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Bringing commercial viable holographic products to market: From idea to customer


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Title Bringing commercial viable holographic products to market: From idea to customer
Title of Series 7th International Symposium on Display Holography (ISDH 2006)
Part Number 61
Number of Parts 61
Author Ciaudelli, Joe
License CC Attribution 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/21282
Publisher River Valley TV
Release Date 2012
Language English

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Subject Area Computer Science
Abstract Rayvel designs, develops, manufactures, markets and distributes holographic products for consumers, industry, and government agencies to provide eye-catching and functional solutions for imaging, advertising, and optical systems. Headquartered in Montville, Connecticut USA, Rayvel not only makes holograms but completely packages them into commercially viable products. Rayvel operates in four main business areas, or “pillars”: 1. Consumer products 2. Business-to-business trade shows, point-of-purchase (POP), museum displays 3. Industrial and scientific components 4. Education
way we transform light into true 3 D images because 388
is an inevitable and revolutionary next steps in visual technology and at the well we not only make the
product we completely packages into commercially viable products we make functional solutions that even the holographic neophyte can operate in enjoy and we operate informing business areas or pillars of our company 1 is consumer products business to business products industrial and scientific components as well as educational or
product line in the consumer area includes the holiday holiday traffic street address numbers that aluminate from the headlight of an oncoming vehicle no batteries required so the pizza delivery guy or the emergency vehicle confined your house at nite this uses a transparent photopolymer hollow-gram with a very nearly perpendicular angle of reconstruction and that's on top of the printed number on vinyl that's during the day the of the driver driver doesn't see the hollow-gram at all right it's transparent he just sees the printed number but at nite the headlight hits the holographic and the black printed number acts as the black background for the transparent hollow-gram the other component in the product is the adjustable brackets and that there was no that's this is designed so that it can optimally aim toward the oncoming traffic no there was not a cost-effective adjustable bracket that already exists so this is a component we design an fabricated ourselves
but or big challenge was making a holographic mask you're ready for DuPont photopolymer duplication with nearly perpendicular angle of reconstruction
a problem we had was that the laser the reference know from the laser wasn't working what was happening was that the laser I would go into the front face of the glass the act or the perpendicular angle and then it hit the back face of the glass and then hit the front face and cause this optical ringing effect so this was a problem that we have to solve because we were getting all kinds of distortions especially on especially when we're sending the masters to do luckily
it is my great pleasure to work with some of the great minds and holography including Annamaria Nicholson and and especially on the Kronecker more so what are the came up with that so many different ways to compensate for this and in particular I came
up with a very a very good so way to put the glass master on a very large glass block with a thin layer of index matching fluid between them so that the laser we go through the front face of the glass through the liquid into the large glass block and the light would dissipate before causing any significant distortion so this is my daughter and what is she had to do with holography absolutely nothing but she still cute I had to get into the presentation choose my
little angel and was 1 of the inspirations for coming up with the cell right which is a simple way family keepsake that's it's the it's also a two-channel photopolymer of the hollow-gram ends the idea is you you can put a family picture here and then some type the same whether it's my guardian angel or god bless her family or happy Father's Day Daddy's little angel but then this has a up an LED layout integrated into the frame and so we have to find a way to I have that LEED at the right angle to the polygram and are in a position that's that's gave no choice for the customer all I have to do is is turn it on and it works and of course this 1 this shape does not exist in any of commercial other commercially available product so we had to come up with a way that that put the LED in a single position would hold the LED up and John look good with the frame and I we we came up with a using of brass to and then we had to be careful that we don't have that much at the brass to begin with so we had actually are quite quite a number of challenges with this but I'm glad to say we came up with a Greeley great solutions and basically we we did it all ourselves we got the the the 12 foot lengths of to being we cut we bent we invited we polished and we coded it all in house and this has a coding that you never have to polish that lab for 30 years and then we are we cut out some areas in the frame so that you can just drop of standard to standard triple-A batteries and also operate this office standard wall transformer and only package vary in a beautiful gift box
gold get box then this was the version that that we did that used that had no way out of it uses it a DC of G hollow-gram that a and actually joint Dinesh from triple and take had designed which is an example of where where we take work from other philosophers and help the market and and promote the product and basically it's a on a standard picture of Christ and and then a hologram of well there are going to and and hollow-gram of across that comes out and this has become very popular as a 1st communion gift that we sell this to to a number of churches and products
include trade show displays for trade show purchase corporate offices museums stands we call this a clash hop series splash for pulsed laser hologram and so we have a table top versions and floor-standing version so once again we don't know only make the the hollow-gram we completely packages so the tabletop versions by anyone can just walk into a room and put it on a desk plug it in and turn it on and it works now but 1
version is that we call the time and this is actually a refined concept of of the product that the wrong also and and I worked on and he had a great idea about having a of the of the 18 holograph the idea is that the whole of very entrancing image makes people stopped take a take a look but then fades away and then their eyes are right in the front of the product you're really trying to promote so it's kind of like a bait and switch and so on but I had to run had this the concept but he didn't have I didn't have a lot of woodworking facilities and also the electronic feeding circuit that he prototype to was no longer available so we redesigned the circuit ourselves and then we fabricated the on the box and basically the way it is at the base and it shoots up and hits a mere advisory and so the mirror Advisor has 2 functions it so that but it shields the hollow-gram from other ambient light and then then it also reflects the light from the the light at the base shines it right onto the holographic so the light is a very unobtrusive and often the viewer doesn't even know it's there we also we also make up stereograms but I found that people don't understand what you mean when you say so we we names are version of this product of moving video holiday and both of these products offer the advantage of visual motion advertising with no moving parts but the
values now also the OEM supplier for for the hollow touch system hello touch is a company that was also coincidentally in Connecticut where were headquarters and this is an alternative to a conventional keyboard or keypad system where instead of the standard of computer keyboard or keypad we float holographic buttons in front of the user and the user puts his finger where he sees the hollow-gram even though he's not physically touching anything so there's an infrared sensor that knows his finger is intruding this specifics space and that's what triggers the enter button or whatever but new program that program for and this has a lot of advantages especially any type of of public kiosk or operating room application because it's completely sterile not touching anything also it's it's very reliable there's nowhere in terror there's no moving parts and in like in a bank ATM application it it can be very secure workers we can make the have a very narrow and we have a very narrow angle of you so that that's I see the buttons but the guy looking from the scientist thinks I'm crazy OK were run under
educational track where we are at the at the major sponsor for the center of the center of center for the holographic or to New York City and done so that affiliation without affiliation we provide hands-on training featuring 1 of the great master teachers of holography of all time SimRank and we offer 2 levels of course is both a a level 1 course and an advanced
course level 1 is the 1 that has all the all the basics and then level to definitely the
finer points and tricks of the trade most recently we were
approached by university of California to create a holographic display system so I'm a I came up with the what I call hollow loved ones which which was designed to
demonstrate how master transmission holograms or made and view and just what I think is very nice about this system that has a splitter on a flip man so that you can kind of show the difference between making enduring but probably the big the big challenge to this was they wanted very compact and I felt it very important to demonstrate cannot really funding for students in and holography that you could you could place an object on a target and a bread board and then and then hollow-gram and then during the playback foot have the hollow-gram basically up here right at the same space that the recorded object was at the same at the same time hi without distortion and I have been able to come up with some components to do it in such a small space been able to record the hologram and play back was was quite a challenge but we did it so yeah with the with the beam
splitter impacts other it counter-demonstrators have the object and then just fine
flipping the beamsplitter out on the flipper which has excellent mechanical memory then you get the maximum light for viewing the whole from viewing the hologram
so that in summaries in summary of holography is the marriage of art and science and Revelle but is found at the intersection of of art science sales and marketing and if you have a product that you're trying to get more exposure for especially in the United States we welcome you to uh discuss with us that distribution of opportunities and our but finally I have to conclude with a very distressing story there is some to very beautiful and very beautiful young ladies who were visiting New York and they were walking outside their walking out of the museum of modern Art modern art and their names were selling Jane and selling Jane walking along and they heard a whisper after defeat and at the house of a car and they looked at and they see this from the from this talking to me the graph down here I used to be he's handsome and famous holography but the water but the wicked forces in the universe and there's always wicked forces in such channels the wicked forces turning into this Friday and I will remain in this state until a beautiful woman like 1 of you give me a kiss so Jane immediatly bends down picks up from and inputs a frog in her pocket and so in certainly will Archie kissin changes no way a talking frog is worth way more than analog of that you
just know some questions so runaways here sense you have 2 seconds the time left the yes yes essentially the but well I have a lab in Connecticut and my office is in Connecticut and our our main is also in the same building as a company that makes trade show display itself there's a lot of good answer meiosis there beyond the hollow Center in New York basically is wearing 2 hats on the commercial side we do things under the Rae flag but sound we we still do the on in residence and and other non-profit things to promote lot in holography and so in the that's so that it's my great pleasure to work with the same array and and Annamaria and crew the and that set of
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