Beneath the surface: New works from the Strata Series

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Beneath the surface: New works from the Strata Series
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The Strata Series explores the relationship between the physiology of matter and the depth of mind. While the black and white photographic works delineate the surface contours of the figure, the pulsed light images use holographic interferometry to capture the micro-motions of breath, muscle and blood from within the body. Currently on exhibition at the Center for the Holographic Arts in New York from May 6–June 30, 2006, the pulsed light images are reconstructed using high-powered LED illuminators designed by Craig Newswanger which offer an alternative to laser illumination.
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but it's not a gives me great pleasure to introduce to you 1 of my favorite artists about cellular and then you morning on that will find replace him from devices like I switched the the glasses from last nite it took off my head or we would all be in terms of OK all wanting to presented today is a talk about the work that is new in that it's being seen for the 1st time in in the exhibition at the center for the whole graphic arts in New York and as a result I would like to extend my thanks to Annamaria Nicholson up to 0 who is here North America and I will be speaking later today and also Sam or a and need to parties who have been really helpful and instrumental in making that exhibition come to be and I'd also like to thank think of Fuji hunt for their kind consideration for which I'm here all this work called the stratosphere is actually began as an investigation into photography in the mid nineties and I became the the the holographic version both parts of which will be in its exhibition will be showing him in the slides here and the whole GM the masters were taken in 2001 but are gradually now being completed some there's a series of 6 which I'll be talking about and all 3 of those including another holographic he's far in the exhibition so let's begin here the stress series
explores different ways of knowing and its relationship between the physiology of matter and depth of mine while the black and white photographic works delineate the surface contours of the figure pulse light images of the stratosphere is use holographic interferometry to capture the micro motions of breast muscle and blood from within the body strategy usually refers to the layering and she'll geologic level levels are over millennia but as I see it it's a metaphor for the peeling back of our own internal debt lost in deep grief that go at that it just comes through our life can digest down the very core of around being curiously it's are resonance with others XQuery like the infectiousness of joy and enthusiasm which binds humans to each other in ancient civilizations from the Paleolithics on people traveled down into the caves in an attempt to access the deeper reaches of both the outer and inner world this descent was a passenger transition journey or bound by rituals and traditions of person entering a state of unusually unusual psychic appealable or illness might be instructed by a shaman healer or or cherished leader and and become a shaman here were or chairs leader of great vision in our culture such a descent might be considered a clinical condition Joseph Campbell the noted scholar of comparative religion and mythology recounts in this solidified the similarity of pattern between a schizophrenic breakdown and the mythic journey of discovery the usual pattern is 1st over break away or departure from the local social order and context next along deep retreat inward and backward backward as it were in time inward deep into the psyche a chaotic series of encounters stare darkly terrifying experiences and presently if the victim is fortunate encounters of a centering kind fulfilling harmonizing giving new courage and finally in some fortunate cases a return journey of rebirth to life and this is the universal formula also of the mythological heard hero journey which I have described as 1 separation to initiation and 3 return the passage of descent is often a journey that reveals depth long hidden previous cultures new developed rituals to exercise this aspect of human character and reintegrated into the social fabric Jefferson Joseph Henderson's work on cultural consciousness and its effects on cultural attitudes in individual suggests that core beliefs dramatically alter the premise and path of transformation he maintains that in poly is on polytheism the rights take place down in the underground or in a courtyard the god image is a symbol of emergence and growth taking place within it like a plant growing in well cultivated faded garden in monotheism initiation is conceived as adjourning are and medical approach to the godhead leading to spiritual perfection assertive Pilgrim's Progress polytheistic transformation takes place down in the dark of the underworld on inner courtyard while monotheistic transformation takes place as a linear journey towards the life of now we see
different ways of knowing through functional MRI always the user scans brain scans lateral brain scans and other imaging techniques that can pinpoint the brain's activity the circle white area on the left over here I confinement our is the area of the that's being activated by analytic thinking or language which is associated with the right side of the brain wealth whereas the problem because here an area of the circle area right is associated with metaphoric thinking music on image that to use science the brain really come up with the different aspects of our thought process and our brain has the magic magical quality of crossing these and being able to integrate those the those different types of knowledge but in essence the silent right side of the brain well over this thing is over here what that feels while the verbal side but on the other over here communicates and they can conclude very different things and a lot of testing has been done on this where people have had a stroke or something that is limited 1 side is another and a lot of you I'm sure very aware of all of this research this
certainly our brain integrates these thoughts but it deep transfering personal experience for deep grief can alter one's outlook and subsequent view 1 has returned from the experience of a different way of knowing then the usual cognitive state of mind this is a brain scan up here there we go the
luckily it was a healthy brain has Campbell notes the inward journey of the mythological hero the shaman domestic and the schizophrenic are in principle the same and the when the return admission of curves is experiences of rebirth the birth that is to say uh the twice born eager but he got no longer bound invites daylight world horizon 1 is now no longer afraid of nature nor nature's child society the new ego is in accord with all this in harmony at peace and as for those who have journeyed and those who have returned from the journey tell life is and richer stronger and more choices the come on line so
there are in the mid nineties I began a series of black-and-white photographic studies are of figures inspired in part by by Margaret opinions to receivers and meals a person and are homes built gardens interferometry studies of a man using a generic from using white light I was searching for a way to suggest the debt the depths beneath the
skin so over a period of about 4 years I just did a series of study at the time I was doing a lot of public art are in California and elsewhere mostly
working with our large-scale gradients which was my previous work and some of you how are well acquainted with them many
people ask if that was created no it wasn't a bad in the spring of 2001 I received in AI are at the center for the holographic arts to produce in a ferromagnet instance 6 of these problems are masters are as I said before part of a new work which will be called descent and 3 of them were in the exhibition the 1st work transferred from the poles series was in the fall of 2001 and it's a reduction and Melissa happened and Melissa Crenshaw will be speaking on friday happened to be visiting and she had done a series of reductions herself so she gave me great great 8 in helping out on the set of that for that after this particular work I was completing it when 911 happened that day the trauma that day of trauma interconnected interconnected us through a great tragedy I had calls from all over the world and I mean I was in California I was so there was a sense that there was a binding loss has this ability somehow very deeply to touch us as it should just as we've been touch this week by the losses who were not here out in yet it also has the transformative process of giving us great joy in in their remembrance anyway the pose of this figure is 1 of both loss and hope I titled it hasn't 2001 and it is an honor of all those who have suffered such losses loss is essentially human human and manifest deep within us and is carried through our cultures expressed equally as a tradition and belief systems chip that change excuse me over time of some of my
research goes into ancient cultures and this is I'm going to be the counting here at Tale from threesome area on the mythology that comes down and ends up getting integrated many different stories but but this is actually from a sealed from University 2012 b c all the goddess a priest samarium goddess named in honor sometimes called a various other names down through time but she was a major goddess of heaven and earth and represented by the planet Venus very powerful all in honor decides to take a journey down to the underworld to visit her sister air because she was the queen and the underworld in passing through the 7 gates of the underworld she's gradually stripped of all of her finery and at last her ropes naked she stands before it she but instead of bowing to her sister's proper tribute would require in honor tries you share usurped character she goes thrown and is immediately killed for her attempt her body laid and hung on a page to run back in heaven in on servant laminates laments to the other gloves gods that amount is not returned after 3 days only and the god of water and wisdom comes to her and he creates 2 emissaries and sends them to the underworld with the instructions to retrieve an and these emissaries find their Cachito is pregnant and suffering they consulted with lavish attention in appreciation of Bushido offers them gifts which they have been told to refuse saying that only that old skin that leather bag over there hanging from the upper head would be quite sufficient much more than we deserve and he's emissaries bring in honor back out of the underworld but clinging to her back are demons instructed to seize and bring back in on his replacement as repayment for leave me the underworld in honor returns to the world's above both the Earth and to heaven with the knowledge of death and destruction in the core of her being she has become the goddess that is fully realized the sum total of nature both as the creator and destroyer this fully realized goddess of heaven and earth and the underworld knows now what death entails these works of that what will
be called the descent steer a series of and not are not directly related to the story but it was part of serve the interest of inspirational background this first one which was 1st exhibited by Paul Dawson's and John gages show in Australia nite in 2003 is called out to arrange it's composed of 3 transfers and eliminated by now is eliminated by an LED during the show was eliminated by a very nice place this is the 2nd i
image of the series called Fisher which was completed in 2005 and this
is the 3rd most recent it's actually the 4th of the series in the in dissent and it's called fossil and it's eliminated all by hour a blue LED all of these works are eliminated by some new LED is that our Craig researched and what he's going to give you details on after I complete my portion of the talk about how where we found these and how these eliminators remain because they act virtually like all laser allow us to go back to laser transmission without the expense of the lasers this is some
images from the show in New York with the the photos that work in the back here is the threshold of the singularity it was done in a 1989 it's a water installations and all water drips from outside Pretoria class separatory funnel to hand below and that's a little eliminating holographic optical elements panel here was a memorial for my
father this is but this other side of the gallery and you can see these the 3 eliminated works there's a the 4th 1 is down around the corner here I but they create another light installation the floor I I'd like
to introduce Craig newswire who many of you know he's images solution according to use my husband director of Optical Engineering at the zebra imaging but very conveniently and excellent engineer who was able to make LED illuminated thank you few with this we very quickly so so basically do we just want to share
what we found the certainly there is a 0 1 more thing for for me there's a number of a single device uh LED available 1 being the looks on a star series and you can certainly use we find those looks young if you google them and this is an example of a 5 what's the what's here but with the village soil reflected but I think the Vedas running a below but the the these are very efficient they're very small source the all really a Lambertian source you need some pretty nice objects the optics that lecture provides can be used with some diffusion to get and even field on the next separate from that and we found we found the this company called innovations and objects you and their website name is innovations in optics come and what they are it's a variant
of the here here this is a series of of the wavelengths that they have and you can probably barely make that out with got 405 454 75 0 5 527 591 fucked 620 629 and then some weights and if you look over over the current so uh these are point 2 and 3 amps of current and the optical power you see here up to 1 . 2 what's the optical power and the red is is just really I don't show band was here with the bandwidth are somewhat typical of early days of the amber the 591 being the most narrow and but the others are quite adequate for image plane transfer image plane of open the aperture transfers as you saw so it's work and of union
of binary This is just look at drawing of of the way the the cyan colored gadget there's a lamp and it is it has a large TIR uh lands on it but a very small hexagonal he's saying a basic so you have to be very careful 1 of the attaching it because these are delicate until designing new the new system which is much more robust and these you have to be very careful currently they're very expensive in small quantities from 500 dollars to get 10 like 295 on that but they have what's interesting and they will take any chip from any manufacturer an integrated into this device and I'll take the chips and they take up to 60 chips and put them into a 3 mm circle and then wire them together and they can also blend they could mix R G and B in the same device and so you end up with a whatever really whatever makes you want they also make mixtures of blue phosphor + red to give a better performance from white light where the usual blue excited phosphor devices are deficient in red and
basically then it's very simple so you have to make your own a regulator basically and this is isn't so it's paper it's straightforward it's using a the voltage regulators to current regulation device and we used to examine the box we supplied it with 12 votes from a unit which you can buy from electronics store which those is typically used for supply voltage to ham radio were stereo equipment that you would normally use car and again you see here's some I will show some results resistances for supplying the 2 or 3 apps for these devices sitting on the way forward and that's it if you based on the left and the right of the rest of this I'm going to so this might this and without loss of head or the use of the media like we all we do OK so what's the constant and held this year I'm not sure idea of what we do is we buy this 1 is called a tumor 5 1 LED torture of foreground more about it it's a you know it's like because license please as is usually white and we we take the 5 what looks star and what out because they don't make agreement so we physically do it ourselves zebra this often this is what was showing all that with people but again what here makes quite a series as well but the you can't nearly get the same optical powers you can get out with also the now the other thing about the uh the uh the innovations device is it's only about 15 mm in diameter makes a very nice source for illumination and it has a 120 degree come without any extremal optics and various means for implementing and more than half of so let's say this is