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MAWEN: Mathematical Working Environment for Blind Users


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dear ladies and gentlemen at the center of the lady with the missus chairman this gentleman fall of any kind introduction of minds thank you Misses In Jones USA Inc my mother used to go right into the minds of many of the national uniform already mentioned prominently as 1 of those most experimental software initiatives that particularly which of the CIA's system described in the Glass distracted former unless the official count on and off the floor because I don't have that I'm doing nothing major hasn't Canadian institutions here about two-thirds all and the considerations it still possible in general although I do think there future of of time there a distant part of the right shoulder I'm thinking but pointing out that the problems that men the fastest runner In the problem of access to American Medical News which schools and things like that so much lost talking about this nationalization of the national and presentation problem however who presented the National contends that it is not the right thing this problem on Net talking about the world by those who have long achieved this problem of getting past the expression is very hard to use expression that you only can do it in the end of the year most the next even more complex is problem of carrying out with the task this is a losing sight of the the development utilization of passionate love of development in conjunction with your interest in it also and the wrong he is proud of publication society and that would be Bloomberg that you they are losing money the government holds cited the along one-dimensional graphical cold and rely the the most of the time were how out the new case especially you How do students or pupils mathematical communicates to any scientists teacher and the idea of a mountain of Boston views the represents the major this year and until this In the course of the EU funded project meeting called the 2004 and thousands of Boston Yukon the group said it was like far are not only concerned with the amenities was much more general strolled along with Americans where environment amount was 1 of the applications that should result of and form from this for instance reasons for the reason and quite limited resources we will also hold the explanation of why he only managed to get an experimental rather than in a completely out of the use of the product of the ideas and results from the light and medium national no other details
features of 1st very important features synchronized presentations of off-form lost the radio address most of the time means that mothers and I'll see you To have mathematical formulae presented simultaneously but also promises to be In both former asked for a blind individuals you have it in writing and for long and forests and individuality teacher you have on the on the screen the 2nd the ship that could it be the first one is called bi-directional pointing possibly models this year and this means what the lines into he warned that his spot in the formula for instance in order to show it my future wife cannot understand a square blocks means then I can do it by using my balance (left parenthesis straight after .period that facilitates the sentencing portion of my formula is higher than it is on the screen for his teacher so that you can see what it was killings show to him get around to it but also effective teacher wants to show something to me for instance scenes where the answer of states where and when see scored did feature just highlights the scenes were entered pointing mechanism directs library person except between disease and highlights its binding on the methods used in marine namely under the highlighted material With the lonely and used this is the importance of collaboration next thing is that the future navigation support from home collapsed and expand similar told the that are currently in programming system works and you can constitute part of the formal such only essentials are visible to you and that you want to know more than just the initial Yukon again the it's hard the essentials from all continents and this can be done on Monday led level skier I mean Bloomberg now next in this many violations of art when when I was a kid combines aspects of the organizing some holds the key future off manipulations of all by writing of cultures the and this is that kind of stuff that lets you go who is special kind of calculation is that the fund and the the you ask that you have to generate system that the task of calculating reforms will finally means but the that's the essence of the Eastern memory take so that the man on the phone who wish the key "quotation mark easier these are the key to just perhaps I have to to 1 or the other during the pendency now but only
talk about synchronization
I always talked about original 1 but I would
like to take it into law intuition about collapse and expand on what are you have options Robert there you are this is the right
1 what are the advantages of collapse and the 1st function is called collapsed all all of the functions of our former national cause musical collapse although formalized as small as can be fined the sum of 2 fractions it's just some it is what of fraction of electoral opportunities it just fractions it's just proved just just this route because of the 6 pound following the state's pounded to its maximum length and therefore also do maximum level detail the next functionaries last selection these collapse only part of those parts of the former there are currently used in the study .period it has elections the opposition and that was his last election 1 level an expansive section 1 of those collapsed in the past as a peaceful formula only by what level there and not fully because I can show those factions on the demonstrations if time there
the very much you manufacturers export value the use of the miniaturization and tall but it's important for
me 2 tell us something about the future of our military but what would you like it or you do these things important to you To that distinct improvements of modern To the best of developments that future book from the it's this expense currently must be stress at the time in terms of 2 to 3 prototypes of a lot time for America's synchronization and therefore manipulation which are a implemented by completely different technologies and would like to invite you to walk program so solid and each shot 2 candidates of the but the advantages of things but I wanted to be I'm reflecting increased the performance of the system especially the synchronization met recognition of the components spots because is using repeated calls the which is in the sense the floor to especially another important thing is that more than Louisiana without because of the fact that no I mentioned before In the system and I will also To that extent is given by the existence of included all models and more here is a little more than models which exist the possibility of tourists between columns unions that has I don't know what to do and the because energy is currently going be mentally ready and last but not least to I didn't want information without use for example the American Task Force on everything from politics much more immediate and very important manifestation of what has been made to figure out which used to teach all forms of human trafficking favorite told the societies in which way he manages books that is a lot of attention and questions afterward I know I know also in my but means all new few
Product (category theory)
Presentation of a group
Multiplication sign
Projective plane
Student's t-test
Cartesian coordinate system
Local Group
Computer animation
Thermodynamisches System
Lattice (order)
Right angle
Uniform space
Amenable group
Physical system
Computer programming
Block (periodic table)
State of matter
Chemical equation
Multiplication sign
Mathematical model
Line (geometry)
Mechanism design
Computer animation
Well-formed formula
Order (biology)
Square number
Energy level
Physical system
Computer animation
Physical law
Expandierender Graph
Right angle
Musical ensemble
Observational study
State of matter
Multiplication sign
Sheaf (mathematics)
Functional (mathematics)
Fraction (mathematics)
Maxima and minima
Computer animation
Well-formed formula
Energy level
Selectivity (electronic)
Field extension
Computer animation
Term (mathematics)
Stress (mechanics)
Multiplication sign
Connectivity (graph theory)
Solid geometry
Mathematical model
Bilinear form
Food energy
Physical system


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Title MAWEN: Mathematical Working Environment for Blind Users
Title of Series Math for blind 2008
Part Number 12
Number of Parts 19
Author Stoeger, Bernhard
License CC Attribution 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/21328
Publisher River Valley TV
Release Date 2012
Language English

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Subject Area Mathematics
Abstract Within the EC funded project MICOLE, several ideas for a multi-modal and collaborative software solution to support blind people in accessing, but also in actually doing mathematics were formulated. We shall outline these ideas and demonstrate two prototypes that have been developed within the project.


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