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How to use JEM to educate about Accessible Science

Video in TIB AV-Portal: How to use JEM to educate about Accessible Science

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How to use JEM to educate about Accessible Science
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In this talk we describe the ways in which the JEM, Joining Educational Mathematics, thematic network can help in the efforts of educating about accessibility of science, and of mathematics in particular.
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and I think I was hoping it was going to France some of Jan Place in the scientists at the time of the year soldiers stands where it is what she was going to and that we have seen in the 4th over the animists actions if someone who belongs to the health of Christian and see that you talking to 1 another is not actually do something inside the building 2 Linda Fowler this year it was so I'm I'm at the University of Helsinki but actually it's the I think this is is the 1st time since the last warning but it from this is that some of the things that might happen in a year and that I am also manager of so let me just tell you it what is this actually the goal
was trying to combine the amazing expertise that we have collected over many years and would row have found each of these about year open-minded and actually have some what it's kind both enhanced the where the thinking the world users and that we will do it was wasn't back to the year and the idea was to be exact descending order has gone and we felt it was time the must work and use it I think the man so which also there are certain knowledge and provided the following things so complicated to deal Celestyna to used this to time Monday expanded because it's not so easy enough for you to come up with a language and then you have to let me well in the west of the nobody saw this that was the best thing to do the game so and then I was time to document what we will be to the Internet the development of themselves and they will not be used said that they are not the going to do it in the hands of the 1st to this some of these I don't think I can do under the
nose of a central factor in danger of going to have a little more what we need to know that we have known this notice which is going on in the week ahead of last year the name and the rest of the and there was not considered have you last week by itself will you know we'll never yeah know things like for virus and now we have lost in the office time let the rest of your out of this we have teachers educational institutions that I think it is better and we have a very large and the stands this is the moment when at the beginning of the end of the call Of all the expansion what do you say the it's so require widespread even if we have what is some this is a columnist for and that and also In other universities and examples of funding but we are thinking about no 1 will be it should be blamed for being so happy said this is actually something which is not the discussion we have the kind of the problem some of some the
details of the deal on the mountain just like physical science in 1988 educational program I want to and if there are on the way to go around for years about the it really got the idea of doing this the material so that I will call the following all these things and there are a number of conditions conducive for you so that you can and must be enhanced the on we are finally was aimed at you and which the mountains of travel and other things no at the end of the our school which was involved in January next year and will have to work in the schools but the usually In 1st the main
each the following boss of 1 of his and so on and so on you have a chance cash in on them and the handle all aspects of life in and most of of them various things you have reduced of the and was introduced to deliver 1 so this is the year I have a lot of work volume that this is a bit of many of the University of Hong by the 2nd half and then you have to listen to you G-8 institutional itself again the sources of while we it do so with just below although some of these things and thinking about I'm not there to here this year is lost here so there is no pressure on various issue based in Reston Va but also in the places that have a 1 Nunez is very happy with I am leaving albany this is what it is which will be offered in we have something do last year the government contended that the use of stem cells and yet and that we have the confidence vote agencies that work the duty of meetings for instance some of the profits the the something on the other hand that we have there you go despite the Standard and all the work that they do not so at and we have a new cases that is but you will get some this is not the case that the world body and we have to send the resources of the people please let me know what you think In the actions by the end of the year and provide some ideas but only at the very end of the year the extent to which the task of Patterson said the financing sources of the his feeling that there was going to be insulated from the nation's himself and by that so it is the Central Weather Channel not really more than much of the 20 years will life so I think that you can so now then the latter doing that well
we have to get some refinements in the interests of the people of promising to I was 1 you here and we actually so this is knowledge of this but Wednesday I had was with rise and in the of the match it's 1 thing that for the year and we had this said that the across the the 1st website so that I say think this is also well all right so the yeah question and if so will release the ball
well aware that this is the easiest thing to amid the interesting thing is just people there not only of was what so eating about and conceded that will send the ball and send them the that was used is the Argentine the extent to which the yet because this is this is all about this means that the watchword of the sale of some sometime in the Irish Times outside school but the thing that it wasn't the only sources of this in the and the announcement that is also was announced that testimony about it and will so we have to bounced around the world on the other hand the him so I think it will be at the resource is let you keep the ball in this is what we want also look for the sources that of the Athens hoping to begin an investigation has been of the most the this is all about it and I think some of the blind please stand in the way of using the same resources vacation and on that was on so that is the way it is in the air I hope a manage that is you know what we want to have happen on his way it is so and this is the view of the I think it's going to be easy sigh and I think this is something we have amended so that we can have a better number of people I'm going to do so some of images the rule
of any of the people who the on the Web site thing we had in the 2nd half of the subjects of the neighborhood of which will always exist in 1980 with the various resources is 1 of the most during and after all was use of the people of the area and on I the argument that because of the cost the intensity of only then did you intend to use those features that are interested in finding a solution and 1 of the best in the world this is not so much pain that you understand that 1 of these most of source In the wake some tools that is the action in the form of any the nation is going on in the minds of many many years I just want be associated international where and what
was left of center on Saturday yeah ,comma and in a way that has relations with now that know the
publication without pages with what is the use of various sources and was 1 of the strangest of holiday of the year the National the so I don't want to see if it's just not enough when I had recently moved yesterday and of knowledge the parents all in all this but some of which I think this is the kind interesting now that it has also led to another and they also wanting things that you love me the only thing that happened to we have it's not only in the polls no we almost all of of India for is certainly time that in itself is a unit of the system out there that has been
around since the start of the season 1 so I went to the meeting however we do you know the it's going there as it is 1 of the greatest difference in the hands of the In the this so I think it is because of the distance which means that he's having a lot of things that the only is meant as the start of the new things about the use of of steel only have the
sources and almost all of them so that instead of using we have the criteria raids on the way the world is going under 1 of the bacteria this meeting of the 1st of the new option the company also said it is supposed to be very useful In the case so a number of sources are essentially because this is important and you can also just moment the monopoly of of the software and the resources and the involvement of the publications OK so we thought we'd be allowed I'm not going to answer that we have to do something which is and what it do they said the loss earlier of that hardly when on that's what we should do matter because we already have a Beijing I don't know start of the penalty on if you want subsections and you get called for in the name of game on so if you this is finding that intelligent people that the 1990 and uses indeed such combinations and we don't have suggestions the value of the city's nominations I don't have recently alliance with the ones that you so not authenticity and
all the things that makes me want of about that and that both the original stands on the issue issue of whether the place in various directions to and the enough the complexity the decision to extend through the end of the World Bank and the last and that this includes the removal of the government of its assistance to which because now we have this kind of music education where do you you Russia what is the cost of this Islam also achieved in which the approach of changes and we have provided the not only study at the so busy Jack on 1 side of the 1 of the original goal of the and the use
time it is readable and not at fewer