Development of the surface diffraction method for computer-generated display holograms

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Development of the surface diffraction method for computer-generated display holograms

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Development of the surface diffraction method for computer-generated display holograms
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General idea of polygon sources of light for numerical synthesesis of object fields in CGHs. Problems to be solved for realizing polygon sources: Numerical algorithm for obtaining light from arbitrarily tilted polygons, control of diffusiveness and direction of light, control of brightness of polygons in its optical reconstruction. Examples of process to synthesize objectives. Examples of optical reconstruction. Performances of the polygon source method.
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thank you Mr. Chairman and judgments comes from Japan considered most at the top of the presented reptiles and all this up optimistic this is a Newman go over them to characterize object will form a but of stuff objects each EGH all visibility some people pointed out the name of the self direction much of is not so good an unsold high call this now the poor message this is the the
false about the talk about the basic idea of and then talk about problem to be solved who we are as input themselves and I will show you the experiments that examples over the process to success of the field and also show you it unsalted butter construction but we the primary focus of bubble muncipal the proconsuls measures president of the
Quorum so called middle of piece that by using point In this method the object composed of many points on the sphere don't was emitted from the presence us employing both on the program this is of easier to implement and probably but the main drawback of this method is that strong computation time especially equal parts were around and you can program by using source message spectral noise arises because of interference between the spherical well the methods
presented here who have composed of course most of us that much he said point this is a cold call it as no this is the key idea is that a simple but knowledge in this idea is not so easy for events to be solved it was to be here the past we have to kind periods where you were for all of the regions of Poland inhibition you you a share of the way through life must be if lots of stick we comparable with direction of the light it's also important he calls right should provide it into the world around the current critical that we used effectively finally to share this three-dimensional objects of designers intended we have to control whiteness of of object exactly the following
problem to be solved is the ratio of the wave propagation between non power plants and this is sourced n and this is a vastly complex averages of live is given on so spread and we get a public some reduce all the vast and the they right is usually the program and the consuls is a total if both is part of each other we have a lot of humor government such to current clinical study production and propagation but most of all alone is not a part of music soul will help to the with few only fast from which it the source plant we have developed new about all those expansion and all this so the underwear that there are people fragments
this is a process of co-creation this called for the sharpness formation the only time is of the longest of of the brain waves complex amplitude given open-source source brand and so it it is therefore it transformed and this much pride by this factor was pointed to propagation of this as the this is a way this is the 1st of the 2 and that period and finally you must be transformed into an open-ended complex and only but when the source practice is called a politician must be applied to spend this for the prohibition it's so I'll simply accept the viability of space the
2nd problem is to give the nature of diffusion asked to where and control its direction now before a lot is going on so Sprint is that this is set for a lot of a constant value the problem of good 1 the difference is that in the presence of or have a constant borrowed the port only behaves that's aperture middle on the source and thus we have to give used this period to are the rich which pays to support but only the use of this is not enough for all of us people's right of each of size rounds this numerical programs and drop whole almost muscle the collocation sold which assumes Frank with propagating to program distance behind the to provide the the SMEs
to the and controls the direction of the type we define converts amplitude of source plan this is called sublists function the 2nd function of combos with the history of the the false prophet is company to the distribution he can explain the borrower is constantly so-called 1 example of so-called give the polar and the distribution of on which you must be given sort of the text that share is to construct the next section of the it's the fusion of various distribution to give the huge mass to the portal and the cell but user-friendly for evaluating public library to support to post so right propagate to to program
this is example of the use of bayes distribution 1 can 1 of the candidates for using this is what a random it's but none is this book that this content and on need to the extent of spectrum these causes rise areas and spectral models of this last book this is also the image you can see the spectrum in this we need a place with high diffusionist box stick with it has been so this is for a program in 1998 but the goal of this this something this is a so you can find this space as quot randomness and so it's that companies upon giving users was sampled core the and the 2 the image is not the for some of the of the crime
where public and that is not needed explicitly because she the sampling variance is it 1 to 1 minus the sum of the this figure shows the minor to define coordinates and its rotation and this year's show call that in space the sampling point called service function will play this area have to do with class 1 but the prior and for realization this shift to this area where and when we sample the gene this you have to get here for industrial with possible so we must with last long might simply as a set of brain report this is the result of a chief showing people with last fall the soul we don't
need this friend they have that express finally we 0 the
current otherwise brightness political of was this on with the mentally right this obvious is dependent on the Jews solvers function and this is something that's the and thereby understand role the most important that there is a whole what observation and right of this of the sublists changes with changing the kind this course the expected expected shooting to compensate the on off the we moderate temperatures of each sub-list by this aggression here yeah that we assume the object conservation and is young equal to user and would be the use of us and the world I'm sure you have generally
example for this process to the object is that you almost always reported also want to sleep on the street and this is for the number 1 and this forum have only local program this is also given all another 2 or this is example of
satisfaction was portable on number 1 this is opportunity nature and this is a periods image the amplitude is constant is said all along but there have also this is similar because that all of these so these users the satisfaction and other people or was something is
this shows distinct spikegram from all functions of that would transform the spectrum and similar to each other point of rotation the
sampling area for and sampling grid is distorted by using the in the Polish sample this the results of the must with Russell is this image here I said that this
sensible transnational corporations is 0 we define the lecture and the other to the image is here the sovereignty of the image is very similar to the shape all with other to suffers
function is also this and in the forties and the sandwich and could muster across from the root of the number to the major is this algorithm is used to write the original 41 here this by this finally this
content compressed oxygen is superimposed this opera to the image of object with results for stress and propagation and after that of Messenger population the way field diffuse and spread you will recall this is a in his own a
example the construction of shared history division of object number of services they sell them and also it's a feature to
migrant the following indicates the direction indicates a dictionary national right but in this right and this here that's people in policies then alternation vector you can see objects is shaded of expected this progression
is expected in tonight induce a current by the young answer you want to hear that it's process of a single GPU this graph shows percentage question by each process of preparation has found most time Gaussian process is called the rotation that was in the Prussian of to the flux that's much of the optimal MMSE will and the pressure a soul but expect it is possible to tune out the increment and speed up the computation of distance this is
somewhere in because the group realizing 41 sources guided by whatever auditioning for a space has said things such as function of the contribution as direction right oracles environment composition wife to shake the object of designers intended native conditions I'm 90 the 2nd wives you answer ones of the of seeks to mimic the cubical object the CC size is other than points for southern pixels the thank you for centuries FIL and in the mentioned of the search space in which we will you and what the modulation on kind the edge of what your service users the or all the all the future so that you can look at at the distribution of you want a function that can act as a little odd there's no data about this uh should assume through analysis the worst you don't know what the spectrum you should look at the to various transformations in in my life you and I will end at a uniform attitude by randomized size the size distribution is uniform but with abandonment to this spectrum of the product of the continents this In this year I think it's your service is modeled as a uniform amplitude but with varying size that defines distribution is that a uniform size distribution all gasses and places you know uniform it's but then especially in the the of changes in the window of sort of images and video production and you what randomisation for those of you that have way raised you go from is modulation-based this is another
example of this and some of us have a picture of a right which is a plan and see how I rotate this come about the degree to the muscle high confidence of programs and hope the concept this pen and attracted by 10 gender
this is also captured coming moving right and left and moving but on the whole muscle contraction is also be constructed and thank you and much once again that