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How to Produce Accessible Educational Resources

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How to Produce Accessible Educational Resources
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One of the greatest obstacles that visually impaired students have to overtake during their high school and university careers is having accessible educational resources as their mates have, namely, books, slides, study material, tests, exercises, and so on. Unfortunately, up to now having these documents promptly ready as their need arise has not been possible. In our presentation, we will show how to produce the different kind of resources needed during study years in a manner that makes them both accessible by visually impaired and easy to be produced with everyday software tools (i.e., MS Word, Design Science MathType, Open Office). We will demonstrate through examples the steps needed to create accessible digital documents with scientific contents (formulae, equations, expressions, and diagrams).
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it will webpages now I'm going to show their power teachers or support services or even schoolmates can help the universe students to have the documents I realized in hospital briefly the topics that
they're going to that year my presentations 1st of all the scenarios in which educational resources are useful then the problem in existing scientific documents what are the accessible out output for months and how to produce documents in this program then I would show some examples of what visual interest students read inaccessible scientific resources and then I as an experimental topic about it at the music using speech so the
scenarios of give the exploitation of educational services of lessons and during last summer's usually like presentations are used to study materials which can be the start lights projected during lessons interactive Web pages digital documents and other others and then textbooks
so briefly what other problems in accessing scientific documents scientific contents for example formula creation expressions and so on I usually inserted in digital documents as images even tho there are languages markup languages that can make this formula different from images and very often these images don't have a meaningful alternative description and we want to know what I mean we've got meaningful description is that for example if the lesson is about Lawrence equations a meaningful and ultimately text is the 1 that reports the equation as they would be spoken not simply lover integration because that doesn't help the students can get the consent of the cruise 0
for blind students using images and documents those nonsense to explore these images so the formula is not accessible at all and without the appropriate liking even the formulas are expressions that so that um with a markup language and without the appropriate plaguing this cannot be interpreted by the mainstream mainstream screen readers professionally said the students usually images have low resolution so when they magnify the image they lose the contract and the quality that they need to interpret what the major leagues and it also created the contest is not customizable what does
make a formula accessible babies shrimp 1st of all and in an instant the description of every minute of the formula Of course the meaningful description and then amending a market for mathematics that can be interpreted to generate much math and the child for example nothing the accessible output
former and that the that that we consider using our analysis of electric effect accessible and start xhtml among women and this is the last of so 1st of
all how to create accessible other governments nothing like the documents should be written as human readable for example admitted using techniques center and does that automatically generate traffic not usually create human readable laughter so I think is not an accessible former said but if you added that in human readable way it becomes accessible for blind people accessible PDF
files also PDF files are not intrinsically accessible but if they're done in a certain way following certain rules they become accessible so a PDF is accessible if it the stag if it there's an appropriate reading and old formula and rolling it is evident that the descriptions and for further referenced as a guide published by Adobe cheating accessible at the weekly 5 where do you find all the information you need to make an accessible PDF files how to create
accessible so you can create a structure and accessible began using Adobe Adobe Acrobat Standard or a about professional starting from different sources those that we analyzed our MS Word or PowerPoint the effect of Microsoft Office suite or the OpenOffice suite to right there and the rest of presentation on the something you have to to keep in your mind is that in order to produce a stretch of media you have to to use stylists your documents suicide for heading 1 for the crowd for all the other elements in In the you can also thanks to your
PDF documents knockabout professional on an existing PDF-document after it is exported to UK but this is not the best nite of the most efficient way to do it how to
create accessible together with scientific content that different options and those that we analyzed are using Microsoft Word clusters and science my type and then other the makers to create the PDF or using OpenOffice Writer and OpenOffice months and then the embedded ,comma it exposed to so
hard to create an accessible PDF format with scientific content of course from Microsoft Word you should have at least Microsoft Word is science not type and Adobe Acrobat Standard on your computer you have professional
then you edit your Microsoft Word documents using the stylus as I told you before the screen screenshot there's a I'm are heading 1 title I highlighted and on the right you can see that award .period award the window with size when you know we
need to set a formula you can go out to design science Monotype menus and choose Insert display question White display question and not in line equation because there's Bob another review affirmation and when you choose to set in 9 creations when you create the PDF the formatting is not reserved for example the question is good at the end of the sentence does did this does not preserving within the meaning of the document
then once you're choosing instead to display question you edit your expression among fight and for
the automatic that's the easy way this year set the preferences translators the preferred translated to Lapchick said the hero of the steps indicates good Preferences menu and click on translators then translation check the option transition for the language and from the top down 2 of them when you select won the lottery or tackle options then confirmed the choice of representative once you've done that you can select a formerly just inside inserted in Kobe to the go back to to work so the
formula once you've done that and on the Web said of the menu that all the firm ultimate object menu that pops up it based there laughter chorus that content you just copied from isn't science must die now saved the document and
compared each other we began perhaps here does a
screenshot that displays the document with romantic soon
I know how to create accessible PBX from open office that the right of course in a writer and OpenOffice development southern New computer noticed that with this approach should the need to arrive at the we after that Standard not professionally installed on your computer it your document
OpenOffice that right to use exactly as you did in Microsoft Word so that should document the destructive again does a title here called a fraction its highlighted than on the left as the winter wheat for mountainsides and having 1 in life then
insert your formula using OpenOffice money which uses its own language to edit equations OpenOffice much opens up at the bottom of the right the window and you have to serve the formula using the language you can refer to In guide to know what symbols you have to answer to get your questions then maybe just
enacted texts the familiar how you can copy paste that mock-up of OpenOffice month which of course presumes that the target users should know OpenOffice mob are they the latter customer text of the formula either with elasticated or by hand if you to then you should add it to the formula using object the object Voice of the drop-down menu and copy what you want to face embrace what copied on and on and on the Continent expects the 10 then Soviet
documents and directly exported document to PDF using different OpenOffice that org common now this is the
screenshot of inaccessible mathematical document of personal sighted users with notice that this is just as the PDF should be so there's a title and semantics what a
blind person read this document is the title Maddox and then delighted that you edited for the market
and this is despite the very very very and lots of that a visually added partially sighted students and could see of the document as you can that there there is no love lost of definition in In the aspect of of the now hope to
create X HTML last month and mathematical using either in Microsoft Word is incensed type and page all are endangered sharing including a Web page you can set the maximum amount of creative with my mother in sense since type or other kind of mother my company which whichever anyway not as accurate as but I think so now the 1st case
using Microsoft Word and my type and age it arguments and your document with
Microsoft Word of applying sizes exactly as you would for a PBS then in
search of my content with my life exactly as it did before
say that document and now use I don't know the experts not page icon on the toolbar of Microsoft Word the drop-down menu much like always in the Microsoft Word and how to create
exceeds the amount last month among governments for Web pages you can place in India's you're editing your could in your needs with another agent of that is not Microsoft water you can always use not tied to a maximum mathematical that you can place calls so you have to choose from the translators as we know that we shall we say with since before you have to choose among them out 2 . 0 with the and namespaces humane to display your Web page read in Internet Explorer and my player flooding which is highly
recommended to make mathematical accessible provisions to so what does a blind person read in the next stage in the last month and page so if you you displayed your page interactive and exploring using my player from flooding the sentence spoken for the previous example would be kept on the quest semantics with the girls and the Collins wrote 1 column 1 1 :colon too old but the 0 wrote to :colon 1 0 :colon 2 1 from the CIA that 0 the column 1 0 :colon 2 0 on the 1 hand semantics scenario
1 lessons you learn lessons teaches usually show slides of white and black hole he's there and doing a lesson in writing on a blackboard if they really want to their writing on the a blackboard division invested and can follow the discussion and other way fees says like for example go go to a question number 5 interviews number the creation the blind or visually impressive and can follow the lesson sites can be either in Britain and rejected or in a digital format like my Microsoft PowerPoint or open up its interests with digital presentations of an uploaded on the university's website for students solution so it is very important they are accessible
how to create digital accessible presentations with much confidence you can use but the before followed .period with design science much like which in the ultimate the text on firm vendors are impressed plus OpenOffice month option exported to began to make it easier and more portable your documents are HTML slightly which is anyway questions came to use the step-by-step
procedures you have to follow to create accessible presentations with mathematical contents of the same that you used to create accessible scientific PDF documents with others with than that is you when you use what you have to use powerpoint now and when he used by the afternoon interests study material this
2nd scenario said materials I usually exists a sheet the contention for this great teachers and webpages or that kind of digital documents how to create study
with scientific 1 option is to use the Microsoft war clusters and since my flight concerned certifications and expressions and export that To inaccessible PDF but without any descriptions on formula and images on a structure OpenOffice document exported PDF without to make descriptions information and images or you can use and in
case of an accessible Web pages you can use Microsoft Word instrument flight exported to 60 men among them out amount paid all website quoted by hand makes HTML among them have always with the exception on images the 1st one
textbook which India won in person and introduced as before too busy does not books and as she told us before the 1st place upon the mathematics the GH later to the to end production tools are still under development now editing
uses pitching duel now that we found that the process of creating documents this way could be a little bit variables sometimes time-consuming so even tho my type for example is the we think we need to so you you have all the symbols he needs in different plants and new show that the anyway if you are not familiar with the plan and even not familiar with the ship that carries these operational in certain mathematics to the elites of time-consuming so we
thought that the speech interface for the consent of the documents could be useful especially if not spoken in it's no language so we made a prototype of a speech in 15 the phrase for Microsoft Word and events and type using on speaking for the Italian language the common
stance of mathematics unlike the natural language once so multiple ways of speaking a symbol depending on the contents of mapped into 1 symbols so the person using the speech interface is not forced to launch a particularly Dictionary of war of war words but it just that to read what what he has to put in an accessible way and all the rest is handled by our prototype from our
preliminary studies we notice improvements in the editing time which became quicker you for not experienced users as we that but also for experiences of my life further studies and development will be be carried out in elections because varying starting phase that seems one-liners and so we're going to investigate this again there is on some
references where you can find information about this topic and there's this sense that represents science website PDF dimensions before of enough is the thought in our favorites is somewhere we presented a speech interface since
I the I I don't know if I could In the past it is yes media analysis said conceded on the windows laughter analysis considered only the Windows platform in my eyes yes because this is what we have and in addition we know that there's all this sweet for Mac and also type comes from even got I guess you can choose those that I didn't have a chance to actually tried and tested but I will do that in the future can you give an impression of what was not available on the Linux stem from the the 4 of them sumptuous on so what shows for the week we didn't try that step by step was although on the leaves platform in the city user confidence there are some provisions in in form the last portion where some of the posts also formally units platform further information actually our analysis was an in-depth hearings and support services and teachers a way to produce accessible documents and the Windows platform seems to be prospering I 1 question from me I'm where I want to know and accessible OpenOffice last documents and In Sastre formerly in open up OpenOffice . org Martha syntax standard translation to done automatically by the OpenOffice mother of 2 who I have To a supplier also referred wants to see you in successive years is known to man the way to translate some of this man sentenced life yet masters who 1 the current remorse so this would be absolutely analysis and a good idea of what's in somewhat perhaps somebody from the OpenOffice community would write such a rule the handling of questions needy did I which kind of syntax cases were still offers last is a sense a mathematical related to art Treasury off and thinking it's close until late Denmark for example the correction you have to type in the word over parts of the 3 isn't wanted but in any case I think you gave a very comprehensive use of kind of Handbook for people or organizations I want to supplies "quotation mark committed by excessive movements very usable the other questions but you know where part of every I presented but profits accessibility and I found that "quotation mark office lost the alternative on between we spilled case not not indicates that we analyzed it to me because we ate we copied them for example the OpenOffice much syntax In we it right take on the front 9 Vermont object properties if you go there there's a menu with some forms you have to to feeling we get enough thanks and to decide instead to test that remained the PDF although isn't the different content right it should support directly to pedia just off the rid of the review board but it's expected to be the same opening later again that qualified the Gilbert gone we didn't find these issues I deny it depends on the OpenOffice version but we did several classmates lots of pages and seems to to be working finds out protected she said other questions I 1 of the midget the was found wants to have been so solely operated through a some 30 last week and it doesn't improve accessibility because all platforms for its Texas he will and that is the be the worst checks you can access some through which he documentation of a print of his old platforms on all access software work was and so it works as well on units next on of windows and is completely free visas to be different and open source I think this is what 1 of the reasons why we're testing of these largely because being a princess and with no need to inspire lacked about standards you can produce accessible implements at 0 cost exactly you can export Australian PGA directly with money from playing for reasons the question is already the concept of Yeo's speech input interface for Italians as quite similar to of around 2 months 1 for English realize is not much time to discuss this matter here at the
expense of the break was something we could talk about how you can lamented how we to continue but it the so I think the 2