking at your screen you keep looking at me this is getting is but i'm but those if you connected to their tweets please if you have any questions about tweeted and using these both test accidentally fits
with we have that for the different evolution of the protesters stop continuing to end there's API that in which the events hashtag and then I will take the question and in the end by iterative and
and this is my my Twitter name if you want to mention then moved to the the presentation this is but what
according to the legend that you have in your hands should be speaking on and the ruler social media and revolutions how social media have the Revolution to happen then we should ask 1st and
what where rejection of using social media before they're involved in and if yes and how they were using it and you know how can that help that in an overnight the application they have become and evaluate users of Facebook and Twitter and made the so called Facebook revolution and so
on yesterday that the answer for the question where right where rejection using social media before January 26 would be why this is the whole population of 85 million of roughly
the same number of the German relation and about 21 millions of them are online these numbers are because you these figures are and for ordering of the january 20 5th 21 million where online they the average of 900 not minutes per month on the internet surfing the internet and 4 . 5 millions of them are on Facebook this is the biggest
number and the operating in the Arab region that 4 . 5 million of Facebook users are Egyptian while Twitter approximately 27 thousand something then what to anyone millions would be a good numbers of however this represents almost 17 per cent of the Egyptian population by fascinating how do the rest of the book how the rest of Egyptians were looking to the Internet been regarded as it is in the who would do anything for them they would they would ask anything for them and for the Internet and Internet will respond to them and we looked at this picture this is an an internet cafe in a very poor neighborhood and Internet needed by the way is not not that expensive at like
an hour for 1 pound when our found them and 1 Egyptian bounce it close to any less than 20 thousand and are talking for comparing to the US dollar so it's really cheap and and making this makes sense that you find internet cafe in the very poor areas in in the villages you find them because they I thing that people who are not you will want slightly better life stages of get to the virtual world and and try to find another alternative life of of not say the the US trying to improve their lives using the internet and this happened recently but like before like by the year 2002 thousand 1 2 we fight and we have an offline extant mass protests and the things people were just giving to the online and to finance unit life to the lives they had been
using by the way we have 17 million who cannot read or write at all so it's no way that you may get online but the substantive have been well coming
the media and many the new media in that they are doing anything and they want to be here than they want to broadcast that they would they would ask someone
to right to defend them to take pictures of them there be very well coming to so therefore this thing here they are not even have the the trading or anything and then you know that you are below that we already know that you can even though the line the lecture OK extremely extremely anabolic we have when we have it online and then they will come sometime really are doing this themselves you have just to pick up their mobile phones recall that's going on and then you they need you annually the alignment numerical order then an of to I would share something you but line this is a
much and they're very keen to get the word spread and they do believe that the Internet would spread the word especially that the mainstream media and not that good happening in Egypt but like
and now we are just spoken about before
January 2010 well and did you spend only have at a story on me that if I can't have looking very carefully to these vector that amount so development near the front who would hold on the difference between the 2 pictures gave let's try this picture was taken in the launch of follow the receiver you know these FIL in the United States let's September any can see below the 2nd of all men in all
190 billion homework while and then in that other people to in a deal you final of leaving the leaders this picture that but shall picture but was not placed in the you know biggest and oldest newspaper in Egypt lot of and like
it was published like normal they were not this they didn't say this the Photoshop is something that
very nicely and then 1 of the 1 of the bloodiest he's candid and writer of the blog posts and we did that when and the thing they connect them but the menus and after seeing and everybody but above this
it eliminates the media and became the can you can go until at least newspaper to blame why they made of cultural for having this having a simple at picture because the helmet but it is very important to the word so this this that what I mean by showing these pictures this this is an example how mainstream media or trying to make make people that and this gets reasons for just counting on new media the I think now we have we have answered the
question of and it should use social media before the Revolution and again we have the next
question moving to the next question which is the the use of social media held that of paved the way to the
revolution I would say yes but because social media
magic of something because yeah usually when we talk about social media we just looked to the digital about like with the internet with a virtual world this is and this is something that we cannot see so the the unseen is either something we we really scared there was something we just exaggerated exaggerate how how we can work because we didn't we didn't have it in our hands but I think it's going to the 2 extremes is not realistic and social media something in the middle of just a very powerful tool if you want to understand how it works and before it's it's a digital before peeing and virtual things
social media is the media I only a few people in the In this room what argue the rule of media and in shaping the public opinion and here we have the public opinion is that people and the people of the 1 who made the revolutions of course social media editor to making revolutions in the media no and the will
which watch these media In English subtitles
but the some right to reading this standing on and the sorry on
what I'm sorry this is boring for you know this so so far I can someone and here until we fix this
problem can someone wouldn't here and the and I was have been written In this to a site near a 20 per cent of the yeah no OK mission was yeah but nobody seems to be willing to volunteer relativism is evolving very the final value but nobody's going to be visited so you Michelle go they adopted 1 of stage anyone but I
there was a tweet from apropos nothing in the audience you can ways about whether you trust the military to hand back the power to the people of platform in the military is given the power to the people that if you just the military to do it well I mean me if you are a living together living for 17 minutes that 30
years ago I was born and authority in this in this way a family was born in a dictatorship I would not trust anybody the the military and it like it doesn't have battery cold and medical so that in the fact that the military and have that recalled this doesn't prove that it would be and I I I ideal as yeah hard to to to rule the country side to know what the military is going to do anyway the medication showed some good intentions by saying I'm not I'm not
staying the military council not ruling more than the money are not staying power and the immediately made some texture and institutional changes
at the same time they are doing some bad things and I think under pressure from the people but they are changing the for different of which I think and the
interest of the time it takes to help him get to analyze and and and
you use that this the most recent data mining and of so I think that the quality the you know that was our history and you don't go home have the it added that he had revealed on 1 of whole and as you know no do you have to do a lot of have all the the and short but there is something that is want to know on up but that had been going on there so
I am on the back of the head and had I think we have something to do with the theme of the what do you want to know what is an example of the kind of that kind of thing and must be out of at it and had now has been the way in hiring and I and the me you just have to I think it was be
and what would you like that of light I think you all of that and the 1st thing you have a lot that tend to use and you have am I had I had a
little bit of time on the part of the plan and a lot of the people and you end up there on the some and least video you find pain in at some yet some choking scenes as and this is really bad to see this in 1 of those
shots was on the street and Egyptian street and full of people and I think like those people like ours the right please the rights holders and so that was that was normal that you find police everywhere you find them defined like maybe 6 trucks of police in front of each university in fact in front of each and in front of the
TV things you find them everywhere just great normal that you see and 20 yeah there was a there
was striking that actually we need like if there were people who hold homemade these videos who wrote about it who reported very bad news for you not to fight and so we need the least square that was trying to to do actually finished 2 7 6 and later 7 text on what happened and that I was reading I called particle NGO hold limited companies increases stations and then
this was choking and testimonies of women who have to ocean and recitation kernel no
chance there and as the not determinative everything and then I tried to make a and then I tried to make to publish this make it more publicly made of and made a blog about it cold torturing Egypt at in which was just just loading at this would have anything very related to the notion of the crime of torture committed in Egypt and this ended with other
initiated like torture mathematical torture crimes and some that something very interesting Colby DVDs and you will find that they carry it in tiding over the medium and you will find to for the home for police officers so again in if you are like a beacon by 5 police man or something you just go to the simple money make you find these police officer who have 18 new aren't we on identified and we just with the places and peoples who died in the fight not all the pictures you find out of it artful for Greece officers who are charged with should kind of a way to get to have their pictures because if they didn't do it today that might do it to tomorrow and then
in the In the but we also have quality of like that you you know you have water and the music connected and it is sound made by 1 and of our friends is recorded at home ending and I didn't
of course this is going just was by Amnesty
International and is what holds a torture media that we put the names of police officers who committed torture and would have the recorded their crimes like if you go to the beach if any 1 of them you would find his picture available is not a symbolic victory and and and and listen of the crime he committed and the crimes of course has a hyperplane start the say much in the years 1990 1990 approach of man then you find a hyperlink takes you to the history of this man actually everything is categorized well-categorized
like you find a beach for all the crimes committed in each police station in it together and made even by torture techniques like the final crime committed by using the dictyostelium something which is to so that in the years to serve the and this is that the
interactive map about like if you click to Cairo then you have finally learned this winter takes you to the beach of title and a continued net which it where he was the all the crimes tortured finds commented that and this is the DVDs yeah I'm sorry to
these pictures so I was showing them to achieve new that now is just to say the internet have been used social media have been used in easier to tackle such a critical of causes and to provoke the anger of people like I was angry I just wanted to spread my mind and
provoked anger of for other people I will then be because social this side made many others made a major in angry but with the existence of social and then you find this man who was killed in and then can last July he was actually beacon to the industry and he was called was the morning like a in the bank and had up to the wall and it you will not political activists or something you just as an entity not and on on but he will speak in front of everybody until he was 9 I this pelletise you maybe about him along and if we could say that that someone behind the Revolution had a fight with the 1 of those and like if you remember the video of what should probably have these technical problems and in the media there was a man to the life and this was quite shocking this man who was summarized was and act is needed he was a micro bus drivers and what happens is that his cousin was like that that the police officer was unhappy with his cousin so like these men intervening and the police officer was unhappy with man so he will him to the police station tortured him to do my game and film it with a more violent like that the recording is by it's by the mobile the police officer and and 1 of the assistance the student and and then heated collated the precepts of circulated a video of a man being summarized the whole thing happening it's recorded at too great no I like to show off his hand like you see if you if I'm unhappy with you I can't do it with you just soul to the people in the neighborhood how color and the media is that both of them were punished like the police officers was by the police officers who tortured him was banished and effective was Spanish and what was that users and what what what about why he was he was punished because the resistance no excuse me when you're tortured these then this is the 1st of otherwise you will be sent to you so the guy at the I was right and he might be like yeah the the diction is not political but then you find this man is almost my age is young and he's almost of my negative education it's
almost my social social class like than average than he would be he this was quite mobilizing to and 2 young people in Egypt and then
on an act of solidarity was having this is the famous facebook page we all we are always has a site we have it in English and in Arabic and the debate was created by way phonemes and you might you of course he added all the stage like a good so when I found and fixed planning English and navigation more than million and a good more than a million and a million that what's happened is that the site was killed identity and of course people in his city was
quite unhappy with his death and they protested by the time of the Internet the time they were when you got
social media you can recorded voltage was a new to you and make the whole country watching then when you ask them to go and protest they would do the same you know because reading about something is not like
witnessing it not like watching with the view that the how many people attending the protest how many people participating and what they were things and the fill their passion like how question maybe are and how they resist the
out to punish the 1 responsible for his death so in social media was used to mobilize 1st was to make an angry and then to mobilize understand the meaning of evolution I think
most of you would which is any here about in the
context like it's tourist touristic destinations all I don't know in the peace process anything but maybe most fuel having known in that you needed there were lots and lots of many revolutions before January 25th he looked at the picture you would say
from the famous square but knowledge was that this was taken into a 7 7 like 3 years before 40 years before the Revolution was but and this is actually an a strike of 1 of the factors and in the inner city called the and that this was taken by the guy who was sentenced by flicker of familiar fell in only when is between natural 2009 and May 2010 you only the number of sentences like the ministrations and among and marches protest marches was the evolution
of and having the resolutions that and do not happen in an overnight it's not just like each 1 of may happen actually nothing happened so then no longer
revealing 1 of the most conventional secrets of the Egyptian revolution if it's not mean reading that it's someone hopefully the link works and someone called Canada and who was in the inferior square and then he came back and he decided to call the TV and this is a very componential correct so I wish you pay attention and focus the people that have been applied and you not
in it with their partner but importantly not all of them you have want only the only about all world and his problem but with the I don't think life we can tell
each is that any other questions and had not any 1 of
you would volunteer and read question thank you of the so the the
question wrong literally academies asking when host contents could
you describe your experiences of services so of and with the experience of his services to host content yeah the provide us but yesterday I didn't have given interesting talk about how to how
to access faced huge you clicker and other social networks when it comes to the content what they are going to block of how do report something in and so on and easier to get some kind of course and what happens is that when torture videos were warily and of course put to you to so this think of
the way I want extension of translation that from the
beginning the independent of I'm so sorry when I yet when the torture videos warily and
ability you you to and just take in terms of the man's head and this is very violent this and include some sexual things so we are taking them down and what happens with the big immediate effect you know that Egyptian storm and state security officers after of the revolution and and they go to documents and handed them to the military and because security like it's the most scary at French of the police and that's the pressure that used to oppress people that watch everybody I mean it everybody every details all the details of your online and so 1 of the activists were somehow mentally he got to get some CDs a little bit of mixtures of police officers and then you reforms and he put them online and they could just for people if they want to I identified received that state security was committed to combating torture so you would find the One who tortured you online and then you can like will do anything with that that was quite helpful but once he put it in if they could take that take it off and now a this is that you should just published the pictures that belongs to you that your own pictures these are not your own pictures and show you and it would have been that I'm not even talking about the blogging platforms like there was a book that was a famous 1 called Mac and actual dates now I think of gold both young with and so much too was just doing whatever it was it was a Jordanian company and and like sometimes you open your blood and you find a happy person taking of without
even being in the private you with they have because they do not sitting on the left publicly had that there is a
kind of censorship in the name of our terms and conditions so back again to the secret of the Egyptian revolution it's with English subtitles which you could see it quite well the where point in the course of the people
in this the truth is that allow a lot of animals that lived in the last time I always right if that only about all of the work that has the problem with the with the English had had no idea who was the idea that a little bit how would you how would you want to know what the because of the meaning of that in the beginning the list of the the whole the the wall of water over the reporting language quick and bluntly that has been proved to be included the the following a rule that can be 1 of the people that couldn't the orderly for like this is all look that like the Committee for whole I want because the people in the way the whole got all the 1st get at the end of the and the statement of the the lesson was that there the people of similar but what we do and how about the level of the public to have something that is not the most the the end of the hydrogen atom and it will go in call this level of cloudy holiday and you know the 1 thing because this is what we call the political problems with of the relative to the colonists you need the show with the the Committee for the the collapse what would you do with it from the of the some of the most influential of the danger of that that was assigned to this was on the front of designing of the the loss that women as they were in the hands of the that interact with the world model and that's it for those of you who have had the support the the the thing about the fact that it has to do with the level of the liquid that I think of think standard writing this land that has become a lot of the probability of a lot more than half of this you have to look at this and you have the effect on the knowledge of what it the the kind of quality the whole idea of how do we you who work the court with your it it what because the and this says that the has structure of on what 1 of the so can the links
across the the evolution of of the protesters here and you whole is organized by foreigners who are 0 my god speaking English as so this was sentinel was taking the knife TV was broadcasting and although version and and it was like they they were portraying it like a conspiracy it is it happening and like that so long as well have people that the people who were protesting in January 2010 between effects it is good people there are the Egyptian young people but then as they that the foreigners other following conspiracy and and they are trying to take over the country something like this which is what what which of course didn't work with people and because all
at least people would like combating where the hearing nasty the media the water ministry media to what the are you on Twitter but this you face and they're trying to get like a kind of image was going in and then when the internet was of the set of the of the Internet and mobile services would hold it in protest will have in protest in the beginning there that they did this in you that you there's something theory is going on if they are the because it was the 1st time in the country as in the history of the country that you turn off the internet we use 2 of them or parts of his mobile there very important in Egypt and actually we are 85 million we have thinking millions of mobile subscriptions that mean that almost everybody little while even if he can read it he cannot read or write in his and best he everyone almost everyone had an odd
and sometimes even the children so when you stop them apart means that there is something that is going on the chemistry there were like this goal you to go to the protesters undertake the irony and a part of foreign cost conspiracy of the are Egyptians reading patriotic Egyptians and then you find these gravity in downtown Cairo Facebook
and 0 5 people who wants to say and we take the view on this because there was like jamming Egypt
regime down signals of severe and Facebook calls was locked in the Internet was shut off and to the rule like we want we want our worst fears how you want Twitter as well as and these
pictures we need internet who's afraid of Twitter
well that we are now talking about the role of social media in the evolution however the Internet was not accessible to people they were trying to like and behaviors that there was a 10
and people were just going around the square recording what's happening and then going to the and put everything in computers and and then back again to that process filming what's happening they don't have internet access but they were just about through put it like combining all the videos everything because they want to archive what's happening it was not only in the field across the country where wherever you find
process that people were trying to archive it to
document and even if they don't have the internet because 1 day they would have Internet and they have ability the baby well people actually it was feeling like this is a
part of our history and then we should have we should apply we should keep that and this this 1 of the things
that as that's 1 of the things in 1 of the initiated to gym the evolution and those are the
slogan that people will using so I was like if you if you work for the thing that they review here then you
can result in the spread line then we have a it somewhere the Web that was having a great way to spread the word also because I was in the free so if you
work in the field you to go to this map and right you fun it's kind of like we know the names of people who hadn't actually it on my user actually right like you I'm proud there wasn't that the incident to your in such things always smaller sports people who
registered and it made sense that after the revolution you find in you find the internet usage is interesting but we still actually sorry 50 it's not 58 85 million and we were 21 million online
today the authors and you are spending 900 minutes online amongst the average in the to 20 of the we are spending about
1800 minutes and there are more than 5 million of these options on Facebook and Twitter like yeah almost double 45 thousand Twitter users this lecture actually where was taken from the phase where people are trying to charge them mobile ones that lack of everything they got electricity from I don't know why how how they got a lot of from of the public electricity boxes and something and they made these they invented you some small things that they can
use of the Chinese sector scan chosen mobile because of course you have lots and lots of mobile this crap and and they were like watching the that I was watching it and maybe the other day I was watching something else all he was looking called tweeting and and endangered guy was telling him by 2 people were willing to be connected
and to update the it will freeze
social media stories from Egyptian revolution you will find some interesting and funny stories the stories of 1 is called the man behind on mostly meant the 2nd and or the 2nd 1 the 1st day of the prime minister and actually this is an interesting and powerful story and In the delivery stagnation of the prime minister this 1 was appointed by more water and what happened is that people in a state of attacking and they were making his yourself is close and they were making like very on his lower is just a so ended
with the suicide mission and then the last stories we
understated my new describing the and you would go out and find the set summer before we got the questions and so immediately knew they
needed before the revolution in the Revolution and after the revolution of social media good carry a projection of or any other solutions the will do creative people do with revolt as social media just toward the end they hard to you got to understand how it works there are like case because almost is available in almost everywhere and Twitter is available everywhere but we didn't find evolution everywhere because it all kinds of people in the ocean is not an easy thing not like we we almost sure that capable of resisting the stains 3 strike on a streak of something the effect of emotions that excellent planned that the to set it affects your many things and I don't think social media these emotions have termination and will should the whole I don't think social media however are quite powerful like uh but it's it's not human the human being is the most powerful security and the most of the kth and then nothing
called social media pollution and people are revolting and if you don't to understand how to use the tools that
are available tools we were ready make change and thank you
that is 1 tweeted think in so who would like and
take that with an aspect missions what I wanted to
give other people a chance anyone in the money in the direction of other people wanted to read the tweets that respond OK do it and here this microphone works OK here is a question
from high and tested what happened to the sergeant submitted to PG and total database possible to verify them and 6 effects
question what happens to to that of what would happen if the
charges submitted to pp talk so it's like please come and like what the heck are you doing here what happens to those charges they want
when we got terminated actually the other than when like that means that low the picture of my
friends said homo comes from ability to adjust an open for everybody like what happened actually that I have some pictures were being approaches and police officers have their photograph and they photographed take pictures of the act and so some of us would like taking pictures back so I have some pictures my friends everyone had some pictures palladium was why not why would make all these
pictures available and mean invite people to upload pictures that we have any and every day we don't have wide the goal to the pictures that exasperating and and try to identify and maybe they've could nice someone and so not all not not every police officer in the media the charge of torture some of charges and some of sentences really and how might not and and not all the content of loaded by us and we got the around like 150 members and we have roughly 500 pictures so it's people require it so far didn't have haven't happened yet that you find and that the debate in the green line the man who tortured him stroll BGP yeah that's what happened when the next
questions from customers and he asks how dangerous was wasn't to collect this it was
dangerous for you personally for the people who took the pictures and was a dangerous for them with the friends by the police and cannot give a definite answer because they believe you there are a lot of people out of the pictures but actually it's not it's not very difficult to take a picture of a police officer and some of them actually told them with told picture with them mobile the good namely are at distance and maybe the token the police officer didn't notice that the picturing him and and some others of taken yet disfigured and so the mother's like toolkit and the police
officer that given the bottom they equal the about like molecular me I have a very easy technique this Isobel degrees of this that I didn't have my look at me my dad and
picture in mind and is not that this another difficult and and you know what it is like well it's 1 of the privilege of pictures that you cannot look for your pictures I mean if you're gonna police officer it's easier to google your name than you might think about but it's not it's not very likely that you find picture about you good will not recognize the recognizer unless you are like who your pictures really popular and it will be shown in gold images lots some people published texts about 40 something that then they got nowhere but regarding its use in terms of pictures of them think of resources within knowledge of the pictures online someone standing here use the chance to ask a question from the web so you can online and I wouldn't be online in Germany for longer than that say a week until police will close down because we get it right concerning the the rights of the offices of and this just wouldn't be possible is this website hosted in which it was it was because eventually and you might be like a natural but sometimes you these days I if you try to log and we sometimes turn it off because we are trying to move to another set of another section there about like by United toasters immediate so far to needed about if you talking about the the blocking of all the which he this the website online immediately
move out of the scene and not to look the sites because like you know he was a very careful how he looks in the eyes of the western people and American
and he doesn't want to be like he's always was described like that it true democratic moderator contested guide cell much easier solution was like the little blocks of only rest and so this was happening that you you are intimidated just written we are taking a risk and here that was have uh happening very commonly like just to remind you of course but I would say most if you hear about Michael medieval was spent and was 3 years of being a called you know after being sold in the non-military called by actually like it it is not the 1st logo not the 1st Egyptian blogger who was sentenced or sent to a military calls but in only 1 year and the year 2 7 9 there was more than 100 bloggers in Egypt just arrested taken illegally hello there were lots of harassment and and after the hit southern actually the wall what we tend to call the Internet we which is an administrative unit in the Ministry of Interior to monitor the Internet and when the formant state security officers we find like
e-mails your e-mail her printed off at the level of everything you know you're all all your online activities money and so this was the way to that to do it in the back stage nothing not in the states so
thank you so much to question reader and customs and things such as economic was very think about things
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