The Evolution of Artists' Vision and the Influence of Advancement of Optical/Media Technology

Video in TIB AV-Portal: The Evolution of Artists' Vision and the Influence of Advancement of Optical/Media Technology

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The Evolution of Artists' Vision and the Influence of Advancement of Optical/Media Technology
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Hi good afternoon my name is equal in the community and from New York and and and working center of all of if you could also think about but today and I like to talk about my own work in light of policy but analysis system like to talk something about more and there are some rules of video maybe consumed the media that has as a form trust going and it is recent years out certain areas are very keen and since the 2 of the the advancement of digital media technologies and have been affected their size small in this I wish you might Boston that works most of my books and only dated to as in the media cannot so
rainbow holographic stereogram there is a variable rate of commitments that's enough my program actually was this kind of program and I use different media photographs she amazing object medial sound in media and the stations so 1 by 1 i was chosen by something and then how we In the dedicated so far and so label and I started to program the they I moved to New York both sources there are a a bunch of however the pioneers likability buckled don't even that's greater some more
and they always showing you true peace Noriko yesterday's just have very high qualities homographies in
museum so that was not much of a choice to meet to start so these are yeah might only work
and what you know I was you know I could be the studio or from through the bubble studio that's it's summary this open now I can ask any question you with technical questions and fears of B in about robot this about the whole review so that was very good experience in the beginning of might not the so but of course you know I I was involved investigating the right to form itself so I started to work with different media
you know controlling tonight and make correlograms moved so it's kind of all over the this you so I
used to play music in favor of the so so they synchronized the light and of like that I got a community sequence starts to lowering and medium of simple things all I used to the different about 15 and the floor 15 ceiling so
sometimes I used to study the same time so you should have a very clean 1 room if it's not you got a very fuzzy so I spend a lot great to be a single their likelihood so that was
my 1st kind of experiment a log normal the clock and then you of course in New York lots of surrealism was moving around so all I met some person and was doing rarely research so I try to connect Breiman interactive you put that fits this the so I start to make and because enough I can't control program but it's always seemed to write so was it Steve beautiful that I want input more complicated the
next yeah so I use same lighting that might be a little bit different but and is connected to you no other computer to control the Knights of interacting with so these are the very idea most
of them by so the computer will provide some that people in the community and their profit yeah this 1
has the audio before but somehow I the again and I
showed that another words you have you in building the traffic network so back back so you yeah
yeah so I have that series of brain has a hologram this variable is the number of calls as incompatible you read about what the as of May radius of 1 of the world of the as the long so this this is kind of a metaphor and the gender
of razor program might so this is a problem with the kind of break so I went in there to
bring its radius program tolerant of the brain so it's in the community so people of Mary
loves that and sit down you know some some radiation has to mean test wanting and having made days and so yeah this was that on the low I I'm very happy do market diamonds here if he not only is he Yang-Mills then I I was young I talking about you yeah they haven't make for use you're correct in yes yes Native Americans you know movies yet lots of trying to make a stereogram from their native Americans that's inspired me a lot yeah so this this work is a kind of that hope make cost of nice FIL last
I know how to make holograms of course known this you know the
amount of the divorce them liable to raise system is that it's a very primitive elected dual of you in this theory is
that but I have to go up very
high mountains so have to be
very complex so I carried and all of and being and students the a
around the this was the outcome was yeah
so that you can have that I was
there 1 month ago nite by beta did you got the money stayed home amongst visits the movies and of course and we
use a rule that you that we can achieve for
extinct know something from a
legal we own people in the and I also have a few we had
what you what is found by the only I can do that and I in I rule that rule I and the surround the mind and all read some up of it in the the the the the the can do I can do it in those
in in the in their their their all that you get in there and they're cool air in here and there
is a form of town however the
difference these lasers you know but stereogram protagonist and but they're I eat
transferred from because still always have a kind of
creating by Dutch lights there and so unique but I want to make stereogram but freeze time so I set 3 come in at
at the same time and Peter interpolated so it's a
standard and but then all uses it should at the same time so time is that is that the yeah
this kind of market you know let's compute the money at work not ultimately you afternoon you should use a lot of faith in for the CEO spend lots of time on the computer but 1 thing at a loss to do and that is 1 the so saying there are no neither tied down by the
more than 30 times for things keep shooting and he got the finally I don't want
something like this could and so on but the slump particularly in the face you see it stereograms you know like the power of freeze everything right we don't feel any you know like I don't want them 2nd Bradley made before that every they we're moving we got the right but
photography you know it's very difficult to get a positive always freeze nanosecond right and ceremony too long so I wanna make something feeling like a long tensilon
southeastern more simple soul artificially I added to this and to motion row feeding so if they're actually although them is not yeah I wonder do more sometimes about this was the kind of serious the so these
script 0 all velvet
histidine-rich TV images to photogenic that TV journalism and it was something I welcome agenda what that might the site itself so I always FIL have a
different study feeding above people usually don't have to see this kind of dangerous media let me watch this set this kind of image is so strong with the people so yes sharing the same memories so the status memory and the guy reason anybody so you're sounded in about sharing same memories so I created this you know about the new media article on there were very nice system and I got traitorous equal 1 year and I did a lot of different kind of program so this lines are in fact I have and next to sorry I was still a different kind of work not yet
this found in all this is the ongoing project and Proc and about intended as a whole that was this indicates thinking a lot about the sharing already information now like it's all connected thank you shaped like and I keywords but you get a lot of information so but those information with all over the world but it's like a hologram same information but that there I had committed to the the but in end time some of you know that type my plan but I have to what we maybe the status of feel it various C sees or people but even spent for free meetings we can maybe this URI is how you next society the growing 2nd by 2nd day by day it's changing its actually growing growing and lots of data all interconnected it like the baroque rocking is all connected sharing you know that there I think it's kind of problem but a Southerner make something like number of everything media interval so that the new project that I'm finding that I still don't know how to make it easier because the Internet is growing so false but once I decided maybe next month utility and so and the tho that the 1 that these that this is a part of the installations saying collective time quadratic projections I created some we so you can promote project do images into the space actually she was watching the hearts protein in the space this he's not he's after seeing this administration like tactics experiment you see in some of course for you show program in public people curious about to write to touch right as most of them trying to do that so I could always are not observed and there no so
this is a I used to Ituri and the my head even in and I 1 is just to
predict leverage and say computers it to each hole
generating sound to a different kind of sound and would you mind but he was processed at the time and midwives exactly the end time so it's commuter you're lucky you floating size like this and it's here and they're actually trying to touch them to play with yeah it's very hostile now videotape especially the make
predictions so almost 1 meter did you make suggestions
systems so that you made is predicting new feedback and floating so it's like a meter here the it
includes inequalities in the fall of the probably 3 days lots of you could face the they investing fucked is no ladies of I think they're like me there's a lot of them man no man and they can be they try to figure out how to what going on there in our system the goal systems and but the
ladies they don't care if it's very getting what in yourself and try to type something you spend a lot of time in the that's my discovery
including because of the so I Use sums those of you in Uganda local media we need and there's store a temporary and Fred that silly all of since time somebody to go back something go ahead very fast and this this is kind of a very quiet no sound and I use exactly same in Chile but I don't of course you know that's needed I needed to achieve so it's was so difficult right so this time I put to sleep in between make it and there are a lot of them so now you don't need any ladies so it's kind of time name of
of this is guy it it's also my
discovery but may be of course scientists in all those of you know train do we always you know if you have a quite likely to you that the brightness of the you put street here that implements so it'd something will always have brucke and white monitors so I'd make it 10 of them but actually this faces protein and so he freed from so from this video is hard to see but actually it's yeah it was exciting
it's very difficult this year and half of them in the video so the species is new site specifications there is an ongoing for a project is from my dream I wanna make that dream it happened so this is a site when the cell itself in a P is in the 1 was the biggest fear I mean there are actually 3 times this 1 chemistry into read so that spaces in Kingston but that and that the central focus so I created the exact same size with the precursor and of course I wanna bring my them into the initially note use of Kingston because guarantee even temporary so tightly forces I shot piece programming Ahorros center and 99 of as artist-in-residence so that's about so helping them with this this a very difficult to be buried deep we are related that my wife and we have to set up a bit of time sleeping like so political I still this piece know about the Institute a museum actually to just finished last name so that the central focus but it's not finished I wanna bring real there is and of course you know that this was not my dream but last I have a very complex to reason to carry you know we can show in a laser viable hologram in the public and even outside so I decided to bring this hologram into the means to that and show the deployment of the religions I haven't edited the video yet but I have so this is the front of the famous growing and will so if you just carry and you can set up and so it just wait that thousand all so this piece wise also I so the modern 3 I think most people knows about this famous painting model makes no 1 I actually 19 and 1884 he showed us painting and there but still not closed most that was the painting band and characters of painting was 70 years it's after that model energy it's still as a he sold to metropolitan museum in knew you saw that might no favorites thank and if I go there I already got there's lots and the so this is my installation piece of Taylor series enable them this model I that couples at the exactly same as printing but we found that just so difficult especially if have the and that will make it happen stop producing an attempt at correcting yeah a high status you'd possible it OK I found that the relation between the artist and motive is a kind of special relations so especially and about their you know stories that that's very interesting to me so actually after the painting the back and the more there was still very famous the beauty and the price that moment but she lost delipidation as he didn't like the painting and yeah catches you was those of land yeah you had that this work and you know you using beta projection and a is a transmission program you but they exact same in screen behind the hologram sites area size at the after all the this so this is the last piece isolate this last year numerous and is also result of mutual room from notion is used for all of city so the
title is what we do well of course you know I was using green is not people think what the what was the on the end of the day the only we can just something and these space and so this is the closest to 200 lines here might
you so same screens the same model and but so you know
kind of no I was mentioning about how people myself and of course I start from the amount of analyte people or not not I'm just the lives of 15 minutes and so in the nature of the below we basically and but let's get into this lecture is 250 year and so what we need to know that it is the moment of death yes thank you the few history whole and then having the program and of course we're out of fuel recently you know what 1 and then of course with if you can we institute policy again you know we we still have a list local level that we tested and that the view that the good news and so now we don't have to worry about it so moral sense going on and you the thank you if we haven't you know let me come here now you know I was almost getting because of the minus the problem that the thank you very much yes if you if you and certainly was going to run this goes to such and such a good business