Talent Imitates, Genius Steals

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Talent Imitates, Genius Steals
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Apple, Star Wars, Girl Talk, Facebook, open source, 4Chan, memes, and Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. We are innately born to imitate others. By copying adults in their first year babies learn a vast array of skills ranging from language to social interaction. Copying is how we learn. Artists, designers, writers, coders, and ultimately all makers, take copying a step further through the exploration of their own ideas built upon the semantic foundations of others. They create remixes. They create mashups. They create new cultures. As we increasingly rely on digital, and computing becomes more ubiquitous, our lives will be more remixed, more mashed-up, and more copied. The consequence being: doing instead of saying, sharing instead of coveting, forgiving instead of asking for permission. A natural evolution in human culture because, as author William Gibson stated, "The remix is the very nature of digital."
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but in I'm having a hard time through the with
the to them and talk about it and I'll it being still and
then in the English particle slowly but if you don't understand go let's right in so great together probability what so
I think of what's important is on whole premise today is spot hybrid culture about feeling in and about copyright not really but more more about the fact that when things become more digital and it can afford to the wall in front of capitalism and all of a sudden everything is potentially free and there is no distribution problems that 1 out so that the graph is for some interesting facts so for semantic behind and it's land for those of you that have kids the giver had watch it you know that I would like to imitate other people so there's some energy videos my theory is knowledge that often by the Apache and what can
then what's what's important is what and on the left side that's that's important about half since kind the the on the basis of the model on and on and on and on and on and on and on on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on so what's interesting there's obviously the dancing but as you see the little a little kid that he starts imitating the imitating is that that is another
example of of it imitates this this way it's so this is activated in Norway this kind of violence and you're really into the whole on the way for changes in the environment but if enough many once week alone will not be thing
global our head and I will not present as and then this have had this is the last all so that that was also the way the video that's not a building that's that's I and that's kind of a problem where see now we have we have company they industries the name of a demon and and people want the content but we can't get it because there's people don't want money for that so but there's always that obviously there's ways around it's right so the point is I think we got by copying things I think it's units of digital itself is to medium where it's made for a happy 1 0 that's perfect copy and it's something that everyone's and connotation
out so here in media and advertising if you're music style and music industry I so to realize that you know there's some major challenges and that's the thing that's
interesting so the point here is with that's how we learn to be learned by heart and that title here my title is kind of teaching is still and that's the the the little starting but and that the title itself is still well from this guy some leaders of the energy might various news from and we see that he talks about possible pairs company culture operator but he took
that title from this I TS Eliot and he telling to mature poets imitate point the point there is when you take something it's not just a taking and this make undertaken go further with it and his on like this the book is groundbreaking book is called the wasteland and he used the references and sort like I will and other sources and here's a little big group
recruited from our reading that either 0 180 like McBreen being memory and belongs during go through rich greenery then if
we move further this whole idea of copying and and cutting
and pasting here we have a Wainberg Burroughs came up with the kind of technique for that and what he did is he took their pieces of paper and cut things up and implement together and created news stories in the trash new format for for right when I think both the me at for them to the there are a lot
money was moved out of the Dome 1 very simple way that deal with this strict they but the that the middle and stuff so you have no or sections
you rearrange the sections in a different order and when this happens Bush get you would come up to us get the word so they should I a deferred because I had a number of British it's newspaper some British newspapers the American newspaper published comparison small things that happen to they haven't relying on Monday and I took over a the standard blatant and cut through 1 of these little bits and pieces so the term using the the 3rd reviewing them around as 1 word like talking at this friend Brian here and the paper in the he together with them Burroughs became came up with this idea of this kind of form why would that is being that digital flat is it's no longer you don't have to take the blame intercepted these are just copy and paste of its super using them and to take that even further but that and there's a book called The here called union is
noted the data took a book and then he wanted to create a story out of the existing books use use their production and cut out different pages different sentences from the work what made a whole new narrative is an the this is that people's reaction my this is
not all right that I hadn't made the remaining with all the and the
of stuff only page you will not quite there might not have had 1 of the innovative and never seen anything
like that and the work-energy relative to you at the that but I
think it's possible to take those people think something is wrong the music industry and publishing houses and media companies have this issue of copyright I think people will take stuff they wanted new digital this makes it easier for people with so you can generally block things for example we we just have which is that Apple TV at home and it's super eating out of order of films some of the forces and little harder so we would
use that he the stuff I think if you offer a platform where people will make will will make it easier for them to purchase and then people use it in general people don't like steel there is an alternative not the steel I think that for the music industry kind kind of like that again after think of natural and in the end it starts to and they're suing the people at 1 of so that's where 1 of the reasons that the reason where there but
to think that I except for there is up to this book from the passengers uses that artists copying various his this point is also similar to Ali it's not so much about pattern thing they can taking a further than what was the original so an example is I never Cohen's the label rabbit
and this was in 1986 and then we have another artist and but can be interpreted that this style His name is while the deflator and it's the same thing but I think it takes a step further than than you would his all point there is and I always think that God is about ideas and surely the idea of an original and a copy of the different so even if you copy something and it's still going to be different than the than the original so you might you might not take it any further it's it's just a 1 copy at the that in China
these guys and obviously they just have last words the thinking images copy 101 but even if you never copies a little bit different they have different there than for so I don't think in in the analog world it's not a perfect of in your world no we got a computing and this is obviously maybe not
so obvious that it you jobs to use the heavier and then Steve Jobs and Apple in known repeated experience stuff and then using that the 1st mouse was in 19 for
invented by Jack spot the buyer and then AppelTalk that it's the job saw that that uses the interview the new paradigm
an ideal this at this most of the 19 and
you so it is basically a one-to-one copy the idea is the same but it's a little bit of but if we take a little further with their own so maybe might have seen this is from
uh the comparison between their products and bronchitis 6 yeah and research down the at have 2 copies of the 2 different similar things but I think I've is more inspired by by what interactions and in that you can definitely see it's from the same family and thinking that it also status and then a few commercialize
things basically that's where I think that's where advertising the largest but I think might be even advertising in general advertising makes that take in the Natalie I give
it back to work with original personal and I think you see that a lot of advertising words and that's why advertising so and a lot it so lands is not so culturally
relevant because it this just think of it chapter so here's a little history class computing the find evidence of what this
diagram from more Moore's law and basically said that every 2 years the amount of circuits can put on a chip going double the exponential whatever hinges computers and become more powerful cheaper and smaller and for me it's not so much about technology but it's about accessibility so them that when things get cheaper and smaller and more powerful more people have access to them so this is a picture of the 1 that topic from their upon the and this is the premise here is and you wanted to start it again but because movement where there's laptop in manufactures laptop a cost less than 100 dollars and they give it
away to 3rd world countries where we will countries would buy 5 the more people have access to the internet so that's like for me it was last obvious it's about technology but more for for me it's accessibility and I think that's the overlying back when you talk to the media really excited about knowledge but again it's really about a human connection I think we forget that
sometimes run devices any technology that allows us to have a deeper innovation connection with early humans those usually those technologies that can be adapted to that so let's look at the history of heating this a
1960 and here the European because this room and we don't have share so everyone have their own I'm lecture for people working on at the same time so you compute your access pretty and then in the 19 eighties and
most of us some of it can relate to where each person has a here but we just have 1 here personal yeah this is the area
where we have the following components Singapore here the point is
it's no longer just by having 1 here it's about having hundreds of years so potentially all of us have hundreds of years have given power he has telephone laptop I think that whatever may be we all have multiple people and is becoming smaller cheaper fast and that's what I personally think it's interesting this when when technology becomes pervasive disappears back so when when you woke up today and that those different answer United at its technology but that's something we forget about this this this is fact that's when technology and interesting when you think about it technology and I think that's also on a point where working together to knowledge stated very excited about knowledge and what the possibilities but I think always have bound but the human side with oxide that's what I think for me that's the heart technology into the water you you
usually you have enough money but the hot side it's more subjective body to nail but to go back to this house right now we're going now
in the 2 2000 I think removing I know a moving to of the woods pervasive feeding that into a computer to spring back
and here's a video from I mentioned that I and this is where the computer just follows with does and it's that it's just the input is just and I think that's 1 thing this when you don't have to think about going to sit down and that's here revenue models or when you can just act normal so Government is energy would want you to do that just isn't it
you have on the on the time to act as a kind of half the parents that the apparent that the apparent that the apparent that the entire time
after time after time after time after time agreed upon
contract that I can't learn from are
and in the light of the the the time of the 2 and and not the end they
decide the detectors this piece of light this is what symbolizes
information he put in something and then a bit and activities physical things that another trend that's happening right now our bodies the crossover digital and physical i think that's I'm happening with because computers are becoming cheaper for people from their computers actually use physical things that software the user rendering from an idea from I guess it's a design collective and basically the whole premises and we're going to create robots that are more like design of its American the robots that were used to bring the objects that just poorly designed and they can be powered by by living things like flies reminds is an example of the use of video messed robots
exploring both the esthetics and functionality that may elicit a symbiotic coexistence with people in their home the suit the domestic environments we have avoided the stereotypical look normally associated with
robots and adopted a contemporary design aspect In this way by operators exclusive furniture and household accessories the robots their energy from
a microbial fuel cells a device that uses an electrochemical reactions generate electricity from organic matter this organic
matter comprises flying insects in Rhode no longer a nuisance flies and mice become protagonists participants in domestic game of life with the human audience looking on anticipating the spectacular moment when the phrase captured and slowly transformed into moving
energy policy on the graphic display built into some of the object the robots or semi-autonomous and to a degree living entities that exist in a similar way to an exotic pet which a cycle that's it that provide adult form of entertainment competing with the spectacle of life the seen in
television programs such as 24 the brother or
what's what as consumers of these programs we have the
potential to be ripples engaged old boat there
are currently both as a series of 5 prototypes the Maastricht coffee table robot grams food that left on the table attract much to gain access to the table so our whole built into 1 oversized the motion activates Irish built into the tabletop the mouse falls into the microbial fuel cells as nature this generates the energy to our hours
motor sensor and a small graphic display out on
the front of the lampshade require large amounts of money to
attract this lampshade called based on a number of enabling access for the insects that escape eventually they expire and fall into the Microbial Fuel Cells under the this generates electricity
to power a series of LED is located at the bottom of the ship these are activated when the house lights turned up the comparable this robots and
produced by some of their with integrity lies that become trapped in the Web tracked by camera afternoon movement has been sensed the 10 minutes the robotic arm moves over the dead flies picks it up and dropped it into the receptacle above the microtubules this
generates electricity to partially power camera and robotic arm this robot is not self-sufficient and relies on the use flight killer
parasite robots supplement its energy needs you the flight to parasite we
microtubule so this has been the name of the show me like as the flies expire they fall into the fuel cell generating electricity that's stored in the capacitor bank this energy is made available to the stealing robot flypaper robotic what this
robot was applied the means of this paper is based on a roller mechanism at the base of the role of a scraper removes any captured in Sec these fall into the microtubule fuel cell placed underneath
electricity generated by the flies is used
to power both the motor learning the rollers and the
small LCD clock each robot will
evolve over time but it's programming and other interventions as host develops a relationship understanding of the robots required perhaps moving it from room to room review feeding it artificially energy levels of becoming ultimately this project is an exploration an alternative take to how we should live what we might expect and domestic robots and but they would say
for the project the beginning with the idea of what robots and how robot there's also sustainable state doesn't like this the microglia yields that is actually think that scientists are proposed will this thing the ability I don't think might have on that
most this is a review that whereas the from the
sixties something frame and the rest of data and in 2000 ability and the last 1 is that and that's where we're going between the 2 thousand and 1 and it's not so much but what you can do with it but it's more about accessibility
so as you know everything everything is going to be completed I think I am fully convinced that Lisa in media going happily and
and also physical things so that you guys have any chance to 3 D printers and 1 that it definitely know that manufacturing also has a has a limited lifetime so when everyone has 3 D printers around the corner at the local store there's a big printer where you can print things out and there's no reason have manufacturing the dissemination some something that you get of from the natural you know it's a chance that medical the music industry out and this Caterina Fake like they made photos social and I would say but also anyone visual tired and built but you know like all right but so photos of books as Amazon of phases the ship mark e-book straight out there may be printed 11 months this year car but the kind of total sustainable sport and you and you find out of it is but you have users 1 of the founders of test
test mates hundreds like parts based and lotus
platform interesting as well as dynamic has invested 30 million into the explaination you but I think that the spoken and made the way we interact with each other it's it's different now with interesting with the guys like this in gate and stuff all these guys are like super hardcore geeks but said I mean if you seen professor defined but I think most people that like hardcore programmers using if there's a part for program to many beards of of but I think hard core programmers have have a they can really relate to their bodies that as well written and like other people so the Earth and put it this way there various social I don't think there is social and as a sum of some of the people that are not programmers and it is the nature of the program and if you think about it is that the programmers will do the people that are kind dictating how we communicate with each other on the a lot of these guys on the Bill Gates had dropped thanks scholar ABC jobs that he kind and like them 1 in the so I think that's something we could think about was and then you can start programs yourself a really it down into what what this really means all these but only each all
these programs are dictating analyze how would you think at any rate have some issues with a mean of a light that same and you know what we're used to like is what they came up with a topic that socially of light so and then found
Dennis Crowley he's from Foursquare so rejection and this is the 2nd company first 1 with but that box but by Google so he's a million in many all
the federally on the job the iPad everyone think
patterns save the publishing history and I will see that happen and then the more important in all these you guys are all that other stuff is that because I like the fact that just because it shows that we embrace for people recognize that people actually communicating with these things that actually use I think the biggest thing was that brought about you won the election not just digital and embraced he was able to see the opportunity that you gave and I think that's something that Germany then note that IVC last level but it's a little harder but I think it's something that we have to recognize that people are
you have to use the of and a lot of time to work on so what this means I start the next edition of so what this means is that
there is an old scarcity and if it's old scarcity is computing and accessibility you could even they could be the
old scarcity is resources so before there is only the TV stations at 2 newspapers now that's change because with digital and there's more sort of resources available so that's going up to that's no longer scarcity on
German nothing on this is what I call the you know I have my mentor attention and often and that's that hasn't changed
we were still humans where we have to decide what's important for us and we only have 24 hours in the day but we have all the other things that distract that's something we have to to think about it as we have to make choices what's more important right you can get Facebook MySpace whatever to help friends that and that's bad and industry has the biggest implication for article things they don't really realize it and then 1 thing I also
believe in is a feature of life as the future blocked you still willing that's what I I can 1 often my diatribe with but that's not I think it's important that the 2 to comfortable and
we have to keep busy and keep trying things and and radon and show you examples of what I mean buyers and that becomes a latent just you know waiting for things to happen but
actually gone up trying to so many show examples of
work and this is from my wife Francisco she's a professor at the and that structure the University of ITER inhabit and she this together with the the programming informatics the problem basically what they do is he could explain better but they basically explore different ways you can use use of heating and textiles together and this it's not too much about it granted which I think about it and things wouldn't schools become very commercial but it's just but I think the you
the the of but the most of the of the of the of the of the
of the world has
it the whole thing could deal the blue you
have the look at the problem we and the at
the end of that thing
so what's what's interesting here is obviously all kind the the exhibition with but I think it's the hardest thing is what we're dealing with this so in this in this class that she had it's mostly textile students mostly rules textiles and then you have the programmer God we have 2 different cultures and that's the hard thing and I think that everything everyone in in the professional real world is doing that right now but he gathered digital people In this case programmers had get together but in this case x out you have 2 different cultures and that's 1 thing that thing is that 2 different cultures together this is that the
example is from an old does remind the giving and for
instance a as well but and this is dealing with all these examples and with what if we don't have and this is what
divides the board or a most whatever stuff that happens in the back of the idea of and in where that and I'm going to the what do you
think and and the and use that to you have to think about and I'm going to do that and you have and you do have and certainly in a and you have to do and
you have got to the end of the year and but so the idea there is
basically you have the as someone else in your room when you when they're in a different room and you know I have a look at the TV screen or the at of mobile device this next example is a project that we're together with the university as well as my my wife and will not be of you the idea was how can we create an input devices make something that's aware of some the just and the device would be we just so I'm not going to show the whole thing but that's kind of with I'm basically was when a large project we build these kinds of and we use and and technology so it's centers and how do we know dozens of part that word and the but also working together with with textile and noted that is in some from that and is the focus of 1 thing this wonderland
Spanish you which is creating you company so these things hanging from the from the ceiling and she was having problems so what should the interaction you know what's that interaction in basic my my by stability of the think of real world situations like so if you get close to the child the child and the child is a newly slow Coudenhove really fast so that we can change and that's something I think we have tried to body your technology stocks metaphors of art them characteristics and this is kind of process so he she
did that the market mentioned that this ratio and then
scale prototype of an and then we actually build this up
so it's quite a lot and then use that is being the closer you
get to it would be that and that the way it can be the best of a lot it that's so the next example is from arms associate you and a lot artists
are able to work with technology not because it is cheaper and there are framework heard stuff that's available and you were so out of frameworks and yet we know us inward and in this case he created I guess a school of mirrors and they would basically about awareness so when you when you move around the mere follow you but a video the and and
and in and out of are you going to the other and all
I I uh on the the right and what not enough time to do it and I'm have I'm I'm my role Moo-Hong and down with nature is
also the area of knowledge In the following look through the rest although I think we're not asking great but we come up with you interact words were based basing a lot of our models of the stuff when there's a lot more opportunities have never so I think have to asking the right question so my theory is basically old things times technology will fail that it's not so much about the technology of the behavior so it's not that will now of thinking and new behavior so a lot of time have to do it for anything you want that's that's for sure work we tried it they try to take the old model that have been at it just something you wait Will it now that's usually give example is these 2
girls from college in the US this is what we call a continuous partial attention never really focused and nobody gets
have a telephone you know and when you sitting with your girlfriend or boyfriend independent but on and on main 109 and here in this case is this is this is reality and so on what you really focusing almost little of everything a little enough it so here we just a circle 6 things that happen and they they could actually talk about it well so Moore's law again maybe the greatest asset or a worst strategy when things become cheaper and more powerful and more pervasive and things are be all the way so is another theory and yesterday it was about applications and interfaces as of form and function it was about but today as we move ahead in to the pervasive more about transmedia system so things that are spread out in different areas of the media interoperability
ability ability so things have to work together yet the book binding so that's about to parameters by having a good if the either just kind things and then athletes about it it's not so
much of the where telephone has interface to talk about the whole screen so and there's obviously there's going to be exact because of
this well troller performance function theory role the forms of and now it's more about the this findability and having things work so on the rapid here use of you got here it
comes down to trying to expose yourself the best things that humans have done and try to bring those things in what you do the Picasso hadiths sayings and good artists copies great artists you and we have you know always but in shameless about stealing great ideas and I think part of what we made the Mac OS grade was that the people working on it were musicians and poets and artists and zoologists and historians who also happen to be the best computer scientists in the world and that's in part because it some of you might heard this term to shape the land but I think that's true I think people that have a very strong vertical axis so like this case computer science but also very interested in music and poet right important but that is interesting but actually doing it and that's what we that's what we call and that's where this term is also coming
from an idea called T-shaped people I think those are the people that are going to be doing things in the future stack and the people that focused on 1 thing but the thing to be the people that have empathy with other people this like words what but also 1 the 1 that's a mighty shape with the library the design of the mind of horizontal axis is the I have not your program so I can program very well at all but I tried and I I think that's the goal I think you have to try it you don't try to stop that would help FIL you people get so remember there's 3 things remember but I think we need that still things more often but also taken to a new place not just what you think but I'm taking things we know and then is really working on those things the until I think we need to make things I think we become very complacent and we were were satisfied work what's being offered but but you can actually produce something that you don't really have a a choice you're given the last think it's the question that think a lot of times people looking for the right
answer but in the end it's all about that it's all about much think you we don't question of and of the also become later when you have latent static in search so shall achieved or in
other words but many things you shall be tough no
area thank you and EU and out