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Math Accessibility and MathPlayer
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MathPlayer is a free plug-in to Internet Explorer that visually and aurally renders MathML in web. MathPlayer was first released many years ago, but starting with Version 2.0 and enhanced in Version 2.1, it incorporates accessibility features.
Computer animation Lattice (order) Power (physics)
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chair of the 1st meeting we had a parasite managed .period figures and create quite a sensation when it blew them says that in realizes that with only 110 speakers of the 2 20 developed said discovered that lot of power completely here so they really somebody else at the blood of movement and so on and I apologize to those of you who have been previous accidents workshops this is going to be a little bit of review board for those who have been that but if you were sleeping there my possibly get a chance to hear it again so I'm going to
go through an outline of what I mean by that that's all that because that would be talking about a particular type map accessibility to the fact that sort problem that I'm trying to solve 1 of the automatically features 1 talking about how office where the maps on issues of free media that contain machinations of the things that working on so
background Microsoft is studying 2 years back to the Commission another company to study on how many users have the ability and what types of disabilities they have so 1 of the interesting thing was that people don't for the most part consider themselves disabled they might have parents and a little bit trouble reading the screen that might have trouble reading the newspaper hearing things but they don't consider that possibility so the term that they used consistently with the care they found that 60 per cent of working-age adults have some sort of mild or severe Paris known for example that we might need to wear glasses to see them so that's the screen will not be at the head of the regional especially the last 25 per cent of the parents of vision related talks and uses them use computers have accessibility happily accessibility features such as increasing the font size and changing the contract to special you were there and I heard using regular the war so the focus on and I have to think that everybody in this part of the conference is going to have to France's ability the blindness for vision and I don't know of anybody else is going to talk about learning disabilities that group that's about thousand times larger people with just a little vision or blindness issues so it's a very large group is 1 of the things from vendors .period argued that actually proves that it is large enough that there a basis that you could actually to make products and potentially make money on the estimated that 10 55 to 59 per cent of the population has learned disabilities that could be dealt with computer technology that actually scared a lot of publishers of textbooks because there special laws concerning people in schools both In the United States and elsewhere that allows them to get special access to otherwise copyrighted material and large changes in the population of the access it was stated book publishers of consisted of so the I
accessible matter at the time and that is going to be on mathematical expression of many other times might have grass on you might have drawn city happened geometry media described might have on occasions to show how 1 mathematical figure transforms into another I or you might have been at the center of our quest for each of them all of those are the types of that that our work and need to have solutions for but that's not what I'm interested the other scientists the wall where he's going to occur so they obviously shows that the refined in engineering and economics textbooks In all that students get high articles the work and fortunately the taxes several formats that that quite popular when the popular format should there Microsoft Word documents were factors in substance and this year the books of the popular but I going to focus on whether documents were removed I what I'm talking about today will have a little bit about the word of the year and then the last 1 major thing is you don't need to say this but I've just been surprised at the number of minimalist about whining that accessibility and Tucker crowd they would think about how we use while praising the professors sales of minerals and we're Napoli across the screen and even in some of the mass accessibility news groups at the time people say well only a few people need not accessibility so we understand that so that it's not the issue at the point I was trying to make is that every school every student is not blast virtually every day it's not just for young the somewhere else U.S. is saying there is free hours reading writing arithmetic and furious that translates into Italian given that they're not probably all odds the new crop those are the 3 basic topics of mass such as 1 of the secrets of and so it should be violence is no power thing stated the that basic accessibility issues and so when you look at the various user groups of blunders of the the group that a lot of people you're focused on it's a very small group of during World War II and of course there's the ability of companies the security expression or in the prelude usually the bread translation of navigation is also working don't want to have a listen to the map expression from beginning to end just like don't want to listen to an entire document from beginning to end and if you have a vision difficulties that are less severe being demanded by the Supreme Court the people have color contrast said speech navigation help reinforce what may see but you may not see so clearly so there's a catch that's typical from I need not have occasion to magnification with speech as a support to onscreen readers and that's what happened a number of accessible technology vendors that was support for and lastly the natural learning disabilities is a huge group on the main ones the focus here is on the dyslexia where as speech the words are highlighted 1 by 1 and that highlighting strong focus of their attention in polls along with the ability to feed itself there have been studies whether for math and planning for reading and that is all the efforts I thought that was the only reason expected the woman's life I should say that I'm hoping
to demonstrate that the data this morning when I tried and tried it out to to show it wasn't working and as you know you have the proper remedy it's so we are designs on the freedom of the people not what works for Internet Explorer and what it does is it displays the map it's encoded in what for that matter on a little bit about later on and elected 1 of the things that that is not going find science and also to large print them out of the water quality in the allows the magnification of individual expressions of of love and synchronize files supporters of speech in multiple styles of speech that supports multiple languages and have problems in raids in exchange for the volume changes To make matters more understandable what we have to form different types of forms of breast support and ensure that in a moment so this is a page
or whether it was mastermind this is a simple expression on his beat Mac if you have a screen readers that his job was to analyze what you just said the maximum salary was attacked in disputes the most translation transition moving the but it's not great credentials on the menu item the hearing anything from the text of the structural class every so but this year it was finally put this figure just down the road library of about them once and for all the and I think I can the structural at crossed morals Cross City ended he was structured acts and structural Robert Evans structures such as I those in the Buddha the events of so many times at the home of the brave laid the ball in half 2 of them actually and I said love speakers at the prison about 300 people the latest in a long time but I see this as well and we don't get all so I think that this that it is magnified by saying this sigh the bomb this page book this the word L so what individually
magnified this particular pressure so if you have a page with Mahoney would normally set page that we everything as normal size you might want to use multiply I also think about it when it comes to to a vote In but from the move 2 and was I want to the request so tried speech again crossed sold Bloomberg also struck a new but talking to himself so you can individually magnified because you might have suffered restricts whatever which traditionally are shown in the smaller size of the ability of individuals indicted by the
expression is useful that was 1 of the reasons to support multiple styles of speech top managers that and we also support different types of brain 110 Breillat we support this is not to John Nevada and he West technologies is not here today is that the system he invented called got lost it so it's users Brailsford the letters and numbers but for the Mac In displayed with a sort of graphical nature of the matters raised got so you have this worrying signs will actually feel like this were resigned and you'll have to conventional division with a long time in the field of non-standard Braille it was my understanding is that your excellent wherever you're very strange to be in a move up and down but not out provision for a reader particularly not provision that the broke and senior mathematical notation 40 lost sight of that apparently relatively uniform me learn I think we also support other brand translated so that you can brokers to and release other ones Donnie Eichenwald will show his translator that we connected to also go again for demonstration purposes I can show on the screen during the normal and that is something will play so
here's another approach for the rail and advice which this year the don't want to take away nominees thunder but this'll the French and the Americans those of French bro "quotation mark to use of you have multiple languages where there are
a lot of this type is actually I support for things that other people don't help me out 1 of which was the type translations of obliterated and the about in her name and should be occupied by running on to this so we support currently Spanish Chinese Italian and German thanks to their hard and greed and so here's some examples of the other
languages so you can choose the when start the German line that takes a moment as the computers which is the beach engines and this is the world's oldest laughter that the other was 8 years old so it you that it probably has its own issues this book that's what normally by the way synchronized synchronously highlights added speaking but thing that stopped working this morning and haven't started to talk and the we try a different 1 it's a this was working
this morning the majority of expression parenting Hackney but the solar the wine last nite when I went over my time at home it's the 1st time I've ever had a real problem and it does multiple languages that they said the problem of so
I apologize to the Lebanese loan was so for those
the languages other than the 5 languages that are listed here it takes about 150 works to translate the 74 descriptions of this is going to do translations plus about 20 800 characters from Apple which the 500 or so the use of Larry King 1 of those injured intestinal Oregon is due the character translations but if you'd like to get a translation into your language that I love to talk to you about that make it happen and what the I don't
wanted to mention different styles of speech so what the the end of the match that a it's a very happy there are appreciated so so once the speech synthesis to work
use of English poet to balance the fracture right now
and think so From what style of speech is a style of the redeveloped grammatical errors to the relatively simple former speaking that's dangerous and so that's the way it is over here the students 2 the solar plants and wind from English a fraction of a lot of work in this novel Wallstreet treated anywhere this as well the back of putin suffering the from lack of sleep yes I demonstration outside so what style of speech is resembles that of those that these days on the Net Brown 1 of the things that I never properly announcing the level the number the nesting level of fractions the less you express fraction as I have spoken and so that's a very different styles the naturally support that we support the other side
speech to 1 of the things about Asian languages to be that they practice this year the denominator 1st and then the numerator and so that the things that change of policy when we go to to a game of the year in this work that of of however offer this service center however have now and so you're a
word of it have Samatha along with of this is not will not fight and that the most common and it it happened during their life as it handled this is to show that it's not the standard and there is no change in the Union I would like to actually happened
that could the old at all said they would back
the exchange and then I'm going to say this document out and the weather With the it was asked me whether I want to say that
I need to make sure it's not it's not and also yeah the the
document now and again this year all computers sold my it's almost like and now agree on the web page of the Business
Florida about all of this is still
the same In this leopard it
is using the man so all I began to go ahead and it's not going the "quotation mark was trying to do something but nothing work with the same problems probably the that's yeah I'm not going to do that so that's how we can use our right at the Festival of the Dead this is so I'm going back to that and
even talk freely about working on trying to make this work out for words don't have directly convert converted wear a so what yeah in final won't have to go through the a generation of people get into the same sort of thing about where he stated that he had not Monday yet the document it is properly this
is the right 1 here a
PDF-document and he goes to the polls well so you normally read I didn't really terrible where the animals showing where they some better but we did not play so that this way so that again the speedy spread this is Pierre knows about Latin America are actually trying to read the standard will to fractions an action that would work this time thanks to this so the only time in your life and you will see more accessible media unless they know that the glacier that use the same underlying code Japan's and or here so the thing is that unfortunately there about while there are exactly 2 documents in the world this year 1 of the worst that war and this is the time we wrote on that side so that when it's safe the document stated that madam unfortunately every after work he has these words have used piano maker to revert you so every version of Word had given Boston about how this works in of the Agni it is about to we found was that there were 2 thousand 2 things that actually worked so matchmakers were agreed some documents and no longer work so this may only be allowed ability that but it gave us a sense of how much work it would be to try and it was really means a lot but if we do that potentially great weight publishers produce around here that's really accessible again choose speech Jews the language and used the Braille and were going to be a doctor let us the example of
lastly some prior work is about the extent of his work is working on a plan to get more languages in the United States I'm going to try these people have more languages and more support working toward the books on that day the song is going to be presented start about the part that Back in the pipeline that will produce for the book and we've done that .period and I've been working on this subject specific things so rules such as management which turned up the 3 artist speed when we speak of her probably the rules of the dollar's worth EUR euros and the beginning of the end the metal so there's a lot our rules there geometry had a number of special forms to this work In the United States this is a a writer-director line I don't normally say in a way that the that will be the borrower this but you just don't work this normally last nite and this morning said today we already see approximately probability instead of (left parenthesis a part of the U glaciers it's a probability of a given the people and so on and so on it is useful to have inserted under interpretations of the match on the news contact happened over the years that worries me work from the subject areas on the the subject
so in summary and everyone has different color needed if you don't want to rewrite a document in the woods sir certain testing that Milosevic so you want the flexibility at the end of the year within their own choices but we collect anonymous statistics with Napoli the latest version of Apple that's out there is now a little bit over a year now when I accepted the league's ago find passed the 1 million mark for a number of expressions recognizes the technologies answers back where 2 . 1 release and that of 180 million expressions that were displayed on 7 million pages 7 it really is getting used map where is getting used even tho there is so much more work to be done and make didn't truly useful features in really shows people on death row because they're using it as you know it could be so much that and like a lot of concludes with what you know and I know that 2 groups in the design 1 of some technical people other than in a number that as science workshops over this year and to thank is it said a lot of work here is done by people workshops and formerly was just them so both you speak a language that was I my list please come to be a lot of thought about what you can to get a line your language supported and then for the people that actually are using existing technology is a very sad that the system technology vendors don't see map of the automation and they tell me over and over again the reason is none of the customers set out for what they they listen to their customers and because that's where the money comes from so if you use this technology it's up to you to contact the vendors whether John Dalton and when the Lizarazu using the Taliban map accessibility important you approve of the way all lined up and if you don't don't don't assume someone else that you have the result you tell him I want 1 now no response that use also going to do that is not happening here support some of the stuff that you can do to make things a lot better today that built if half questions make Europe here but it has fallen out of this policy or that the only thing we have to warm up a little bit of others and the you need get answer 1 of them is used to include all attitude especially to 1 1 obvious reason attack community on all this it's not a mail better with Woods Paul structures in are you here there a group member called the yeah you were universal accessibility that working on U.S. standard for what it requires made the document accessible and put it in the mail and the requirements for making also yes Michael it would be great you to generate documents because then we would have won the World recession and that the voluntary review the product based on that 1 of the National since then thank you very much if you could