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Rapid wireless transmission of holographic 3D images for remote educating process

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Rapid wireless transmission of holographic 3D images for remote educating process

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Rapid wireless transmission of holographic 3D images for remote educating process
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In a remote educating process using a holographic 3D TV system, the technique for transmitting holographic 3D images will play a very important role, and a wireless transmission should be introduced around the area where the wired network system cannot be used. For this reason, a SSTV system has been studied by many authors, however, it requires more than 36 s to transmit one sheet of holographic image. In this report, a transmitting-time reduced SSTV process is presented, and it is shown that this process has nearly the same level of quality of recovered images as previous SSTV, and it is only accompanied by a slight deterioration in the quality of the recovered images.
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