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Architectural Application and Maintenance for Art Holography

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Architectural Application and Maintenance for Art Holography

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Architectural Application and Maintenance for Art Holography
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It has been 20 years since I began applying holograms to architectural spaces. Since then, a number of works, which are permanently installed in architectural spaces, have been created. However, some of my works had to be removed from their original places or moved to new places. This thesis is a report on three works that had to be moved from their original spaces to new ones. A change of location for works requires a special type of effort, which is required not only for art in general but also for holograms. This thesis will describe two different cases: the case in which the works were moved and installed without changing their original forms, and one in which the works were modified and re-installed.
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this model big this today are ejected talk about the year of architectural application and maintenance for the whole of
and this I was working in this future more than 20 years and have that from the beginning of I tried I to write holograms Chile architectural space and since then a number of which here permanently installed in Arctic spaces have been created by some of my work have to be moved from the origin and race or to new race in note the I like to I told the other about the report on the city works that has to be improved their forties now space to new new 2 to new ones they been the change moving in space for works acquired a special type a form which is required not only for checking generic but also and the that was awful lot of at this and I like to what is described 2 different cases there should if you have that case in which the works were moved and installed we without changing the were uniform and the others in a way that work modify and we installed the the 1st of and I and I introduce my own Oct works and installation work and then to introduce architectural work and after
that he bought of the
works I'm using of various the different kind of material and a different type of the whole of these waka March kind of rainbow holograms this shadow RAM and that of those via the and
the material this event horizon and also these always so that these and then they the nature of made from the rational and down the my car the transmission of all if the size is quite large and then they are the major 0 well these were I showed especially because vision it's that all my life then got the Mexican got 19 19 the year it's a memorial years since the gulf at the end of the fixation was held to be the type 2 all much and in that because vision of some the the artist who specialized the newer technique good news media the or the artist as opposed to a create to something new and the data it's yeah got and there is following but the the 1st time I've tried to to make the whole of the image from the other branches and then after that I found be this way it's just my great I love very much the same all these kind
of a major but this is installation or in the underground space of the then the space is so wealthy the Center In the female and it's an old theory of the arts center and then that the space is FIL the beginning the partners of the year place it this well the the Arts Center of built in this space is not old to something and then all the 1994 I was invited to to to to show my work these at installation work and in the week that while behind the hollow-gram there's a pool and I put the the new and under the water and the choreographic image this is the common extracted bite line but light the it on the near in under the water and you can see the water reap
on on this part choreographic images and also the user has the hero we've written horrible and also I'm interested
in the the the major from the nature and and also was at the the Vandal my idea I choose the that different material of the holiday and these work the DCT holiday maybe their bodies of that these were installed as a collection of art museum and still they are shown and that the because all the DCG and the full me it's a very much a deductive and I think it's a very useful to to de-correlate the in as an interior or
something in in in in the in in space in the room the I is making a lot of installations using that would be the the hollow-gram these 1 they the combination of the of the whole of London and reality and the smallest on the basis of inspiration or shown maybe all over there where it did 2 other modern myself and and then well the this installation just I sent on the the horror of love and death the other Rio material always I ask the the people the freeze out every period the the domestic material and then each time maybe the other according to D and then this and Matteo every to 2 different bacteria and I I liked it must
which said throughout such condition and this is also the DCT works out looks like crap and all
of 100 times the integration at these these were also the same the former 1 the installation of work we know what to do with the water in effect the sometimes below the light the combination of light and the water is a very attractive I think objective way forward well for the people or when the people see here and that water effect I think the mentally people are enough to allow people could be docks and
and and people laugh such effect this 1 is the installations and that this installation what is not only the holograms but also the use of directly cannot velocity identically me grasp the effect is very senior of the the DC the heart of the whether the the fiction all of backward community they have a kind of and also at the that they also the shadow has the content and the the fiction and shadow the different and also 1 of the you if you well from the different view on maybe you you will see the different column of A B is not affected very similar that might occur on these easy especially friction horrible and that it after I work in the whole of that field I found the directly to the new node and then some moment inspiration
I use combined the both the ball of material the cell and much more at stake and showed that takes another layer and when I made this 1 I was thinking of something like the whole of he's and area and
some something I wanted to install In the real building while the next
thing I'd like to introduce the architectural work but this is maybe the 1st active jaw or I think he he sent 1985 is a science export in into clue about having the uh at what these were installed in the in japanese that meets the path but the and explore the period of export almost too hard about the 6 month and only 6 months after that these work the but that he could not handle it means just that it's temporary the the whole of and these were um the smaller hydrogen not always so high out from ceiling and then and indeed the accede to
in between the and these were all hand type declaration of but the these what is installed in underground IP do what it ordinary working space and in light source always use the timeline cyanide to gather data from to do you of top of the building and guide by optical fiber and in the whole of the nature of the concept by the sunlight of course in the daytime and then what you know what if it's lane or collide the 2 people can see here that the inmate and was sort of and that people who are working in this room in the during the daytime even they work and that grants to
people knew what he had to about the with the and this these always so that the come from the same idea and in this work as our heroic reflection hologram and the the active don't wanted to wanted to install the large-scale horribly I but at that time did it it was very hard to make large live friction hollow-gram abandoned by combining 2 full PCs as in the 1 piece of the laminate the planet in the veracity and indeed the whole world on the front of the the whole album there is a wall and in of well the whole of land and in the front wall that this only about 2 about like that 2 30 of effective for the CM to the distance and the hollow-gram installed the behind the wall and the major also the the inmates has a date and then well the the space of the other room for as where people could see
the more at the bigger the species and these ones that integration of food here in terms of the that there is this sense of beauty and chastity ordinary apartment is at the heart of the the I've installed decorrelation and we have we believe that the not the real mountains bacteria at the
she shall the last and this is the object and I create the shoulder of the housing company and indeed this object and combined DCT horribly and backward communities and these was welcome fortunate she is a showroom under the company they want to 0 really we give to that
space and in this work take down right now so and then in this case is just in the scalar case to the equation but is the private printing company it too so walking well the stuff factory and or when the printing company move to the new price that France sentiment company and well the if she is that that's going to have to do they something to to to the people who who are actually the with up
and down the the hollow-gram there's a limit a limitation with this size and also the view of and there was no when I was hired to the project in in in the building sometimes but it was very hard to use the whole of and then in such a case I'm using only get the diachronic communal blast not an active introduces some of the few and a few cells on the using India dichotomy of
grasses this is a site like that it's intercom space some what the atria with is that 6 6 frost behind about the fact that our meters it's quite shoot spaces and that there's a of it's greater than that and also there's a way to elevator it's a serious through and the people move in in In abated people can see through through transparent at last this thing these
object from the 1st from to 6 4 and this is another integration is it food culture and that it when there is a minute during the time when the direct sun light comes in to that room the and then the site on the as a table food and people could and well people could something of a at the table and then they went did that that at some coming into this room with the people can see the beautiful how laughter of the beat kind of on a table on the fraud and
maybe do some more of the color of a little change and this is always a senior our idea I finish 2 years that quote that you
had enough and hotel and cultural well you know what the hell from the but we the bandit sunlight you can see the beautiful
colors whose shadowed ended up tonight you can see the the reflect it kind of and and and that
and it was so the shadow these 1 for me and I enjoyed very much to 1 to to to work this project and the the view the object to wind up the activity of the to to create the beauty and they actually contacted me to to install some things and then I will not related to me that predicted from the beginning to to to start to run building and that these were a combination of the DCT effect in the heart of them ended backrower community and
indeed the sun comes from seeing and then while the system may be the late afternoon and so we aim at this special part to show tonight and in at depend on the condition of the life of these words and maybe people
or will see a different condition as that is if look from now on I put under the worst and I had to talk about that that you know this is a 1985 meets the probability of the this is science export and wildly maybe difference case in which the hollow-gram or install inside the part of computer and then the part of holograms have been used as as a decrease in the part of computing as well as but that seems to be an incredible of lands that have been use the declaration in part of computing such as office building used to the design in error or newly designed public buildings used as decoration I have ever seen some they're going to need to be the the you to all the father after 10 years there have been a few cases really horrible where it's hard to see unfortunately G moved that in in the past years and I have seen to shield conceded to work on being at moved or move to new braces and like paintings or sculptures of these words can cannot be be removed from the origin of phrase and installed at new space and even in the news news site of font and number of program need to be solved before actually moving them what's the the In addition in each work has is on unique program and therefore need some unique solution and so let me introduce to deport and 3 other cases where the program works and treatment in 2
new it's time be depressed founded the keys a on the tightest amount of created this is the combination of wheat that would affect the following is a transformation of large-scale transmission mode to Pearl holograms has this hologram land PET to indicate that last is this size about but when 1 on the size of the 1 hollow-gram it's about to 10 more than 10 but 1 point 1 go by 1 . 8 meters and that is and all of the it's
quite Haiti and and that I have a duty moved these installations and do
well at it to 48 I finding new space but it's like that and then I have all of the accepted the hollow-gram I have to install the the other alpha
for example the neo and approval and and light and and so on
and then define final
do of looking like this um right the that if they and installed it hasn't been halted told you in the dark technology and and
it's open to the public
and everybody can enter it and the keys the and this was set up as it says shall window displayed to assess the window he's still here intersection
and then to the whole of limited deacidification hollow-gram and then this the children be onto the shoulders of the year the but the children multi yeah but no terrier and in the that is that the short you have to move the new Budin
about this information she's very hard to move to you 42 no way and
then I have to to be made and read that designed and also the whole thing things I have to take down the hall and to create the
new frame and have to be careful this season and the they the
this is a new of design as it
and the last 1 is also at the at the DCT at hollow-gram it's like a like object things that these were used 19 83 feet it's a more than 20 almost at
23 years old and very very old and think and then I have to know this work on it but it was very hard to find the 2 to to praise me work a strongly but a finite anyway I found but it the 1st call them how to take down the hall
program is very difficult and this is the scene of the cell and then the in the basement is the Rio Grande programming attended the weight almost 200 the 5 202 558 your ground and at wanting to at they a more than
the maybe 300 and if it is something that and that
is so the job and that well now this services set up again and of all the things I clean up the whole and and and and she is again at the completed the to shoot again fall for creating I'm afraid
and that these as she
had seen here said Jesus and this so
what be elect it electrician overarching and that this space and fortunately is this some some come but not the direct sun and that all also that we need to I need to be
right artificial nite and day of this is a special spatial light as I said I'm going graph where not the highlight in that it is see no no no no said not knowing the sit go effect so when an Indian all their land and that lifetime anything about at all of the above 2 6 6 to attend to confess wouldn't always and then the on the you know the both the New 51 to but very bright and also we need to convince and and the idea I designed year that stands for the the light and also you know the
name of the heart the heart to God to the number and then light source come from the under the 4 or they do that building is the brand new you and and then I asked we make whole you
cross and then the other really and then I I received a copy and the well they do what like that people additional space of these marks it's not so bad that that refinery well the the the takes a long time to find the the states like this but finally I'm I'm very happy because of
this work that's much better and witness space
and that this is a science have like that and the also did there the and and that half of the because you can see did the
object from here from from about the this this season ended in major like that it's just that the amendment my 1st
when I was here and here and there is a nice seeing this from the from the side the
field this is a scene from your street well and out well even though the warrants installed in part of the beauty and and the viewing are incredibly diverse the the foundation for deep you after a few years and we need to many people that there is the of being in in terms of the kind with the problems faced by the quantum heard common to all sold over work in general and in the work of art and the favor evaluated data where you can either be read a piece actually news news site or an unfortunate to the describe 1 of the difference between the horrible events and the other part of our work is that all aspects of the environment including the lighting system must be considered along we hollow-gram themselves as this century factories a considerable attention should be paid to the surrounding environment of beauty have particularly the lighting conditions and therefore it takes a considerable amount of if ought to find it and you have venue endocytic for installation environment for the hollow-gram I think did keys except a year and a half to and this month choose and transfer to follow words and complete this entire year construction events and processes even some and repair work had to be the performance and to be in the form of the whole world and the like consisting to a considerable amount of it and ingenuity in order to start our great bonds unfortunately it is possible to find a new site for the 3 words and well mentioned through the and that the most of us I think the program maybe to do during the day of the whole problem and I hope the have decided to develop the durability of the whole of the whole thank you that
you can use with me and from all movements you questions on the in the when you're doing a lot of cases like John variances the film in this is the art of a lot of the degradation of the quality of the human by prolonged exposure why don't you think so In principle this is not consistent with the data in the right so long as the difference in the location well by the field from owing some of my experience the this it it's OK I and especially in a b a lot and that they are the Estonian TIP is that they and laminate in the glasses it is it's it's fine now but I don't know what the future of but it's going up the the various processing is pretty good reason so long enough memory of the active produced a follow-up conference you're doing such a phenomenal work for such a long time there must be some tolerance you install suffer degradation words film was related DCG any medium you've worked in holography in a public place exposed to variety of life he whatever you the the case of things that are proximity to our street windows as you of all the work you've done short so of degraded that has 1 piece of bad in public was well the let I and B the city hall them well the even they 2 2 showed that in the same conditions and with the same frame some of them but the main thing doesn't damage but to the well the the in emotion cut off the the we use when they have the act of loop which I can see the is something you like new don't to just to the age of the classes the maybe better than the model it take the primary goal into to that but now as they would be made of unbounded between yes it's OK about that I use the optical system into but today the yes so you you you all are during World War all of but what it of what happens and then by 10 15 20 years from now the latest 1 about to about during the out 3rd work and most of the work of art in the British that is the theory we use our last nite buildings that are hundreds of years old and the sitting there and people walking in the shop kinds of environmental conditions the approach of the shift of seasons itself of some people might smoke room whatever appointments but having hundreds of years later there know what what did that I can't I can't think but the other that that that the program but too big it's not only the whole organism but also the work and of the new media analyzes the contemporary art even the material even the artist the use the a classical material back to the content the some them the installation of work and then the light just just the 1 month and sometimes go on and that is I think a bit the the situation of the the whole lot of a lot of people in the back and then and I condemn the work may diverse that we we standard the very similar situation I think people who are poor and that of my point here is that removal we know that we will not be about what you have you what of the of you know I want you get to the point where the use of the work of the directly the way the Mark the that 1 and so that was in the few so if we break for refinement of the known and we convert to something that was when