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Exposures with Nikon digital camera

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Exposures with Nikon digital camera

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Exposures with Nikon digital camera
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yet these exposures some of them obviously some time specific
things existing right there are only 8 thousand 2 seconds
for a system with a light on digital camera stores matter fact
than a developer for Nike on the
last few years of course of user requirements as to so on and so and so what that converted to meet some of working
pulsed lasers obviously we're talking about
some fraction of the 8 thousand this section is considered really long in a post
world so this is close like you
get the simple quick can this is this
whole project I might a little bit of this this started out by producing census required me to produce the server all impressionistic liters of water to be used in a film called mysterious sort 1 and so
there is number phd's and all kinds of scientists and engineers in this film talking about some very amazing aspects of water and the importance of and
energetic principles of and
even these children were very very very interesting they were of basically was talking
heads so they came to me that do something that they could interspersed
with these talking heads while they were talking and I discovered many years ago that actually 2 most profound principles can be conveyed on when the
accompanied with a fairly abstract imagery because in the mind is not focused on construction the images of what they see the person talking and and it kind of opens
up the space where you can sort of appreciate said and I
haven't gotten to the notes are right
so I'm probably down about 5 minutes left all I love this and it
looks like a screwed with the film but
actually this weird solarization affecting just that was based on this these were drips that were those were drips heating granite side found because it was new in
the grant was warm hot and and so it would fall
found fall drops they had they
would red and then
they would evaporate as as they were dripping and because of the uh of as all know the lack of
these disparities in in the thickness of the trips
because of that he heat has a wrapper constant we're lost solarized
effect around the edges really cool
but reduces through the film is so unless the boiling of the
fracturing only to be used judiciously and and what about the
structure of of the I
I and related
role the 1st kind although the way is your appearance thousands and thousands of users in the of the collected data because the 2nd part of this I really don't want to say I want going and the use of the word
but obviously the interplay of light and water there are never mind you
there is no film there hasn't done in my life for a
9 years I got divorced so these
raw from 970 the world
and the probability of well this is the
time exposure from natural qualify as part of this economic
this was a blast and this is
actually continuous stream water to the I of the of that can
also be used for the feature space between also I can't think of
of and that the the but the the
a a little but violence is going and what we and and so on so that the that
shows the relationship you have to know about the polarisation the use of our
body for modeling and since we are aware of that and it's always
on sometimes so we have decided
to pay attention to the market with something that everyone of the wants the something in the the way and this is what was come from some
uncertainty of time but not
always the most patient events it
was dominated by this going the lower is the ground but it wrong 1 of the things we want to have holographic of religious buildings the of the of the of the
of the of the of what was so here is the sort of thing you would be so that also top of that you don't really know what it is and what it would be the size of the possible all outside world but so the but the
reality is that by the end of World War I would like to see some of the place in the years and years of the of the of the power of the of the of is that the you have a lot of time with the lack of unity of unity this kind of but you don't have to know how the I don't know that this is the 1 and like many of the times of the year in in a way that the it research in the the however that this article is part of our land and worked all so have these is words in this will find that you absolutely what was the same time and in the end so and see no what research of and the part of more you have to do with you have the on the basis the most common are you going to do is you university of the veracity of the last so I just came on of the who world the things that since year of fantastic papers of Pearl gave and the other papers are given but on separate science education on my expectations for the next utterance Boris not coming from conference room was going to come from some kid product 12 hours all right now and so on and so of on and so
on that we have a public service announcement in the United States was called give something back and it's basically about going to pass this hospital or a correlational research work and give an hour of your time in the course of a week to to people who might need using Amazon were worried about Booker I don't do something so and some of those artists scientists I think that maybe we need to do that to all of you in this room have already a box somewhere in not being seen as not doing a very good yes they might be deteriorating sitting that box but what can be seen this should be seen and perhaps it should be seen in places that are not the fancy places like chess who's been so wonderfully honored to be able to display and in other words if you're not a billion dollar corporation but maybe you're on I know this sounds crazy but the corner bakery on their or blank walls there are places where people can be enlightened turn onto lot maybe maybe some very best tolerant maybe these are the latest already but got started but there may be already made 10 years ago that's still the facet the hell out of somebody has never seen already before so it's just sitting in a box yourself analogy for 10 bucks a of apologies days and put it in a place that's outside of the norm someplace that that that that is not necessarily so fancy that you would expect is equal parts we already you're struggling with the part of the difficulty of being accepted as art I mean there's Tommy says and so so when trying to say is I think outside the box that's the only place when you get to the next object the only where you get an next active so if you have already done there doing nothing obviously only given weight is you have some imagination that he's a precious things really work is you and or Sunday after you die and then what's the point so so so pulled out of the box take those orders and they have a tiny profession and he we've been played by this thing the idea that a teeny tiny speck hollering this the whole freakin thing to leave new using exhibits scenario exist opportunities that probably 100 however entering the process of generating a holographic work I have aspects to the 1 that has no suspects so what you can do with solids the sitting in a box I know you know what I'm talking about right let me go to the next we don't that's an excellent bigram