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A new device for holographic photography


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Title A new device for holographic photography
Title of Series 7th International Symposium on Display Holography (ISDH 2006)
Part Number 49
Number of Parts 61
Author Zacharovas, Stanislovas
Bakanas, Ramunas
Pileckas, Julius
Nikolskij, Andrej
Brotherton-Ratcliffe, David
License CC Attribution 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/21277
Publisher River Valley TV
Release Date 2012
Language English

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Subject Area Computer Science
Abstract For proper reproduction of real-life scenes as digital full-colour holograms, HPO digital holographic printers require a set of scene images prepared according to certain rules. As the visual field of view characteristic of modern digital printers now approaches 100 degrees, previous “camera on a rail” technologies have been largely incapable of generating the required images. Here, we describe a new type of “camera on a rail” device which allows one to prepare high-resolution undistorted image sets appropriate for modern high-resolution high-FOV digital printers such as those developed by the Geola Group and XYZ Imaging Inc. The device described is based on latest generation digital camera technology, a specially programmed linear and angular camera trajectory and software image distortion. The sets of real-life scene images prepared by our device are also compatible with images sets produced by 3D design programs; this allows combinations of real-life and virtual scenes to be printed as digital colour holograms.
also is encoded by the gives you move small devices the 2 words so also here in were also a single conceived in 1 of a lot of students a break on the plane is this is the was was a process that were work on linear growth holographic photography of orthographical streams and
decided also so in way for closer West and needed the the so we have also started to manufacture digital printers so holographically inter-sensor pre-mission nephrotic such kind of printers but on food and in new form of Moses printers would it be disappointed should it was possible to work the on only images created in 2 D model programs and to persuade difficult of 2 1 4 October you use program for example human face takes a lot of times possible but just whether time-consuming and also all of the and what acquires because of the users of the code of humankind or crimes and to all comments on the rules of the part of the form of hidden in incapable abortion innovations acquired teenagers so basically what we have done in with another come along the way or was not especially future for capturing images for all printers some people will form as a pre-emphasis world as a device is placed on the latest innovation digital cameras sold on the special programs you know on the or that they need to know grammar stored and to act as well conclude image distortion with too much of about 2 much the images captured by our system of tools specifications for of and also images suffer Boston call problem can be at know combined together this loosely images of thin film of digital Proc
bump into get well this is certainly the CFO of some kind of image captioning systems that is based on the life of called on production on the now proposes to being this requires a lot of work frames alone to begin tool better solution picture want to lose if you put you will also need quite the so
before a lot of people would do include parameters scenarios using a using just the 1 in Canada pointing cos Bartlett will all point could just on the on or you can include the encounter and was small sort of mobile phone users do space would waste to will depend constraints of 2 people were unwilling to assist and quantile for objective function right to be a pain produces as much this year or so area sports so all of conventional solutions so legs is 1 doesn't feel so in all
open to clean but includes skins because of the need to get full credit you perfume cystinuria some of of will water so as to acquire the uncompressed differences solutions so well system used translated so would force so
we needed to find them more 1 effective solution which corruption and did sets of the we recordings of commercial conceptual of across the support of the system so just so you know what they can climb status this of the same template the primary users so that whole short of human so you can engineers involved and so the overview of computer controls were implemented some of the more will come out of the and of course we need to look at a frame rate so this some kind of content we need to to capture proposals so solvent of frames of the input for a period of time was the worst but not possible to get to the ships will will allow the launch of of subjects so has always using Cox-regression this dislocated from but so results later on but also need to press for most images cropped the
cost what would think small it is basic scheme that climate or updates on for the symptoms to here we here for much smaller feudal fuel and through points August is a simple soldier also system I things are on
the the system goes to 2 modes of operation of 1 was used to map of what kind of things rotates stops and certainly what they conclude a focus on the azimuth of this moment all where use include continuous of human starting funicle when linear velocity a common response was most novobiocin quantities and of 1 which is 1st of all some of the things of awards from 1 were synchronizing could overcome tools each point 2 would give a more precise capture all of whom features but close it to some useful compared to continue and the as accounts somewhere in that that losses to use Richard digital more kind uh but at the moment is kind of a solution of the captured frame solution of mortality the only the changes in the loop from lawful credit you from 1 of the commonest forward differently but at the moment we can capture those this seems so up to remind them to discontinue using growing more than that all you put the so this is
explains the controls so as to what's the proper length and it should be used on food what article should be used for a neutral kind of a position always book on and control of the triangle and so we using so to the detriment of the tomorrow the distance from the steam road to surreal unclear those available and so can be used the for part each party coughs most
concoction and that is not true computers formal also describes a little more than 1 so how to get the exact position and when you rail onto the exact angles we show for
and here it is so in the middle of were coming from move continuously on the 0 4 is that difference due to the will try to write and for formal describes call difference pupils related to Linnaeus field and the most
common form of control methods physically implemented from all of control using microcontroller some the programming could also form was concerned to don't use
registered to provide and I would affected credited to models so the studio model and compartments and of course the little studio Windows is designed for corruption modulation onto a compact system you can take issue on the world to go anywhere unconscious more let's assume this
way of doing so the first one was studio consistent was installed for the last year the year and not different from the process of you can see that and the smaller so
what was inside the system the system will contain close Christ due to its most common for crumbling 4 and grab all credit solution and so much front of a call for program friends that comes onto the user everything was amount of 100 4 . 1 meter all morning of movement on to the authority to set the scene from different state of different spatial could 200 steps so that the degree of was used and of course we due to the when the components so that the control of on so we therefore role to graphical user interface left 1st those you can control all parameters and so the process was a kind of control methods was used to the common operations in order to get the to from and so default
itself install draw kind happens we're using we're using could target screen to get exact distance the or on 4 different to the social holograms too deeply into the replacing the screen on the different distances from the institutions of this just usual was clearly in this sort of frames of the opening onto the 1 was a part of this community loose about online in such a way so this for example 1 to pre all events so we know anything about the screen was until the FreeIMU fewer or fuel fuel is a crime and the political process screen and the whole over all holographic photographers sitting comes to light and does just pressing 1 bottom and the economy in 15 seconds of the
full everything happens in 15 2nd the exclusive 140 faults to the office of the mutual social to salute purposes all software and with force of new from tools or or Pre on the divide the fuel quality and storage is a constant used to model truth in Croatia with some images so will after taken from the use of TPM into constant called for on
Republican system where you use an already exist
here we use the short answer from the 1 meter memphis . 2 centimeters in a moment but also gives us so use include this triangle also interviews internuclear distance from from Central and that we should generally people to all subjects to be what photographed when using here saying at the front of the stage where the precise on the US capturing device using standard support for the prime fault is to know the launched on the with for the useful only rules which results from the new distribution unintelligible using co than that of unhcr food for life sinful 10 clothes and because and speed didn't using just what they can call you after certain Bregman poultry but the acadian's device also possible to use still will come from 1 and to and the can of operates in a kind of charade to from all control all thinks of his craft but to using using such still come from all the components of the continent to any museum and we give already once for fusing assume on control to exponents some some Clinton and the whole again we have
seen this is going Prunskiene and so here is model so this the life hologram motivating the use of the month and through
here are some pictures Of course this program was made so that you can see the 1st friends and most of the most left coming with the from centrally initially on the Celeste image from the most products will come up Protestant who grew 15 circumvent was done on this equipment supposed to support the human world
unintelligible looks supports this images so it's exactly what does a senior measures if what will be done and still don't on is a form of this image is fully compatible with the demands of
candidate friends conclusions I give you a new device so that you can use so you know holography on the user model for up to user's device so to now seperates image capture brought so framework people from so from now on called refused becomes sort can become more like photography well professional photographers can use our devices sometimes after so just to get a license from the hologram Houston the essential so consists of before you compatible with 2 leaders and programs and they do so through a local conduits was projections for the future please before you open when you could move forward in image encoded that's to think of
few hypothesize lifestyles for an interesting presentation and of course it's not about that this technology not open it up for making the color monogram me in many environments and also during holographic Portorož in a safe way I mean it's being this probably even if we developed 3 column a system iconographic portraits relations it would be a safety problem so that was considered a much better situation of this technique I would like us mention before our austere for questions during our lunch break we will open up a unique forestry you can looking back and see the big system or national system that we have it on the left side it was a large table is unique for lack of national system is do we have any questions the power element preface my question with the comedies that I because the position of the camera is not a creative decision the appearance of holograms captured in this manner has the of a fixed relationship between the during the image which relates to the distance of that you know the feelings I'm saying is you can now compensate for things like a studying effects and you distortions might also be be possible in the future to write some software which will enable the subtlety of things like and you know long lanes this shorter lenses to be added as an additional effect on and and thereby wife free the captured holographically military from the constraint of the of the actual you know inherent properties of the geometric and optical relationship the following is not the fact that we can use solution means from all you know come so already know what what you probably have 1 is so to have possibility to to play this assumes that you captured Thompson to wanted to decline so abruptly and all they could alter the currently is all is what you want it's and not so much that he she let you know in Hollywood around in Hollywood shielding shots for example here of virtual lands and that compresses the space behind or in front of a person to give entirely different kind of feeling to the shop and equals when people look at hologram's this me you in a mind with the meaning of on different types of cameras because every kind of lands link has a type of emotional properties and that's very well not messing is this 1 is fixed I think this has a kind of that has a similar due its use me as similar appearance even though they had a different subject now I for 1 would like to in gender my subjects with a different kind of feeling weak seeing as we using lanes will then why we actually exploit that in in a motif way as they do in Hollywood and actually she that the type of bond positioning of that out by changing all the subject by a changing leasing if I can see that it could only be possible through very clever software sigh supplies it's more of a suggestion or a question at research direction that I would request that not as good but what is seen as a model for a clue since we're just here for a sequence of images we can use a little properties consistency measures or course system could we can use some sub-problems of order do very widely used to live in Hollywood form we will production on proposals for it when you not disturbances followed on on the same we care for use through blue background onto this exactly the same people using close in more risky and onto the and some images of those of the prior so to cooperate to so professional to individual design some people will say you would put include different backgrounds here loading is salute screen and putting something goes which what are the possible it's yes next question from fair and that would be the last before the lunch break the is the here it to these systems like what Paul was is it possible if you want to maintain the ocular disparity in order to achieve three-dimensionality in cell part you sort of meet can say those possibilities there there but like like when we 1st started this modified that it was apparent that you had to maintain like 160 you had have relative condition and position in order to achieve three-dimensional parallax so is don't you sacrifice if you sacrifice and three-dimensionality you can change the screen zoom in and zoom out but I choose severely limited by the process itself it's all for a limited by the so so also open the so so marks from 100 degrees so what about the limitations of product reviews accomplishment I don't think you're doing as a service to sell as something that yes thank you
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