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The legend of the true hologram

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The legend of the true hologram
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My interest in developing a hologram along the lines of what most people expect as the subject of a hologram… a little Princess … began in 2001 when I painted a self-portrait for the Portia Geach Memorial Award, S.H. Irvin Gallery, Sydney, entitled Dr Dawson and Daughter after Forbidden Planet. The painting (oil on canvas and retroreflective glass beads), depicts me in a pose of the Magdalen by Piero della Francesca (fresco; Duomo, Arezzo) but painted over black so as to be a silhouette somewhat like Casper David Friedrich’s Wanderer over the Mist. Instead of the view beyond the wanderer being of interest, the cape forms the background to a light-emitting painted image of a hologram showing my daughter playing with her puppy. The painting refers directly to the moment in Forbidden Planet when Dr. Edward Morbius demonstrates to the amazement of the onlooking space voyagers his ability to project an image of his daughter Altara from his mind "… because my daughter is alive in my brain from microsecond to microsecond, while I manipulate it…"
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they also that alone onl that produce that mirror project will be where will help make just be 1 person can make a whole the premier testing and so it you will be in politics and in the same public there strictly to be saying by 1 person over and over again in their life and this project that and then talk about now which is in progress is well I suppose you make and compared to anything I've done because it's so dedicated as you can see to all those who were not share the holographic face uh this is a a
picture of the visualization of 1 little tiny part of it and just start by kind of qualifying that statement telling you a little anecdote before I read my paper they been 1 of the MIT and Stevenson was my code PhD supervisor I wanted to make a hologram that I'd seen what 1 might say new my team using that was made by by tells Vest as it was that he claims arising out from the wire 10 I wanted to know how to do it so as a state of mind a book out of his library by Charles Vest on interferon betrayed and apparently available that tells us that down had given to state and I up the front cover and inside state to state the keeping the face so and that sort of qualifies as what I mean by faith and my interest in developing a hologram along the lines of what most people expect is the subject of a hologram little princess began
in 2001 when I think is self portrait the Portuguese Memorial Award in Sydney entitled Dr. Dawson also after few beaten planet the painting oil on canvas and retroreflective glass states 2 peaks in in because of the model and by period Francesca at that 1 indirect so but painted over black so as to be silhouette somewhat like the famous Caspar David Friedrich 1 over the 10 instead of the view beyond the 1 of of interest the became forms the background to a amazing painted image of a hologram like it's a painting of a hologram as a painting of the hologram I'm making now I and II in front of my K PC in image of my own also playing with her copy the painting refers directly to the moment in the fight the science
fiction film after being planets would Dr. it would more obvious demonstrates to the amazement of on working space voyages his ability to projected image of the stores are all Tara from his mind and I quote from the film because my daughter is alive in my brain from microsecond to microsecond while and manipulated and this is that
the frame painting I won't be showing any other original works the copyright reasons but this just gives you the idea the underpinning of kind of like arrangement so in the
intervening years the idea changed its form from painting to holograph however model has remained the subject the legend of the true hollow-gram has now taken the form of an artist's walk which is not like an ordinary book at all and so on if the book is about the intertwining of the filming representations of holograms the development of actual hologram types such as in Boston in both Bolivia and a long history of the culture of life which enables a particular kind of latent to emerge for each beholder and some of the pictorial starts characteristic of special effects in films such as style I
Robot Total Recall minority report Logan's Run start could be implanted a combined with specific mosaic gilding and dueling effects from sound Santa majority the Baptistry assistant John Florence period the Francesca's
Madonna della part allotmenteer mon matinees enunciation that you fits a gallery in Florence and etc. and the
central figure is a classically trained via who appears standing in a
geometric interior the visual arrangement of the work draws on 2 historic outlooks pure della Francesca's fresco cycling erect so the legend of the true cross functional most of you have seen that magnificent frescoes um series and also the jewels and gold enamel work at the pilot door at San Marco in Venice um so the the book cover of my book will be a gigantic middle xi which is like the speed by the speed which is the usual size of my previous interior holograph and the subject of this paper is really the ideas which underpin this work so it is like a technical talk it's more a talk about what ideas are coming to contribute to the work because I wanted to speak to you a because in a way which is dedicated to here to let you know this is what I'm working on now and I probably will be for the next few years until we meet up again it might be finished by the end I'm not exactly sure so you and this is how I imagine that on the on OK so they on the cover up there's going to be 15 major square images which are each surrounded by approach of
order and this is
obviously and this is some chance baptistery in them Lawrence which was 1 of the
major kind of pictorial inspirations his work so each of the little
pictures in now my in
my mind graphic work uh the going to be surrounded by cruise-ship
frame this is some but the picture of the young computer-graphic room which I've made you notice they mosaic that you saw earlier was 1 which I had made over a couple of the period which was scanned input on the walls of this right and so domain to frame by drawing the geometry of the flow pattern of thought the building onto
Lehman and then improvising a series of crashes stitches with increasing decrease around the concave and convex shapes innate indexing the crusher frame is going to be rotated to display a plan view match to the orientation of the room in which the futurists standing with respect to the holographic plate for that particular saying this aspect of the works derived from the pretty pictorial staff free frequently employed in action video games where the picture space displays by first-person point of view and various inserts which had additional spatial information in viewpoints so you can say that FrameNet so if she's if we're looking at the figure from this orientation in the frame will be that way and then it but looking from this way the floor plan will be retained so wanted the and crush frame will be several hundred modules on all made from holograms
donated by companies and individuals from around the world found in the pre visualization which I'm working on now the poles cut from optical holograms of the plaster bust of Mozart's me where him as his classical subject for plaster bust of highly reflective highly disk highly stable objects remains the mainstay of optical holograms this home it has a personal residence resonances as the world largest hologram at the time the marble statue of the division to me a lot of time and made it with a bot buy his UK optical bosons solve in 1976 was the catalyst to my becoming artist-in-residence at low the jewels of made out from combinations of digital patterns and then we'll call the grams of the sections of frosted Coke bottles and that come close to the surface in the headlights in a gods of Harley-Davidson another of the jewels have random stuff happens mounted on security hexagons the extreme precision geometry of security holograms which include text such as original genuine and authentic is broken down by color arising in a rather rough manner and this integrates the exquisite precision with handmade Croatia which is full of full the brightness of these holograms uh from which the jewels of the frame made is also much greater than the singing cinematic conventions on
the format of the legend of the true hollow-gram is very much like our most historic narrative cycles we receive the same characters struggle through a series of events each of which takes place in a different location in time however to indicate that this is a narrative legend of life in a three-dimensional placed every 1 of these things is actually set in exactly the same location and the character is fixed in 1 part of the narrative stems primarily from the use of cinematic conventions of camera framing to create a story for these 1 static posing in a static state the Hollywood conventions of using the figure or Ottoman interest 1 vote or 2 thirds into the frame and the use of an even closer out an open space on either side of the of the main
character designed to make the main characters seem alternately downhearted and traps or free and open operate exactly as they do it often static shots in films
and in addition to stop shot such as close-ups cropping an aerial views used such for me on such framing is unfamiliar in enough horizontal parallax only hologram subjects which are generally occupied by the center of the frame and
but the location in the character of my own grammar compensates the central figure in all the panels of these narrative cycle is the composited exclude people made from 3 laser scans of the body the body of a life drawing model is actually my daughter featured at the moment and the head of my there was addressed class classical drapery with the
history of this is the life during model and with the hairstyle and pose reminiscent both of classical sculpture and the
princess from startles This the costume I made him on and on and so the shape
of the building in which the figure is standing draws on a geometric composition of the diet of sand even delay sub the ends up by the Armenian rice which enables the
reflection of light and imagery from all possible combinations of planar concave and convex surfaces the floor plan is derived from the diagrammatic representation of the interference of 2 spherical wavefront and the mosaic on the wall I
made from past 11 and tesseract and and which was scanned and applied to the walls of the virtual room that the
origins of the image science fiction my approach to the people torial style of the character
begins with the best known use of a whole lot of a hologram in a film the image of Princess layering styles episode for a new home this film probably responsible for generating an idea of what a hologram is in the mind of the general public more than any real hologram or any other films Due to its widespread availability and the sheer number of people are artists saying that the hologram effect is blue
monochrome and shows a miniaturized blue translucent classically draped young female with a light attached to her was the central character of my the role of the hologram in this film is also quite specific the messages read-only memory not real-time means of delivering messages are holograms in subsequent episodes of Star Wars specifically it's a person messages Our from Princess Leia gonna which he addresses to the keeper of the forced through body language and accompanying soundness each our help you know we want to know your way the head of the boat my character also carries a message for the view of the antecedent
of the singing styles can be traced to a synonym for being planet doctor in but more obvious projects an image of his daughter who was miniature her figure predominantly white standing on a small disk of Y on significantly the image is a projection from double mobile users range with no need for any kind of physical devices in real-time resumed startles the message is a read-only memory originating from some kind of mechanical device and projected by an expanding library come now to show images of 7 of my whole a grant from the the book cover 3 of which are on exhibition previsualizing agents are on exhibition at the end the castle and so you would be just saying that only 7 of the 15 P visualized images as going to sort of states you about some of the ideas underpinning the other 7 images which have not yet been so in minority report erected by Stephen spilled there is a combination of both the
idea of a mental projection on and mechanical capturing of an image In the temple the real-time
visualizations of the precogs relying more so or electrodes transmit real-time images from
their minds regarding the visions of the future a somehow captured and moved around by Tom Cruise with glass chips with blue blue light so he sort through these mental images
in order to track down what what is going to happen in the future but also in minority report there's a kind of read-only memory version of holographic kind of home movies on the C Tom Cruise look at all of the movies that looked like color grounds and daughter of another of his wife and he's missing and on these projections have have over of only visualizations hologram's around it particularly minority report there is that seems to be a screen behind this like cut at home with the figure seems to sort of burst through the picture plane this kind of a rippling back as the uh as the image space which seems to kind of generated type of excitement so that is a very active and kind of the green part of the image I 1 thing common to almost all representations of holograms in films is kind of comparison the virtual representation of a person and the real representation or the real experience of a real so this is the aspect of holograms which was picked up by theorists such as Umberto Eco and biology or can the notions of simulacra and the hyperreal are turn that reiterated in films such as Logan's Run which is probably the only film that uses are use real public at the conclusion this film heros hologram's interrogated rather than so and so on the
film's punch line is that there is no sanctuary in a kind of escape from the world and the laws of Logan's Run the filming shows the hologram made by multiplex company in 1976 rotated universe are producing real-time special effects since the face is distorted by times in in a similar way duplication replication surrounds the the holographic character the doctrine star trek voyager episodes 36 signs of what we had the doctor attempts to save a woman's life by making a hologram of and treating her independently of the holographic image and developing this thing further of having the hologram is a separate being to the real thing in Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger calls upon his holograph which is appears as kind of a mirror image to himself and which enables him to escape the hologram which cannot be harmed or killed has all the visual qualities Schwarzenegger that can appear in various locations and for the dimensions apart from himself internal call just as in many films holograms there is an important are read-only memory memory message lecture and a character who acts upon In the case of Total Recall the same with the holograms prefaced by conversation which Schwarzenegger has with prerecorded image of himself on a laptop during as the tower head and is like using goes if you're looking at you know do you see the world as it had this idea of the message which is left and which will have an impact sometime in the future is a theme running through films holographic and probably shown in its full extending the film I Robot and in which the actions of the euro will smith at a time almost entirely by his conversation with the read-only memory message of hologram holograms which is let's just prior to the death these dear friend and like many short mysterious messages this 1 leaves a margin for interpretation Smith yet is quite impenetrable to other people again it's a single person to person read-only memory message in which the character of the holographic figure and the nature of the dialog and not just simply the text but the way in which the text is delivered on all the new ones that can be generated only through the experience of the presence of the person and the shared friendship and this is what enables the main character to try to get him leading to an argument here about the kind of presence that a person has been a whole a grand a particular kind of presence that some can enable a kind of continuing dialog between real and virtual people the visual representations of holograms
are diverse for example in terms recall the holograms just slightly transparent for color or not I robot it is completely flat yet PZ space and like like speaking larger-than-life two-dimensional screen but also in full color and some of these holograms immunity of the stake and some of them demonstrate that they are different from reality by having some kind of optical glitch she model sparkle or with missing parts of the image so that they characterized by a lack of a lack of perfection and the lack of smoothness in the rendering and they often have scan lines running through them and in general they have a kind of transparency the creation of a holographic character can be a way of projecting ourselves Towards a person remote from us in time and space in order to call upon them to act in a particular way do not comment these representations is a sense that there is an empathy with the person represented in the image which is reinforced by the energy of Y the engaging quality of life itself is frequently referred to by artists produce holograms on and and section on lasers and holographic In fact in the electronic age French public comments In order to build up and historically legitimate esthetic of holography 1 has to detach oneself from dependence upon the photographic paradigm so important in understanding computer I the persistence of this paradigm River reveals itself especially in the order emphasize the dimension of holography in taking a different view points 1 can postulate the self creating power of life as the creative foundation of a holographic medium concepts from science
fiction novels many of the concepts underpinning the depiction of the depiction of holographic characters in films and derive from CI finals when the classic 1968 novel do Androids Dream of Electric shaped by Philip K. Dick and absolute must by the which is the basis of Blade Runner describes the acts of empathy with the virtual characters that virtual character image in a compelling way and of course he crossed the living room to the black into the box when he turned on the usual faint smell of negative 1 search from the power supply he briefly illegally already buoyed up the cathode ray tube glows like like an imitation fable TV a collage forms made of apparent random colors trails and configurations which until handles with grasp amounted to nothing so taking a deep breath she himself he crossed between handles the visual image congealed he saw all at once a famous landscape the all brown bear innocent which tufts of tried out fine like we poking slanted into its demons on the sky 1 single figure moral assuming forms toiled its way up the hillside in elderly men wearing the dollar featureless road covered covering and mere as if it had been scratched from the side of the sky I the mask right sort what purchase among the familiar list times he had crossed in the usual perplexing fashion physically merging accompanied by mental and spiritual identification with wilderness had really occur in your right the Neuromancer 86 william gibson furthers the potential of the relationship between the read-only memory known as the flat line and a living person the hero Deeks is guided by the wrong that these deceased friend and court he turned on the tensor beside the Hokusai decreased circle of light field directly on the flatlands construct he slotted someone connected the construct injected him it was exactly the sensation of someone reading over your shoulder he coughed big dicks required is that you meant he served as Taipei broke percentage direction was was this case men remember Miami Joe boy quick study what's the last thing you remember before strategic not hang on the disconnected the construct it presents was gone he reconnected did am you got me how injected the fucking you can leave body part and what's happening then good question remained being here a 2nd ago or not no error wrong personality matrix works show growth itself firm for firmware construct so ejected into the backs amusing I can give it sequential real-time memory yes so they construct a KT you're wrong construct got me there is a parallel
between these fictional examples of the interaction of living and read-only memory remains people and the appreciation of historical Outlook which depicts figures and stories long past to contemporary viewers throughout looks which spatially encompass and interact with the environment in a direct way the element which enables the transference of intermediate circumstances viewing into the study composition is reflective the media which is I used in totality as in gilded mosaics or embedded with the Mets surfaces as in gilded halos and fresco the weights of these techniques give rise to a highly intriguing arrangement with the view of as a direct experience some of these interlacings of reflective with Matt imagery don't really transposable to all the graph on the walls themselves in demonstrating the effects of multiple reflections of the figure and library within the space as tho the room is completely
enclosed rather than being intercepted by the Holy ground plane void the effect of the reflection of the viewer space which is then reintroduced through a highly reflective metallic surfaces of the entire hologram in people and intentionally there is the using these image of the full dynamic range which of necessity diminishes the diffraction efficiency of the image the doctor mysterious tolerance of the interior and the bright of the gilding particles I item integral to creating an atmosphere of latent these less bright major hologram panels of French by 3 embossed holograms in a way that the palate or narrative on saying a salt bridge framed by exquisite jewels and in the case of the parliament or the size of the jewels is the same size as people In the enamel work so at this my new scale something quite incredible can happen that is an analogy that the person is in fact a jewel a shining light on in each of these images there is a reminiscent of mosaics discrete image units usually particles within the three-dimensional spatial volume which vary in scale to the overall image size and image resolution In the aerial view hologram's there's a library which is solid and in some cases the particles a horizontal rotational for vertical are there 2 examples which focus on the mental the drapery the clothing being a kind of a light field around the figure and so on In the 1st example a very fine and vertical in orientation and the density of the Gauls like rain that's 1 of the provisional ization in the exhibition and and the more densely clustered around the figure this 2nd example has a point of view of the age of the library attached to the FIA and the size of the units approach that of all my a thus alluding to the preference at various periods in our like to eliminate a figure from a particular distance and angle conclusions since the same in forbidden planet where Dr. Möbius projected a
holographic image of his daughter from his mind special-effects representations of holographic images in film began to establish the genre of their mind quite independent of actual types of holograms the genre of fictional holograms holds 2 important strands firstly the pictorial qualities which have often been compared with real qualities of hologram but secondly and much more interestingly I think the roles and characters characteristics on which and now routinely associated with holographic characters and the impact the that they had with real people thank you and if you do was about some of the biggest these in this does anyone have any questions about this right right this is your the the the the booming voice theologians all agree on so the only knowledge the room in which the man who felt er there was a hologram of his family of another planet and it was multiplex around 1 point here also this is where that is fantastic part of the reason for me giving these the paper now before the work is finished is that I really want gather all that information so thank you so much can anyone like if they know of anything related to this topic I would be so grateful if you e-mailed to me on that would be just fantastic this so this is going to be most of the time machine has got a whole they believe that the reason it's got a whole grammar that is found in the cage and as a walking talking person with message about our but what what what happened and then this is actually an example of the sympathetic friend and the a message to the and you have to do some thinking today all this is is not all the problem we found that researchers are working on those tolerant of multiplexed found that probably 1 of the 1st FIL pieces of the modern agent model was the 1 that the at the age of 11 hours of but just Katherine from the 1st of the contemporary films to have have a whole lot of who drove hydrochloric fantastic the other thing I would like to do eventually when I when I show this bookies I'd love to organize an exhibition that had those on holograms were associated with the the films so if anyone has information about where those holograms are all who make them more where I could even see them all recall them in film might be very grateful to find out about that as well yesterday I want to this early but in terms of the empathetic friend quantum leap the hologram the sort of continually follows him back in time but you can't interact with has something piece of information that's going to change the story so yeah what device holograph but the fulfills the same of the role of close friends with message that is going to be the performance of the whole of the object of his this is these the whole constantly we right to live OK so this is is not the quality in half