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"Presence": A review of holographic works exhibited at the Butler Institute of American Art

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Our 1st thing I'd like to do is give you an invitation from the by the Institute of American Art is is in the middle of the mid west of America halfway between Chicago and New York City it's a rather just organizations a well thought of museum has a collection from the colonial days of America up to the very present they put in a 7 million dollar high-tech winning a few years ago and since they opened that we've had exhibitions from Patrick Boyd of Eduardo Cox Schumann men and he that were the cool has shown there primary Nicholson Marcelli Weber is preparing to show their and George Dines is thinking of having show there so you are invited it's a very nice they should be looking at the space in just a few minutes my show that was put up in 2004 and the impetus for the show was to sort of clear the deck of a lot of holograms that I had sitting around for a number of years take a look at them get the out get them framed in shown as well as using a lot of the commercial equipment that I knew was going was not going to be available to me for a very long time from genome was a company certain 82 we had a very nice 1 doing commercial works for a lot of major companies and I
anywhere in the folding and there's just phenomenal capabilities that were being used the show was called presence and this was the opening this 4 by 6 foot digital prints and to enter the gallery which had a light trap you you enter use you walk right up to walls you had to get close to this digital print and I like this image because it it had a presents the body but it's still had a mystery about it you weren't sure this is an insect and animal or plant alien and had that industry and
also washed you with some very pleasant and uplifting colors if he turned in 1 direction you saw this reading from the Book of Bogan on i which goes something like a drunkard sleeping in Central Park aligned hunter in the jungle dark etc. etc. and the British queen was cut off of the top line there all fit together in the same machine nice nice very nice nice nice very nice so many different people in the same device and that comes from of with this from forgotten cast cradle by kurt vonnegut in within that novel he's made up a fictitious religion that 2 guys and invent when they get stuck on a on an island in the people there needle
uplifting so they invent this religion and this is why the sacred texts so you can imagine being said in a in a Caribbean accent if you go the other direction you run into another of the sayings of Bogan on underlying got to hunt bird got to fly man got to ask themselves why why why lion got to sleep bird got the land man got tell themselves I understand and that I condition the local calligrapher to illustrated for me my 10 year old daughter as you come into the
space this might freezes fruit frozen every time
what's OK here is the space of large a quick profile of the space Notes not they receive space behind it this is the 1st piece in the show that analyze distance we had showing will this is the 1st piece that you come to if you come to the right and it's a Hindu blessing it's observations last year by the 2 survey Sham Mong along bothered to so it's a blessing to the people come into the space may all beings dwelling happiness beings dwelling peace they all beings attained 1 may all beings detained auspiciousness so you know this is not human centric it's being century and this particular hologram this combination of dot matrix that's terrible with the framing of the it's a combination of dot matrix the text is in dot matrix so that's the tool that I won't have readily available to me anymore and
the colors sort of Aurora Coriolis colors appear behind it and are
a second-generation hollow-gram matrix usually people don't do that all dot matrix is a two-dimensional picture you know just animated but when you make
it the object of another holiday and you get these washes of colors go back and forth so the show was had various groupings when I went through my holographic collections was there were there a whole bunch of nature study so here's for those nature studies this 1 is called life sprites and you're seeing a META-NET excuse me a metal shim curve in the background Mr. stereogram and above it is UV
curable think pool other dot matrix patterns that I designed so the 2 of them are over top of each other looks a little bit like that you're seeing I think you can see the leaves in the background the stereogram was a very dense foliage of Day lilies in the woods so the camera was on right in front of them and they look very solid and real and you felt like you in in the world of the plants and the animals so so close you could see the top of the incident light a space that went off in both directions and this is the 1 the having a hard time in this
particular video to show unfortunately will go on to the the next 1 that there is much better than this is 1 of the other nature studies is called beetle body was making a video of a Japanese beetle which is only a couple centimeters across and on the vertices of
the animals arms and while I look to the camera there was this little creature that
pockets header wiggled a little bit and then pops head
back down so there is he's got this little company antennas that came up and I so I show this logic was about 2 and half for for the digital
print off to the side so you can see that as well as the not
very good color on that particular stereogram this is a portrait of what color and that came out really well the other supportive beetle in there to do it I take the macro lens and top home video cameras so it amazingly horrible
depth of field really time depth of field the gave that lush blurring of colors that was pretty good on this nature study is called the wet and I was struck by the similarity of these 2 forms of deadly
relief and a dead fish and how they look like 2 dancers sleeping leaping up their embedded in resin so you can actually record some of the light rays from we usually take a hologram and objects on a table that there gone there's no
remembrance of the error the temperature of a little bit of fog the 1 was embedded in resin you can actually at the top of the here see some of the rays of light and in some of the other resident that pieces there res piece is a mark of the ball bearings and things embedded in resin and you get a
whole bunch of play of light
traveling dispersing through the piece the and it looks like that so diners but on piece of cloth with
bronzing powder sprinkled on the class this is a two-color reflection hologram is done and actually found that 86 and wooden table in my
basement I don't recommend it so this the try ethanol mean technique that you're talking about earlier I'm Rauschenberg is a famous now there's a few portraits Mr. Rauschenberg is a famous American painter and he was at about the Institute of Art and he worked with Merce
Cunningham and John Cage in the fifties 1 of his 1st work was
go to live gotos painted input to
tyrants clutching to create quite an uproar when he 1st started in the art world and the director
of the museum so your working people like Rauschenberg to museum sort of give you an idea of what a museum and the quality of it when he 1st he came to the museum as as to do something for him but we 1 tell him what so he was he was signing on posters so I I knelt down in front of him and videotaped it and he you know that wasn't right wasn't right type in queen directing with your you making up hologram's somebody
who doesn't know you're doing that but at 1 particular moment he he did smiling said you're getting close enough to see all my wrinkles and that was the 2 or 3 seconds that went into the hollow-gram now around him all this mishmash of stuff that you're seeing are some of the various pieces that he has made the so it becomes kind of like an ice the book I'm trying
to get the office button for them were
you can look again and see so for instance right here you see the the goat please had here and over here these these during the course of the video this element rotates and over here another element rotates he made large Plexiglas and circles that were motorized back in the sixties and he did Plexiglas drawings and collages and 1 would turn against there but for the diameter so here's 1 of those pieces and it turns and there is a little would video footage of him in 1 of the early 1950's performance pieces in which is holding a woman horizontally while somebody else holds her on the others envirofied and they're on roller
skates with parachutes going around in circles for that's what they did on saturday nite in New York City Our Paul Jenkins is also another famous artist his American been living in France and actually has been acclaimed a French national treasure he did a very very large canvases of color washes just color
they're very beautiful and he was given a lifetime achievement award and this was it and he made a Clojure photographic logical man thinks of young men and young man thinks of old man and he did the photographer for was him and in the 3rd grade in the forehead was seen as an old
as a young child and vise versa so I simply took those 2 photographs and I
clashed them together holographically 1 in front of the
other you could just see the young man face here it doesn't come up to well and the separated by about an inch to
handle we gave it to him at a dinner there's a huge
exhibition of his work the but actually has 3 buildings that 1 building is brand
new missile very large sculpture
garden and the whole entire
place was filled with Russian with a Paul Jenkins's work this is a trip took up my daughter when is very young this is again UV curable store
last 1 or 2 were were metal shims this is a very young child older child the 1 in the middle of the came from this digital footage of capturing the footage and the camera was going the heads are getting dirty and gosh I really need this but then when I looked at the computer it has so beautifully framed her eyes and mouth and these little squares appeared and disappeared as you go back and
forth they don't have a really good footage of the hologram itself but is such a lovely I kept it and uh that's just a couple
motions offers a tiny child the yellow toys reflecting light you know the bright sunlight so it's very nice this is the area that the 1 that you're seeing
here was from 3 digital photographs that work morphing between it against and a few people this is actually the idea of commercial tool it's the UV curable Inc gang up that is to say it was a small dot-matrix holographic and a special very expensive machine took a 6 inch blocks and repeated them to a 4 by 4 foot square this is the pattern that Susan Colgate toothpaste Scott perfume I'm shit shaving creams well some of the products so it's a very long and laborious process that involves everybody at the chromogen labs and the this case was literally pulled out the garbage because speaking of things have to be perfect if it's on a box of Colgate if you could see any dot on it they don't like it so you know most of us can be covered by a but it had to be perfect and it was checked by a number of companies if anything was wrong with that it could be 10 20 50 thousand dollars worth of shooting so before they left are allowed that had to be perfect and they were being thrown away 1 after another I just couldn't stand it anymore they would be in fact being rolled in the garbage cans and the light is hitting it kind of got and the
next day would be in the trash
and that so I got permission to use some of these in an option and
that's a looks like closer convolutions but in the enough
and it was it was motorized and motor that took about a minute and a half to turn around I later learned that the average time with a
Museum go we're looking at a work of art is 30 seconds so is much too slow
revenue is even moving 3
seconds it's gone down the tension but you know what it's 3 seconds but every once in a while you get somebody who just stop so just stops and just look so that's that's the moment
you're waiting for time the America this tabletop thing is another 1 of the abstract pieces it's just my are from 1 of the mass-produced things for packaging we hadn't had pictures of this thing is is that there is a glass bowl and set on an ice table with the final version of the of I felt it underneath it and there's a metal ball and so this is a prototype of some pieces were the hologram's on boss foil in the set low and then the metal balsa animated with magnets underneath so they decrease in and change what's going on so some of the magnets a rotating in this little planets with 1
magnet rotating around another magnets of these ball bearings are pushing into the holographic gratings these pieces and 1 of the other is called fountains it's
again a metal share and in front of it is a UV
curable pool of the same matrix pattern and
that that's which you live for
and it goes like this so when I was right and I also put a mere underneath it to get as much like going on and it's
possible there were 2 lights on the more the merrier with this piece you got an effect like that you got you had a very interesting depth and jewel-like quality the this is another 1
the convolutions is the very same pattern you saw before for
but 2 of them was put together and then they were they were were twisted and bent and a video that will skip that and then we come to the series called gilding the lily switches so a bunch of religious and imagery that I revisited holographically This is the dancing Shiva Nataraja which represents both the creation and simultaneous destruction of the universe I won't go into the symbology you can read about it it's very fierce and images both friendly and here's the hand pointing down means do not here but at the same time everything is being destroyed as well as created because not know 2 things brought together in time and space in the
manifest universe will remain together in time and
space it had 18 difference
with is actually shot quite a while ago the 18 different rainbows let's silver halide This is the museum version as opposed to the kind that was published on whole sphere once upon a time so you get to
complete color palettes 1 of the color palettes is very warm and kind of friendly and 1 is much more fearsome reddish and and glowing there's a far field diffraction pattern that pops in front of the image of many of the splits slits the rainbows that's split half so you get 1 color in 1 9 1 color and the
other as you get a retinal rivalry and the color mixing in the brain it's a very dense holographic this is a passage from the Koran and it's lovely calligraphy and other passage to assault the calligraphy nests of the whole sentence together in like 1 form and I should know the name name of the person to the
calligraphy and I have it with me right now and on the passage means to give without expecting return and
it was simply set in front of and feature we and that's the effect you got similar to what many of the artists have done
with holographic optical elements we get the lovely color combinations going on the Star of David is also start David and the symbol for the Hindu shot of the heart and i didn't know it but when I show this to somebody they
said that the intersecting lines make it yet another shopper symbol this
Buddha comes from not too far away from here doesn't come from Japan Korea comes from the British news what British
Museum where they allow you to bring cameras in so
there's the hologram
and that the statue was generally all of that match finish with the eyes were polished and shiny and the curators of the
British Museum Shop shown lights from the bottom so that when you see the of these
lights walk across because just that little slit the three-quarter close ties we live very beautiful cited 1 hologram of the whole statute and another hologram just the eyes that
should have been part the how this again is a UV curable and it's just the in this particular case it's exposed and hunger with just monofilament so it's not much more than a piece of paper if you touched it you would Allerton and all grammar this disappear a little bit because there was no of protection but I made up and that affected you see
some of that there now you look through this holiday and to see a large photo collage large photomurals which was just on the other side of show that unit this gives you an idea of what the the other side of the room look like so you see the standing pieces hanging pieces and the moguls it also gives you an idea of what the but the space is like it's perfect for holography has no ambient light coming in has a light block as you committed has Track lighting on 3 walls and on and on and it has a drop ceiling where you could put diode lasers in at any point and most of all it has a staff
that's very eager to help you can do whatever you want and they build walls and all kinds of things this is a photo mural of the Deep Space seen from the Hubble telescope which is captured the 1st light of the universe when the universe lit up it did not of the universe did not emit light in the visible spectrum after the big bang it took some time so these are the 1st stars that ever let the university the protogalaxies 3 quarters of a lifetime of the universe and took the Hubble telescope and what it was 300 photographs of course of months aimed at the blackest part of space
so they thought we where there'd be nothing so they would get the stars the farthest
away and that's what it looked like that's what they must empty is part of the space looked like and these are the
very 1st galaxies to light up so that photo mural was about 5 by 6 and played a part 3
holographs you look through the blue designed to see that neural you look through the hand this is the shadow grammar hand again UV curable think so the hand moved a bit you just see that the
fingers crossing over each other and you'd be looking back through to deep space this piece is in the center of the wrong it is a 1 more minute
character OK but that's in white light is 24 inches this is it with laser light when you walked up to it the white lights dimmed you saw you look like below
sea the sea was above look like you were under the sea this is the
version we saw the 1st and then you saw other version later as a movie ever going to look at the that OK this is another piece the laser viewable version of that skull stars slash
and script that script the government this is the last 1 I want to show you this is Christian on the paper leave and here we see the baby
Krishna sucking his total floating on a leave the cosmic C in Hindu mythology the image represents the moment when the
universe dissolves back upon itself the feet
representing movement either into manifestation or back from manifestation 4 back into the manifest it is reminiscent of the Western symbols snake eating its tail in the net is the cost at nite when the
holograms properly let with green YAG laser the effect is like moonlight upon still water on in 1 version of the the hologram is littered with a combination of white light and yet life so that the the accretion itself is white and then the green of the cultures around actually that particular version got wrecked in electroplating is want to happen this version has Christian sticking out about about 18 inches and thank you very much the thing
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Titel "Presence": A review of holographic works exhibited at the Butler Institute of American Art
Serientitel 7th International Symposium on Display Holography (ISDH 2006)
Teil 41
Anzahl der Teile 61
Autor Cvetkovich, T.
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Unported:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen.
DOI 10.5446/21276
Herausgeber River Valley TV
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract The following is a review of holographic art works spanning several different themes. Each theme could be an exhibition in its own right. In 2004 I staged an exhibit at the Butler Institute of American Art which included several pieces from each group. It was my intention to get some of these works out and into the public and see what they looked like before expanding on a given theme. Many of them had remained unframed and unviewed for years. Some were new. The themes addressed were; Nature Studies, Portraits, Abstracts and Gilded Lilies-religious art holographically visited.

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