Large viewing angle projection type electro-holography using mist 3D screen

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Large viewing angle projection type electro-holography using mist 3D screen
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Recently, many types of 3-D displays have been developed. We would like to see 3-D moving images with comfortable and more expanded depth. Holography is different from the other 3-D display because a natural stereoscopic image can be obtained. We previously developed an electro holographic display using a virtual image. But the viewing area is small because the pixel size of the LCD is not so small. Now, we have developed a projection type electro-holographic display system. For projection type holography [1] a 3-D screen has to be used in order to project the reconstructed image clearly and for the viewing angle to become wide. We developed an electro-holographic display system using a mist 3-D screen. However, a reconstructed image with a mist 3-D screen flickers due to gravity and air flow. Then we considered how to reduce the flicker of the image, and we found that flicker could be reduced using a flow controlled nozzle. Hence, at first we considered the most suitable shape of 3-D screen, and then we constructed the array of flow controlled mist 3D screen. Through our experiments, we were able to obtain a considerably high contrast 3-D moving image and to achieve a viewing area of more than 30 using this flow controlled nozzle attached water particle 3-D screen and make clear the efficiency of this method.
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