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Improvement of direct fringe printer for computer-generated holograms

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Improvement of direct fringe printer for computer-generated holograms

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Improvement of direct fringe printer for computer-generated holograms
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It is becoming possible to calculate computer-generated holograms of three-dimensional objects that have more than one billion pixels, even with normal personal computers. On the other hand, it is not so easy to output the calculated result as a hologram that must have micron order resolution for practical three-dimensional display. We have been developing a fringe printer, which consists of a laser, an X–Y stage and a liquid crystal panel as a spatial light modulator. A fractional part of the entire holographic fringe is displayed on the liquid crystal panel, and the demagnified image of it is recorded on a holographic plate. Then the plate is translated by the X–Y stage to write the next part of the fringe. In this report, a 0.5 M pixel transmission LC panel is replaced by a 1.3 M pixel reflection type panel. Since the number of exposures is reduced, a more than fourfold improvement in the printing speed is obtained.
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thank you Mr. Chairman of the like to talk about the improvement of the diet fringe principle computer-generated holograms I'm just used come from the University Japan and the
motivation of our research is the today the conflicting computer-generated programs all budget of pixel is quite easy you can use the computer to calculate you have to accept or reject pixel gh but for the program leads out so the electron beam bring that gives effects and the result that it's very expensive equipment and also the onion cost is very expensive but due to this is good for the mass production actually but the we need is a very compact and inexpensive print print that for small business or personal use so the 1 of is the making the program print out for your home and can some that
works the programming so membrane that is well developed like that and many companies like England it still run print but in my case I want to bring to the generated holograms the program directed so the minorities in extending imprinting and the other is is that I've like the sort of annexing those 2 have very good quality but I believe I know that it can be imprinted averaging is very expensive and I should ask the leaders elected by the sort of the 2 the guy who presented to discussed them but they're so at the rest of the list is the printed bring therefore inexpensive so I would issue summary so
this is the electron beam printing this program was developed by the dynamic ranking in Japan and the this fixture here is the because the image and very nice match and the size is 10 mm by 20 but did not they can make a program because the credit card side and this is a more program and the minimum pp . 1 like and it's binary but to the also use an iterative possibilities motivation to me should and greater than I think they also reported the and those control to make a different steps in and that's so it's not too difficult to make a greater progress and this is very
interesting result from common to all and and she modify the CD-ROM right so here is the here is the microscope image over the city our so this is and try and this here is the I don't know which 1 is the this is a program and the there may therefore thereby each was 1 . com 5 micron bitch in 20 minutes and it's best environment so this is the concept the image of the program written English their city of life energy on is the focus of a
sport and expressed this missile and deported by professor much must group and as professor must not be there so you have any questions about this system please ask him and the that would have picked societies it'll get by HK and the adult size is 1 . 5 by might and the this program can be written being 103 minutes and it's it be greater
then the professor must Morrison the reported in the different types of the and program right so they user sitting there and seeing the drought so it's moving constantly and right the adult men they go to 16 by and 125 Western micro-pitch in 69 minutes and variables so this is the
power system of the French printer so fast we displayed calculated she's yes but only good crystal in this case we use the deflection type costs then this that measure over the little crystal is the multiply these user-defined is all in the aerobic great mentioned is open to expose the program and then the X stage is translated into explores and next program so will be we can make a Roger program we much broader exposure now and so we
we have already reported to be our 1st assistant maybe 2 or so years ago so the improvement of this report is we change it did a good cost of past the static so number of this is easier to 68 and then the obviously is still increasing the pixel number the disease is number of exposure so it makes sense writing speed cross that also the the pixel pitch is reduced to substitute to . 4 and then the final program picks the pitch is was 2 . 7 microM and now it's 0 . 8 7 might and the and the improvement is we use certain time it was 2nd for each exposure but now it's 1 point 5 seconds so the reason this improvement in the bring an improvement of printing speed is 4 . 7
and this is the the previous liquid-crystal upon it's transparent manner it's sort of like the for i think German company and this is the new costs made by various company and generalizes the and
comparison various system so this is our system and the CD-ROM seen support and so that this is the time for the lighting men objects and hits 2 . 6 7 seconds and the other is here and there takes H is our system is point 7 and the here so we have recorded say geographic so she gh but we we can in our system we can write more than 10 g pixel but of course it takes a very long time and our system is interviewed greater
and here is the photograph of the and CGH printed messages so they we use a little lays out some of the program is printed on this of each the European project and in this case the it's a number it's a 64 K by a 48 K or say so you don't think so and program size is 62 mm in horizontal and put it for impractical and the elements so as you can see just small the square is not good it's that time there is the elementary progress AC and so here we have few few by 47 as a matter of regret and each program has 1 this and 128 about but I would hate people by 1024 pixels and the environment with this program is 177 minutes and the here is the
concept that the image of the program so this is the always if the data and this is the there's a reconstructed image the program so this is the friend of that of the French bring that generate any kind of for example and print
the ramble this is for current this is originally mentioned and this is deconstructed marriage and the pixel size is it your life 60 % 6 q
and here I have show you the and what of Iraq's but since I user quoted so these computer cannot because they've been for that deal with the I have the yeah program so it's much better than the unit so I have a son programs so if you have someone interested just passed me at the core then most of the other 1 looking so this is the
cerebrum program so so this is a social activity is suppressed in the sheet that and so did this since this is they're actually move the camera in front of the of the and the this is the result of the concept the image of the program Teixeira and in
conclusion we have improved our forever cringe printed now we can 64 K but for the excessively point incident micro-pitch programming suitable for the mass of our and so we can use the out with programs as a master to make a transfer so for the transfer of we can even make the connection 1 then should program and it it is also suitable for diet doing so we can see the image was just about to go the program and now we are trying to reduce the gap between the priors as you can see the you some going let's think it's space between the myth of programs so now we're going to use the search engine tactical unit which I couldn't tell you that this thing that you the settling time when you're writing your holograms about 3 seconds you surely you would use a pulsed laser only now is significantly of yet another you use but yeah a yes the potential of the technology has quite a lot because you can get that out of the form minutes down the few minutes at 10 classes thing is that we already have taken many things that would be great so it means that we can get sick part of it is that it's absolutely that we can have some more questions to see here the interference problems for consumers by the end term formulation in different European that interference with the lens of liquid crystal materials William in that world out of print OK we put the brucke tape it's the it's in that further questions OK so thank you very much again