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Holography, relativity and the spooky ellipsoids

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Holography, relativity and the spooky ellipsoids
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The further away from a house we move, the smaller it appears. We could say that we are in the centre of a “sphere of observation”, which must reach the house before we can see it. The larger that sphere is, the smaller the house appears. This is natural to us and not difficult to understand. In Einstein’s Special Relativity it is stated that the faster we move past a house, the shorter it appears. We state in this paper that this is because the faster we travel, the more our “sphere of observation” is elongated into an “ellipsoid of observation”. The longer that ellipsoid is, the shorter the house appears. This contraction is not so natural to us, because to be observable the velocity has to be extremely high, almost close to the velocity of light. A similar phenomenon can, however, be studied when holography with ultrashort pulses is used for measurement. In this case the sphere of observation is also transformed into an ellipsoid of observation. Thus, according to our approach objects appear shorter because the definition of length (the metre) becomes longer, just as time moves slower because the definition of time (the second) becomes longer. The transformation of the sphere into an ellipsoid is however hidden to the observer both in the case of holography and in relativity. This spooky behaviour of the ellipsoid has resulted in a new mathematical theorem.
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the I speaking about to the and that uh the video and the spoke the ellipsoid so I've been looking in the in little review for a very long time and started with Lord metal-graphene and then I went to sonography and then I went to but like the flights according a level of the light waves and from there to it activity it was very small way in fact wouldn't do a volume getting back get go getting into it and so this is
exactly what I'm not going to speak about this time of that that this is title equations that are very complicated instead I will
use the money on other key in everything the analog of in the film and in you're going to see in the malaria and other key 2 domains to a laser beams in this act and they produce interference being used residing absolutely and the August to these things the body of the if there going the same direction as vineyard and show it to you that the thing used we be stationed if funding is going in that direction and now it's going in the opposite direction these changes may not be a stationary and they disappear and this theory you get the news perpendicular to the this
instead of looking at their state to state to be in this release if we look at that point so what's being speculated that is so this is from a point source and here I want
to use such point sources put together that again and again what they have been used this is a point source so this is not a point source these are things downstream use these other thing is is phenomena to be thinking about universe from so these are it's the same but then there are also a set of a solid sphere much more difficult to see these others followed you and solids and no that so we appear stationary these these these important sources and this is the point seen and what is the point seen is the point of observation according to words the greatest is the this is the point so that this is a point source that I had the a young genius assistance because it point source and this is the point of observation instead of the so that would be difficult to see and that's why I mean they spoke this is the same
diagram gave they actually easy easier to see that the solids here the so it's and the use of the state the data on hyperbolas active only if the VC-dimension of the links this on so it's so size of the formula that it's like your name here is the dimension of the these goals of so it's I based
in the diagram reasoning and other than the idea that all of the and the study in 19 sixties in percentage is expected to the and is the use of here in units so they can't get me all the time to me all the time nothing about of 4th you of time instead so not facing in about the things that we can't do this pattern so this guy and I used to do to make a lot of sense even all except that only the audience and the other going to that later on it can also be used to it to
evaluate to evaluate interference being used in object is being moved to their work and the work of when you consider monitored by taking the sting piece by there and and I have this being like that and then you move your hand and the made and that means that if you moment Japan in states he would make it it's all there remains in the in the point is that we have these this for a class on to be with constant because is still there is constant so if you're on your behalf and you had bases here at point a the point of observation is this month on looking in this for instance is that influence this has been very light goes and on and on every tolerant what what is the acceleration the dimensions to the area that point the path in the society for the same so therefore this is the let view that all it can be put out but they cannot be 100 because closer to the here because the complement of the past and the the what it is also the only these on these leaves and that is that obviously the shot so if the restrictions on the sale of these 2 things we could also be that concentration was almost soon and then also look at all the image on this 1 of these units so and nothing condition this is not
the you that you because of inorganic engineer so I should be working on industrial that's in there so this is she told that they don't want to get the machine to and this is 1 of features and this is not going use this data to what it is about to be high and all the activities I would like stress user that make up up what I have read it with that was standing over here the main thing is that and that was not only the case of the truth of what concentration unit is and then the next plot is outside the so that should be met the part should also be there but I have to accept them so this was a problem making ordinarily I have been clear
something actually does it disappear automatically change anything OK you is the fact that it is good but some of some of that CCA thank you so much thank you if the CIA itself but it is all overhead and so this is the machine and that there is that lack follow-up this the things that that are outside the outside and and here's another of the results of so this was a problem with strong coherence mazes that you cannot the emission lots objects not even really ellipses that's planted a you
can do this is again the same thing I have mind there's been a my recent I here this all of you would be amazed because it is between those 2 ellipses this is in a sense that the Queensland but that object would not be the would the image because this part is outside these problems so it might be
useful to have these ellipses and look at that and you do a lot of the and it is being used to to make photographic also plotted use of the in the danger of solar energy because there is no place for instance if I have this here this is the that the point of observation here that had been warned you can call close those thinks that are inside the that might be recording this lying is outside the so what all that can be used to construct that that has been used just to study at the start of the year of the particles the in during gas this I'm
going to get there and that he and I did it that needed to get the states that I show a and give a very short time and then you have to use the restrictions the want to the objects the intersected by the so instead of saying this is that it a short coherence length is very large problem and big problem is that I think it's in that Don changed its advantage because I want to see what is intersected by and that can be a useful to to measure the shape of so what they're see here all of these spheres In the 2nd the unit by unit solids this on the surface of the solid can save these vectors so this is meant that in fact recording by with because we make a recording both of the object and all their intersecting ellipsoid and
another example which I usually work what is in the thing about sorts of the the solid because the again this is the next step based moves in the sanctions and start doing this set is the set of and what you see is the position that is as well I think the the that need to move toward me if this is lost because the approximation that stuff who into me as 1st that of the knowledge and they away and is this section although it is that
but if and all that shape not my face here because of the whole thing I have reflects the then means that I think the shape of the all of the ways in which I'm not going to make because I wanted to make the initial so this can be a way that will lead to lower men's work this is then things that made it very short sure what's in that agency's time there is about because it is the 1st it is moved through the lens is keeping all of this stuff Saturday's theory is called focus here moving toward the focal point of so it's a way to see that it said and you see in the dimension so it's something very we can name these title quality answers four-dimensional against it has a time and the order is the dimension of shape this is 1 way to
me now the fact that according to it is that it would be good and then we will grow show for the 1st time I ever enough that the base in this case I used to short of was not only is the image of the kind queries about season it eliminates this scheme here at the beginning of the sentence is selected as being 1 of and other and this is the and we have to make that torture violent so here I see you would have the 1st of the sky that was being moving in that connection was here the the movement of I from there and I see if we can get a data point of time as he was held in this and there's that was been affected by the media and you see that in this is what I'm showing here so it's quite a lot of fun with using this
method and they that prepared showed to you before when it was my maiden but it seems to work that way so this is prepared this might be in this and other media is usually the case that's amazing and a short pass it moves to other parts of the sentence all of that conflict is predominantly and recorded on the clay only a modest handling and it is a that point of time so fast that is part of the plan I see the intersection here if I move my 2 there and took the place facilities in the if I'm about there was the that this so by moving my unchanged times times without number plates is a set of rules of the that's the 4th dimension them on the plate
so if you're closer to the users and concludes the here we don't think about the implications but this is a point source so this is the point of observation there and this is an experiment made in the following year the process you can see that the way as it is moving back surgery starts here becomes what's going on today that moves away from them and the way radius is here but what I see is that might be there the 2 ways he did this take you will have a problem to wait and see here is part of the song that it's on those who fall apart so this is to show what happens so what do I see a dressier speculate what they're saying let you ellipsoid anyway that's the discussion direct it seems that when I made these images all the way who is through the lens of course this key that that so this leads is almost perpendicular to the line of of sight because this is the point so the Council of State is that action and there established at the cost this is that you almost always constant don't the because is almost perpendicular to to the and therefore might to assume but I cases where these that changes will be the predictions that it really destroys will distort did you all the all of the for all of the literature so at the start of the remaining expressed the group gained lots and you the transmitted point source on groups and relations so that is the only scheme has to be the intersection of let's say this by need solve there should be no discussion the so that in the and and links here because intersection between Atlanta so phase when it's always should be in these that have used try to publish in Applied Optics 4 times and the needed so that that it's not true it isn't in any have been used to try to force head but this a 4 times and then we know that and another thing that you will you will you will see a this In communist very ascended to limit in the history of sports you the question way because they're from and to not not so we did this experiment and we did this then you get this on
average is very short of we the use of a set where we yesterday you did I say that had additional and so this is the way that that shot quantity means so we talked about this 1 both of them not exposed here but it is 1 of the we thing here do you think this is the case I wouldn't say looks very instructive to test the of the subject from my computer media that you see this and some of all the things time of that the things here so extensively discussed and
I was really and it is not a problem not exactly what was it that when I meant that it never met and did what I'm going to do always to speak about the relations between the log of the Internet Activities and when I do this I get all the equations I find are exactly the same as the creatures have used by Einstein and distortions albeit by the same distortions have used before but I don't get some more instances that are not so much discussed I don't know if it was known by by and we tested the model to speak about them but you might make method using the the it is I get something more than the ordinary patients from from the so this this
feature here before a lot of that here and what they do is wanted to speak about special the genome
unity is much more complicated and speak about that in the 40 minutes of human here the so In my view if you have a person standing here the will of the short so that every then after some of the the short courses the name maybe you should observations should show you will only see things that are on sphere all of things on the that if educational last year and then they another observations that another then is so these changes into then what is the in show you and out according to be included in there a point here but the point is inherent in the seventies and then this is the inverse and see if everything on this so this is a standard optimization procedures change in you change the importance of segmentation and it's sort of observation because the point so source that is the point of observation all that is we also very immunologically there's just 2 places on of the only 1 of the things that is what happens the in the the game is a useful policy of Europe observations is yeah that's the end of but if you made the point that you know the the right here and then you move various lost or that the speed of light and make the observation what is the same thing that is stationary it to 2 different points so again of the the motion of the boundaries of the past and of services from the from the state of relations is changing you sort of situation and that although there has to be no longer to be outside certainly it appears to be inside the observation because of the variation is changed so that is the in in in this there also is it only in the direction of and that's all of and then I would think that appear to be shown in the bottom of the just appear that came this period also the variations this side of the bond moving death he doesn't belong me used in the in the system so there are all these things seem to be things this is usually better than its name the Lord of objection it's very well enough to be spoken to look at all about it is very difficult to also so it was the worst contraction and using a very simple iterations we find the same as if these 2 forms of all the people in holography 44 2 problems separately because they have to be on the meeting of the Einstein said that the speed of light is always constant and that is very strange that means if the point source is moving the speed of light is the the same if the observation point observation is moving the speed of light is the this set if the point of observation point of elimination rule make information to each other the skin mesh accepted as the same speed of light which is constant it's this staged this differently except in the test because we want to accept all that if we wanted to be have to introduce the those contraction have to introduce the field of all time these changes and so that's a a way to understand but can be so and it has been measured the that it is true that the speed of light or pair to be constant in space if there is no in this case a material because they can make like move that it's not we have the reflect the index and that you can stop the lies in material that is lot of work and so on the same thing know if we have an explosion atomic explosion on their own it is still it's moving means basically this and they're not going to to give an extortion so there will be a span of 9 bowling ball annotations the explosion do you stand although we say that it's just send all that explosion is the same all all the time but those who who will rule on the in space they say that the the center exposures there and the other is moving away from this so during you you and you would have the feeling that the center of the city figure where is always stationary information to the fundamental nature some of this is that in call is that changes things thinking can be moving moving you should begin with short time so that here is stationary the model is that thing is these conversations point source on that on that work that was that was asked this thing that is extending from point sources that then they here what 1 wants this this is expanding more than English but what happens if it is moving when we're not stationary and look at that is that these points the center all extending may be stationary in relation to us stationed at the least comparable with rate and the result would be that you need these this wall of 1st it much later that this formula on obvious to us the the this is stationary and the cost will be much of the world but I have to say that this see it is changed to include source a something is very important that tension some cities in the world but also the caller readers here to exchange in inside and that the reason for that this is something that would be that 1 which in the color is the is the all along it is distinctive at the same time more than what these steps with the students all or we may be true yeah good so resource lexicon and the to here so when you make the observation here if this is what I have it is in the different parts of the use of different distances from the and therefore the cost of 1 is the threat different parts of the even if they reach the at the same time quantities this is very very possible that this is what it's all about these article on the different points of time because this is the of the war as time moves in history and we believe that will be parts so that all these can be said to you instead of containing the everything here is at the same time that these sphere you the same time but what is so here is this is happening in the 3rd forms of the system that take is not the same thing as oxidation and because of this the stronger objects to to observation we and the different forms of energy so if you change the 1st time it
and not bad this stages in apparently strategy when we got there studies in this region thought to be the case where you just have to and possible because we put the coordinate system on through this scheme that we studied and even cow this is great here we use time they don't need to the East not stated in the same this is all about the city's starting at such an angle that you here to and that it is but the
medical 354 forms tools for instance of observations and in this space and the need it with the history like at the start of the intersection of these image so I by the state so that means that we use the internet we will be entities here the studies from the mother of all people the sentence pairs to be a circular studies events following point on the what appears to be so so that this fact from strange but instrument mathematical junior taste the
detectors to be there and that is what we have to work toward it it published in the mathematical this section of the plane by mutation is be the repair so it will 2 and it always 4 so that's why they are as follows give easily solids because when you don't get in a lot of the you don't see that ionic solids there had to be added to the state and is saying in an activity that's why you can national speed that constant speed of your sense inevitable auditory by doing all take an experiment because then again we have these it's always and you all of study from the point of observation it is going to be responsible for point of solids and the study of the point of solids everything appears to be is that in so that Einstein hisses ruled that if you ordered a close to cannot in any way make sure this constant speed of that chose to if shoddiness train you cannot be in any way to measure the velocity of that's the result in the content to the outside and if they if they have it was not until then I would be all what I said we would you know so it tend to be true and that lost beheaded published playing the sections so
occasionally we can see what was that published in the message mathematical
it injured so that about that and then we the that and they believe that we can go along on so it's so again this is is the so are there you know that you took time division is seen these distance divided by the trees in the the north contraction is simply the distance united by and this all the and I would say I mean this vector and what was the think 2 of them with you because it's only to think that these qualifications yeah that it so again you this Is that what happens is that way here because of the way that ancient if this morning this is this is the same me and so on and we just throwing lines so I mean this section presents the intersection of this into the part of of section of the solar system and get the new direction of things so all the cases that are going on what is 1 that base so they change their connection because of the speed of on the side so you nation observe and then the concentration for the you wouldn't that you would want the follow and that is it went on if and it went on effective the seen in physics for and the new media to make experiments that an object moving very fast than the light from the donor concentrations form at the same entity it seems that
you know it here you can find whatever is due to the times of all over the lines of site before and there are about do this going out the people in the beginning the set and that is the size of the just opposite the whole world that we are so there because of the networks to and the this moving in the and this causes the variation of stars and this the level of this moving the the the position of the start appears to be the the move and that is the cost all of these things and it is exactly the same equations
as written on before that and see what happens because if they move in the game many possible the person is moving in the Spanish and the last thing about the past and that and then this the observation here what is the about it has the wall here and see what happens to the wall where he lived here being but 1 is take it was kind of a strange thing that these can be easily seen that fact according so it this is it this is away from deflect where I've got my mold not there and molds move than that the and it also with the 1 with the speed most of the speed of that because this is where then I make according from here without think that according I received the because it takes a long time for them to go there from 0 to my I then from there to watch the 1st see that point at the another point then I see here and I guess that is to move on from there to be able to reach to mind at the same time as lot from there and you don't have time this was further and further for the in that so this out maybe I'll see the plant so 45 degrees if I look more closer to it has found not only can you but it is it is talk about it so that I would to be my eyes in the sense and despair is changed from from a from a into an ellipsoid signal before and so it bond is changed into patterns during the part of terrible and if you don't use very closely against
gold from from on the beach so as to what to say the same thing these will be the information objects of that services like that and also there is is moving in the Spanish and then receive these things these effects so as we said before all the windows and you see the flat surfaces and found that he didn't get a bit more then there because of velocity that appear to be the most behind the period of you more influences and exactly as it lost by the the the came to be known as the text in the explained by and by understanding the contractions true yes
I like this feature vector to it so points also about the the time it is so that form so as you know it was at the time we can say the dimension of the shape that called the colonies by the way this is called the strong points of these is the point of observation because if there is also called because it is according to the was that is where gradient descent these 2 columns that produces the solid the speaking about what it is and it's here that this is because the more it should be the immediate solar day and I think we can so they're not going to be
released on the so the can can be shown that's true States also so many please let me is really with different sectors some of the thing people that you know how I do it all over the world where we have just these 2 problems intersected hundreds of times 1 of the reasons this sector by the time you kinds of proceeds the left and then use these and that use use yes and speaking about so what sort of way the around the the beginning we really need and why do you all of those 2 sets of some of to but I have to do with that that he did at the beginning and that's the initiation site or thank you so much so you see that a lot of the besides having practical and artistic side you have great intellectual side and I think in another minute film you won't have time to answer the questions and and we don't have another human being all being alive had with him for you to explain to us the lateral part really fast he has found another effect that we may not ever be detected his theoretical analysis through a lot of so others can lead you to know about directions but I think that the on these things thank you so much and there are a lot of questions that you know if you had