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Fabrication of color holographic optical elements using laser direct write lithography system


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Title Fabrication of color holographic optical elements using laser direct write lithography system
Title of Series 7th International Symposium on Display Holography (ISDH 2006)
Part Number 47
Number of Parts 61
Author Nakahara, Sumio
Tsuchitani, Takashi
License CC Attribution 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/21287
Publisher River Valley TV
Release Date 2012
Language English

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Subject Area Computer Science
thank you chairman and mining these assume you not come from considering the Japan there might be about identities of the publication of Call of electrical current using laser direct like this about the system the context of frost you selection 2nd by many political commitments using are there like this it would be so we thought experimental results for all the different false application this case is displayed on a hologram 50 summary
binary optics micellar reason about the vehicles over high it's changing the Acholi means so much structure we conduct the publication of it chili's using other than the result is aware of the system as practical values we show applications and because there elements system for class meeting a the general information to a distance around those 15 minute tools 100 meters 1st
of all we are it's folding friend of played by Don to optimize the substrate using a director and the use of the system in the fall that uh may damage to the diffraction th other sources of folklore interest development and a commentary on the etching in this situation gender we can get also we
can get the amplitude typewritten don't break and the next best etching for waiting on then the end of the quote there the move out all the the meaningful to register and the volume of freedom and and then we can get the phrase friend of the break in this case year and next the only we major and the developed from if to ensure that tastes for that none of the middle of the system and like this restoration and there exists the boxes is 11 avril books is uh on the core temperature control and the US evidence control here this is people coming and that this is a new this phase is
mudslinging substrates stages 18th sites is this is a government this is of course England just so
fast that we can get there with 18 just so far imitation of two-level phrase types it surely by wet etching processing in a foreign language you'd applies if is it using so that loss of the substrate was enriched in box of the hydrogen fluoride DHE if there is an aim to solve so that 15 protease and the next major mental library that's values forms of status probably and this is compress different from official from each of the types and the phase but if that the and there no reason two-way made use of lasers verification and validation of different to this
is taking result is there may be yeah that's right is 5 100 150 in other media minutes this is the
diffraction changes aren't type is mostly 6 spots and and the face tied very it's a 28 1 millimeter and the moving point 8 Boston of all 179 noted that X is 99 per cent just wavelengths of 500 something to eliminate that is about as much money to link these 3 points we diffraction efficiency
and next variety of gravitational to phase type which only by blatant processing to amplitude times if that we used in quotes glass substrate about in the using the people young it gene system there are many parameters if you're at process that's associated Swede did know there if forget soulmate and by using status while handwriting results is maybe the process time just too long to want to do 60 minutes about in that and therefore this is a very smaller than and we're taking very common of you with a complementing system In
this case the the diffraction efficiency is almost 3 20 sleep to 28 per cent this figure is
different the where in the the 6 so seriously medium median-based 5 3 to a 2nd honey called false 73 User solvable although there is a diode yeah maybe almost to be 25 to our society state of constant disruption if next to them so
we can produce is uh CGH it problem is that this case is this object objective data and about 2 1 big step along process is a 3 source on time series of employment homicide is asleep ' kilometres and then that we can get the timing of the sum of all kinds of in we can get there in the territory to the point that sort the 6 songs and times of the 6 of them the from faulty it's in the sky and he made
this season this is a reflection of new construction made left left the images of ontology type image that this photograph and so much microscope image conducted and by 10 condition in a and the right side of the the phase type of image reconstruction image this is a microscope we interference term and the
next day we can't a kind of moral and these will come after you die and you have feeding a free and you open up forward to system but in that kind of feudal program is not much to a way using the laser wavelengths and the it color filter provided that not too much the and cross-talk we need is it turned out to be moved here and then the almost to be it we can trace the RGB reading went up the whole hormones and using them different difference being under and wide and
and this is because some of the that here is named in issues of positive images of cross-talk image and
next to a provision for this spread all of the and the role of sign for all signs it has a practical use of this place for the design and publication which only for transmitting the general information that understands around 2 50 meters to
100 that in this the oven congeries in Japan case is coming a height is about or 5 . 2 centimeters in rolled assigned space is at most 3 1 . 2 minutes but in the uh he before we can use the whole them maybe it go to the will to 0 . 3 meters and then that at the end and on the height is 5 to 7 made up to 4 . 8 meter very construction cost is very cool stuff this is
defined defined in role of science example this is a lot of this kind so not changeable and the
we make up like this 8 18 sizes for is it maybe it's time sigh sigh Titan and in the book like this
10 10 programs the exciting and then z to
tidings of like this petition here there will be there may be there you can look at
the Sousa for where maybe you can like this the roadside object the talent permission and it dies object distances of solvent make the role of science object size it's a high speeds of 9 kilometers and we just
see this sort of these 6 kilometer gender and cut
people cannot so we can use the RGB lasers 3 days in the nation to the horrible maybe you just doing point here and
the tools of oral rounds and we can see that the role of science right this image and this image is and so on a In our experiments we used the
user just so 2 months we can use not that 1 of the cool rolled here and in the we can construct a photographic it system is like this and in the z tidings if you want to
leave all 5 5 0 0 cormorants this is the deviation itself on
the red and green and the blue laser and the the fiber bundle using the 5 100 . 5 antibodies are being 0 75 did evil we can use that this horrible and that if 50 54 with all I like this initial may be
very nearby conditions that we
can use the contracting made that decision is being used as a means of coastal communities but in the end
a new point known
distances at 5 58 or to tools 50 to 100 meter but in the crosstalk we need he's use a goal of global sign here not not we get season close-talking this is the idea of nature the noun
but see to be the
agenda this this year OK
that summaries of publication of the large surely was prevented the using the direct alright the reason this will system the diffraction exchange you as the people improved by the publication of 211 phase type actually seeing complaint resentative type which we we are now here then the public take the whole interface type Chile's folder all of improvement in the diffraction efficiency the collegiality display system for transmitting the information to long distance of around 50 meter with demonstrated thank you for your attention few men interesting presentation and also an interesting application of comparable programs I have a question for you if you 1 your flight is set to 1000 kilometres distance but I can imagine that you can see that for and you must be matched 1 1 can be 1 of the 1 so the meeting of the the end of the year since you have
distances are asked to the yeah hello to the size of the data if if it's 384 some of them 2 of you yeah maybe have a similar to I have never had the 1st world war only state OK if there are no more question we have to switch the computers showing the time we can take a question that was this at all related in any way to talk at home use of capitalism and development of tolerance using the along of white sure specifically forces like through through the slit consider look at the the brute just think
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