The Power of Crowdfunding: Diaspora 2000% overfunded

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The Power of Crowdfunding: Diaspora 2000% overfunded
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Interview mit Maxwell Salzberg, Diaspora
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this the office then command you want right and the make will not work but
I come here at the co-funding conference instrument i to give you a quick introduction on what the what actually is so that everyone always and then I got a couple of questions for you and everyone in the audience who feel like coming up with questions to do we only have minutes but that make the the most of the FIL what is the decentralized open source of social media network and I guess it's built on to a very strong quantum don't the fall of your content belongs only to you and no 1 else without any exceptions and the 2nd interesting thing is that it's quite transparent in terms of privacy settings and both settings can be a bit and change very easily I get what I learned that the story of the other
broad and the weight evolved it's quite spectacular and this morning you talked about different from funding projects here in Germany and we ended up being that
some of them got for the offline and with maybe 120 thousand or whatever but you guys managed to become all finance 2007 % actually which held great don't really glamorous of them related to the but what actually happened to you because of the project both of 1 presented at each start of the com exactly 1 year ago and you have reached the initial fund-raising goal of pain knowledge others within 12 days and the following week all of the sudden you ended up with more than 2 100 of knowledge of did you guys feel that all the people started to throw dollars on the direction without you even having out published 1 single line of code and mean it was terrifying actually I actually
even the Raphael really want turn it off actually just because it's it's kind of 1 of these things like we we had like yelling argument the nite before the project like whether which lasts for 8 or 10 thousand dollars and we're actually like free and shareware the woodwork and I you know you can't just this is an experiment so we could do and now for the summer and just like that and not think about anything else so I mean we basically are budget was like OK we need money so we can eat Rahman every day and like or a pizza once a week and so on that is you you get
originally intended to do a problem I again right of what exactly did you add a handful of dollars for a minute and nozzle was for us to work on a full-time for months I and just like see where we go I mean it's it's so hard problems but we after we had actually been writing code since February and just messing around and then we decided if we could give it full time full time sort of status for all the time and then you know we think we can make a lot of progress and we could just kind of further explore the idea and released some code that maybe some other people could pick up and running and that certainly when we need 200 thousand dollars are expectoration through much higher an
LCD gets you know we've been working on still on the money in and out of the 2 Lieutenant and dollars besieging the Bionic 6 thousand teacher of you have a method that is
obvious the for right of people from the you 100 we prepared for that kind of that I feel that the video that you that you concern bonds have not actually I liked it a lot because I find it very by the end of the the think maybe he
had to go from here 1 of them was ideal for people who really have ideal 1 you want to bring their ideas forward
but to actually have no idea how they wanna do it and we will really at the didn't tell exactly where they would want to but nonetheless people of course they they're like the love because the immediately that it would be you could turn into a greater of the book or maybe it was a little bit of David versus Goliath effects so was it for you thank you 8 again he had a point they thought hate they don't they don't really me out and get drunk but there
are they all talk about faithful so what about our right and I I mean I I think that this sort of expecting that mean we were very careful in words to sort of say like look money make you know we want Serbia positive thing 1 might make something that doesn't exist within the we really didn't use Facebook or say really in anything that was a lot like the media have been like old all these cadets are ranked based in I you know it's it's kind of like it's kind of crazy right to be compared when you're a bunch of kids less for 10 thousand dollars and you make you know 2 2000 percentages knows but then to be compared to like this is the end time 50 billion dollar company heating thousand hours time to sort of you know a set of
expectations correctly but I mean that you know I I think you're honest and saying I look we wanna make this thing we're going to make it where we get this money or not you like you can just help us out if you want to and you know the only thing we can really promises that we're just gonna make it
better every week so if you until it's really are so that's that's all you can do is like 1 gag and certainly were in the building the team now in obviously this amazing kind of you jump start into you're getting a hold into becoming more more you know real organization really that's going and you continue to push faster development into the future yeah I again I get
to the really interesting point because so we talk about open source software development right and the this is a huge financial success rate your whole approach is not anymore indeed open source of conflict but rather in complex so they brought you in a position where you haven't been before and where you you're actually forced to adjust your internal structures and if you had any 2 that we completely right no I and I think it was I mean I think it's actually because I think there's not enough
open-source start-ups and I think that I was here success with with crowdfunding has really allowed us some leverage said OK we're going to build an open source business what we're doing is writing also suffer every day but clearly people want this clearly people are willing to give us some money you know just on the father and and that's very and a lot like me like to be able to prove that someone wants something is in a in a sort of testable way is think a really important thing really and promoting innovation and you know people things on the
also experience that people fled OK guys you have enough money but left to help you all lot coding or with marketing experience or whatever but you get people on board who would try to help you on that side as well yeah I mean we got so many
e-mails that I might look at e-mail for 3 weeks again another thing we just like were prepared for it's just like influx of communication attention and I was a graduate in college and I wanted to find this is the 1st time that people want to help but it's at this
kind of thing of like you know we knew what we wanted to do was just go away you go to a cabin in the woods and
program and that was really like all our plan was so and we kind of thought that people give us money to do that so to change from that of course think because we have a lot of money now seems not make much sense to us so I think we've been very concerned about China you know not to be you know obviously like spend the money where makes sense for you know decreases pain and and reserve productivity but you know not let it
completely fundamentally change why it because the reading of Islamic finance so even if it becomes a sort of or what yeah you know it's still so that is why we started and I think that's that's also another important thing about that grant funding in general is that it's 1 in people's
passions and I think successful projects to me in the mass of people who are honestly trying to do whatever they're trying to do that they want to do it and no do it whether they get from and the if we look back at like at this last year could that basically the timeframe we're talking about to what extent is the way you are you went until no different from the way it if you would have had a a traditional clay venture capitalists or for other investors would have given you the money you think that this would you would have developing a lot of different directions all what you what you have reached the same point but you are no now I definitely think it's open up a lot of our doors I mean that like a range of a typical but I mean the thing that kind of money is and people are really willing to give us free stuff but that's a free desks that we work with and allows such as amazing something which I'm not beyond tough time about them here but this amazing place that silicate as some cool kids you should just come work in office and by breakfast every morning and that's another thing obviously when we're trying to sort of you raise more money and maybe more traditional channels you know to good story that we are analysis where we can walk in the door obviously because it's sort of like cannot crowd that's really because of crowdsourcing
but yeah mean I think that just like the exposure and just the idea that and fundamentally kind grasses things on a lot of sense to to survive a grassroots work from clear if there are any comments or
questions from the audience we have 5 minutes left not all here where microphone over I electrodes
just 1 simple question with the code now where's the project status at the moment uh yeah I mean it's enacted around and we're still working on a full-time the time have
private alpha phase with all the code is open source it's on which they called get did have . com slash test slash that's that you want to check that we do everything everything we do this completely public and open the 2nd do we don't half of anything were planning on having a probably pretty big release the next this month's issue that's going to be more and users we cannot have our small group of alpha testers Close alpha and and this is and I don't need that many people to tell you when you have about something that is not a 2nd
pressure many what there the Marxist workers so investors that right in what did you say to you guys as the sum influence of your code and of the results in
a yes almost is 1 of our backers their donations I guess the non-investment and we're very grateful for his generous donation but we haven't contacted us anything it in in in 1 teacher I guess you did a lot to help people start to really get
international awareness of well on the relation between the people I mean it's really get there they're really cool guys the 1
of 1 of the guys who start working there so right after actually happened not for long time and they're really cool you know there definitely I mean I never really heard of traffic from world forward sort of the self and you're saying that in Germany but I think it is In the last 2 I don't think but you know and that is wrote to every part of Teixeira In this project
like Everything broke when was sent to the now crashed services things that happen but for the whole we come to those I just want to ask you to to give us maybe an advice for something better for you what have primary learning off your diet for authority what would you like to share with the audience background coming into Seattle about what what you have learned what was most striking for you and what would you like to how long to everyone else to think of getting a project funded on across from 1 form that
I think that the most important thing you just have to be passionate about what your crowdfunding and I think that that comes out of hand you know and I think it does come down to like yes it could be a great way to jump-start the it can be great ways to jump-start I guess like some sort of business or what not but I think it has to be really derive from something that you care about and just to make sure that your pitch that it really comes out that this is something that you really passionate about and something you're going to do you but you get the funding and not and scripture people that year Europe an unstoppable force
of doing something about OK thanks a lot and we wish you all that's the
normally the move only do you the