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Spatial dynamics within reconstructed holographic images

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Spatial dynamics within reconstructed holographic images
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This paper describes a series of holograms resulting from my experimentation and research over the last four years. In the process of making these pieces I began to articulate and explore methods of reconstructing scenes through holography. While traditionally holography records a ‘whole’ optical field, my interest is in capturing other dimensional relationships, particularly the connections made between different perspectives and temporal patterns, with holographics. This artistic inquiry involves developing techniques of sampling, compiling and recording images into holograms. To illustrate the development of my methodology I will to refer to a number of holograms which are largely self portraits – depicting my relationship to and navigation of the urban environment.
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they came from I'm not very good with microphones they tend to move around a lot when I'm talking I'm gonna try and stay in 1 spot on 1st of all I would like to say I'm really happy to be here it's been an amazing week so far they've been some particular words really touched me throughout presentations I think when tj said that we're talking about beginnings and certainly endings are having the beginnings that I think that's a helpful thing to remember that no matter what you do in a way you're going there always new beginnings some of those let's say to Sally that had talked this morning about descent and rising up again thinking that that was very important of I might say now I'm working at mighty university I'm doing a master designs and by project which is a new way of doing masters sigh actually get to work on individual projects and not called create thesis through my different project work this is actually allow me to go on research and work with different people and this is great for me because this is the way I have learned a lot of the I actually began holography what picked up Sextus sex book in the 2000 arm and it's a stupid copula lab and then I let holography particularly from will she's in the audience mind Richardson and marine Nicholson have also worked and visited a lot of you in your labs and so much knowledge is being passed on to me and I like to think you like think anyone who passes information on to the future generations who teaches children his inspires
people anyway I gone forever so as to give presentations from 1 looking at now is unwilling to other work with landscapes and I wanna catch something of the urban environment in landscapes and whole holograms I think this is a real beauty in nature to the environment and I think holography has the opportunity to capture something of the dynamics of experience in the city environments and to really bring out the beauty of our construction environment some people see the sort of concrete and these masses of cities and necessary for a population is quite ugly but really there's this intrinsic
nature of beauty to them so this
is what I'm I'm beginning to work on
this is I'm using on
beginning to use to techniques
this is a very simple
process of this device
project on just walking towards my CD I'm taking photographs
periodically bridge the memory
stretching these photographs so they link up inside on and adding
masks with after
effects these are these are these a
little animation that allow
it to begin to visualize the dynamics eventually going to my
holograms I'm at the beginning of 2 years sigh excuse gives me for
works of very complete yeah what I'm
really looking at how these 2 things
and looking at spatial dynamics
and expression it's interesting because With so used to looking at
temporal dynamics you some
somewhere and you watch something change
in time but what I want to say
is what happens when you move through space what haven't had
things change as I move through
space so that's what I mean by spatially dynamic you this
work it really comes from many sources and this feature by myself to show I think epitomizes what time on aiming to get with my work in it I'm reconstructing scenes I'm not trying to see an model or mimic something that's out there but I'm trying to reconstruct something I catch something of the relationship the movement to the feeling of that same bitterly about this piece that I find incredible I mean it's cubist and futurist which is quite unusual when I saw it was actually displayed on the stairwell around which is ideal spot to push it as well and there's something about this piece that I was think of it the interference pattern between that actually something's happening and something you choosing to report something I think this interference has a many
analogies and holography but this there's a lot there's no incentive I way of when I talk to people about holograms Iike she often start by talking about people photographs this is cause I'm often talking to people who have an experience holograms and so I wanted to start somewhere where people can understand the nature of light the penal this project was a project where made a pinhole camera which slotted into cycling fencing I did get a CIA onto maybe because of his projects as doing your and people don't like little black boxes and fences and I don't but what is fascinating about this project is the take this tiny sample from a point in making and then I do this again and again and again and sample this array of images I don't have the animation of this with me but I I would make these I also carried my camera on and take them to me other people and just spray them out and allow people to rearrange the features people will pull out a phrase rich people make patterns with severe began to actually rearrange the photographs
that been taking from different things other a lot of user may very early holograms and some of them are better than others this 1 I still have to to work on it to install properly this 1 was made in 2002 out working at the holographic image studio model and this is really where my holographic work began what I I mean really known as doing but what I wanted to do at the time as I wanted to capture multiple seems to different titles it's very difficult to see in my photograph but this is the same as me on my bicycle it's a miniature bicycle viable Japan was writing London the non believer almost and has a map of the local area that was living in the process of drawing this map was something I did every morning and I wake up and draw this method where I want and by this I actually got to annoyed my area and so you get lost a major bicycle alone and no matter hologram this is this 4 pieces to the hologram but each piece has 9 squares in it 8 of the square has a real image of a stereoscopic on its laser transmission it's designed ceiling so 1 day I will install it and I wanted to say that on the floor is the title of the work I do here I will not on the ceiling is the holograms me writing of your head on through these sort of match square 1 I realize a reflection was also taking a discrete samples of time but also doing is saying I wasn't so much on what was happening with in each frame as you looked around but what happened as you went from frame to frame as I like when you will trying to find a way to and you're looking at a map and turn the page and something that happens when you turn the page you go to the next thing you got the next these
was that the ideas that began to explore come this mapping of continued to sort of a theme in my work and this is the mattress hologram all mapped 2 it's 1 of those holograms I have never been up to always changes in 9 this is addressed I designed with a friend of mine and it was only at the time was amazing project and the 2 of us mainly designed it then many people can actually help speed so it's a grant living room in the middle of winter we have this amazing dress and different friends actually brought before that's long summer came along with some train tracks on the CD of all my shoulder here is actually a map of Melvin and my left main Adam capacity and resistance and I used to show people when I was traveling with this is where I came from I that the journalists the span of the dress you can't see in this image you can see in laser hologram is a map of all of the ocean currents and wind currents of the Pacific Ocean because this is notion to cross to to make a hologram the mapping had a few lines so the the mapping was going into my scheme but I also started to realize that actually making holograms is a process of mapping so I started to think about what what what is this this map will this hologram on producing and so what I did was I actually cut out 3 stencils and stances of New York City where I made this on hologram Hollis center and I would like these 3 images this is when think the the fracturing of looking between these
images that very much looking through 1 image but my favorite 1 was actually made a stencil map of the subway system and what would work have that's right on the subway system was all overlaid over the entire hologram if you put your body right up to the subway it's only just big enough that you are in the the justification and so you can follow those worlds of and in this work when I displayed this work side to watch people following the ocean I realized I wasn't making image on a piece of glass I was making a space for people to explore but I also level displaying holograms you could be careful with space Ukraine to explore because I had had people collide as they going for the sweet spot in the whole graph so I get you gotta be
careful but it's an interesting thing of right this is stepping ahead from 1 side there are a couple of projects that are in here on 1 of them all of show during hottest presentation represent SPIE in 2005 and that really are culminated on my my stance Learning and patterns but I did some laser projection work that was also my arm on and applied physics and it was a quite a powerful exhibition because actually presented in much physics project in art gallery and I really have to take my university for bearing with me while I do this alone I also then went and did some experiments reported show working in Annamaria at the talk and devising some different ways of cutting up portraits and putting them back together on fostering great portraits way you could look at at the porch and you have to find different people in that's on the paper but we won't going to now the next project which I'll just talk about quickly and again I do have some footage this I can shed light on tonight I was unfold jet and this was the at the collaboration was working with a fashion designer the action logical and that he is and artisans or Thailand or garment designer because he doesn't design fashion he makes a beautiful clothes I'm I worked with him we wanted to create something that would allow people to experience his his clothing without it being a flat image he felt this was a compromising compromise of his clothing the project was but also designed on because I was approached by experimental which is a new media interactive that interactive New Media exhibition Melvin and I argued the fact that my holograms interactive because you need to move around to say actually skip
through this could you can show that this project I decided merging photographic and digital so is emerging of a camera array of photographs with three-dimensional images that were constructed that the final
holograms with our played at the colors I really further the this was actually the 2nd exhibition I head of these but I actually use LED lights to guide people in on the floor a fine it's really good
to of reset the the colors in the perception of people
as they come into the exhibition erm but of documentation but credits I have that John Kerry the whole graphics North he's amazing to me that I hope I
get another big piece to produce him sometime soon someone starting development work consists of anchoring between what you see when you walk are explore this with handheld video arm and this pet piece was made KHM in Germany but she's holding a video camera and spinning really fast
this is my head stays very much stationary and background strings the fast way this is my mass this is why I have to do it for the next 2 years and it really is sort of an infinity symbol means backwards and forwards and down here someone of wandering around
trying to work out exactly how I'm going to do this somewhat holograms and going to make them work in we had a couple of people got today and I really the approach I'm taking is very much a cubist approach and blending the 2 schools of cubism and blending analytical approach we take up almost but any information and to create a scene to to to actually create something looks real and synthetic approach which is kind breathalysed college
we take sort of already structure bits of information and stick them together to do this learning computer programs around I will get
back in the lab and further model programs this is a whole on project that was not going to I'm as well as the sampling the environment by using the environment so looking for structures within the
architecture to sample the architecture this place
quickly this is really cute as no
information but this is may
sampling along the front of the mouth music this there's a lot space
is I'm trying to explore and how the space change by the
alignment of the images this is the sort of the the photographic quality that I want to sort of get into my holograms but the idea that things can be reconstructed to give you a different sense this the center of the bunch speech becomes
more real because of the multiple perspectives taken from and I'm also trying to course small organic components to my landscapes are this is the train Melvin that I've turned into
a and that can the animated and finally my 1st step out into the digital world but I've made with is in the castle at the moment of this was made in collaboration with and Jonathan Ross thank you so much for this opportunity it has been amazing to actually they also have a chance to take these ideas and make into an image I'm learning a lot you may notice that these lines of 2 things to come up on a digital hologram if you wanna talk to me about the fine details of digital holograms and he listen
Earth and so holograms meant to St. and thank you thank you thank thank the