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New ultra-fine grain photofilm for pulsed colour holography

Video in TIB AV-Portal: New ultra-fine grain photofilm for pulsed colour holography

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New ultra-fine grain photofilm for pulsed colour holography
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A new ultra-fine grain silver halide photofilm for pulsed colour holography has been developed. The film is now being manufactured on an industrial basis and is commercially available. The photo-emulsion used has an average silver grain size of 10 nm and is sensitive to emissions at 440 nm, 532 nm and 660 nm – the emission wavelengths of the pulsed lasers commonly used in modern digital holographic printers. In the article we present the basic characteristics of the new material.
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is to use the fine-grained for the fuel for Boston him I suppose said before this is meeting things are various materials a 1 material some development under development model on this will 1st portrait of the world will also participate in the close future again so the user material on the also the form of our holograms such kind of warrantless you can see here we needed to hear from our but you don't know well so 1st of all we we developed to those of the wise To make could digital post-column holograms and after that we needed to material so the scope for inference from 1 of the following is essentially to work on the slide which is situated on the from think so we have developed a new things
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what we measure measure of quite interesting stuff in it appeared so close this material here so very good sensitivity to 4 pulses and if yes no but since future for continuous I don't know what a diffraction efficiency again so a go for continuous with conditions on the design of diffusely across all of you who will we will speak a both white light so the diffraction efficiency actually to up to all 3 values was and that will be of course the the great traditions you on 4 to 5 per cent as usual and for continuous wavelets will be even more the Saul and
through the process of what would essentially fox hunt through the use of Spottswoode can be explained to in usual for the chemistry so we probably need to book a quantity when you don't know what to tell you need to go look at quantum had but the weighted sum somebody will will create Europe Office that stuff was in type of some things of that this with a similar tools in a conductor disappears some props inside that brought including electrons so In to to all will kind of duties on but of course it into a separate investigations on the ones of grain size you so so small that differently happens and so now we're
going to conclusions that is the new material that this will what you suitable for pulsed and continuous refrigeration but he was produced on an industrial scale assumes not later and to properly to binoculars and so this is what you here's but can cost poreklo Inc. was instituted to probably the best materials of work I think will from questions and in that that you use of the yes this is the this is the duration of this part of the I don't know if this is so they don't so we just investigators fox and so I presented so far so good I don't know hold extensive being it is diffidence solutions and process so for emotion and manufactured well actually uses that you'd always find factor to usual could you for process but what units was on a full put some different solutions inside uncovered a little modifies approach on to actually knows a sporting uses the use the dual grievances would use was was still quite accidental I'm saying that force especially created for machine it will but actually we prior to the local food different watches onto 1 of what should be the food to be working pulsed-laser so after that so we just started to use loses process of from from synthesis instance supplies and conclude with 1 not to changing anymore it for the Pensacola constant the because his will to really just sort of monitors grain size because we most continent but to explains his behavior I don't know call can have different activities of people our just wanna make any comments to the as sensitive the sensitivity of the the out of translators in our experiments we see this effect and when you're working in the nanosecond regions and the idea strong nonlinear effects and and you just can't describe this effects but physics and of reasons for that is not quite as key effects somewhere effects coming up there in high density and turning and in in that way them from our lab so it's quite lot of OK I have so maybe you will give us some recommendations coating profile export approaches assume will probably sure 1 of the proposed 15 years in the the in the amount of the problem is that you're right at the end of the year affair with with plants and the cost of such a resource in the lifetime of the living meaning of the longer you just like comes from the remote this is a lot so the sensitivity of where we would like to say that the right this you the what it's also been my experience that there is a rapid that the degradation of the latent in just think of along the same sort and the unit questions raised all for the good of nation the should follow from years when we investigated such just by printing so we so you need to develop put month later someone 48 hours various yes I can make a comment on on because of the knowledge and the technique we use of all that make for and it's actually the huge difference if you can develop and you will be a set of all then even all you mean it means that they have more than 1 example was the I explores some of the exhibition in the a data set based on their then the rest of the world from so you need to do that in a 2nd so if you want to make him well I mean it's maybe within the and the generalization communication attracted to the concentration based on the similarity of the dimension of the instances in the inside of the if we had a lot there's 1 side here and this different is something that is that if you transfer it take some emotions and the a limitation of the the interesting thing about the calculation the scattering of light was by chance in this the different scattering especially 1 of the world's most of them with the crisis that situations and not theoretically if you would like to encourage discussions that led to the gradient the of the huge increase and that whenever just and which should be you can use the internet all you know printed will using include sequential export so that'll work effort should be layers of green blue onto each choose boxes on all of process exposed to 3 times and the need to see the city the should be awarded the fuel use other order it to be used different results a strange but from so fast solution for up of that solution convenient to we want you