Holography in the history of Comtemporary Art

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Holography in the history of Comtemporary Art
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Art movements such as Op-Art, Kinetic Art, Light Art and Conceptual Art have been predecessors as well as contemporary tendencies to the use of holography as an art media. Apart from the obvious historical nexus, there are relevant technical, formal and significant similarities and differences in relation to some of the works created by relevant artists as well as to the main features of those art tendencies. This paper explains the conclusions on a study from a triple semiotic approach: lexical, semantic and pragmatic. On the other hand, holography is an art media, such as painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, cinema, etc. Like all of these, holography offers some essential features that are unique and representative of the possibilities of the media itself. In this paper we explore those features as well as some key issues in relation to the aesthetics of holography media. An ontological review is undertaken for contextualizing holography according to the Perception Aesthetic, the Participative Aesthetic and the Generative Aesthetic related concepts. Finally, in order to contextualize holography in relation to the most contemporary art tendencies, we explore the relationship between holography and digital media. As photography forced painting to redefine itself in the nineteenth century, nowadays computers have a similar effect on both traditional and other emerging artistic media such as holography. According to experts in the field, some of the most outstanding characteristics of digital media are: Immateriality, Reproducibility, Time Essence, Interactivity and Non-Linearity. This paper explores the possibilities offered by holography in that emerging digital framework.
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good morning everybody weighted mean and in the sense for coming to my presentation mining is sort of feel that there is something coming from the University of civilian this out of his being and encouraging working as an assistant teacher at the University on computer science but I is that it also fine arts and doing concurrent doing my Ph.D. thesis on the history all 4 of the Act so that's the reason nothing here I hope you will find is much my research so my research
compared to my presentation and I will explain some of the issues I have other is in my paper but because I have only 20 minutes and also you know and is a very very famous program that saying that the part reflects the whole I have decided to select only certain topics and I was going to the taste of this part but I already the made in the presentation and all these lights for the for the whole paper although I only a constant and focus on the first one OK in what we would see is of what I will try to displayed to you are at the sound of there's similarities that I found in between the works of arts and our products and they're taking my this using a lot of on it and the main features of some among contemporary trends but I want to clarify that I'm not trying to classifying any anybody or any work but the mining is to find some clues in in order to contextualize it would need your work in a in a contemporary art framework OK in I will
analyze the those similarities for controlling for different approaches lexical syntactic semantic and pragmatic lexical is related to there are techniques and also to their information channel wise syntactic is more related to the network of relationships between the lexical elements the semantic is related to the possible meanings and interpretations of finally pragmatic it is related to the influence of art on the social context so therefore there's 2 approaches lexical and syntactic are more related to the morphological issues I mean to the visual appearance of what I works then sorry and I have selected son Art in contemporary art tendencies and once it conceded that the most relevant in relation to In this work made by art is using our efficient and in fact when there are 3 groups of tendency that I we analyze no figurative tendencies that includes work apart and set the realities never concrete and technological tendencies as of Oct Connecticut Light and also wanted to our our tendency and from the point of view of the post modernism I sticky can also taking talk on it to tendencies in the conceptual doctrine that linguistic and become
so fairest 1st tendency United is in the ballpark in Tennessee and I have selected these pictures it had to try to explain to you that there are some syntactic and lexical similarities between individual instead of both works you can recognize this is a very famous work by and the 1 on in work on owner or 0 if you were combined John Coffman and and in bold of and the use of hi hue values it in terms of the cost make them close in from we shall esthetic point point of view and back in the case of 1 we have also then but then channel in exploring the dynamic is the interaction of course in from the semantic point of view it is more difficult to find consistency between book are and then the word I have been studied because I haven't found maybe in you can tell me if I haven't found any around it of the whole object and that has been made with the poor post all of trying to transform it in social psych 1 that it was the poor posts and they're in the role of many people back as artists such as the where but it is easier to find out is using 1 or a few packed use in objects for concept to our corpus is and as we will see later so that the 2nd
tendency we respect to you is a separate area aliens or footer around n on 1 hand from lexical and syntactic perspective on arson in photographic media and has been often used to reproduce the actual experience of the recorded but on the other hand most of the works of parts of their separate and relevance share with them on the order of the images the paradox of looking sorry about how little there are no so they actually he chicken then you man sensory capacity concerning inside and tactile sense mainly from the semantic but point of view it is easier to find this also use to find In coincidence because in some other airlines it is very usual to find and socially the friends who represented in the in in the works and there are many examples of works and with framing means of social ecology and many other social and perspective so I have included 2 images 1 of my credit beyond going cosmetic in serious of a few major areas and also an installation it related to the ecological by FIL boys and it is called a diet
in the 3rd group of tendency that I will explain to you is that OK on Caenorhabditis light on as 1st of all I want to say that from in history at point of view it is possible to find references on the literature which connects all works with those tendencies and in fact I would tell you yes 3 of them and much of the physics professor very famous in the Spanish literature and he kept characterize lower FES a type of lighting environments in his book The latter conceptuality have been convicted another example is in found in the book and the of the electronic age as is written by from open and the 2nd chapter is devoted to what is called a laser and after and finally in the most recent In literature written with I have found connecting tendency in with their own or keyword is there was no recognition to work you say walk it heated by Peter Jones and in this book this scene and he's also so I would hazard to say that in fact is not easy to find in literature on history of firearms that taking Turkoman honorific works so in this and that these 3 I'm quite relevant ones and so on 1 hand and 1 of them what immateriality can be considered as a linking feature in relation to then it works and then we'll wrap it works and also the sound I works so well this tendency but indeed there immateriality this characteristic it justifies that some words are described possible around while they are not and we have to have number of years both there's is the in given these features about a kinematic is culture he uses a string rotating created images and he in get he-goats and similar to honorific images on heroes of my contact this is a picture of 1 of these installations it is unlikely that sometimes he'd use at lower affixal faced by he normally in use and then holographic indeed In this sense we are talking here and I have this is it something that this reflection has an important uh consequences in because from a pragmatic point of view this society and also we can see it in their assigned features in the literature it everything that looks it and three-dimensional is called order so this is a contribution also all of these intermediates of the in the sector is today to the history of the park
OK moreover I and that the sum of about our kinetic unlike are set as you read building from numbers no moment them that can be considered as a predecessor who has inspired parties using 1 a few media on even some of them for example there is no man would have to be in his life and who had been using a lot of the media for payment porpoises and those works of makes an ax things in I mean that there were facts of these then this sigma text that make us think about another common syntactic issue it and which is then need fairly good lighting configuration as a key factor for getting the right of association and also an example of an explicit link between our kinetic art and silent work used in made using RFE is a work by jackal program QinetiQ expenditure within a hologram at the top and in this case and there has been starving the esthetic is rotation of what trampled pairs called the perceptual absence of the image so and another interesting commonality is that preferences 4 digit image accepted by pieces of these tendencies on an or graphic work and some of the most outstanding our diesel have been using 1 or a few for this type of every stage of a sample the the wreck out that the data you on Monday and and it was we have to be
chosen and they are also sound syntactic similarities between words of this tendency and pornographic works and in fact in when and in the literature there is this work of facts are described according to 4 types of movements needed 12 chromatic movement tried in their friends movement which are temporary movement and we have a temporary movement so let's analyze then maybe type chromatic movement is a characteristic welfare of the chromatic and station that tendency of the U. S. a all trends and wireless sampling is adjusted on there's work on the interaction of color so the same type of grammatical dynamic scenes can be explored using wherever the In fact and 1 example is for example and indeed use work and you can also in this light the real section is condition condition in the case of undirected were about so many factors such as the standard hate lighting angle that it could be said that these in vitro Grammatik movement turns into a completely subjective personal experience and this is also the contusion of they all around the in medium and they return indifference movement the 2nd type of movement is representative of the European of fact and this is and it would a sample a of this type of movement can be found in beta energy geology and that work and in those that was worth time movement is devoted to the perception of the the patterns in what in which the smallest single elements producing their friends section phenomenon that pending on the density of the it can approximate the proximity of the elements so we can find some experiments were undertaken by actors that Saturn senior maybe this time yesterday I discovered it that with the 1 with a sample of these in his work in the Ossetian and also for example at the University of with a sample he didn't use also uses patterns as a conceptual artist creation of calling and networking and the
3rd kind of movement is the bit of temporary movement and is characteristic of you membership prosection is related to their retainer persistence principle and it is the basis for the cinematographic fits in the case of ignorance all the frames are safe normally in the same plates baby 2 of them to Shannon property and you already know so in the sense that the resource has been widely used by the actors community using 1 or the and this data with some of this data where as we saw yesterday and it would have sample I included a video but I decided to move keep that it into it that way so N and the last movement is the reactant where movement which is a main fit feature of both the genetic and light are tendencies it is for use by area and movement of the physical objects of like to work or service and in the case of photography can be used by the movement of the tolerance it is with sample is this mobile in the in workplace offensive Szolkowy she and then and the said resource that has been used it is more common to find a undirected works in which the actors leave spectators to move themselves around the works being and then this concept more closely related to and the previews what type of movement of the temporary movement the OK then so I'm in these
tendencies many empty has been working with uh the domain of the space and the time domain and this is something that it is 0 so it as priorities in an order the in medium so and with a sample of them from signed some before sampling polar that was 1 million examples how August harmless works and we will this sky is discussed later on in and after reviewing all of the this and other works and it is possible to the 2 main tendencies insight on the abstract and realistic imaging of and and that therefore from the pragmatic point of view we can conclude that although is there only light media by means of which the people actively making based purely on light he's been a start and this fact could be considering what he you know confusion of what to the history of the slide 1 proof of that is the fact that I was sustaining before and that channel-aware please use for any kind of it balanced in three-dimensional imaging and also work in 1 of the conclusions and they are that erupted tendency is closer relating to the morphological features of the represent and works of the of all parking and it and I that I have included in that and it's like 1 example of a realistic it trained on over well my matching returns on the other hand by I would've out I have more information in my
paper about looking it so this continue with their last inoperable tendency the concept of in an interesting link between concept to our features and then replica today is again the materiality because in fact century the chance like can to cut it almost b the had used this argument for justifying data and want insanity of follow Reformation in relation to the postmodern yesterday nevertheless and there and there are some features that are must be consider concerning the 2 main tendencies inside the conceptual that 2 main tendencies their linguistic tendency and then being made up and so from the from the linguist Tennessee perspective the low-rank wouldn't be described as purely material and because there in Due to the to the material acceptance of the whole around the plane of the the field but even in the case of the most radical linguistic tendency complete democratization is impossible because even the reading order spoken words are quadratic objects are perfect perfect and have would mean so that's the main reason for agreeing that the convenience of this crime the undirected concept words as close as related to the NBA Panamanian tendency 5 from the total logic of reflection of linguistic tendencies then Britain peacock many many other tendency that's not advocate on complete to them at the realization of the worker but databases by refusing the tradition of physics physicality of the objects in favor of often more of a matter is materialize forms of energy and probably you really with me that there is no more ordered them up to realize the energy that the light itself which is the essence of being on a graphic image so therefore materiality is to conclude materiality is reduced to this so part in the case of the lower left and it is the self reference of light precision what makes RFE in especially suitable media for cont'd concept and also in the in coming tendencies characterize by inter disciplinary D and then not many the entities and this is something that is very usual anorectic Rafiq words we have some examples here on my door if me establish it Charlie where on many South have current again input that's what works when I was a factorized because the demands new means of an elaboration photography cinema media computer are the media model use is often use pain more often used as a battle over a field is a major as was as good as any of the the the for scattering data special and temporal domains and the conceptual and research a the game so
and this is like you have included some examples of conceptual works and we have a considerable but then after what I said before and I think there's a stronger connection between concept when I was at 12 market and they were buying some parties who have been using 1 is the output itself and we have a good example in these the works and we not displaying change in about the my paper as being something about cats and work on of which he and regional Campbell words from the and it is also a remarkable the use of daily life objects in their work and you can see here in the context of the station which seems to be very contemporary but at the same time the study carried connected to shun ready mades or even to the wire holes will
read your books presently so listening to impose monotonicity it is possible to fit in into to finer samples of the use of appropriateness fragmentation and the construction which are connected to the postmodern instead of being on pornographic work and in my it vaporized plane compare it to a sample of it and that becomes the context station is the site made by 2 and 20 brown to which In this piece of the affair the rights and or many city viral alone will on the a preparedness in preparedness and I made by refrom Greenstein he's my virus variants I compared to budget boys and was that harmless and also the BAP seminal work because they use real-life images and data context eyes than to would then continue and finally as the
last in modern example example on bitterness and was section as I compared to look for some police there's no there arrangements and I worked with power thousand their to the absence friends in low and then make features of our workspaces at the indoors of museums and other less glamorous locations involving the spectator their efficient has been performed using strategies which enable or disable on those I works to be idolized and the general public on balance OK case the fan of memory be totally knowledge in a specific market there happens frequently had world work so that but we can see here is in some ways and I tend to be able to the Sinai the relationship between memory object present and past maybe slightly inside and the alphas were OK so that alone there are both trying to come from the spectators we family yeah situations looking for this text data as part of the private reflections those and uses upper bitterness fragmentation and simulation to enhance had conceptual purposes
finally the conclusion which and have made a strong review of us are standing in the features of them was related contemporary tendencies and the rest of my paper and so so and I compare and only of female with other media and also quantitized under being the did that H I framework so many what was has been to the command of the actors esthetic reflections of our their homework as well as to to contextualize the possibilities of following the in relation to to the dynamic nature of contemporary art the
incident that the last 1 was being I want to have to tell you that you can do depend to imagine how much enjoyed instant UNIT they need anything because I had a chance to see all of these tolerance that I didn't see on only right only see C so then in Huntington so I want to thank you and Jonathan rose chess on on the organizers and the for giving me the civic unity and also I want to take that chance to ask the actors 5 and collaboration in order to get a better picture of Europe asked to other motivations and the state of pollution so I don't want to these 2 of you too much so I will give you my car and the viewer shown me I will right you need many past you find out you're worried assignment as an to thank you so apparently to us doctoral as being durum because he gave me the chance to make it practical work in the University of you so the incident and that was