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no I hand is a the an
you know everybody from this talk is going to be in English and that's alright I hope I mean I was getting ready over them so um yes my name is then you and I'm going to talk a bit about open leaks from when I prepared this talk and had a look at the conference program some of them that the description for the panel that we're having this afternoon and includes a short passage on open leaks as well and that passage basically is is wrong as you can get it so I kind of thought that there still seems to be some need to actually explain what it is that we're working on so I tried to to cover a couple of different parts so yes when I started to to prepare the size
of the talk wasn't always so we're gonna have to rush it a little bit from whatever time in the end of I need after half an hour I will just copy it from Peter that's following up on me and hopefully we will have enough time to go through the talk completely so there will be 4 topics that I going to cover in the talk from hopefully this will give you an idea of why we are working on this project and with what the statuses so I'll begin with where we are coming from and this is basically a shot with a shot excerpt of the lessons learnt and the basis for why we think some the project we are implementing is any good at all and what the basis for it should be but then I want to describe where actually we're headed so what is the long-term vision of this project and what is it that we're trying to implement and I'll try to explain how we will get there so what do the tools like that we are implementing it at the moment and actually where are we at the moment and I think this might be the most
interesting part of it is that I think it should be said at this point in time where the delay that's not a secret from people are complaining that we we're not started yet so I that list like to tell you where we are and why we are them at this stage and not the other way so that's beginning and the basic lessons learned this the 1st 1 is about the potential
of this whole story so what we found out in the last few years is that whistleblowing on the internet has a great potential and there's lots of courageous people out there that have information that they would want to pass on them and that opens up a lot of potential for society and that potential is probably needed more than it's than ever on the world is becoming more complex there are so many things happening in secrecy that none of us know about that are rotting over time and whenever they come to light we found out we could have prevented what's happening if we just had known about it a bit earlier Digital whistleblowing in that sense so the whistleblowing that is happening on the Internet is much more than just Cablegate that's what from all the people that I not familiar with this topic other than the more popular releases in the last
months have to understand it's not just those big releases it actually from the opposite on the real power of or whatever this can enable
is untapped as of now and we haven't found anyways yet to address corruption in small towns in small corporations in local area all those cases where something's going
on that we should bring to light but that is just not so attractive to the world press and that is just not another world record and secondly there's a lot of responsibility you have to bring into
such an interval that is what we learned from it requires response a responsible way to deal with topics even more than the classic form of reporting and this is basically because you're dealing with
unredacted or the eastern in some parts of that but raw information so it is not there's no not really an editorial process in the respect that somebody is writing a story and he's balancing that story and use them researching all the background but if you're into publishing of providing raw materials come to a wider audience than this requires completely different guidelines after which you work in a completely different set of ethics and standards so also and this is very important 1 of the lessons we learned is that you need responsible
behavior to dictate the rules so with the responsible behavior the way is the standards
after you are working on those standards must be paramount and it must not be high on or whatever
kind of what's happening on the internet the bars some
conspiracy theories or whatever that are influencing the way that you are working that have that have a say that but it should actually only be a good set of responsible standards that are driving your project and other dictating what's happening that responsibility requires a lot of
resources this is important to understand as well it requires having ethics and standards and it requires having expertise in being able to scale so if you are becoming very popular with such a project on and if whatever
you do really functions well then you will have a tremendous amount of work and in order to address that amount of work you need to have people that 1st of all we know all about this whole topic that have experience in what they're doing and in the same way you need to be able to have enough resources to scale up to what you are trying to achieve those
resources and this is very important to understand available it's not like we constantly such projects constantly would have to struggle and trying to find resources it's not like we don't have people that know how to deal with such material it's not like we don't have the expertise to
deal with all of that material what we need is to tap into these resources efficiently that's what 1 of these things that we are trying to implement here we're
not we don't want to reinvent the wheel loads by building up the biggest media cooperation of the biggest media project ever that is trying to answer all of this stuff in 1 project but we
actually trying to make an efficient solution that is tapping into existing expertise in existing resources the 3rd lesson that we've learned is that
all leaks require context and this is really important to understand if you just publish stuff on the internet it doesn't matter people with a few people might notice probably a lot of people that would notice are in this room but most others wouldn't and this is something I hope everybody here will understand at some point in time even though you think that it is very important that you just get access to some site that is publishing information it will not make
much of a difference because you need mechanisms how you bring this content into the heart of society and the heart of society is not the Internet community but these people that I just watching it o'clock news and maybe people that are just reading newspaper so this requires context and the context has to be established and this is
something that we are trying to address some as good as we can and there is something that has where we have focused on it should try to establish the context you will sooner or later find that you need set existing organizations like media organizations like
also citizen journalists as well I'm just whatever kind of projects that are working in the particular interest to inform the public and this can be a lot of different projects organizations now a couple of these organizations especially the media they faced what I call here the exclusivity dilemma so they will only report on something if they have an exclusive school here so if it is their story to break them if they are the 1st ones this is the only time when they will commit lot of resources for the research into a certain topic for example that's a really bad thing and I don't like this economy at
all and it's something we thought about a lot and I really it's kind of appalling but on the other hand it can be solved and this is what's become 1 of the things that we have
spent a lot of thought on and we've developed a mechanism how we can address the exclusivity dilemma how we can can give partners working with us some kind of exclusivity while still making sure that it doesn't harm anybody in it doesn't certainly doesn't harm the public and the information the public receives but I'll get into that and I am so distribution of leaks ideally from our perspective should just be a service features should be
available to as many people as possible it should not have a political agenda it should be just service as other services that we have in society so this is like delivering mail or the wing of providing whatever kind of content and in such a way we need a mechanism that can help to distribute information that is of importance to the public but that has some kind of privacy concerns or requires some specific security for its distribution so that approach requires service neutrality so similar to the whole net neutrality debate maybe we think that such a service should be in a neutral
position that it should be available to everybody and that it should be available to to everybody in the same fashion that should not discriminate between big media operations and or that might not have any money from another lesson and I'll not get into this too much
from that we've learned that too much power corrupts and a lot of power or absolute power corrupts absolutely so we need some kind of mechanisms to address the
problem of getting too powerful and in when running such an to prevent that this requires standards
again it requires clear roles and responsibilities that requires a definition of how you're actually going to be organized how you working
on who was responsible for what who is who has to be accountable and what kind of fashion and it requires thinking about these topics and establishing an organization that can address that so that requires a proper organization and this is as well as something we're
learning they're working on so it's also requiring basic funding and that's important for me to mention because if you planning on a project like this conservatively you don't actually need to much money you need some money I am I wouldn't deny that and we actually need for more money as well I wouldn't deny that either but if you really engineer such a
solution that can be made affordable and sustainable so it is not like you need infinite amount of money coming in because you necessarily have so much legal trouble that you have to pay a lot of lawyers all and in the same way you do not need where you can find solutions to to address operational costs as well it's not that expensive yes so what is it actually that way we
want to go so I'll try to some of the aims at our project is following in in that slide so we're trying to offer a robust data submission system that can pass on information from anonymous sources to a strong and diverse community of analysts researchers and published this is basically summing up what we are trying to do we offer technology so anonymous sources can get their information to people that can actually deal with that
information 1 it's similar to a digital drop box and maybe for Germans that are familiar with some of the
from in the functioning of a baby club up in the hospital here from it is that it's somewhat similar to a baby than it is to adjust to regular anonymous mailboxes the technology should provide for for robust security for both our sources and partners that we're working so security concerns and not just an issue
for the source primarily they are but they are also in times of of exploits being hidden in documents on all sorts of attacks if we can see on line sites they should also become from a consideration in respect to the security of apartments so whenever you receive a document you don't want some journalists that might not have a good and have virus software installed on that might know nothing about IT security you don't want that person to receive the document from that contains an exploit and this actually compromising a system that is handling whatever kind of confidential information so some kind of a research laptop or whatever so you you have to make sure to some extent that these machines are not being compromised either we're looking at this and there's a
typo in here we're looking at this was some kind of a holistic approach so what we are trying to build is a
solution that is not just the dressing putting online the website where you can upload something but that that is
actually looking at these requirements in the holistic way and that is trying to build a solution looking at the bigger picture here so technology that we are
developing should be accessible for and also for the media and for similar entities like so this can be all sorts of projects that I'm working with an interest to inform the public that is basically the goal that we're looking at him and we do not want to discriminate between the financial capabilities that these organizations have so in the past there's been some confusion about if we're trying to monetize this whole leaking business if
we are building a commercial solution here or whatever and we're not the services we are going to offer are going to be for free from that has always been the case and this will be the case what we want people to do is we want those organizations that are working with us that have resources that have financial flexibility to help some financing
this project by contributing resources so 1 of the biggest the biggest become problems in such a project is the operational costs but because that is something that's coming back every month and you have to pay the bills so we thought about maybe shifting part of this operational costs and this is mainly servers
and infrastructure and had expertise in the data center to shift part of that passed through the partners we are working so to these partners that have the possibility to cover such costs that's actually pretty attractive from a tax perspective for the partners we're working with because they can just write it off give some legal protections to these machines as well and it makes sure that also partners in our community that can tell they will help and they will also help in
sustaining those partners that have no money at all like maybe some smaller and yields similar so in that respect for the community of users of partners that we are building should not just be
uses it shouldn't just be clients customers or whatever using our technology but it should rather become a full-fledged collaborative community where the partners in our system have possibilities to work with each other as well and
to make sure that they can efficiently address the information that is coming in and make sure that it receives a lot of attention in the public so how are we going to go about it to achieve that 1st of all we are
creating a community so this will be some kind of a union of vested interests if you look at this in this community you will find out that it's a lot of
entities that in some cases have conflicting conflicting business interests that's a bit of the exclusivity problem I talked about before so 1 newspaper doesn't want another newspaper to be part of the same story because they are I they think that people want by the newspapers and they won't have this exclusive school anymore and so it's part of this whole media economy that you want to keep everybody else
out of the game and if you look at the current publications you will find out that this is part of the problem this is why there's only a few select newspapers that have access to the cables officially for example and a lot of the newspapers don't it's because those papers that have access they don't want any want anybody else to get access and that's a problem that's something you have to
circumvent some of that's an issue we have to find a solution for and that can be solved by by providing basic exclusivity and on the other hand also
providing some kind of synergy effects so in our case it will just plain the work that the source can give a document to a specific newspaper and they can say you can get you can get that document 2 weeks exclusively and these 2 weeks are determined by the sorts so a source can give it to them for 2 weeks and if these 2 weeks passed and the newspaper
doesn't act on it and they don't write a story article published a document and this document will be shared within our community with all the other partners and this dynamic will make sure that 1 another problem will have a look and that once school bus published other partners can still do the research with the raw
documents and it will also make sure that if there is a document that no 1 can take care of because it's legally problematic you will just need 1 project in our community that can take care of publishing all the stuff that is legally too risky for everybody else so it is this dynamic that I want everybody to think about for a bit because this is the basic misunderstanding you we're having him from this dynamic will make sure that more robust than ever
that information will come to the public light and that people will get access that you all of you all the bloggers and I don't know citizen journalists will get access to this information to write about that you can
still check out the press and the future and see if whatever story they published is any good because you will get access to the raw information so part
of this requires a fundamental research that is necessary from In order to actually just figure out what this whole field looks like and this is especially in respect to the partners we're working
we're entering a new unity and these partners need to find out technically as well as legally what is possible and what is required for them in order to build a good solution with us that requires sharing the knowledge so whatever kind of knowledge
we're building in this research process legally and technically it is going to be shared and it's not gonna be just shared in our community but we're actually going to share with the rest of the world so we will open up a knowledge database that is something that at the moment is taking a lot of time were opening up a knowledge database that contains whatever kind of experiences we find during the research and this will make sure that it's not just open that in the future will be able to address any kind of digital whistle-blowing and it's not just gonna be WikiLeaks either but it's gonna be other projects that can profit from this knowledge citing law harmony doesn't linking platforms are underway to be established from global leaks to green leaks or actually 2 different green
needs that we can see today this process leads and only and there's the transparency unit and Al-Jazeera and lots of newspapers are thinking about this and that's all a great thing because as with anything else in society you don't just want 1 solution you I mean you would want to have to have the pick you would want to have a choice to find a solution that you trust that sound good to you as source and then use that solutions and what has to be nature is that
the solutions actually work and the only way to make sure they work is by sharing knowledge and not just by by gate-keeping that by building up some kind of proprietary knowledge here but by sharing of knowledge and making sure that everybody can do it correctly if they wanted so the 2nd part is that we
are building a tool box and I think I have to speed up a bit and rebuilding a toolbox of time in the 1st part of that is a secure document submission systems this document submission system is what we all know as leaking platform today and we're actually going to build multiple of these because we're going to adapt this flexibly to the needs of the partners so every
partner that is working with us will get their own leaking platforms so this will have SCI it will have their branding it will have an item all input boxes where where some the patterns can ask for information from the source according to what they think should be asked so it's gonna be fully customized to what the media partner or in always want to know and probably green might ask you completely different things then then that's a media organization was so that the requirements for the use in organizations are completely different and you have to offer them the possibility to customize the front and they are offering resources secondly we're offering as
I have mentioned before synergy effects in the system because it will be so dynamic that documents are shared within the system and that makes sure that you can 1st of all get exclusive documents but you can also after have the time get access to information that was submitted to other parts of it so is is a benefit for someone that usually once exclusivity only that doesn't wanna cooperate then all is a benefit to cooperate in the community and not just to build for everybody to build their own
solutions all of that is decided on by the source this is something that is very important on us because we are trying to give as much power back to the source is possible the source can select what media should get the document and the source will be
able to say how long that document should remain exclusively with that media organization with or without NGO so they get a lot of power in the flow of the process in our system were also authoring tools for secure document screening verification and analysis and this is an environment that we are working on that the partners can use to access the documents sent them to read them to do research and also to to write up analysis as well as collaborate so the partners in our system will be able to get in touch with each other so they find out it's and it's a document that has international relevance they can talk to other
partners from other countries if they find out it's a document that is pertaining to a very specific area and to a very specific from field of
society where they don't have some specialists they can get in touch with the same all that knows about this area so what we want people to be able to team up to build a robust network that can actually work on things together and this will mean basically
that we're building 2 types of users in our system and 1 is the read write of them and that is a partner that can receive documents and can also then decide to publish these documents and these are the let's say the regular partners we're working with but as we don't
want to keep everybody else out of the loop that we have
building what we call a read-only access and this means that other entities and their can be progress of citizen journalists or other organizations as well that you can get access to this pool of information so if your if your
interest is just to make sure that interesting documents have been published you can just get and read access to the pool of documents and can make sure that you have been distributing that information and that you can make sure come as an independent control mechanism that nothing remains unpublished that should be so again we're not locking anybody else we're not building some super exclusive community media but we actually trying to do something that is as open as possible so the essence of the essence of what we are aiming
at 1 is that we will enable anonymous sources to submit information to about 100 different organizations that is let's say the
scalability of our them but that the maximum scalability that we can see today is about 100 organizations maybe when when we're going on with the development of this turns out to be wrong and should has to be corrected reported on what's but I'm at the moment this is what it looks like and we are aiming at a 50 50 split between NGO the apartments so again it is not in a solution that is going to be built for exclusive media only for all the big players or whatever as it has been understood but it's rather a solution that is trying to find a very strict balance between NGO was that are strictly in working in the interest of among commercial interests and media entities that might have some commercial interests and it's going to be a good balance I guess so these organizations have experiences and resources to deal with documents again that is very important because as you will never get a proper context and you will never be able to carry these documents into the hearts of society and the dynamics of system of our system will make sure that the
information cannot be withheld by particular interest this again is due to the flow of information in our system it will always see the light the document flow and distribution can be defined by the source and the information because of that will get very closely to where people care for this particular kind of information so you as a source you can pick your local newspaper or regional newspapers because you know a certain story would matter to them and if you know about an environmental scandal you can go to bring peace because you feel like Greenpeace would be the ones to address it and this is how to get information to someone
that actually cares for it in the 1st place so I how do
we get there this is in split up in in 3 parts so we have an organizational angle here that I like to talk about the technical angle and the financial angle in respect to the organization which teaming up so we're at the moment launching or out
of stage hopefully soon with the 1st 6 departments that we are working on and as soon as that is that we are going to get in touch with everybody else that has contacted us in the meantime that wants
to become a popular and there are tons of organizations so please don't feel ignored if you have received any if you have not received any reply and we're working on this disposing step by step and we wanna finish the alpha phase go like make sure that you always see something actually happening before we start discussing the next phase of discussing negotiations with them new partners and that's it
takes a lot of time this is the biggest problem that we have secondly the public all of you will have a say in the final compilation of all partners we're not gonna select these 100 organizations just all by ourselves but actually we're trying to make a public vote because we want to work with organizations that all of you trust that the people that have information us so we want to establish some kind of voting mechanisms where about 50 % of the organizations we work with can be determined by a public vote where you can suggest saying look this is a good organization working on corruption in in water and high corruption in a small town or and this is a good national nationwide initiative protecting whistleblowers or whatever so please let this and organization come aboard and they will be up for for vote and if enough people vote for them and we will find that say a consensual way to work this out come in respect to technical development the implementation of the submission system naturally is the 1st step and this is something that has been 1 is completed so there's only detail that has to be figured out here the that's
a system that has to be adapted to partners and this is partly what is taking some time at the moment because it all needs to be coordinated we are also implementing tools as a set of before some tools to access these kind of documents to access
documents from in know that's a secure research environment that we are providing and also have the ability to work with them as needed and that is just to look at them in the same way as it is through maybe discuss
a particular document with other partners be able
to provide feedback to a document also maybe to be able to do do redactions on the particular document if there are names of people that should not be so this is just a practical example of what has to be considered as well with building anonymously
mechanisms for sources so there's a lot of technical development going on to strengthen the moment anonymity for the sources we're working with and that is while maximizing the accountability and transparency in the way that partners are working with that material so we want to make sure that if something goes wrong in the system not with 1 of the
sources within the system and in the process of carefully and responsibly handling information if something goes wrong there that we actually have the possibilities to see what has happened and to find out if somebody has done something malicious so we're building some kind of transparency and accountability accountability mechanisms within our systems to make sure that the partners especially the media we are working with our work thoroughly and responsibly and not just maybe irresponsibly because they don't invest enough time or it's cheaper and not to do so or something similar some financially resulting
is going slowly step by step and this is very important for us because we actually found out that it doesn't help you if you have a lot of money and if you're still stuck in the project that doesn't go forward so we are at
the moment more focused focusing on moving forward and raising funds and we're not again we're not taking any money from partners but we're taking resources and that is much more efficient than establishing some kind of money flowing than justifying what to spend it on and it's much easier it's much more transparent and it's much more efficient and we also can accept donations so we have a flatter
bottom feeders gonna talk about also flatter minute anyway so whatever doesn't know what that is will find out soon it Peter can't explain it to you and I think he has some some third-party resources can try explaining it to you but you'll see in a 2nd time and we're going offer some other methods Methods for the nation's as well as this goes with all the organizational
development so we need some time to build all of this out and this is in the same way that our Organization grows we're going to offer more possibilities to support us I guess that at this stage thanks a lot for about 600 euros that people have fled us already so we were kind of shocked seeing this work let's positively really positively surprised because we haven't actually asked for anything at all and we just have this that pattern and it seems like at least a few people have been helping us all to come so thanks a lot for that it was really helpful in acquiring some of the way we need and helps not to have to invest so much private money at the moment and
yes we're working on something called fellowships so however you want to put that so we're looking from to
establish mechanisms how you can help people can more directly from the particular parts of all
operations so you can do not adopt adopt and all his staff or you can you can adopt the server or whatever so we're looking at different models of how you can very directly support a particular angle of the project but making this very transparent and leaving it up to you what kind of thing that you would like to and then there's some has been much talk about this already there's gonna be a foundation for the much bigger
picture that's something we're working on here in Germany and I hope that's gonna happen sometimes what
somewhere so we would like to create an NGO and lobbying organization that is representing the people's voice in this whole transparencies debate and this is something I think that is very important because we as citizens and we will have to have a voice in how this whole topic on this
whole these these issues around transparency and about secrecy and the right secrecy as well as the right to use this sequence and we as a people we will have to have a say in that because of that debate is gonna developed modern or not in the way that it is beneficial for us so such a foundation could also help to fund various transparency related projects and that might also include all project yeah so too does that what is it that we have we have at the moment and why is it taking so long and why do we start to look like labor there's a couple of
people are saying so we're we're busy that's basically the point that we basically so busy that we even have managed to finish a couple of blocks so I started 3 block posts along that on topics that I thought should be covered where result we give you all in an update on our log and they're just not finished because 1st all I keep them going from conference to conference and it's a really hard decision to say I'm missing a certain opportunity to explain to people what it is that we are doing I could have said that report because not as important size rather finish writing the but I think this is the wrong approach is very important as well to make all of you understand what it is that we are doing so I'm here and not writing a blog posts were finishing up 1 of our specification documents for the partners or whatever on another you you don't really mind so please give us some more time and we are working on this and it requires a lot of
research it requires building a proper fundamental for this whole thing we are not the hotshot kind of project that is supposed to run tomorrow and then run for half a year become incredibly famous and the not function more but we actually trying to build a solution that sustainable so it is not about putting online submission system where all of you can see on nowadays finally there's
another possibility in where everybody can leak material and then people start of the material and it's going to be published by tomorrow you're not going to talk about it again I mean just look at it in the last year just look at what happens it had put all of these publications have created such a big height it created such a high and they were in the news for days or weeks but nothing really has happened as a long term kind of effects so we need to find and this is the user was record kind of publications how do you make sure that the small stuff doesn't drama that actually something happens all of that most and this requires a fundamental it requires more than just the submission platforms so it is about putting this all in a solid fundamentals and that requires the technical development of all of that is progressing fast as a set whole submission part for example is almost finished some of this blue browser
so this working environment that we are going to offer to the media and the NGO partners we're working with so this is adequate stages where this is where we
require more feedback and this takes just takes time to do it properly and to make sure that you are actually communicating with those people that should use some them so sorry the submission system as well as school browser up partly finished and about ready for the 1st test from India so I hope within the
next 2 weeks we can finally see that happen and going public in a way that you can see it happen and not just that coordination is a step takes time and
yet we're building all the resources to address these issues as well so all of them I have realized that we all have realized a few weeks ago that I personally for example am a bottleneck so I'm trying to get rid of my own own bottleneck by distributing whatever responsibilities I have more people that this will take some time and it's just part of building a project with a view has ever built project started
something them might know that these are typical problems so I hope you will understand that I'm sure some of them the sympathy yeah so that was basically the
introduction and as it was written in a newspaper in 2012 and it took as long as it took and it was worth waiting so long and I hope you all agree to that and thanks for your interest in our work things for listening here and we're looking forward to the working with all of you the various and there's some contact information and where those has more questions I hope I haven't confused more than I have explained some the no I'm around afterwards so thanks a lot and on the other hand over to appear in the eye yeah variables and back here implicit polite Gamma variance function and click on on this problem at the end of the nearly that well
on and on and the kind of