The prime illusion: Modern holography in the age of digital media

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: The prime illusion: Modern holography in the age of digital media

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The prime illusion: Modern holography in the age of digital media
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so it's might turn here and this is gonna be brief because I strategist orange juice you to at my new book which is going to be published it within the next couple weeks I will send you each a copy will have optic technicians and you
can't free so this is really the so launches called the few how fuel the prime illusion and it's really a slightly sideways look at the Commission's we never go all is about the work that we didn't do about the way and popular culture see holography from science the science fiction point of view and
why we can get the jobs we should so I care collaborated with the 1st
Danish designing a must nonsense and we look at the esthetics of love for
using the images that you will
recognize from characters and still there through 2
holograms of landscapes and that draw upon stories that and I've been involved with 1 of which
has has involved of that with as well and that was full professor going guns of on ongoing who I met head of the the dicey dissects bodies basically in plasticizers them and that was into exhibitions and so we're approach by him and to record some of these as full-color holograms so there's a lesson about that in
the book I never happened by the way I'm quite pleased didn't uh looking at
Kabul the early days and you can see over here some of the other images include the science-fiction Paul is already given details on and then you have a sniff of role holograph which is a lot of fun this is this is taken from the BBC 24 when the hologram crystal wine grammars unveiled
uh also looks at silicone work we have in yet telephone on the right hand
side and the ellipses on the left Ronald Reagan to it's got to be 1 of the worst portrays ever
made in the moment but well in the summer of of my work with David Bowie using the digital holographic Francis I protected by the intense make that for life-size version which will go to New York as soon as it's ready for data police is this 1 of the patrons of mother collects on grounds however Lagrange succeeded
expectations for for the touching things In the early influences my
work with fashion Michael Nyman is in a series of
his fans and stuff someone
like and then digging out the old slides here we have Rick Silverman's the meeting and the Soviet of
three-dimensional Alaska
monsters ghosts a couple seems to 3 D movies at the top we have the House of Wax Vincent Price crazy photographs and ensure market pressures on water and that emerges from the
rule on on the bottom and much of the other thing is the books split into 2 state of the
art and then we look at the science and so we take a sideways look science and some of the crazy scientist involved because I really believe that you know if you're crazy if if you're crazy signed your you've lost that you know
only the crazy artist but if you're crazy sciences then you really crazy and is no have a look at some of the early work from zebra but still from the unveiling of the full model
show the drum edition 1 is a crazy team of scientists as this is the silver crossing images C and some of the of the
of and again enhances the
wristwatch which is taking Steve Benson some Crystal beginning of the there's a couple of really interesting illustrations I had enormous power point and I tried to
describe those 2 years we can we can we look at the the use of three-dimensional mapping and again use them at least holographic up this
and Steve overview of where we're going with this medium using timelines and trying to in and dissect various different technologies and I might take from using a
three-dimensional form of and then eventually what I found was that well you'll read about anyhow the the books dedicated to the living memory of the Benson and anomalies and you an issue so we're look out for in the past that we have the best of the