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An illustrated journey inspiring the audience with future visions of holography textiles & design

Video in TIB AV-Portal: An illustrated journey inspiring the audience with future visions of holography textiles & design

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An illustrated journey inspiring the audience with future visions of holography textiles & design
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Future dreams and visions are an inherent part of human nature. The ultimate indulgence of these takes place in writings & films of Science Fiction. Beyond indulging in fantastic possibilities & paying homage to new developments, Science Fiction may even shape our futures; dreams become reality. Science Fiction expresses innovative ideas based on research drawn from Technology, Science & Life Style. I want to propose that, vice versa, Technology, Science & Life Style seem to draw on elements created in Science Fiction.
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but I everybody but to many things here with right here today really to talk about a holographic text innovation that I started to work on and my future visions of myelography in design and I'll start with my name on my thought about and I'm I'm a design environment and lifestyle design company called should and actually the last picture that we saw in the presentation just 1 was my hometown that came up after it was Jason where an old church was on MIT on the same day as between anyway and I'm really here to build the whole network because I don't know most of the unknown if you people and what I would like to do what I'm talking isn't going to give these boxes around end of this people have made a start you can take a business card of mine so you can be in touch with me and vise versa the great if you drop 1 of your business cards into the other boxes so I can be in touch with you but but but growing up in
East Germany I grew up in a country that was pretty great benefit from my point of view very two-dimensional um and really always dreamt of a world outside of that that would give me more possibilities that would be a lot more colorful than what I was experiencing and I really those streams became my science fiction so therefore to many holography and science fiction always we together somehow in some way seemed to be a theme that we've come across a lot today as well and having its laws I locker Phoebe with my 1st experience at the age of 7 of looking at a hologram in a museum where I grew up and and then taking the 1st 3 steps of Martin Richardson and in his studio who showed me the 1st really most impressive phylograms satisfy by the to do the work that I'm doing now which were done by zebra imaging I always ask myself the question is science fiction is just a future vision of technology science and lifestyle or if it is actually the foundation as well and I mean having the solution to all of you today it's very obvious that science fiction has inspired many visionary fiber experience very much you and them you already created the site fiction submarine in the 19th century there's always the idea that science fiction is way ahead of what's actually happening and I believe holography is a little bit like that too vise versa such books have inspired look for and still and then discover away from was inspired by Russian bicycle of and I would like to explore the sci-fi strong presence in our everyday lives because that's what I'm interested in is the designer that's what inspires me and I would like to take you on a journey looking at films fashion arts design consumer technology and architecture and I'm really look at how those leaving sci fi and holography and how those have raised the public expectations in terms of photography and science
fiction so our 1st example from popular actually is most obvious in film and television and that line example is 5th element died she put together designers as is shown whole great yeah you create the costumes for this and then also fine artist you Geiger to very much inspired other movies but I will talk about that later once and then the most obvious 1 star checked the holodeck which is the 1 thing that fascinates me the money and where Georgia has pays hommage to holler grounds and by creating a real world visualizations that is entirely based on computers but holographic and human beings can directly interact with looking at
futuristic fashion the person that's inspired me to my history is Tucker rebounded and he worked primarily in the sixties and the he expressed his anxiety using curiosities about technological progress in his designs he discussed shifts in consumer culture the global dynamics of the space raises new technology and contemporary art and by producing experiment garments like this matter dress he was elected not this paper and I'm reuse garments that's simplified utopian ideology of modern living the other example something really basic that actually just come across if you google futuristic fractions very endearing geometric shapes
no looking at Honda GM infection they are present but there is a lack of reading and dodging of honor that applies includes here fashion using lenticular and making use acute but fluctuations and then we can look at high street fashion as well where we come across a lot of fused fires on fabrics taken in this case the sheepskin shed which I found very interesting it's a different material to the normal like cheese and then on the global players such as 90 in the to apply and security on grounds to embossed on 2 and Kimball's or even directly onto trees and and what's legacy and
again and finally we've seen so many beautiful examples I mean I can just can't keep up-to-date really but the and looking at futuristic influence as I've already mentioned you Geiger and that he greedy create is a lot of the inspiration aliens and the 5th and with his son Jordan's a lot of the architecture in the 5th element was directly inspired by what he does and then just a quick little example of serious surrealistic influenced find out how the summertime and
looking at product design personally as a designer may I'm small but they may be futuristic and and holographic but they're not useful and that pitch the entertaining but that and as design I always aim to create something that's useful that people can go where it is and actually use in their everyday life because it creates a solution by other than just entertainment basically begun by Scott ensure that final but that just outlined some of however consumer
technology word sci-fi and all of previous looking at the school year to use that's actually displayed at the Science Museum in London it's a miniature telephone that's embedded in the trees and that allows information to be sent you wherever you are and then have you needed it basically converts it from computers or mobile phones and into vibrations that resonate for mutual bond in the in the it's an example at the moment it's approach type it doesn't exist yet but the scientific proof is that that sound can resonate Rudjer jawbone and can actually heard that in the in the and then of log of the other data storage which to me is most fascinating use of in consumer technology at the moment and then is certainly the next generation of data storage as it can hold millions of pages all information it is that the size of the pond our hands and working with a lot of techies in London deleteriously her on this particular 1 looking architecture and so Paris strangers beautiful example earlier but that doesn't seem to be anything that's it the whole space such as the 100 for instance and them their spaces that inspired by science technology and the future for instance future scope in or
sorry I have intensified future scope a park in front and that's entitled all the buildings are based on using and prisms fees crystals glass-and-steel very much like a lot of things I actually used in pornography and the whole pop was created and to screen special projections and flat hemispherical dome screens including I'm next meets a 360 degree view in retreating viewing at moving it's all for entertainment reading but beautiful architecture and then and the other example is a concept realization room that was part of an exhibition and that I chose to to take a picture because the wavelets it seems to be very suitable environment that could be created with the use of holograms not like to take
in an area that I'm most interested in and working in which it takes time and exploring holographic textiles and there's a lot out on the high street of like current fabrics which have higher lending at and I don't know any design anymore actually works with that but I'm sure that carries out there that use and it seems to me that some a lot of the high-tech text again like the products still have this element of kitsch attached to them has only been improved by moving text has into the Teletext highs and making them a bit more high-profile that way and however holographic technology has advanced so much and that doesn't seem to be traces in textiles just yet there that supplies and I think it offers a huge potential given the fact that markets in text has already exists and her the and that the technology is there on the other hand actually bridge that gap and really creates a new platform for another feature growth and development now that's what I would like
to integers my company product and as I am already working on taking the future and it's really into something totally new to make an my company is aiming to create contemporary visions of what Bn Morris created in terms of formalistic approach to design and he was interested in creating products that would houses that would fit your whole lifestyle and he did it very traditional methods I'm interested in doing that increasing contemporary and heritage on 1 hand some of my work takes the across the world exploring traditions along the chair and on the other hand I'm restoring holography which brings together the signs in the living and I'm looking to you 3 transitive innovative takes products which are doing in terms of contemporary heritage but not just yet with pyelography and it includes up about textiles linen wallpapers carpets furniture and much much more anything like you can think of text files are
applied now leading you have how'd students my company is looking to to bridge the gap between the existing holographic textiles and what could be I would like you to imagine if you had the power to alter and this guy your parents simply by means of a T-shirt we need think science fiction because that's where I think things really starts and maybe you would like to talk about this later on that appears to be meadows printout out complete with butterflies
now digitally is the name for the holographic textile I'm looking to create and I've already made a start here axiom like working with hands and with different interests and Peter over the last 6 months and then doing my 1st steps of research supported by the London Development Agency and as you can and working alongside Terry came photographer he's got a huge experiences in applying emotions experiments sets and I keen to surpass the ordinary of 2 D images for fused qualifiers and tag science and create something that's really visionary and extraordinary that old 3 D images surfaces and animations as we know it from that imaging all for instance how we've got this example of 100 random or we see next door in P things are displayed here I'm sure you've all seen and building on traditions or maybe not even traditions our findings and Dr. that incorporates technology In another the that's now and not just thinking back and additionally I think maybe what's important is the point that was made this morning that a lot of heat gets put out there for people make it accessible I'm not a believer in in in in just sort of having small have sort of interesting small things that are happening in the world if nobody else can touch it and be part it I don't see the point of it and I think that creating a text is a very tactile way of experiencing a lot of the and so on it could become very commercial and certainly at create livestock products the way that I already did in other areas but most projects that everybody could interact with that i accessible and a lot cheaper than what some of 100 grams of the INF or and they could increase the popularity of log of the by doing so now
the concepts in the work I've been doing so far is something that a lot of people are very very interested in and I found it extremely fascinating in the past 2 years since I've put the concept out there what happens and it's really that is based on the concept people of con while you know this this this could take a look free somewhere this could create ideas such as the holodeck for real and yet it may still be quite far away but I don't think it's not far away I think it can be done in my lifetime certain and other people seem to believe so too and what's my most interesting part of it is and the rise creates innovation you follow my word and quite regularly and time just keep to date generally unlock the I don't know if you know that time the bias of very keen on incorporating higher grounds was in their work anyway so the most
obvious question you would want it doesn't has some obvious examples but may everybody would want the virtual reality everyone knows start everyone's pretty fascinated and worked and the to have a richer to future that's how whole fascination often look the and sigh 5 in terms of popular belief and and you wouldn't want additional a virtually room all holographic Tutsi mean bringing together different sciences as well as holographic trees of our out but I don't think actually that following talking to somebody of the now looking back to what I
used to dream about my 3 a lot of my dreams have come true I mean I'm here now I never thought that the age of 7 minutes Memphis hollow-gram markedly from the mountain countries now here actually working on programs creating something that's between 2 me but I'm sure will become reality and designing and ideas and dreams is what creates science and technology but also science fiction and so I believe that the use of features that to take in up the but also future steps in terms of products and product design and lifestyle products which I'm working on now I'm taking a steps and I would like to take those steps as you as an account of online I'm a design and so that's my area and I have been thinking up successfully with scientists and other specialists and 119 can grow from here on some giving out all my contact details and I would like expected you would like to talk to me I'm going to be here for the rest of the day unfortunately I can't be here for the whole time of the conference even that like to but on the phrasal approach me and them asking questions without