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Display holography in Korea
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and ready to start again explain some of my will go through through my homepage this is a whole center the thing is so rhetorically what we see it so I have some
projects exhibition
at the Seoul Korea last year so we call selection of a landscape so I'm using topic basically
my background is authority so sometimes I'm using the
installation with some photographs also
using a hologram somewhere so
those are where I work
at the last year and those
output of graphs and there are pretty box is put together on the wall and those of the
hologram I made been you type theory by 40 as fully people
where it makes a pseudo scopic colors so those
work so this is
framed on student task can assist the or so
always finish applied in so this was also should all images and I don't work at a couple years ago or so exhibition at US
hands-on on our
center those 24 that's
about to revive by vitality sphere a circle holograms as the transmission this whole in
the hands like that of
many fire so this is
something you can so I have in here also amusing
photography benefit 10
years ago the the memory for time
this is about 1
horse perfect 1 as a range that gained by myself and then make
photographs and pretty OK so
sofa and collecting when I travel to other places I collecting some of items or some objects get together and bring like all items in my studio and I've got some memory from that each object it's rearrangements for myself so and then make it photographs site thinks about you know it's for y 5 and a by large formats varied details and FIL so I have I'm using some the video of
medium so this is
selected the pond this is about my toes
in the in the in the underground with given this this
is all this sources
roaring well this this
expression was what
we have there what we have the knowledge and text and we'll be a lot us get together sigh was very all have to be
expect with those textile
artists and also I have
training history society and this Paul I've done it's
about 10 years ago is has 6 divided 80 possible holograms I work
with them that that beat and then
this model is I found
at the early 20th shape this this model is she has a long hair so I explained to what I want to make a hologram she decide OK I'm gonna make up all the hair that sheep go to publish out and then shape all of her hair right away so I really priests also
I believe it some tore
up your work with this kind of work the sigh pre and that
this person's in the skin box is clear so I have a
lot of books so I
surprised to show was
1st the meetings that's the the canyon so like
impression for ID that at that and to looking at as I've done is 20 years ago at the when I was a student at the Center for Oracle when you sigh
travel so this Kenyon
said take a picture so lots of this picture of this pupil
lights and shapes so
when I was a 20 5 years ago I travel here take picture with a large formats and of the magazine of irony member that the name of the but this is famous pop off left top magazine they published the my work at with those
images so like to call
for Wi-Fi format so
with printed on Chirac from so I and then
I imagination I've
done this a hologram that 1993 at Expo the scale is 1 . 1 by 2 matters 3 channels rainbow holograms I worked
with the baby baby this here
of the various so well it
was very large at the
scale of a hologram what
I've done so and then there's
this is experience that this
too slow to looking at this
was set in 4 of those
of and thank so 3
channel for each 1 each you 1 holograms made this 3 different masters get all 3 different export it's 1 of 1 final H 2 and then there's a lot to introduce a little bit school level so of we have so
yeah we have let in know
soul OK I think this is too
slow so what worry about to 2 2 times that
for me thank you and also
I for project with the Korea Broadcasting System so but this
this we have very popular
physical drama so this
is sheer all of the it does the drama so I you made a hologram of done from the KBS so so
and I I brought some
of the delightful meadow hologram of this this actor but I will
show some real yeah that's
what displays also 0 I have a some other projects to to
producing hologram but you know this you can take a look at the whole center on chaos for all center Susan can also I have some photographs I took this photo red 1998 1 at Lake Forest College with the a so this was like you this is the most beautiful
shot with the prompt tone and all of those and then I have 3
historical person you here
and so he she is
in here and you did issue and then consists of a consensus
the question and malice size
here and also of in and
this 1 was the the
presentation of
1991 but she's
not in here but no she's unattested she's the
at the centre Oracle when I study incentive Oracle when inside visit to her house and for some it was a long
time ago also John
Furrier so got Markovian
here so that he is by these it's Dr. Marco et 1997 he's Institute at he all for me
to say 1 year's work together very thanks to
him and I'm very many which
is that in here also we but OK
we have a very good time with
the teachers chunks at nite port and now
emulates and his wife
OK this is last ones will arrive in this is my of
grand grandfather but when you and without