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A holographic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

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A holographic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II
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This paper seeks to provide an accurate account of the project to create a holographic portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
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I think I think it was probably far less scary for me if you only got back on and the did you have to assume I notice this is the 1st paper that delivered in 25 years of being world and I managed to get to the end and then think ability and I'm 100 In 2003 uh British artist and designer Chris lines and was commissioned by the Jersey Heritage Trust recorder holographic portrait of medicine the Chris is actually in the audience that today and cannot today so on here is that we want to speak to myself on perhaps the Commission was to commemorate the island of jerseys 800 years allegiance to the English grammar and the hollow-gram was to be permanently hung in Jersey but now this is the English pronunciation mountable got Council well I think it's more all going castle in french but come across them program that's castle the
holograms due to be 100 and obviously the Channel Islands but later that year in August 2003 uh Chris approached Jeffrey Robonaut spatial going to produce a portrait in association with the product 1st began in 1998 way back in 1998 when an an after-school golden young he was working with the Jersey Heritage Trust the time this is an exhibition in London called type of visual 1 . 1 but this exhibition being put on my personal and contained a number of open to it around the world by the British Arts Council and contain a number of holograms and these holograms that mostly multicolor flectional GM had been made by myself as commercial works for Christmas form company ICL graphics all works of my own and there other like works also in this exhibition by Chris on to do in particular the exhibition features holographic portraits of seal and oasis band members know only Gallagher which I produced in 1994 and 1997
respectively so the Golden yeah on seeing the holograms for non recommended that the Jersey Heritage Trust consider carefully the possibility of having a holographic portrait made of a grain and subsequently of uh commissioned Chris for poetry I accepted the of the project on the the basis that would be conducted as an equal and creative collaboration between the person myself and and the project was conducted in such manner and as little project of this magnitude and there are many other people who play vital roles in creation production of the final work in a particular importance and very much but there's an equal number of team was Jeffrey role my creative director spatially and Jeff liaise between Chris denying coordinated the project and offered to much created advice and assistance right about the whole project of all the members of Team was American vote for Dr. John Terry of not all graphics north in the USA initial discussions between increase in July August 2003 revolves around recording of a ruby pulsed laser portrayed however this was impractical and uh in effect of the queen probably wouldn't have wanted to come to my studio enrichment instead it seemed that in far easier to produce holographic Stereogram and we looked at the various options of the producing our experiment particularly large ones and those options beings ever imaging conditions of imaging in the USA color holographic UK or indeed producing ourselves however we finally decided subcontract production of the rank graphics-oriented documentarian polymeric this decision was influenced by a highly successful collaboration between John and I spatially earlier in 2003 which involved production of a large format holographic installation taken that clearly was also influenced by the fact that John could make the world's largest grain of events that and he's just side point here but of course the holographic stereo as opposed to a true hologram which is likely to be contentious there is not a direct recording of the subjects that is produced from a sequence of stereographic photographs taken out from all the subjects in the angles the technique is in fact more closely related to stereo photography them holography in my opinion it does not recall the the wavefront of Light originally reflected from the system but merely acts an auto stereoscopic viewing to replay a sequence of stereo images technically therefore and despite the title of the paper the true however reported created not actually been made as of yet the holographic stare answered the other very important advantage and that is that the images sequences that are produced can be archived and later used for all manner of other three-dimensional techniques and and mediums that
several meetings were held the violent even August September October 2000 decide upon esthetic technical requirements the work 1 such suggestion was to eliminate this terrorism of the vesicle array of monochromatic any these has been lot of talk about on and with this work we used a vertical array of blue LED type of entities from locks him but this type of information creates a shark single color image whilst extending the otherwise restricted vertical viewing aperture of a rainbow hologram in order to create a part
parrots image sequences that took decisions designed all the camera system especially for the project this was quite so stressful given the fact that and I only had 6 weeks to design and build it and write all software to control and all the test questions this image shows that that the system being built in our engineering facility
the week since christened at the VIP all video images of parallax and it incorporates a roleset incorporates a Pantera 20 and 30 full-color digital camera this camera has the highest it's all had the highest specification available the time it is made by Canadian company called also cooperation is cable at putting 10 bit grayscale images at a resolution of 12 hundred by 600 pixels with RGB Bayer filtering at the blistering 30 frames per 2nd now those frames of bread in real time and stored directly into RAM on computer at that resolution With respect to camera translation I initially
designed a shift shift camera system and this technique has been used by holographers for many years to avoid keystone distortion it became apparent however there were also several disadvantages to this method and so redesigned system to the kind of which is kind of going back to the beginning in some respects on as rotating camera introduces various image distortions which flames should camera system would have avoided however like what I realized course was that by writing custom software it would be possible to reverse out all the distortions after the images have been shot and in view of the fact that they digital images so and you can see from this picture that the image on the uh taken from the end of the rail has a typical keystone distortion and what we need is an image that looks like the 1 on the right so custom software is written to to reversal of distortion of woods and I believe that this method provides the ultimate compromise chain photographic image quality and you and final star-graph policy 3 main advantages of rotating the camera all that and better quality and foster lens can be used rather than much slower quality wide-angle Shiffrin's there no reduction in the brightness of images taken at the end of the row which would not only because my light passing through the side of the lens and lastly the angle through changes can be recorded and hence the final viewing angle of the hologram is not limited by the travel limits of the shift and this is the
the IP system of linear is over the back some of my colleagues the cameras mounted on top of the state-of-the-art linear motor rotational stage which in turn was mounted on a 2 . 5 meter linear major rail the manufacturer's quoted that this rail is the longest of this type of and the use of linear motor technology enabled me to move the camera extremely accurately and smoothly and at very high speed in fact it's it's actually kind of meeting 6 meters the 2nd if 1 wanted to but that some that's way too fast really the 2 stages were electronically locked together in a non-linear manner basically if you rotate the camera linearly and the the linear then you can't fix at a certain point so 1 has but use a method for locking looking the 2 with the with a nonlinear equations the entire single-user mounted on a rigid but portal subframe that enable Jeffrey not easily transport systems Buckingham Palace and the investment made in developing the system was in the order of 50 thousand pounds
prior to the 1st sitting in November 2003 meeting self-interest and the queen's personal systems essentially kept Kelly to choose clothing to be worn by the Queen and Christians royal blue velvet dress a single string of white poles and the died in France and as you can see from this picture the diet in promised depicts on British precious stamps and coins and just for your interest that was made in 1824 George the false correlation that incorporates 1333 large diamonds and 169 poles it was also worn by both Queen Victoria and Queen uses Lizabeth at their respective coronation Jeffrey Robert I relied on only 3 days prior to the sheet to set up and test equipment conductor would dry runs of 1st task in assembling the kinetic palace was to gain access to the 1st floor however nothing ever runs under % smoothly and we did not anticipate and any problems but we citizens read write realize that we can actually lift the the system up to the 1st floor of the in the spiral staircase on the left is is simply too big so there was a slight moments of panic there fortunately
however the Queen senior Porter came to rescue and suggested that it could be carried from the main entrance through the Grand holding up the curving marble stairs of the grand staircase at 6 passports as embassy receded to manhandle system of of the most famous staircases in the world past priceless antiques and grandmaster paintings and it was with huge relief that we arrived at the top on the the
setting was held the other drawing and so now we've made the entire system and all the only couldn't see the yellow drawing inside Buckingham Palace this is the queen's preferred environment for portrayed settings where it were made maybe not with all the gear and it it's a corner room with windows on 2 sides and therefore has more natural light and most of the rooms in the Palais as such as the read most often used for more traditional paintings and photographs and in fact we needed far more light and when this could provide anything so we treat the curtains and use their own lives the underlying if I just said I didn't occasionally sneak peek out the window and
they're just proved where actually now that's the looking out the tourists of course it's the way that the curtains slightly and suddenly all kinds of and it probably thought the you that ever was waving at most of the a British photographer by the name of Nina Duncan assisted the lighting and photograph recorded the sheet for the occurence at nite time the past such assemblage of high-tech equipment that have been allowed inside the palace I had the 1st sitting the same again comprising myself Jeffrey interests were given any 1 of the queen's time which Toshiba required image sequences at precisely at 3 PM on the 14th Amendment 2003 the queen walked into the room with her personal assistant dress and that was incredibly surreal experience you know you've seen this woman on the television all life and not only that but this is a walking dressed as the between you choose an Michael something from England would been so bad but it is like I he just couldn't believe it was her this that really the plane just walked into the room and you know she should we basically that was introduced to her she came to each 1 of essential crime and and inquired as to which Cape she should where Britain and the same the same time PA from dresser prepared the crime on the crown actually is quite hard and there is actually hurts head if she just persona as is Angela Kelly had to set velvet lining always around the perimeter of the crime before between put it on good
now this is an interesting 1 because some the queen basically just grab that the crash when running off to the mirror and the rate what I had like Europe but a hassle and the chips you know that it has to have at and and ruined hair but you'd expect that may be addressed with you carefully positioned for but that's not what happens Chris indirect
directed sit in the special that chair and Wall Street and settled himself and Chris let the crown using specially made LED lighting units this highlighted the bonds in the cranberry effectively and gave most of after several dry runs the ship began honest I control via the system and camera from the computer consul Jeff uh checked exposure focus and composition the queen in frame and Chris directed the queen to look into the distance to remain motionless for the duration of the past the queen values posing for photographs and paintings adopted and actually read pose without intervention remained still for the 6 to 8 seconds it took to record each sequence
that on laughing other than the 1 because the the we're actually happen ourselves and from the nodes concentration and the 1st 15 minutes the she was a rather harsh effect and it was actually just the 1st broke the ice by asking the question if you remembered unveiling commemorative hologram at the University Surrey which I produce 8 years earlier she replied that she did and also remember that she'd been presented with a copy of the whole whilst queen that would become the the hologram thinking should mention training in the been only back to the palace was and I was pleasantly surprised to be told that it was in the palace library of all places have Jeff also like half of dimension to the process was a bit like having a passport photograph taken to which just replied that you didn't need to have this through and naturally this conversation created a much more relaxed atmosphere that it does that during
sitting the Queen's head was also scanned into a computer as a three-dimensional model and its scanning system built by British company Wixom Wilson of Hampshire was used on the system was operated by Stuart Winsborough from the company you created a computer model the scandals automatic and really just took a few minutes to of the
system was originally designed by weeks also for production of glass block crystal three-dimensional portraits however the resultant point cloud 3 D data can be converted to 3 D model format and hence are used for all manner of other three-dimensional imaging techniques the company has since produced gospel portraits which are now on sale and can be purchased off of the weldments website for example and the prices in the middle of production of a life-size glass block portrait I think that possibly be the biggest 1 of my I'm always the queen was visibly very tired she stayed makes for 15 minutes which according to a was assigned should friendship interesting during the 1st sitting and we shot 18 black-and-white and color sequences each 205 images along and at the end of the sheet and
demonstrate developing systems the queen Chang Heavy the images that had been recorded and also had an opportunity to show a pulse portrayed my daughter which actually found quite interesting and clearly I was hoping that you might see the potential having grown granddaughters program should think about shorthand phone calls yet and after the shoot the images thoroughly examined and found to be on the whole
extremely good however snag number 2 despite hundreds of hours of testing prior to the she found the black and white and she's sequences displayed a less-than-perfect noise level particularly at the bottom you might be able to see talk about image in the background area this select some vertical stripe nations and that was extremely disappointing say the least you know given that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and even take in the images could have been used and indeed have since been used for something for some holograms but I was very disappointed not to not to be technically perfect but in addition the queen had a very very tight on that 1st sitting in fact the present which was due to arrive the following week and I know the rules of the problem to use insisting on bulletproof curtains being hung in his room and she also had a health problem at the time which was canceled so we were the millions the unit millionths unhappy with the actual images from an esthetic point you really should she did look very tired and most of the shops so these 2 factors led us to ask for 2nd sitting and although we didn't think that would be possible restrict to between directly and was pleased receive reply stating that another she would only be possible on March 20 4th 2004 during those intervening weeks on Christian Jeff to john perry student Vermont and actually for the 1st time so very large-format portraits in fact the ones that John has made Farah chasms over which you probably know about and might completely redesigned system as we understand made sure that the camera's working properly and and and on returning from the states it was decided that the very large format portrayed would be produced 1 by 1 . 5 meters in size and in fact identical to those produced by John Heron Christian the name equanimity for the portrayed which means the quality of being common even-tempered and in order to convey a sense of equanimity Chris decided that the hologram should be lit with blue light several e-mails followed change on paradigm and implications of using a vertical array of these that to like the stereo on and how it may affect the production of that is
granted to about and February
2004 nite 1st tolerance between use expansion using has like addition print and I have that very hologram here of all be honest with you if I say I want to make the 1st one the fonts and images to John Kerry and so we meddle time 1 and it's very very useful in proving that the parallax was correct and we actually showed it to the queen and 2nd city understand meetings was getting it to a city that does not the on the
2nd Circuit sitting was conducted on the 24th of March 2004 and 2 days were available set up a system for the 2nd setting however several improvements were made by the technical and esthetic and having been through before we will vary much more relaxed and the lighting was modified to get more flattering illumination and also to provide a high intensity elimination of digital digital camera the queen arrived again at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I was very very relaxed and very happy and it was a completely different shoes right from the start the but it was interesting that we had a chance to do that really because you have the tissues was so different from each other previous to the shape the queen of warned quite dark takes a lot of I personally felt that it would be be probably a very good idea she were much lighter and the queen's head the comments and ran off and reappeared with some touching up of selection why it's 1 of which was the wife of capable on saying we all the expressed that it was the perfect cake for the shot and I think it's ultimately proved to be a very strong feature of the work the queen again adopted actually we propose forcing her days on an entity sculpture the press provided for her to look at the well it is very important because when you do esterification people will always follow the camera with their eyes so we have to tell them to look at something else preferably far off into the distance so they don't do that the improvements made
together with a much more relaxed that atmosphere and even slightly jovial and enable us to report a further 20 sequences so the 2 settings we actually managed to shoot up in excess of 8 thousand 200 images of the queen that was
going on in the world about 3 weeks after the 2nd sitting in an image sequence was chosen from which to make holograms post-processed images again a custom software that I had written to reverse image distortions following John Kerry's recommendations I also registered images is with respect to each other such that John could achieve the correct degree of projection the final round Chris visited the queen at Windsor Castle to obtain a permission to use the chosen sequence after which they were sent to john perry vine FTP website John further adjusted the images to pre compensate for the distortion inherent in cheating the a blue star around with red helium-neon laser he then transferred the images to 35 millimeter film choosing from a 1200 by 16 hundred pixel LCD monitor the films processed placed into his proprietary stereogram printer and prove them to produce the master hologram finally forming the holographic films Teragram copies were created to artist proofs and to final work speech 3 by 4 feet in science the the
agency John Chris installing the in the Queen's Gallery pattern and power which where fashion and the this lower left and gives you an idea of scale and the 1 on the right was on display in the Tower London the final mounting presentation of this diagram which was designed by Chris kept intentionally simple but the films sandwiched between 2 thick sheets of glass which were held upright using solid is a solid block of granite on to which 3 letters 3 letters of Jersey were engraved and you can see that the the linear right plurality the 2nd copy was unveiled in June 2004 the jersey museum by the Prince of Wales
during the last 2 years many other items have been produced using the original images in particular Jeffrey Robert spatial imaging has been responsible for creating a range of lenticular images from made by 10 inches to 6 . 4 feet in size these have been used to commemorate the queen's 80th birthday this year and have been on display at various venues as well as sold in several galleries and 1 of just lenticulars was recently submitted by Chris to the Royal Academy for summer exhibition in London and is now on display in the exhibition you and they this is an an example that we can produce especially this
a lenticular images also featured on a limited-edition commemorative gold and silver medals made by the Royal Mint and spatial imaging is also created digital holograms applications to stamps and coins in the future you the final holographic
staring as I mentioned already was to be hung in jerseys month or guile Council however due to the high ambient light conditions in the room where the holograms to be displayed a decision was recently made to replace the hologram with 1 of spatial large-format lenticulars instead only this looks about the magnificent even that's not actually speculates called can cathode tubes and they're very very happy with it the portrayed as being very raw speed received both nationally and internationally and the press coverage has been on hold very repulsive Jonathan castle the director of the Jersey Heritage Trust 1 of the driving forces behind the Commission stated as as Jersey has a long and fascinating relationship with the crown we wanted to commission royal portrayed that not only reflects this history but also they can simply are iconic image of distinction by presenting our heritage in this contemporary form the portrayed and celebrate jersey as people and the future you know what I have here now that I have time it's 3 minutes and is the BBC News 24 report that Martin referred to in the book and I think it's interesting because some featured in the in the report is a very very well known art critique UK operative here they've exactly and for 1 I think is actually very positive about holography rather than just dismissing out of hand like mostly fixing to this and so we'll see if we can
run that of the the idea of we now have
that almost like images of the
life of 1 example which I don't have any of but this is what not at all the and
you can use it that number and this is
what it and the this this stops of I
have the very long time point of the
talk was a warm body harnesses that that was in a
race that had to keep a
medieval times that of the Queen of the number intensity is the best of our portrait of its kind
images in the light of my the
life that crystalline was used by the united to celebrate 800 years of loyalty to the Crown doing this year I artificially added editor of the
magazine Jack still David leads you think about so you
can see it can give us a criticism is again as it was in this kind of logic to the
appropriate would hold a whole group is like a photograph it's growing efficient accurate a radical 1 want something more so that the problem with because it's the kind of
thing which is kind of process work you have to sit stock still staring at it's very alarming very not for a very long time so it's like the
photography where they were body policies and then that was it
operates the university the still just in order to get the image so you can't exactly get the fastest
way that kind of an image so that you know what I was saying does explain in some ways and the expression on her face is quite that that is the that's the and and serious because she's
concentrating on staying still you know how can't I don't
know enough about molecular weight lost in the world will you know there's a temptation to facetiousness heads that you can't do it anymore but I think it's good to have a whole because holograms are wonderfully realistic when you see the flexion and I remember the observations 20 years ago were you see the moon the drummer had
actually in the room with their amazing and I come someone and tell them they have unit because of National Portrait
Gallery not full of holograms in which in a sense that assignment
as basically the same thing as system of the unrest
models of 150 grams of that because of of the Royal College we had department if the management system and we we don't but I think you know there's an artisanal with the hit in this
universe of clustering for John Wylie because so often with rules for which given falling actually did see a couple of days on that here the aborigines once on that children have rendered on
this year and I remember when I can hold like you can't assume that the anti-terror laws and track the games with much because when it as running down the street being honest and not here
in the newspapers and on the telly all time if you need something which is more interesting which was quite a few weeks ago when students right the portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh the 1 where complained about having to begin with and have most of the growing out the end of this thing you might have thought that was more interesting painters have to try and do something which is
slightly different you know they
have the interest is in the system that we already feel we know and so we had the feeling
that they are so the data that have here is item of if them well and
and not right now this and like there was no evidence that I know of Chris model to elaborate and actually think she said that she like an old lost in the woods I think something perhaps the Daily Mail made up that yes saying that you can use the this is you you you you you and I take great and well jersey I loved it at the end of the day is the sort of thing In fact
mn be now it also with all family like it's not going to look at 100 % but you might get will see big 3 D picture on even if you come another reason for giving you the glasses is that there's an anaglyph picture in the proceedings as well uh and so you need to keep your glasses for the for the version in the proceedings the price that at fit and we