SWISSGRAM™ a new holographic security solution


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SWISSGRAM™ a new holographic security solution
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3D AG has elaborated a new high level optical security element, which is easily recognizable and identifiable due to the combination of different origination technologies: mostly classical holography, dot matrix, e-beam, combination of these and various optical effects and features. SWISSGRAM™ is not just a simple arithmetical sum of different technologies and effects. It is a combination of new sophisticated methods, which qualitatively improves the security level of holograms. SWISSGRAM™ is based on the following main technologies: 2D, 3D, dot matrix and e-beam.
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morning everybody and uh if you were 2nd delegates these Graham it's a combination of different technologies which is possible to put him on program and under 1 roof in 3 D G but the question that so in many cases when you want to combine a few programs be at some of our problems fall to combine them correctly it's just not the question of simple and medical somewhat different kind of holograms the this these
grammars beats the on main technologies like classical holography 2 D and 3 D holograms well known book metrics the beam combination of them and plus it's possible to a different kind of optical effects and the features at the present
moment 3 D G is able to produce holographic diffraction by holographic gratings we special of frequencies from 100 times per minute we a special frequencies from 100 up to 20 500 lies beneath the reason the 5 per cent precision and size up to 100 by 100 mm and the consumer and the success of nickel shame it's possible from 1 20 microns and and fight the diffraction efficiency is enough I as example 26 per cent to 13 hundred lines perimeter with different kind of profile normally symmetric Goldstein also about the prior and with different depths and that it's possible we have an atomic force microscope which allows to control the taps and do to made the steps would include desire for our customers we had some
customer they asked to make a special kind of ratings was appointed frequency and the depth and then we it's possible to control and check the depths of Our gratings with atomic force microscope and to to measure diffraction efficiency and from our measurements we can tell that it's very good stability of spatial frequency and groove depths these good so profile and the the optimal depths of the greeting for the for the next step I mean after origination and coping to make and recombined grating and then later after the embossing the optimal that is between 0 . 2 0 . 25 microns for the frequencies between 850 100 spinning and with this in mind that to find the optimal that's the optimal diffraction efficiency it counts and the chemical development the duration according to the curve is a maximum the 2 D
holograms as you know to the hologram combination of holographic recording gratings uh on the basis of the hologram we can make to kind of weird effect nor solace and West East uh we developed what kind of technology it's to the diner grand mean when it's possible to extract there's a fine line from our holographic gratings and diagram allows to create a kinematic sequence of the Jewish buttons which it's possible to put in different places of the program and give your science can be obtained in different form and size 3
D holograms it's we can produce from real object or computer-assisted died object different depths 1 of 3 D holograms it's possible to make but normally it's better to combine these 2 D hologram then 2 D hologram are words like a reference level for general we infectious 3 D holograms in 2 steps 1st is recording on now probably H 1 step and then exposure of reconstructed hologram from H 1 on there for the resist and in this case for the hologram it's possible to obtain West East West at 0 degrees and East flip effects on the basis of this technology it's 1 practice
1 sample of our 3 D holograms 1 of the species watch omega uh well
mumbled metrics hologram on the basis of incoming laser it's possible to have 2 possibility 15 and 25 microns diameter and normally we combine we to these 3 from the above metrics images we
use any of them measurements and we started to look metrics images and the adult called dependence of the the size of the dog the depths of the great in the size of the dog reason and atomic force microscope and to meet the demand for for some cases when the expulsion is very very very long then because of this so expulsion that for the resistance totally removed and it creates like a like holding input it's 1
sample of these kinds of thing this sample of 1 dollar and which was measured by atomic force microscope and this direction and it's probably over the depths is that's derives from 1 page to another page as the
programmer we produced a kind of silly grammar 1 kind of server is like and white server and all tuples program uh when we need to maybe this around from which say from from real object then we make it if you features normally the angle between these pictures to hold 3 degrees and then we put all them together and when we need to make a black-and-white and then we make for 1 set of 3 D holograms we make expulsions 3 special frequencies in the case when it should be of course around them we expose on 3 different frequencies
that are already criminal and was obtained as a hologram of micro object to visit the fall it's it's really nice effects and customers they like a combination of from elements and it's possible to create a different kind of structures it's just 1 sample this structure the
uh security levels his grammar can be improved by a hidden feature with different all observation angle angles normally we have pointed angle but it depends on the size of customer we elaborated the technology you of animated hidden features it's inevitable I mean the future we can make all and uncoded Microtek's it means that it's microtext reading inside and outside of this that there's no grating or vise versa and now we can make their normal text so we use 5 microns science also quoted and unquoted these creating and result creating and we reverberated also can lock system which allows to to see that the hidden feature reserve using coffee oftentimes patiently is really you will
agree to do high-speed technology and that this has the technology allows to create marked structure on the surface of holograms and that the maximal size is 350 about 500 square millimeters and what is very interesting and this acknowledges that you can have a library at all for different kind of holograms and then you can put according to to the graphic proposal different text different images in know of
company we have the whole chain of for the production of holograms from the beginning from graphic design origination uh forming reason the size of the she and up to 1 . 2 about 1 . 2 square meters the recombination emissions that contribute mission we signs from up to 7 funded by 800 square meters and for some kinds of of holograms it's very difficult to to recombine for example when you have this really around and then it's very difficult to combine this kind of structure stitch them very well and we integrate special stitching technology for such kind of wallpaper and was images and the last thing we have the embossing machine never whereby 118 million and we can impose and produces a secure different kind of stickers spend on put something for but update in many cases it also depends on desire customer and we can interrupt the process on different stages for example some customers they need they want to have just just original share some of them they they need to have a combined hashing for you and they they want to have secure
implications for this grammar at the moment so we really made now approximately the hologram for approximately 60 uh different departments and you can see in our website this bond and 1 of the the last achievement user canadian dollars we already made 108 50 20 10 and 5 dollars this this holographic strive uh just I note that 100 50 and 20 now they used in income of just I think maybe this year next year we hear the 10 and 5 dollars with holograms uh for example another example is we start a license which have program from 3 D gene inside we use also for Czech checks for promotion and protection of fire the new products and brands and the procedure has a large library of different patterns common more than 300 different patterns for the kitchen this thank
you for your attention to favorite maturity and that or if you are I can show you I have a sample of it just as before but the key it's this 1 image and then you have a key on transparency and the new together that'd upon position then you can see this hidden feature which is on the image things


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